Their Endgame

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Chapter 2

Premier Nightclub

“Losen up, will ya?” Said Skylar. “You’ve been working nonstop this past year and you’re dealing with an externship on top of that. Which means I haven’t had much girl time with my best friend!” She pulled her famous puppy dog eyes that had everyone back home falling at her feet.

It was all a bad case of Deja Vu for Rachel as she waited in line to enter the famous night club. Past events evaded her mind as her friends talk and gawk at the men in front of them. No matter how many miles Rachel ran too, she couldn’t rewrite history. It was a blessing that she was able to keep a small part of her past when she ran into Skylar.

Skyler nudged Rachel’s arm, almost as if she knew what was flowing through Rachel’s mind.

“Oh, God! Fine, I’ll attempt to have a good time for you guys. Only because it’s your birthday.” Rachel mentally groaned. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin Skylar’s birthday. As the line to enter the club shortened her heart began to pound rapidly. She felt as though her throat was going to close. She averted her gaze and focused on her breathing. A technique her previous therapist taught her.

‘He’s not here.’

‘He can no longer cause harm to me.’

Rachel hadn’t stepped foot inside of a club since she moved from Los Angeles. ‘The Devil’s Playground,’ is what she called it.

“That a girl. Maybe we could get someone to dust those cobwebs off down south. If you know what I mean.” Isabelle stated.

“Great. Now everyone knows my sexual activity. Thanks, Belle.” Rachel hid her face in embarrassment. Bystanders giving her a sympathetic smile.

“What sexual activity? Just helping one of my closest friends out.” Isabelle smiled.

“Now, what is a beautiful woman, such as yourself, doing waiting in line?”

Rachel turned towards the deep voice, memorized by his appearance.

The tall man had to be at least six-foot-three. Compared to her five foot nine, the man was still tall. Rachel’s eyes traveled to his green eyes that shimmered in the lights outside of the building. She bit her bottom lip unintentionally which only made the man smirk.

‘I wonder what kissing those lips would be like.’

Skylar was too amused at her childhood friend’s reaction. Rachel never told Skylar that reason for her divorce, but even if it’s for one night, Skylar wanted Rachel to enjoy herself.

But the way they eye fucked each other was getting a little awkward. Even for her. The sexual tension between the two was obvious.

Even in the dim-lit lights from the streets, he could see the woman’s beautiful features. Her long curly brown hair, her tall frame, and her amazing figure left him speechless. He might just risk it all for her.

“Well, if a handsome man, such as yourself, is willing to help us out...” Isabelle let her statement run to the imagination, hoping the sexy man and his two friends would catch on.

“I don’t see why not,” The man said as he held out a hand towards Rachel. “My name is Hunter by the way.”

Rachel was hesitant to take Hunter’s hand. As Skylar caught on, she nudged Rachel closer to the man. The group made their way to the front entrance, earning a few groans from people standing behind them.

“You never told me your name.” Said Hunter.

“Rachel.″ She said as his hand switched to her waist. His grip was firm yet gentle. She looked towards his face, admiring his sharp features.

“What a beautiful name.” Hunter smiled at Rachel before averting his attention to the bouncer. “They are with me.”

She was so wrapped up in his eyes that she didn’t notice the two men behind him.

“Yes, sir.” The bouncer said. The tall gentleman immediately stepped aside and granted the group entry.

“Rachel, I have to go handle some things, but promise one thing?.” Hunter asked.

“Depends on what it is.”

“Save a dance or two for me?”

“O-okay. I can do that.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Hunter smiled, showcasing his dimple. He walked away with the men that followed his lead. They soon disappeared to a closed-off section of the club. Hunter’s walk screamed dominance and business.

Rachel’s eyes lingered a little longer than expected, and she couldn’t understand why a man could make her question herself.

“Girl if you do not fuck him tonight, I might,” Isabelle said as she pulled the girls to the bar.

Rachel was speechless and the only thing she could do was shake her head. She had only met the man once, but her heart was racing for some unknown reason. None of it mattered though. The last thing on her mind was adding to her already low body count.

“Hey, Marcus!” Isabelle yelled over the loud music. Marcus was Club Premier’s number one bartender. Tall, slim, with looks that could kill. He would always have both the men and women admiring him. Some called him feminine while others call him a complete badass. Of course, that depended on who he is with. He could dominate his partners and could submit to the right person.

“Hey, baby!” He listened to the voice that was communicating with him through the earpiece. “I heard that all the drinks are on the house for you lovely ladies. So what can I get you?”

“Three kinky vixens,” Isabelle said. “Put a little twist in it.” She winked.

