Their Endgame

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22 Rachel's past (TW)

Christen could tell that Rachel was holding back from letting people into her world. As he watched her debate with his father for the first time, he could tell that she was forcing herself from expressing her true feelings. He also noticed that Rachel was holding herself back around Sophia. He was intrigued to know who Rachel was behind the facade she was portraying.

Rosemary was one of Rachel’s close friends back in high school. That is until she set her up for the ultimate betrayal. She blackmailed Skylar’s then-boyfriend into saying that Rachel came onto him with false proof. All to force Ryan to break up Rachel. Tony had no other choice than to follow the immature demands of Rosemary.

Tony approached Skylar with a sorrowful expression.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Skylar questioned.

“I have something I need to tell you.” He weakly said.

Just then the bell rung, indicating they have less than five minutes to get to class on time.

“Can it wait till lunch?” She didn’t want to risk being late.

“No, It can’t. I’ll just say it. Rachel came on to me. I told her to stop flirting with me but she kept telling me that no one has to know, that she had no one else in her corner.”

The late bell rang.

“That has to be a bullshit ass lie. She would never do that to me, despite what we are going through now.”

“She’s been cheating on Ryan with that kingpin, Davis. What makes you think she wouldn’t do such a thing to you?”

Tony took out his phone and showed her the messages Rosemary forwarded to him.

As Skylar read the messages between Rachel and Tony. There were no doubts that the writing style was Rachel’s own. Rachel was the only one in their group that would text in complete sentences with slang every now and then.

“What the fuck!” Skylar said. She was too confused to ask any questions. The messages made it seem like Rachel was trying to sleep with Tony behind Skylar’s back.

“I’m sorry Sky. I had no other choice. I had to tell you.” He felt genuinely bad for what he had just done. He knew all too well that Skylar and Rachel have been close for years. Close enough for them to call each other sisters.

“Thank you for telling me. I know for a fact that I can trust you.” She kissed him and walked off towards her class. Skylar didn’t want to believe it but all the facts were there and it made Rachel look so guilty.

“Nice of you to join us, Skylar.” Mrs. Coleman, the physics teacher, loathed when her students were late to her class.

“I’m sorry, something came up.”

“We were just picking partners for an upcoming assignment before you interrupted us. Quickly chose between Rosemary, Nate, and Rachel.”

“Rosemary,” Skylar said without hesitation.

“Take your seat then.”

Skylar walked past Rachels’s chair and glared at her before taking a seat next to Rosemary. Rachel spent the remainder of her classes in the back, attempting to go unnoticed by classmates.

That is until lunchtime came around. Rachel walked into the cafeteria and over to where Skylar and the others were sitting. She took a seat across from Rosemary and watched as their faces tensed and all conversations had ceased.

“Are you guys seriously going to believe some rumor over what I say?” She asked looking around their round table. “Are we really ending our friendship over something so petty? You guys know me and my character.”

They never responded to her.

“This is bullshit.” Rachel said. Looking around the cafeteria, she spotted Ryan walking from the lunch line. Sighing, she walked towards him.

“Ryan, we need to talk. Like now.” She had stopped him from walking by stepping in front of him, forcing him to look at her.

“How many times do I have to say it for you to understand? I have nothing to say to you! I thought you would have gotten the hint when I blocked yo ass from messaging me!” He said loud enough, getting the attention of the other students.

“It’s a fucking rumor. It’s not true. You know me!” Rachel said.

“Obviously I don’t know you well enough,”

“What happened to always and forever?” Rachel pleaded.

“That was before I found out you were a little whore. Busting it open for any dude that swing dick your way. I’ve had a change of heart.” He spat at her.

Rachel wasn’t a fan of crying in front of others but what he said broke her heart even more. She constantly blinked to prevent herself from crying.

“Oh, cut the waterworks will ya? You know what? You ain’t shit.” He began to walk off but Rachel grabbed his arm.

“It’s not true! Can you just listen to me for a second?”

“Nah, fuck you! Your nothing to me. Don’t talk to me, Don’t come to find me, and leave my family alone. Do you get it now?! We! Are! Done! Learn to keep your fucking legs close you fucking slut!” He left her standing there shocked and sobbing. He took his seat with Skylar and the others.



-“Aye, I’ll give you five dollars if you let me hit!”

The cafeteria began to chant over and over again as she ran out of the cafeteria.

“Rachel?!” Carter yelled as she ran past him in the hallway.

He wanted answers and he walked into the cafeteria to hear people chanting the word whore and laughing. He walked over to his friends and asked what was up.

One of Carter’s friends shrugged. “Ryan just told Rachel off in front of the entire cafeteria.”

“And you guys did nothing to stop him?” Carter asked.

“What were we supposed to do? No offense man but She’s your sister, not ours. I for one didn’t want to be in the middle of a fight.”

Carter slammed his hands on the table, a few people jumped at the noise. He stormed off towards Ryan, yanking him out of his seat.

“What is your problem, man?” Ryan asked.

Carter punched him so hard, his nose was probably broken. Hit after hit, he sent to Ryan until his friends grabbed him.

“I swear to God, if you ever come near my sister again, I’ll bury you. You claim you love her but couldn’t give her the respect to explaining the situation. You’re Pathetic! You and those so-called friends of yours can go to hell.”

Carter pushed his friends off of him and stormed towards the exit of the building.


