Their Endgame

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I originally wanted to break Rachel’s story into two books. One where she’s discovering herself as a teenager, and the other where she struggles to accept who she is. However, with much thought, I decided to stick with one book. To better understand Rachel’s character and why she carries herself the way she does, I added her background... More importantly, it explains the reasoning behind the way she thinks and her actions.

Although I’m not a fan of using author notes in my books, I feel as though I should warn you about the next few chapters that give insight into Rachel’s background. Some parts may be triggering for a few. These chapters include subjects such as thoughts of suicide, drugs, death, and sexual abuse. Additionally, these chapters will have ‘TW’ as the chapter title.

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As always, thank you for reading my work. I really do enjoy reading your comments as you read through these chapters. Don’t forget to vote! It’s what keeps me updating every day.

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