“Mmm. Someone plans on getting freaky tonight. I wish I could join you.” Marcus winked at Isabelle before walking off.

“What was that?” Rachel smiled, nudging Isabelle.

“A girl never fucks and tell.” She whispered in Rachel’s ear.

“Oh bitch, you’re going to tell us sooner or later,” Skylar said. She pulled her ear away from the women’s private conversation.

“Belle, what the hell is a kinky vixen?” Rachel questioned. Only to be ignored by Isabelle. She then smiled from ear to ear while taking three pills out of her purse.

“Belle?” Rachel gave her a stern look. “What is this?”

“Relax for once. It will only help. Don’t think about work, don’t think about that annoying externship or that sexy beast of a boss. Have fun. Just for tonight.”

Just then Marcus came back with their drinks. She swallowed the pill, drowning it with the spicy drink. The content burned their throats as it passed through their system.

“Have fun ladies.” Marcus smiled deviously and left to attend to the other customers.

“Nobody leaves without the group,” Skylar said.

“Okay.” Isabelle and Rachel say in sync.

As Hunter watched Rachel from the upstairs VIP room, he became even more intrigued by her beauty. Intrigued by the way she appeared to be carefree as she danced. She looked like an angel that was finally free, ready to explore. Not a care in the world as to who was watching her. Hunter was memorized by the way Rachel swayed her hips to the music. She clearly had some Caribbean in her the way she was whining to the beat.

“There’s someone watching you, Ray,” Skylar whispered in her ear.

Rachel slowly followed Skylar’s gaze towards the VIP room. Sure enough, Hunter was watching her with his intense eyes. He leaned on the rail and smirked at Rachel. He found his prey and he wasn’t going to give up unless he had her in his grasp.


Rachel did not know what came over her but she wanted to tease him.

She wanted to lure him in.

Without breaking eye contact, Rachel began to slow whine to the music. Slowly whining to the floor and slowly making her way up. Her hands slowly trailed down her body as her hips moved. She seductively bit her bottom lip and returned his wink.

Hunter smiled ear to ear, showing his dimple.

Not wanting to come off desperate, Rachel turned her back towards Hunter and began to dance with her friends again. The last thing she’ll ever do is chase a man. Not ever again.

As the women danced, they felt their bodies heat up in a way they couldn’t explain. Their hearts began to beat faster and their senses heightened. They danced as if they were the only people on the dance floor, enjoying the rhythm of the night.

Not long after, Rachel felt muscular arms wrap around her waist from behind her. Rachel never stopped dancing and the person behind her began to match her rhythm. They became in sync. Her fingers lightly traced his arm. She pushed back against him and wrapped an arm around the back of his head.

Rachel had been pushing away anyone who dared to attempt to dance with her all night. She couldn’t deny the man that had a protective arm around her waist.

She only had her eyes on one person.

After the song finished, Rachel slowly turned around to the handsome man. Hunter still had his arm protectively around her waist. Almost as if he was afraid she would disappear if he were to let go.

Rachel didn’t even think it was possible for the man to be even sexier. But there he was, standing only an inch away from her. Thanks to the heels she was forced to wear, she was his height.

Hunter pulled her closer to him and watched as her eyes widen. He smirked as she felt his semi-hard member against her body.

‘Oh, God.’ Rachel thought to herself. The sensation his simple touch was giving her made her judgment cloudy. At the moment, she didn’t care.

“Dance with me again, ma” Hunter said.

Although the view was entertaining, Isabelle and Skylar slowly walked off. It was an amusing site considering Rachel barely left their house. She spent hours at a time buried in textbooks.

“Do you think she’ll be mad when she finds out she took ecstasy?” Isabelle asked Skylar.

“I think it’s better we leave that part out.” Skylar snickered as she watched her best friend grind on Hunter.

“What about the part about her grinding on the man that owns this club?”

“Now that would be a funny story for the future.” They laughed.

“Look what you’re doing to me,” Hunter whispered in Rachel’s ear. He returned her action and began to grind against her core. Rachel rested her head against his shoulder and unintentionally let out a low moan. The way he caressed her body and the way he was grinding on her was making her wet.

“Shit,” Hunter mumbled. he leaned towards the crock of her neck and kissed her neck before gently sucking the area. It made her weak in the knees. She was sure if he wasn’t holding onto her, she would be wobbly. Pulling back a little, Hunter kissed her jawline before looking into her hazel eyes. He didn’t understand it himself. This woman in front of him was gorgeous and had a killer body. For the first time, his heart was beating wildly as if it was threatening to beat out of his chest.

More. Hunter wanted more of her. The only problem was that he didn’t know what exactly he wanted.