Carter found Rachel crying on her bedroom floor, struggling to breathe. It broke him seeing the usually happy girl so depressed. Carter walked over to her and sat beside her, pulling her body against his chest. She began to cry harder, soaking his shirt with salty tears. His arms tightened around her frame as her body trembled.

“I didn’t do it.″ She repeated over and over again. “I didn’t cheat.”

“Shh. I know you didn’t”

He began to rock her back and forth, something his stepmother used to do whenever he was upset. He let her cry as hard as she wanted. Rachel’s arms gripped his back tightly as she clung to him. They sat there for hours until Rachel finally quieted down. Carter thought she was falling asleep before he felt her wipe her face.

“My mother died giving birth to me. My father was so heartbroken and struggled to raise me by himself. That is until he met Lilian when I started middle school. The two fell in love and I immediately took a liking to her. She did everything a mother was supposed to do as if it came naturally to her.” Carter chuckled. “She even helped me get over my first heartbreak. I remember her holding me in her arms like this, letting me cry until my heart was content. She became my rock and I really thought of her as my mother as opposed to a stepmother. That all came crashing down when she decided to leave my father. ‘This is too much responsibility’ was her excuse. Turns out she left my father for a younger man. I called after her, ‘momma don’t leave’ but she never turned around.” Carter started rubbing Rachel’s back in a soothing manner. “From that point on, I was determined to never trust another female... Then I met you. A fiery young girl with plenty of determination, who never took shit from anyone. You were never the one to give up on a task so easy. I admire that about you. Without me even knowing, You changed me, Rachel. And I thank you for that. I just wanted to let you know that whatever you need, I’ll be here for you. However long it takes, I’ll be with you while this problem pass. I swear they all will look like idiots when they realize they fucked up.” Carter sighed and began rocking her again. Rachel hugged him tightly and closed her burning eyes.

Carter continued until her grip loosened and her breathing slowed a bit. He then picked her up and placed her on her bed, tucking her in.

“Happy birthday, sis.” Moving her hair out of her face, he observes her red puffy face and sighed.

Removing the chain from his pocket, he placed it on her nightstand then walked out. It should be around the last period of the day. He hopped in his truck and drove back to school. After walking to the main office, he was immediately helped.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Knox?” The woman asked.

“My sister is sick and she will not be in school for a while. I need her work for the next two weeks..”

“Oh no. Is she okay? I’ll email her teachers right now.” The woman asked.

“I need my work as well.” He said, ignored her noisy question.

“Why yours?”

“Somebody has to look after her, right? Is that a problem? He furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Oh no! I’ll get right on that. And please thank your father for his recent donation again. We really appreciate it.”

“I actually want to walk to her classes and get her work myself. I really should be getting back home.”

“Sure, let me print her schedule for you. Just a moment.”

Carter collected her work and he was on his way out until Rosemary called him. She was standing by Skylar, Tony, Ryan, and Sara.

“What do you want?” Carter said, glaring at them all.

“Is it true? She really cheated on him and tried to play the victim?” Rosemary asked. “It’s so surprising. She portrayed to worship the ground he walked on while secreting betraying him.”

Carter glared at her before turning to Ryan and Sara. “Did you even love her? You sure didn’t waste any time jumping on something easy.”

Ryan didn’t know what to say without starting another conflict so he remained quiet.

“Asshole.” Carter walked off.

Before he returned home, he went to grab her favorite pizza, in hopes that she would at least eat.

When he returned to Rachels’s room he noticed that she hadn’t left the spot he put her in. She had her back facing the door so he couldn’t tell if she was asleep or not. Before grabbing a slice, he sat the pizza, and her school work on her dresser and walked out.

Rachel never left her room that night.

The cycle continued for days. Carter did everything he could to get her to at least leave the room. She barely ate or said more than a few words. She was so wrapped up in the drama that she forgot her own birthday and her mother was too wrapped up in her career to even come home.

She was alone.

After a week or so of sulking, she finally decided to return to school. She thought it would be a waste to have to repeat a few courses next year and the semester was almost over. There were only a few months left before the summer break and she wanted to stick it out until then.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Carter asked. He looked from Rachels’ eyes to the necklace she was wearing. “I’m glad you like it.” He smiled.

The pendant that was dedicated to a sister was the perfect choice Carter made.

″Thank you.” Rachel said. “For everything.”

Carter pulled her into a hug. “Anything for the Little Mermaid obsessed girl.” He pulled away.

For the first time in weeks, she smiled. Even though it was weak, it was still a smile. He did everything he possibly could to get her back on her feet. When school started calling the house because of their absence, he knew he had to force her to leave the house to return.

“Hey, Rachel,” Cassandra said. She smiled at Carter before finishing her conversation. ″I hope everything is okay. I just wanted to let you know that the girls and I are behind you one hundred percent. And whenever you feel like returning to the team, your spot as co-captain is waiting for you.”

“Thanks, Cass.” Rachel said weakly.

“You truly remind me of Carter. He had a goofy manner but also had the ability to be stern when needed to be.” Rachel chuckled towards Christen. As she continued to chug from the Remy bottle she laughed.

“Is this Rosemary the reason why you refuse to let people in?”

“Oh, there’s more to her betrayal.” Rachel’s head cocked back as she scoffed. She gazed towards the star-filled sky as she struggled to find her next words. She was thankful that Christen was patient with her. He didn’t look at her like some broken person that needed to be fixed, but rather someone who understood.

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