Their Endgame

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Chapter 19


A complete stranger can have the capacity to alter the life of someone they love... A complete stranger could force their way into someone’s life, opening new feelings. Feelings such as love. But, what is love? Is it a thing that could be obtained? Is it sent from heaven to protect and hold? Or is love an action?

After a ten-hour shift of working in a retail department, Rachel decided to visit a local college. She had a passion for making her own clothing and wanted to create her own business. That passion had driven her into seeking a business degree. The year, in which, she agreed to take a year off from school was almost up and she was thrilled to finally start the next chapter in her life. Davis and Rachel had a mutual agreement that they would focus on their new marriage for a year before committing to full-time schooling.

The only thing Rachal was looking forward to was going back to a clean home and the man she loved. Yet, as she pulled up to the house she shared with her husband, Rachel saw several cars in the driveway. Trash littered the front yard and unknown people scattered about. She was familiar with Davis’s crew, yet she didn’t recognize these people. Circling the block, she parked down the street before walking to the house.

The smell of marijuana hit her lungs as she pushed the front open. She held the study materials and books closer to the chest. The further Rachel walked into the house, the more her frown deepened. Pizza boxes scattered the tables, white powder substance decorated freshly cleaned floors, and tables. Biting her inner cheek, she observed a female snorting the substance from the neck of another woman.

Rachel’s heart rate quickened, her palms began to sweat, and her thoughts went back to that time. That same time she fought so hard to forget. She slammed the books on the coffee table before marching over to the woman.

“You need to leave!” Rachel yanked the woman’s arm.

The woman giggled as her low eyes met Rachel. “What’s wrong, sugar plum? You want some? Here.” She held a needle with a brown liquid to Rachel’s face.

It was as if Rachel was in a trance. The only thing she could hear was the blood pumping through her veins. The woman giggled again, taunting her.

“Get out!” Rachel screamed at the top of her lungs. Now! Before I call the people your so afraid of! Get! Out!” She marched to the stereo and pushed it to the floor. The sound startled Davis as he finally made his appearance.

When Rachel’s eyes finally met Davis, she found a woman clinging to his arm. She was shorter than Rachel, thick with a little attitude on her.

“Who is she?” The woman laughed. She eyed Rachel and smirked. “Whoever you are, can you be loud somewhere else?”

“Who am I? I’m the wife that’s going to fuck you up!” Rachel yanked the woman by her twenty-inch weave and dragged her to the front door. She used most of her strength to push her, making her fall. “The rest of you have ten seconds to get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops. Three. Four.”

As she began to count, the large party rushed to exit the house. When the last person left, Rachel slammed the door. She went to clean up the house she just finished cleaning before she left for work.

“What the hell is this?” Davis picked up the books Rachel retrieved from the local college. “Heh, you think you could go to college now? I know you trying but it’s beyond your understanding. You give up on everything and this will be the same.”

Rachel gazed at Davis. His eyes were hooded and red from the mixture of substance. Whenever he was under the influence his behavior would change drastically. It terrified Rachel to the point where she would purposely pick up extra shifts to leave the house. She sighed and continued to pick up the trash.

“Don’t you hear me talking to you?! People would often tell me about your attitude, I’m starting to believe it.” He picked up a beer bottle and began chugging it.

“You know exactly what your brother did to me. You know what I went through, yet you still have these drugs in this house. How do you expect me to stay with you when you can’t even consider my feelings?!”

Davis stood to his feet, towering over Rachel’s tall frame. “Why is it that every time I do something you feel is wrong, you have to bring my brother into it. I killed the motherfucker, just for you. Why do I have to pay for his dealings? Huh?! You walk around here like your so damn perfect with your nine to five job. You ain’t shit, just like I’m not shit.”

Rachel knew that if she were to say anything out of line, an argument would be the least of her worries. Instead, she continued to clean the mess.

“You too good to talk to me now?!”

“I think we should continue to talk after you sober up,” Rachel stated calmly.

Davis sucked his teeth and plopped down on the couch. He pulled out his phone and began texting. Rachel attempted to ignore the chuckles and small comments as he stared at the device. Even when he answered the phone, Rachel stayed quiet. Yet, when she heard a females voice she demanded to know who it was. Rachel had dropped all of her male friends for the sake of a healthy relationship. It was only reasonable for Davis to do the same. However, the sound of a giggling female could be heard.

Rachel yanked the phone from Davis. “Don’t ever call my husband again. Not unless you want to meet my sweet nine millimeters.” She hated the person she was becoming. A monster is what she was becoming. She hung up the phone and turned around to meet Davis’s cold glare.

