Their Endgame

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Chapter 13

Rachel thought Elijah was finished after he nutted inside her and boy was she wrong. He pulled out of her dripping core and yanked her body around. She stared up at her boss in a complete daze. The way he looked at her with an intense gaze had her insides twisting and turning, wanting more. More of him. She stared back with just as much lust and need.

Elijah pulled her towards his body. Slowly caressing her cheek, her jaw to her collar bone. Leaving electric shocks throughout her body. Is this even real? She found herself asking herself. Is it was a dream then she didn’t want to wake up. Not yet at least.

He hesitated for a moment before removing his clothes. All while staring Rachel in her beautiful hazel eyes. She followed suit and removed the last piece of clothing that was left on her body. As she removed her tight fitted tank top her pierced tits bounced, begging Elijah to touch them. And that he did. Rachel’s fingers interlocked in his dark brown hair as he sucked and licked her nipples.

He shouldn’t. But she was so gorgeous and he wanted to ravish her body. Savior every last moment of her soft skin. His hands glided down her sides to her ass. He has it one hard smack that caused her to yelp. He used that as an opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth before giving her the best passionate kiss of her life. Their tongues fought for dominance as he gropes her ass.

He pulled back to catch his breath. He was defiantly going to regret this but what the hell. Grabbing two hands full of her plumpness he picked her up and walked over to the couch. He sat down with her straddling his lap. Rachel bit her bottom lip. The simple act drives him wild and she didn’t even know it. He smirked and pulled her lip with his finger before slowly inserting it in her mouth. Rachel never broke eye contact as she sucked on his finger.

He slowly removed his finger from her mouth and watched as spit dripped from his finger to her tongue. Smirking, he reached for her clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion. Before she could rest her head on his shoulder he grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Come on, angel. Let me hear you moan for me.”

Rachel shook her head side to side.

“Stubborn.” He positioned himself at her entrance and slammed her body onto him. Smiling at the sound of her moaning, he felt somewhat satisfied.


Rachel groaned in frustration. She rolled over in bed, conflicted about her dreams of her boss. She felt dirty, but she couldn’t deny how much she enjoyed kissing Elijah. She popped an Advil and prayed it would take effect. It had been her addiction since long ago.

Elijah quietly left his room and went to wash up before leaving. He figured it would be best to leave before he made any more mistakes. Fixing his cuff links, he took the elevator to the main lobby.

“Good morning Mr. Elijah Henderson!” The same blonde chirped.

The women seemed desperate. Not to mention blondes were not his type by any means. He gave her a nod before walking to the entrance.

“Elijah.” James, his long-time driver greeted him.

“I will not need your services today however I want you to take Miss Jaeger wherever she may need to go. Take her to the jet tomorrow morning around ten and have Marcus meet her at the airport to take her home.” He walked off without a reply. “Oh, James?”


“I’ll text you a list, get those items, and deliver them to Miss. Jaeger before she awakes.”

“Of course.”


Rachel stood on the beach as her toes sunk in the warm sand. The smell of the saltwater filled her nostrils as she watched the waves crash. Jamaica was home. It’s where she felt at peace and most importantly loved. It was everything America wasn’t. Home.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Tremaine Jeager asked.

How is this possible? Her father was long gone, but he was standing beside her.

“How is this possible?” She asked. She reached out to touch his cheek and jumped at the warm feeling of his skin. “Is this real?”

Tremaine smirked at his daughter. “It’s as real as you want it to be, child.”

Real or not, she was going to enjoy the moment. She buried her head in his chest and wrapped her arms around him. He chuckled while hugging her back. The sound of his heartbeat had put all of her troubles at ease. Cuddled in his embrace made her feel safe with not a care in the world.

“I miss you, daddy.” She sobbed. “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.”

“I miss you more baby. More than you ever know. You’re doing just fine and I never been more proud of you than I am now. Do you remember what I always told you as a little baby?”

“That you’re my riddah until the very end and that no matter the distance you will always be there for me.” Rachel pulled back from the hug to look her father in his face. “You made me promise to always keep my head up regardless of the situation. Cuz there’s nothing a Jaeger can’t get through.”

“That’s right. You will always be a Jaeger and I will always be your daddy.” He cocked an eyebrow up as he stared down at his baby.


Tremaine only laughed. “Keep making your daddy proud. You’re about to be tested and only you can change the outcome. Remember what I said and you will be just fine.”

“What do you mean, ‘I’m about to be tested’? What’s going to happen?”

Tremaine smiled and kissed her temple. “Come, let us play handball just like the old days.” He pointed behind her, where a bat and ball lay.

Rachel smiled and ran to it but frown when she turned around. Her father was no longer there. The only sound she could hear was the sound of the waves crashing together. Even if it was only for a mere ten minutes she was happy that she got to see her father once more.

“I love you, daddy.” She whispered.

The wind began to pick up and soon after she was surrounded by a mixture of white Poppy flowers and Pink carnations.


Rachel awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. She swiped a tear from her face and picked up the phone.


“Wassup, sis?”

“Nuh nutting likkle bredda. How have you been?”

