Their Endgame

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23 Rachel's part (TW)


It’s been over a month since Ryan broke up with Rachel and it’s been nothing but hell. People started bullying her while her friends watched from afar. It’s gotten to a point where she changed her class schedule around so she no longer had classes with certain people. However, she still had lunch with the same group of people. Instead of sitting with the usual people, she opted to sit alone. That is until Carter and two of his friends decided to join her. Even if it was briefly, she was thankful for the peace.

“Hey, Rachel” Rosemary walked over to the table.

“Don’t try it,” Carter intervened.

“I did nothing wrong. Why are you being mean? I just wanted to give a good friend a heads up. There’s a video going around school.”

Rachel questioned Rosemary, “What?” She looked around the cafeteria to see students looking in her direction.

Granted the video was not being circulated but, in fact, it was shown to several people, Rosemary still had an obligation to gloat. The video was of Rachel getting frisky with Davis way before she agreed to be committed to Ryan.

Rachel spent the remainder of the day with her head down. At least then she couldn’t see the grins or the pointing.


Rachel had decided to see a movie by herself to get her mind off the situation for a few hours. After she decided to do a little shopping for the summer, she bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel mumbled. Rachel looked up to see a familiar face.

“Hello, young lady. How have you been?” It was an older man from Davis’s cookout who went by the name pops.

“I-I’m good.” Rachel said averting her puffy eyes. “Just getting some fresh air.”

“Mmm. You sure you okay?”

Rachel mustered her best smile and nodded, yes. “I really should be going. My mother worries when I’m out for too long. It was nice seeing you again.” She waved and walked away.

‘Pops’ eyed the girl in worry. Rachel was like an open book, easy to read. From his observation, Rachel looked thinner compared to before with noticeable bags under her eyes.

“Yo,” Davis answered his phone.

“What’s going on between you and that ole lady of yours? How many times do I have to tell you young folks; take care of your significant other. I’m not the one to get in the middle of conflict but the poor girl looks sick. How about I cook my famous gumbo and bring it over?”

“What do you mean sick? Where are you-aren’t you supposed to be at home resting old man?” The old man could hear shuffling on the other end as Davis talked.

“Nevermind about me, young man. Rachel is too thin compared to the last time I saw her, she looked like a lost puppy before she noticed me at the mall.”

“I’m on my way.” Davis hung up.

Rachel tugged on her hood to shield her from the rain as she walked alongside the sidewalk. She wasn’t in the mood to be around people and decided to walk to the next bus stop a couple of miles away.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a car pulled up beside her.

“Come here, Rachel!” Davis yelled.

The last person she wanted to see was the person that caused her trouble. She ignored him and continued walking. When Davis kissed her with the knowledge of her relationship, she knew she was done with him.

“Damit! Get in the damn car!”

Rachel ignored his demands and continued her journey. Nearby people that took shelter under rooftops, looked on curiously.

Davis sped up and pulled onto the sidewalk to stop her from walking. He stepped out in the rain and yanked her before tossing her over his shoulder.

“Leave me alone, Davis! Put me down!” She yelled. As she struggled. His grip only tightened. “Leave me alone. Please, Davis!”

The moment she said his name, people turned the other way.


Davis grumbled, “Don’t waste your breath.”

Davis opened the back door to his car and tossed her in. He reached in and buckled her seatbelt.

“Let me out! I don’t want to be with you!” She sobbed.

It was like a game of tug and war. Rachel would unbuckle her belt and Davis would aggressively buckle it back. Davis admitted defeat, slamming the door shut.

She tugged on the door handle but it wouldn’t open. The only other option was to climb in the front seat and exit out of the passenger side.

Before she could make her move, Davis was sitting in the driver-side about to turn on the heat.

“I hate you so much. It’s all your fault.” Rachel wasn’t sure if it was entirely his fault or not. She needed someone to blame for the mess in her life.

Davis ignored her and sped off in the direction of his favorite all you can eat buffet. The car fell silent. The only noises that could be heard were the rain hitting the car and the sound of passing cars.