Rachel knew she should have run out of the club and never look back, but it was something about him. Something that made her curious. For some reason, she couldn’t move and she just wanted to melt in his arms. He slowly leaned in and kissed her and she obliged. Kissing him back felt like heaven for Rachel. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and her heart was beating wildly. It was as if they were the only two people in the large club. Rachel’s free hand made its way to his cheek as she deepened the kiss. They fought for dominance.

She’s never felt that way before and that’s what scared her the most. Hunters’ hands grabbed her hips tightly, pulling her into his hard manhood even more. She moaned into the kiss. It was music to his ears and he wanted to hear more. He was the first to pull away, lightly biting her bottom lip.

“I need you.” He told her, never letting go of her. “More.”

“Then take me.” Rachel said without thinking.

With that being said, Hunter pulled her off the dancefloor. They walked hand in hand as they walked towards the back of the club. Soon after, Hunter approached a locked door.

“Eh. Is it okay if we’re in here?″ Rachel asked.

Hunter chuckled. He was surprised that she didn’t know who he was.

“Of course.” He then locked the office door and walked back to a waiting Rachel. Kissing her again, his hand traveled up her dress.

“Mmm. No panties? Naughty girl.” Hunter said. He gave her rear end a hard smack.

Rachell moaned, his fingers finding its way to her core. Parting her lips, he slowly entered her while his soft lips found her neck. She gasped at the foreign feeling. He began thrusting his finger into her warm entrance. Rachel felt him smirk against her neck as she softly moaned. To add more pleasure, he started to massage her clit with his thumb.

His rewards were the beautiful moans that escaped her luscious plump lips.

“So beautiful.” He whispered. “So tight and wet just for me.” He added another finger, thrusting in her, and it sent her over the edge, causing her to moan louder for him.

Without warning, she came on his fingers. He pulled out and licked each individual finger. He licked his fingers as if he just finished a delicious full course meal. Licking until all traces of her climax were gone.

Rachel bit her lip and gazed at the man with seductive eyes.

After finishing licking her essence off of his fingers he looked at Rachel and grinned.

“Who said you could cum? Turn around.”

She was confused as to why she was obeying him, but she did what she was told without hesitation.

“Lean on the desk.”

He arched her back.

After a very brief moment of hearing a zipper being undone, her core was invaded by a long, thick member.

“Fuck.″ She gasped.

He gave her one smack to the rear end before pulling out and slamming back into her. Hunter grabbed a fist full of her kinky coils and continued to enter her, stopping a few times to grind deep in her.

The harder he slammed into her the louder she moaned.

‘Music to my eyes, ma.’

“Shit, you’re so fucking tight.”

The room was filled with moans, grunts, and the sound of skin slapping together.

“I’m about t-to,” She said.

He slowed down a little to tease her.

“You wanna cum, huh? Say please.”

“Please baby, let me cum.” She said.

“Shit.” Hunter pulled out of her and picked her up. With ease, he slid back into her. His pumps became faster and deeper.

“Cum for me.”

And that she did. After she released, he pulled out and came in the nearby trash can.

Breathing hard, Rachel stood up and fixed her outfit. After Hunter fixed his clothes, he kissed her forehead, the bridge of her nose, and finally her lips.

“I don’t know about you but I do not want that to be our last encounter,” Hunter said. Memorized by her big hazel eyes.

“I suppose I feel the same.” She whispered back.

Rachel wrote her number down and handed it to him. “Call me, some time.”

“I will.” Just then the office phone began to ring.

Hunter sighed.

“I’ll see you around.” Rachel chuckled. She left the office to find her friends.

She walked back to the bar to see Isabelle chatting with Marcus and another guy. Although it looked like an unknown guy was looking at Marcus with adoration in his eyes, Marcus was eyeing Isabelle. It was clear he was flirting with Isabelle by the way he would gently stroke her arm and smile at her.

Skylar, however, was talking with two females a few feet away.

As Rachel approached her friends they began to clap.

“That a girl,” Skylar said walking over to her.

“You girls are so embarrassing. Can’t take you nowhere.”

“You love us,” Isabelle said

“Well, there’s no doubt about that. I need shots! Let’s get shots!” Rachel mentioned.

“Now your talking!” Marcus said, walking back to the bar to work his magic.

Rachel stood back with Skylar as they watched Isabelle dance from afar. Marcus was grinding in front of her and his friend was grinding behind her. She was shamelessly enjoying herself. drowning in the attention she received.

Rachel was shocked but surprisingly approved. After all, they were two fine men that handled her with caution. It wasn’t her cup of tea, but as long as Skylar was happy then she couldn’t see a problem.

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