“Mi just chilling. Wen yuh coming home?”

“Soon. I’ll be home soon.”

“Yuh promise?”

“You have my word.” Rachel flinched at the sound of the door slamming shut. “I’ll call ya soon bredda.”

Hanging up with her brother, she walked downstairs to find it empty. She walked to the kitchen to find a bag with a fruit smoothie with a note beside it.

My driver will take you to the jet tomorrow morning. I’ll see you at work on Tuesday, Miss Jaeger.

Rachel felt frustrated. She wanted to talk to Elijah about the meaning of his actions and words. The last thing she wanted to do was lose her job before it barely started.

Rachel attempted to call Elijah but her calls had only gone to voicemail. She felt horrible for her thoughts about her boss and even more horrible when he decided to dip before she could wake up. She wanted to hate him and yell at him for doing such a thing but there wasn’t an ounce of hate for the man in her. Sure he was an asshole but she had always noticed the looks he would give her when he assumes she wasn’t paying attention. She had to thank her previous self-defense class for that. One of the lessons was ‘to always be aware of your surroundings.’

Her ding with a new notification. Checking it she read the message from Christen. With nothing left on her schedule, she agreed to meet up with him. It would be a waste to sit inside and do nothing.

Christen was the perfect gentleman when it came to dealing with Rachel. Opening doors for her. Pulling out chairs for her. Just overall being patient with her. After touring for the majority of the day Christen had taken her to a beautiful restaurant and ended the night gazing at the beautiful stars after touring. She almost felt bad as her mind drifted to the gentle but rough Hunter and then to her ass hole of a boss. But she pushed the thought aside and focused on the amazing view.

Rachel smiled as she thought about her time and Italy but frown in frustration. Elijah has done everything in his power to ignore her presence. He didn’t even fly home with her. He did make sure that a list of things he wanted to be done was on his desk Tuesday morning. She had tried everything to even get a glance from the man but he wouldn’t budge.

To add to her frustrations, Hunter wasn’t returning to New York until Sunday night. She didn’t have the courage to tell her sex friend that she needed him. Making sure the door was locked from the office she occupied she retrieved her vibrator from her purse.


Rachel was driving Elijah crazy. In a matter of a weekend, Rachel went from being timid to speaking her mind. She went from wearing pants suits to work to wearing fitted skirts. The shirts that she was wearing weren’t reviling but whenever she would lean down he would get the perfect view of her plump breast.

Rachel was taunting him.

Elijah had thought that since he has seen her with his brother then she would forget all about their moment of weakness. It was a mistake anyway. At least that’s what he kept telling himself while denying her calls and texts. But as he watched the way she smiled at Christen he began to feel somewhat angry.

Now that he was in his office and couldn’t avoid her even if he wanted to, they had to converse for the sake of the job. But whenever the conversation would drift off to something non-work-related, Elijah would shut it down or simply change the topic.

It was Rachel’s lunch break and she has yet to come out of her office. Being curious, he switched from his Excel spreadsheet to the camera that was in her office. The sight he witnessed made him deeply chuckle. Elijah turned up the volume a little and watched as Rachel held a vibrator between her legs.

“Elijah.” She quietly moaned.

His pulse began to quicken as he watched the erotic scene on his computer screen. One thing his employees knew was that he had security cameras but they didn’t know where. It’s just that the interns were never aware of it. He was now thanking himself for keeping the small detail from them.

Muting the volume, Elijah picked up his phone and paged Rachel.

“Has Mr. Henderson called to confirm his meeting?” He said in a stern voice, trying to hide his amusement.

He watched as Rachel jumped and silently thrown her hands up in frustration. It only caused satisfaction for him. For the past week, she’s been making his manhood twitch without even trying and it frustrated him that he couldn’t have her. He was never waiting on his father to return a call. He just wanted to prevent her from reaching her orgasm.

“Huh? Oh-Um.” Rachel stuttered as if she had just been caught in the act. “No, sir. There has been no call from Mr. Henderson. I can call him and confirm after lunch.”

“No need, just get in here and help me with these spreadsheets.” He demanded before hanging up on her.

She still had another ten minutes left on her break but she couldn’t say no to the man that gave her a paycheck every week.

Huffing in annoyance she fixed her clothes and disregarded her best friend in her purse. The moment she made it to Elijah’s office he could tell exactly what she was doing. She smelt lovely. Clearing his throat he began to explain the work he really did not need help with.

It was a brutal Friday and if it wasn’t for hanging out with Sophia every day after work, she would have lost her mind. She was thankful she could vent to an outsider. Rachel didn’t exactly go into detail about sleeping with Hunter or using Elijah to release. She just made it seem like she was stuck on who to choose.

As if Sophia was any help.

“Why don’t you choose both.” Sophia shrugged. “It’s not like they have to know about each other.”

The thing about Sophia that Rachel loved was that she was the type to never judge. She never asked questions. “You only live once right? Might as well live it up,” She said.

The moment it was time to go she dashed to her truck without looking back. She tried to seduce her boss and nothing worked. She felt like a whore. She sighed heavily as she sped down the highway to Marland.

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