“What happened to you? You don’t look like the same Rachel from before.”

Rachel ignored his question, making him sigh in irritation. After finding a parking space, Davis guided her into the building. Rachel paid no attention to the food that was being piled on her plate as she walked behind Davis absentmindedly.

Davis decided to find a booth in seclusion from the staff members and other customers.

“Are you going to talk to me?” Davis questioned as he slid in the booth next to Rachel. “I hate seeing you like this. What happened to the beautiful smile I love so much?”

Rachel replied with a sigh.

“Come on, baby girl. It can’t be that bad, can it? You know if you keep things bottled up, sooner or later you will explode.”

Rachel shook her head and closed her eyes, hoping that the experience was nothing more than a nightmare. Silent sobs left her as she continued to shake her head.

“Stop, baby” Davis demanded. Grabbing her, he held her tight as she sobbed. “Talk to me, please.”

Rachel mumbled. “This can’t be real. It has to be some kind of sick joke! I-I don’t want to here. Alive. I should have died with him.”

Davis whispered sweet nothings in her ear to calm her down. After she was calm, Rachel was able to explain everything she was going through at school and at home.

“I’m not going to lie and tell you that everything is going to be okay, but what I can tell you is that I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be right here by your side as you get through this rough patch. Let your problems become mine so you won’t have to bear it all alone.”

As the ate Davis would crack jokes to get Rachel to sadly smile. She was broken but it was nothing Davis couldn’t fix with time.

As they exited the restaurant, Davis wrapped his arm around Rachel’s shoulder. “We should go see a movie or something.” They proceeded to walk down the sidewalk.

Rachel replied, “Nothing romantic.”

Pop, pop

The sound of gunshots was heard as people attempted to scatter the area. Davis yanked Rachel’s arm and they fled to his car. More rounds of bullets entered the air as he pushed Rachel into the back seat.

“Get down and cover your head!”

Gunshots went off, constantly hitting the car.

“Why are they shooting at you?!” Rachel screamed in fear.

Davis rushed to pull out of the parking lot and out of the area. He noticed that his hand was coated with crimson red but he felt no pain. He quickly checked his body but still couldn’t find a wound.

“Talk to me, baby! Are you hit?!”

The adrenaline rush made her unaware that a bullet struck her shoulder. It wasn’t until she was down on the floor that she was in pain.“I’m scared. It hurts so bad.”

A truck pulled up beside Davis’s car and unloaded a round of bullets.

Although Davis was hit, he tried to control the car to avoid a collision. His vision began to blur as he sped through traffic. At the speed he was going, he was unable to stop at the red light and collided with a semi-tractor.

The impact was so major it caused Davis’s car to flip several times. When the car finally stopped, a black SUV stopped by the Dodge Charger. A tall man then stepped out of the Vehicle. He walked over to the crash and observed his handy work. Bending down, he noticed Rachel struggling to breathe and coated with blood.

“So we meet again, little one.” The deep voice said.

Rachel could only see a blur and her ears were ringing. She forced herself to remain awake but the pain was too unbearable. “Davis?” She whispered.

“Pull her out and put her in the car.” The deep voice said. “Let’s move.”

“And him, sir?”

The man turned to look at Davis before turning around. “What about him?”

Rachel was yanked from the car and she groaned in protest. She was then carried bridal style and put into the back of the SUV. She wanted to scream for help or kick but her body wouldn’t listen to her. Her eyes slowly closed as darkness consumed her.

“Looks like your mine now, little one.” He said. He removed her bloody hair from her face as he admired more of his work.

“Where to, boss?” The driver asked, pulling away at the sound of police cars in the distance.

“Let’s go to the jet. My job is done-its time to go home.”

The drive was a little over twenty minutes and they immediately boarded the jet. He had one of his men get rid of the truck while he took his seat. He had Rachel in the private room as a nurse tended to her wounds throughout the flight.

“Junior, was that necessary? I told you to bring the girl unharmed, not attempt to kill her.”

