Their Endgame

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Chapter 16

“Please help women who are seeking to start a family by donating eggs. At Shady Grove, our locations maintain the highest quality standards and accreditations standards. Schedule your...”

Rachel sighed while cutting off her radio. It was humid out and she barely had gotten any sleep. Cranky wasn’t even the term of her mood. She knew that she should have flown to Maryland instead of driving. It probably would have saved her a little bit of money.

To make her Monday even worse, her shocks on her used truck were wearing thin. Every time she would go over a bump or down a hill, her truck would squeak a loud-unbearable noise. Even with G-Eazy blasting through her speakers she could still hear the noise.

At least she had an amazing weekend with Ryan. He didn’t seem to care about Rachel not saying those magical three words no matter how often he told her. And that put her at ease. They ended up exchanging numbers before parting ways. A phone call interrupted her thoughts. However, once her speakers indicated that it was a private number, she declined it. If it was important then the person would leave a message.

Minutes later and she’s pulling up to her future dream job- Henderson Inc. Parking in the far back of the employee parking lot, she hopped out of her truck to put on her heels. Although she didn’t have time to go home and change (thanks to a quickie that turned into a full-blown hardcore session) Rachel made a pair of high waist fitted jeans look professional.

“Morning gorg.” Jessie yelled when Rachel walked into the building.

When she first met the man she thought that he would be the type to cause problems at work. But in the end, she realized that she was just judging a book by its cover again. She adored the man and would flirt right back with him. It was only fun and games. Besides, she figured it was harmless once she saw Jessie eyeing another male employee.

“Hey, baby. Is the grinch in?”

“You mean your baby daddy? Yup.”

“Please. You already know you are my child’s father.”

“Yeah whatever, march that little ass upstairs before you get the boot.”

Rachel smirked and strutted off.

“You better wurk it!” Jessie yelled after her.

Rachel twirled and walked away as if she was on the runway. As she became used to working for the company, she gradually broke out of her comfort zone. Getting on the elevator she pulled out her phone to reply to the messages she had gotten over the weekend. Hunter was back in town and her phone was flooded with sweet messages. A grin teased her face as she finally replied to the messages.

“That message must be important for you not to be at work on time, Miss. Jaeger.”

Rachel looked up to see that she wasn’t the only one on the elevator. Elijah was blocking the doors from closing. His facial expression held a stern look with a hint of amusement.

“I’m so sorry.” She hurried past him and got a whiff of his cologne. The man was intoxicating. Infuriating. Elijah got under her skin the majority of the time.

“First things first. We have a meeting to get to. Secondly, I have a few designs that I need to be picked up from our other locations.” Elijah began to walk off in the direction of his office.

Rachel followed behind him, assuming that he wasn’t finished with telling her the responsibilities she needed to complete for the day. She couldn’t help but stare at his retreating figure. The only thing she could picture was him fucking her missionary style while she held onto his ass. His nicely shaped ass. She groaned as she thought about the way her lips danced with his.

“If you are finished with zoning out. I’d like to get to work.” Elijah was flipping through a folder without a care in the world. “I also have a few sketches that I want you to look at. Tell me what you think.”

Startled from being caught, Rachel entered Elijah’s office, and walked over to his desk.

“They are just in the blue folder to the left.”

Elijah silently watched as Rachel admired every detail of the sketches. His lips parted as he admired the corners of her luscious lips pull into a smile. A desire to caresses her lips before he claimed them burned the inside of him. The foreign feeling was confusing. He was supposed to despise her. Instead, he was finding a method to keep her close to him. The way she laughed, the way she smiled, and the way her lips taste... Elijah yearned for it.

“Are these your sketches? These are amazing!” Rachel finally met Elijah’s eyes as he quickly diverted his.

“I’m thinking of adding you to the team to help create these pieces. If you have time, of course.”

“Really?! I’m so thrilled by your kiss” Rachel’s eyes widened. “This! I’m so thrilled about this!”

Elijah rubbed his stubble as an amused eyebrow quirked. A timid employee entered his office, wanting his attention.

“I redid the sketch for the client as you asked, Mr. Elijah. I changed the color along with an n-new design.” The short man struggled to meed Elijah’s eyes. He handed him a rolled-up poster board.

“This is absolutely horrendous. Your resume stated that you passed your design class, yet this drawing says otherwise. How do you expect to stitch a masterpiece from this atrocity?”

“I-I figured that-”

“No! Don’t think. Another failure is bound to happen. I’ll get someone else to take over this project if you can’t come up with something better.”

The employee looked distraught as he left the office. Rachel quietly looked on with sympathy.

“With all due respect, sir... I think you should have listened to his suggestions.” Rachel stared. She flinched as Elijah turned his cold eyes to her with a glare. She sighed heavily as she forced herself to continue. “I’m not saying that what you have envisioned for the client is wrong at all. I mean, I like your designs. Love rather. It’s so-”

“Please get to the point, Miss. Jeager.”

“Um, It’s important to hear out the suggestions from the employees. It is them that aids in keeping the company afloat. Maybe, see why he had envisioned such a piece for the client then you could see his point of view. From that point on, you could add a few missing details? I apologize if I’m overstepping!”

Elijah leaned forward in his office chair and rested his chin on his hand. His eyes observed the uncertainty that surrounded the young woman. “Do tell me more.”

Rachel couldn’t tell whether the man was mocking her or was rather interested in what she had to say. Nonetheless, she took a seat in front of his desk and spoke her mind. Although she was terrified, she had so many ideas that could help Elijah and his employees.


“Come on Annabell. Start for me, baby.” Rachel cooed as she tried to start her truck. “What’s wrong? Is it that name?” She attempted to start the truck again. But nothing. “Start so I can ride you. If you start for me I’ll get you new brakes this weekend.” She turned the key again and frowned when she didn’t hear the noise she wanted.

She needed to pick up some material from another location for Elijah but she has been struggling with her truck for ten minutes.

“Justin. Are you a Justin?” She turned the key in the ignition once more. She smiled once the truck started again. “So you’re a Justin? I’m sorry, baby.”

She drove to the location to pick up the required materials as well as Elijah’s favorite restaurant.

“Rachel?” Sophia asked.

Rachel followed the voice and seen Sophia and Christen sitting down at a nearby booth.

“Hey, gurl. Sorry about not returning your calls this past weekend. I was a little busy. Hey Christen.”

“Gorgeous.” He said with a quick nod and smile.

“I wanted to see if you would come with me to my family’s lake house this weekend.” Sophia gave Rachel a face full of hope.

As the two were getting close, Rachel learned that Sophia’s parents wanted her to be something she wasn’t. She gave off the impression that if Sophia wasn’t defending the family name then she was worthless. Unworthy to receive the love of a father. Honestly, it made Rachel never want to meet Sophia’s family. Too unafraid to tell them a piece of her mind.

“I-I Don’t know, I don’t want to intrude. Won’t I be the only chocolate there?”

Sophia snicked at her foolishness.

“You watch too many movies, dear. Please come with me! There is no way I can survive this weekend without you.”

Well, spring break was coming up, and she had no plans to leave her house. She figured no harm would come to her if she stayed close to New York. What’s the worst that can happen?

“Fine. Just text me the location.”

Christen laughed. His family was a piece of work and Rachel was in for a rude awakening. On the other hand, he was excited to get to know Rachel a little more. “Looks like we get to spend some time together,” He smirked.

“She would be coming to spend time with me, Christen! So keep little Christen in your pants you horndog.”

“I’ll see you soon dear friend.” Said Christen as he ignored his baby sister.

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