Their Endgame

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Chapter 20

Elijah lightly sighed in content. His finger grazed Rachel’s outer ear before traveling to her jawline. His fingers momentarily stopped as Rachel inhaled deeply and snuggled against his leg. It was nearly noon and Rachel was still in a deep slumber. All attempts of waking the young woman had failed. He merely assumed that Rachel was overworked and needed the extra sleep. With his back against the headboard, Rachel laying on his leg, Elijah continued to admire the beauty.

Rachel’s eyebrows furrowed as she frowned slightly. In an attempt to cease whatever her subconscious was dealing with, Elijah tangled his long fingers in her kinky coils, lightly massaging her scalp. As her features began to relax, a small smile teased the corners of his mouth.

“You’re pushing her into an even deeper slumber.” Hunter tsked.

“Impatient just as before. She’s been juggling school, an externship, and a full-time job. A long uninterrupted rest is what she needs.” Elijah’s gaze held Hunter’s, almost as if he was reading the thoughts that consumed him. “We shouldn’t rush her to choose between the two of us. It might only push her away.”

Hunter diverted his eyes to Rachel’s sleeping form. “It would hurt like hell to lose her. To not see that smile or hear her cheery voice. She challenges me to do more... To be more. I want her.”

Elijah considered Hunter’s words before taking a sip of his ice water. “If you’re unwilling to give her up... and I’m unwilling to let her go then,” His eyes met Hunter’s as they had an internal conversation.

Hunter smirked at the unspoken words from Elijah. His fingers grazed her inner thigh in a repetitive motion. Leaning down, he peppered kisses alongside her leg. The light touch of fingers slowly traveling upward. When he made his way to her cotton night shorts, he gently palmed her core in a circular motion.

“Are you sure you’re okay with pursuing the same woman?” Hunter questioned Elijah.

“What I can tell you is that I will not share her with an outsider.” Taking an ice cube from his glass, Elijah disregarded the glass on the end table. Trailing the ice cube from her neck to her chest, he watched as the liquid dripped from her body to the bed. “What I can tell you is that I have the same desires as you.”

Rachel squirmed as Elijah repeated the action. She was still in a deep slumber as Hunter pulled her legs apart. He entered the side of her shorts, pushing her panties to the side. He parted her labia, slowly stroking her warm and wet entrance. She lowly moaned in her sleep, making Hunter chuckle.

“Beloved angel, wake up will you?” Elijah effortlessly pulled her further up his leg.

After disregarding her shorts, Hunter settled himself between her legs. The gourmet meal in front of him made his mouth water in anticipation. He licked his lips, admiring before running his nose against her prepuce. As Rachel slowly opened her eyes, she gasped at the friction between her legs. Hunter’s tongue moved in a circular motion against her bundle of nerves as his finger entered her.

“Look at me,” Elijah demanded as Rachel had the urge to see Hunter work. “Keep your eyes on me.”

Rachel submitted to his demands. Erotic moans came from her mouth while maintaining a heated gaze on Elijah’s blue eyes. She bit her lip in hopes of suppressing the sounds.

“Looks like our angel here doesn’t want to be heard. What shall we do, brother?” Elijah pulled the straps from Rachel’s shoulder, exposing her bare chest. Caressing her perky boob, he smiled devilishly.

Hunter added another finger before curving his digits. The motion of his tongue increased and thrust furiously into her. Although Rachel attempted to remain quiet, her sweet moans were heard throughout the room.

“I’m going to...! Fuck!”

“What did I tell you? Eyes on me.” Elijah yanked her face, ensuring that the only person she was looking at was him.

The way Elijah was watching her being pleased ignited a fire within her. She never knew that a desire for more of the scene was in her abilities. Her shaky hand reached for his chin, stroking his stubble. Her other hand made its way behind his head before pulling him down to meet her lips. She moaned against his soft lips as she released her orgasm. She attempted to move away from Hunter’s grasp but was caged in his tight grasp. Her body began to spaz as he attacked her core once more.

Elijah’s hand lightly grabbed her throat as he devoured Rachel’s lips with his own.

“Oh, my god!” Rachel cried out in pleasure.

As Rachel’s body jerked, Hunter held her legs until she released once more. He pulled back, allowing her to catch her breath.

“I’m still hungry,” Hunter chuckled as Rachel forced her legs closed.

“W-what’s happening right now?” Rachel flinched as someone knocked at the bedroom door. She scrambled to her feet to retrieved her shorts. “Um, stay quiet.” When she answered the door she made sure that only a small portion of the room could be seen.

“Morning.” Rachel chuckled nervously.

“Try afternoon. It’s literally one-thirty. Have you seen my brothers?” Sophia smiled innocently.

“Uh, n-”

“What can I do for you, baby sis” Hunter pulled the door back further.

Sophia looked between the two with a knowing smile. “I can’t find Elijah anywhere.”

“Yes, Sophia?” Elijah casually walked behind Rachel.

“We were just going over a, um, a..”

“You can tell me about after you get ready. We are going to the spa while the boys prepare dinner. Father will be here later on tonight. The last dinner before he heads to Paris for a while.” Sophia winked before walking away.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed by us. I thought we had a connection.” Hunter teased.

“We did! We do! I... I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Then don’t think about it. Just enjoy it.” Elijah picked Rachel up by her waist and caged her against the wall.

He slowly connected his lips to hers. Slowly savoring her taste. Her legs jerked around his waist as he ground his hard-on into her.

“As much as I want to take you right now, my sister would raise hell if I make you late.”

“I’ll take a raincheck.” Her lips connected with his, missing the softness.

Elijah walked her to the bathroom, holding her while he ran a warm bath. They both disregarded their clothes as they soaked in the tub. The intimacy was new for Rachel, she couldn’t help but close her eyes in pure bliss as Elijah caressed her skin.


“This is no good. Why so tense?” The Asian woman attempted to work the kinks out of Rachel’s neck.

“Can you give us ten minutes?” Sophia asked the woman. She waited until the room was clear until she confronted Rachel. “So the two guys you were talking about the one time were my brothers, right?”

Rachel sighed and nodded.

“And they want you to choose, yet you can’t, right?”

“Actually... they stopped asking me to choose between the two of them. Which, I’m thankful for because frankly, I can not choose.”

“You can’t choose because you don’t want to hurt them or you can’t choose because you want both of them...”

Rachel looked at Sophia, startled by how accurate she was. “Both. If I chose one, I would really be hurting both of them. Tearing brothers apart is one of the worst things I could do. Call me selfish, but I enjoy the attention from them both.”

“I would ask you how they feel but I can already guess. Hunter mirrors your actions without even trying. You move, he moves, just like a magnet. The way he brightens up whenever he talks to you says enough as is. Then there’s Elijah. The one brother who can’t keep his eyes off of you.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t do anything but follow your instincts. Who cares if you’re being selfish. If you want both then take both. I’m sure they won’t mind...Not judging from the sound I heard this morning.” Sophia snickered. “Seriously, The last thing you want to do is have regret.”

Rachel sat back and pondered Sopha’s words. It wasn’t as if they were seeking a relationship and neither was she. It was all fun and games until the men would get tired of her. It was then when she decided that she would be selfish for once in her life.

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