“My apologies father.” Junior grinned. “Let’s just call it sibling rivalry.”

“At least you got the job done. It’s better than what that boy had ever done for me.”

Junior smirked. He was out for revenge.


Rachel awoke in a cold, dimly lit room. There was an aroma of blood, bleach, and another substance she couldn’t quite explain. Rusty pipes running along the walls, leaked every now and then. The pipes would often creak. In the far corner, there was a small room, which could only be the bathroom. Rachel assumed it could be nothing none other than the bathroom because of the constant noise of a running toilet. The cold room was bare with nothing but a wooden chair and an old mattress.

She was laying on a single mattress on the floor, which had no sheet. Rachel shivered from the cold air and just then she noticed she was only in her bra and underwear. She tried to recall what happened and how she ended up in such a place but could only come up with nothing. The last thing she remembered was Davis pushing her into his car as she walked away from the mall.

Rachel tried to move her legs but only felt pain and restriction. Looking down she noticed her right leg was wrapped up and the other was changed to a pipe. Following the pipe to the ceiling, there was no way she could attempt to escape. Her chest was aching and her body was beyond sore. Moving her shoulder was also unbearable. Huffing and panting, she was a sneezing/coughing mess. Rachel tried calling out for help but no one came to her aid. She was just about to give up with the door creaked opened.

A scared Rachel forced herself into a sitting position and pushed her body to the far corner.

“W-Who are you? Where am I?” Rachel asked.

She eyed the tall brown-skinned man, trying to see if she knew him. Judging by his designer suit, he was a man with money.

“You don’t have the right to ask questions but I’ll tell you a few things. My name is Jaxson and you are far away from home. Maybe if you click your heels a few times you might return.” He pinched her cheek. “Go on, try it out.”

“Let me go!” She growled.

“Scary.” He taunted her.

Jaxson pulled Rachel from the mattress and roughly placed her in the chair. Rachel winced in agony.

“Let’s play a game, shall we?” Jaxon unbuckled his belt buckle and pulled it out of the loops, smiling and taunting Rachel. He then pulled a bottle of Advil out of his pocket and placed it by her feet.

Her eyes widen in fear and shock. “Please don’t hurt me.” She begged. “You have the wrong person, please let me go.”

“If you tell me what I need to know then I can guarantee your safety and eventually you will be able to go home. Lie to me and you will be in even more pain.” Jaxson said.

“W-What?” Rachel asked.

“I’ll ask you a variety of questions and you will answer truthfully. Fail to do so and I will strike you.” Jaxson said. “Be a good little girl and tell me what I need to know. I would hate to bruise that pretty little body of yours.” Jaxson leaned down to get a better look at her face. “What’s your name and how old are you?”

“Rachel and Seventeen.“She looked into his eyes, fearing for her life.

“What’s a young pretty girl like you doing with a twenty-five-year-old?” Although she was a pretty female he wouldn’t dare touch someone that wasn’t of legal age. At least that’s what he thought at that moment.

“I-I’m not with a twenty-five-year-old.”

Jaxson lifted his belt and used all his force to strike her bare leg. He smiled as she cried out in pain. Rachel fell to the ground and attempted to move away from the crazy man.

“There’s nowhere to run.” He amusedly said as she watched her crawl away.

“Try answering that again.”

“It’s true. He claimed me, but I was always with someone else. He’s been trying to get with me ever since but I denied him.” She said through sobs.

Jaxson laughed. He was amused by the little girl sitting on the floor. “Are you stupid or just downright naive as ever?”

“Do not insult me! This is a crime you know? Take me home, right now! Who kidnaps teenagers, you sick pervert!”

“Pervert? Have I assaulted you in any way? Touched you in any way? If you want I can throw you to my men like a slab of meat you are.”

“Fuck you!” Rachel spat.

Jaxson walked over to her and smacked her hard in her face. “Watch that pretty little tongue of yours before I put it to good use.”

Rachel didn’t need him to elaborate, her mind was already running wild with the things he would make her do.