“I think... I’m going to spend a few days with Skylar. I need some time to think.” Rachel tried to walk past Davis but was stopped. The grip on her arm was deadly.

“I told you once and I’ll tell you again. You’re not leaving me.”

“What are you going to do, Davis? Bound me to this house like the bitches you fuck on the low? Go fuck with one of those broads because I’m not the one for your bullshit.”

“Watch how you talking to me,”

“I’m tired.” She shoved his hand off her arm.

Davis yanked her back to his with much force. As she collided with his chest, Rachel shoved him. He went to shove her back but was met with a hard slap to the face. He used the back of his hand to send a smack twice as hard.

“You are not leaving me! Not again!” He pushed her towards the wall. “The only way you leaving me is if you’re in a body bag.”

The fear that overtook every other emotion was like none other. Her eyes widened as she kneed Davis between his legs. He groaned in pain as Rachel rushed to the front door. Although they would often have fights, Davis had never threatened her life. She was a mere few inches from her car when she was roughly pushed into it. She groaned in pain, as she clutched her stomach. The taste of blood filled her mouth as David stood over her with a grin.

“L-let me go. I can’t do this anymore. I-I want a divorce.”

“You’re not leaving me! How could I let the woman I love leave?” Grabbing her by her hair, he dragged her into the house. She cried out but knew it was pointless. No one would hear her desperate pleas for help.

What is love? Love is a fantasy. It is the existence of fairies, A common thing that’s usually told in stories. Something the mind makes up to give ourselves the illusion of reality.

For Rachel, Love... hurts.


Rachel groaned as she turned over. As she snuggled into the silk sheets she could feel a heated source a few inches from her. Her eyelids slowly opened. As she struggled to adjust to the dark, she came face to face with Hunter’s.


Hunter shushed her. He leaned down to peck her forehead then kissed her nose. Lips danced with each other before Rachel gently pulled back. The foreign feeling of butterflies danced in her stomach. She bit her lip to prevent herself from smiling.

“What are you doing here?” She whispered.

“I could hear you tossing and talking in your sleep from the hall. I only came to check on you, ma.”

“First of all, I do not talk in my sleep, and secondly, what if someone catches you in here?”

“Someone like who?” Elijah emerged from the shadows. He sat on the opposite side of the bed, memorized by her disheveled form.

“When, why...How long have you been standing over there?”

“You have yet to answer our question. We both desire you, Rachel. So, who will you chose?” Said Elijah.

The way he spoke her name sent shivers down her spine, sending waves of pleasure through her body. It was the first time she had heard her first name from the infuriating man.

“So, your really not gay?”

Elijah gave her an annoyed expression as Hunter snickered. He closed the distance between them before tightly gripping her jaw. Crashing his lips into hers, he fought for dominance. The tall wildcat bothered him to the point where he could no longer hide his desires. His warm tongue pushed past her lips, forcing its way into her mouth. As he explored she quietly moaned against his mouth. Startled by the noise she made, she pushed him back.

Breathing heavily, she glanced between the brothers While wiping her mouth. “You two are insane.”

Hunter demanded, “Choose.”

“I’m going back to sleep. Feel free to leave.” She pulled the covers back and tucked herself in bed. She frowned in annoyance as she felt the bed dip behind her. “What are you doing?”

“Going to sleep, you?” Hunters’ voice oozed with sarcasm.

There was no point in choosing between the brothers. To her, they only want pleasure. The only thing she couldn’t deny was her attraction to both of them. Choosing would only cause conflict. Rachel sighed in defeat as her body molded with Elijah’s. As Hunter snuggled in front of her, she found herself falling into a deep slumber.

“What if she’s unable to choose between us?” Hunter gazed down at the woman he was falling for.

Elijah inhaled the smell of tropical fruit as he kissed Rachel’s ear.

“I don’t know brother. I have an urge to be close to her. I don’t know what it is, but being around her-”

“Brings you peace. A breath of fresh air after being suffocated for too long.”

The brother’s exchanged looks as if they were having a silent discussion. Rachel’s light breathing was a soft tempo as they drifted off to sleep.

Seeking the company of someone was the last thing on their minds. Hunter thought Rachel was going to be nothing more than a fling the first time he met her. However, as he took the time to get to know the real woman outside of the club, he became intrigued. He would often find himself thinking about her when she wasn’t around. Even when she left his place, he would miss her company. Her smile. Her laugh. Everything about her would brighten his day. It scared him but he wanted to take that leap of faith. If Rachel chose Elijah it would crush him, but he would fully support her decision.

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