“Don’t you know the minute you jump in a Tucker’s bed and the minute a Tucker claims you... Your life is no longer yours. You literally jumped in bed with the devil.” Jaxson chuckled. “And you don’t even know it.”

“Tucker?” She asked.

Jaxson gazed at the girl in wonder. “Tell me about his last shipment. Every little detail and leave nothing out?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am not his woman and I know nothing about his little weed business.”

″Either you are one amazing loyal bitch or you really are a stupid cunt. Which one?” Jaxson asked. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll beat the answer out of you.”

“Fuck you! I swear to God you’ll pay for everything you’re doing to me and where are my clothes?!”

“Plan B. it is. Junior! I know your listening outside the door. Bring your ass in here.”

Jaxson walked off to the bathroom and in walks the two men that she recognized. The first man was the strange creep she bumped into at the mall. She wondered how he knew her but then she turned to the other man and noticed none of than Ethan.

“W-who... why?”

“My apologies, little one. My name is Jaxson Jr Tucker. The first in command of the Tucker cartel.” Junior walked closer to her, grabbing her chin and using his other hand to tug on her bra. “Are you going to take this off or shall I?”

“I don’t care who takes off what but I want her tied up. I want her naked and hanging from the ceiling, now.” Jaxson said.

“Looks like you should have given him the information he needed. Now I have to watch you be beaten to a pulp. Don’t worry. I’ll tend to your winds when it’s all said and done.”

Rachel began to struggle and fight back against his hold. “Get the hell off me!” She screamed. Junior punched her, causing her to cease all movement. Junior pulled her remaining clothes from her body, ripping the material, and leaving bruises. Ethan then walked towards the two and helped them chain her arms.

“You’re no longer needed, Ethan. Go back and find me some information on Davis.” Jaxson said. “Don’t forget to collect your pay from the front.”

Ethan nodded and walked away without sparing a second glance at Rachel.

“Now, little one. Tell me everything you know about Davis Tucker or suffer the consequences. Tell me everything about that bastard son of mines.”

Rachel’s eyes widen as she realized the people that took her were related to Davis. “But I told you everything. The only thing I know is that he’s the owner of a night club.”

“Wrong answer.”

Jaxson constantly sent strikes to her back and rear end with a soaked belt. Her loud screams and cries filled the room. It didn’t stop him from hitting her harder and neither did the sight of blood dripping down her back. He continued his brutal attack until she passed out from the pain.

“She’s loyal, I give her that,” Jaxson said. “I guess we just have to break her.” He began to walk towards the door to leave.

“What do you want me to do with her?” Junior asked.

“I don’t care. Do as you please, just keep her alive. This conversation is far from over.”


Rachel was unsure about how long she had been there, maybe days, maybe even weeks. Her day would start an integration then torture soon after. They would torture her until she passed out and would often awake on the floor of Junior’s bedroom. He would often wash her body for her, as she was too ‘incompetent’ to do it her self. Junior would touch her in a way that made her body react, a way in which made her sick to her stomach.

The food that was given to her would only consist of bread and a small side. She was considered lucky if he let her join him for a real meal in the dining hall. However, she would always be humiliated by having to sit by Junior’s feet to eat her portion of the meal. If Rachel pissed him off or said anything out of line, he would make her eat with nothing but her mouth.

Rachel was at the end of her strength. She had nothing to go back to and nothing to look forward to. One wish. She had only one thing on the mind and that was for death to quickly come to her.

She had enough.

“Why are you doing this?” Rachel weakly questioned.

Instead of the cold damp room, she awoke in a warm, brightly lit room.

The problem was, she was still naked and still in pain. Her leg never healed properly from the accident, causing her to walk with a limp. Additionally, the bullet wound ack every now and then. Nothing could compare to the pain between her boney thighs.

“Why should I tell a random bitch the reasoning for the things I do? You shouldn’t be questioning me in the position your in.” Junior took a slow gulp of cold clear liquid from the tall glass.

Rachel panted, imagining the sensation of the cool liquid going down her throat. Unintentionally, she licked her dry, crusted lips.

“You want some?” Junior took another gulp. “Damn that’s refreshing as hell.”

Rachel pleaded, “Please.”

“Crawl over here and beg for it.”

Rachel’s eyes watered as she slowly crawled to the man that reminded her that he was the reason for her pain. “Can I have something to drink, please?” Her voice cracked.

“Nah, say it with my name.” Junior taunted.

“Can I have something to drink? Please, J-Junior.”

“That a girl. If I give you some, you have to drink it all.” Junior smiled as Rachel nodded. “Open wide for me.” He waited until Rachel opened her mouth and poured the fluids in her mouth. He laughed as she began to choke on the burning sensation. “Aht, I said all. Let’s try it again.”

Rachel grimaced as she tried not to choke on the vodka. The moment Junior was finished, he pushed Rachel away from him. Her weak body fell onto the floor.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He chuckled. “Didn’t you say you were thirsty? I was only helping.”

Rachel whispered, “Let me go. Why are you doing this? I barely know that man.”

Junior stocked his chin, contemplating whether he wanted to her or not. “I’m going to take everything from Davis and watch him crumble, right before I slowly take his life. He took the most important person from me, and It’s only right I return the gesture.” Junior finally said. He stood to his feet and walked over to the table. He tossed a thin paper plate that contained two slices of stale bread and a piece of cheese, onto the floor where she laid.

“What does that have to do with me? I mean nothing to him! Whatever you have against him is between you two!” Rachel spat. She closed her eyes as the room began to spin.

“Be a good little bitch and watch how you speak to me. It is only a matter of time before I snap and do something you’ll regret...“Junior stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jeans and eyed the scared little girl that was chained to his bedpost. “Since he claims your his woman, ill break you in every possible way right before I throw you to his feet.” He had plans to kill Davis before killing Rachel. That all changed when Rachel spent her days in his bed. She was a sweet little thing that had a hint of fierceness in her. Junior loved it.

“Y-your a sick man.”

“Bitch, You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Junior hooves over her body. “You ready to tell me what I want to hear or do I have to throw your naked ass in a room full of depraved men?” Junior seethed.

Rachel’s eyes widened to the best of her ability. “I don’t know anything, I swear! Please, don’t. I’ll do anything.”

The words he had been waiting to hear, she finally said them. Junior was going to use them to his advantage.

“Anything? You would do anything just to prevent another soul from touching you?”

“P-please.” She wanted to sob but chose against it. Junior hated it when she cried and it only made things worse for her in the long run.

“Become mine. Do as I say when I say it, and I’ll make sure my father and the others never lays a hand on you.”

“W-what? Why can’t I go home? I-I want to go home.”

“Home? You are home, little bitch. Your right where you ought to be, tied up at the end of my bed, waiting for my every demand. The only thing you need is a collar with a name on it.” He stepped closer and gripped her chin roughly. “Nobody even cares that you’re missing and Davis is probably fucking some other broad. There’s nothing you can do but give me that sweet little ass.” He pushed her face away. “Or you can tell me everything you know about Davis’s business. His friends. His fears. Everything.”

“No.″ Rachel drunkenly said.

Junior unchained her and yanked her to her feet. He then grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her to the bedroom door.

“What are you going to do?! Let me go!” Rachel was still naked with her goodies and bruises on full display.

Junior, however, did not say anything. He proceeded to walk to the elevator and took the last floor down. Whenever he felt her struggling against his hold, he would tighten the grip on her hair. Surly pulling some strands out.

The moment the elevator doors opened, Junior stalked down the hall of the basement until they reached a double door. After Junior kicked the doors in, he marched in while dragging Rachel. There had to be over twenty men sitting in a large room, with women that were barely dressed dancing. There were many poles in the room and a large stage at the far right.

Rachel tried to hide her body the best way she could but the way Junior yanked her body up made it impossible.

“Get these skanks out of here before I start shooting!” Junior yelled.

The women did not protest his demands and ran out of the room without comments or complaints.

Junior pulled Rachel to the middle of the room and pushed her to the floor.

“Do as you wish.” He said while looking Rachel dead in the eyes.

“No!” She yelled.

Junior walked to the door and stepped out, leaving his men to do as they desired. He wanted her to beg for him. She was a stubborn girl and it was something he needed to fix to get what he wanted out of her.

Rachel couldn’t help the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes as they groped her and whispered filthy phrases to her. The men smiled smugly at her as they thought of all the sinister things they could and will do to her body. The moment she felt a finger entered her core she yelled out.

“Let me go you pig!” She attempted to stand to her feet but failed.

A fat hand grabbed her arm and pulled her to the couch. One man held her leg open while someone held her other leg. “It won’t hurt, much.”

Rachel sobbed. “I don’t want this!”

The man left sloppy kisses on Rachel’s neck as grunts left his mouth. He jammed his finger into her core and began to thrust. “I’ll take my time with you.”

-“No, you won’t. Hurry up so we can get ours Mr. One minute man.”

-“Fuck her already.”

The man raised to unbuckle his pants. Despite the many hands that were forcing Rachel down, she continued to struggle. He was a mere few inches from her core when Rachel began to panic.

“Junior!” She yelled to the top of her lungs. “Help me! I’ll submit!” She cried out.

The moment his name left her mouth, Junior walked in looking emotionless as ever.

“Get off her.” He ordered.

“You can’t bring a fine piece of ass in here and expect us not to fuck. I’m about to get my fill then she’s all yours.” The man positioned himself at Rachel’s entrance before forceable pushing the tip of his member in.

Rachel cried out as the sound of gunfire was released. Her cries became screams as the dead man collapsed on her. Her breathing became heavier and she pushed the dead weight off of her.

The other disappointed men did as they were told, like the obedient children.

“What is it, bitch?” Junior said as if nothing happened. He watched Rachel curled body as she trembled. “I couldn’t hear you, say it again.”

“I agree.” She said shakingly. She began to rock back and forth. “I agree.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand. You agree to what?”

“Yours.” She said in a monotone. “I’ll be yours. Help me.”

“You have exactly twenty seconds to leave us before I put a bullet in your head,” Junior said to his men.

The men scattered to leave towards the exit. The only person that left was still trying to exit was the cubby technology guy. Junior raised his gun and shot him in his left butt cheek, right before he was about to exit.

Junior pulled Rachel’s ankle and forced her on her back.

Junior then removed his shirt, showing off his toned chest and arms, and leaned towards Rachel’s neck. Slowly kissing the area behind her ear, Junior ran his hand up her leg. He caressed her body in a way that made the tiny hairs on her body stand. Her mind and heart were telling her no, screaming for him to get up but her body was craving the simple touches he gave her.

“Mine to play with. Mine to do whatever I please with.” Junior said.

He licked and sucked her neck, chest, and stomach before moving to her clit. Leaving his mark on her body as he explored it. She struggled to hide her pleasure as he devoured her slowly and tenderly. He found the way she swallowed her moans amusing but knew he was doing the job right once she came over his tongue.

“Nobody is coming for you. Nobody can treat right other than me. You might as well get used to this place. and used to the way I fuck you.” He pulled away, removing his pants and sitting down beside her. “Suck it.” He demanded.

Rachel looked at him as if he grew a third head. Junior, being the impatient man he is, yanked her to a sitting position before forcing her down on her knees.

The moment he had his member down her throat, she did the unthinkable.


She had bitten him, drawing blood.

As he stumbled over in pain, she grabbed his large size shirt and hauled ass out of the room. Trying to put the shirt on while running down the hall, Rachel finally reached the elevator. Running in and hitting the number they came from, she heard Junior cursing her and threatening her life.

‘Come on!’ Rachel silently pleaded.

The elevator door closed right when Junior was a few inches away from entering. She sighed and cursed her damn self for not finding the gun he had.

The moment she got off the elevator she made it out and saw no one in sight. Running to find an exit out of the hell hole, she rejoiced when she finally saw no one after running. She pulled the door open to see her freedom.

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