Their Endgame

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Chapter 3

Rachel groaned loudly. Her eyes slowly opened in her brightly lit room. She groaned once more once the memories of last night flooded her mind. Rolling onto her side, Rachel reached for her phone that was lying beside her. After unlocking the screen, she checked the missed messages she received.

I’m sorry I had to leave so soon. We should grab dinner sometime this weekend.

Rachel drowned her sorrows of embarrassment. She had sex with a man she didn’t even know. In a public place at that. Something she had never done. Rachel had no idea how she was going to face the man so she had no other choice but to ignore him.

Throwing her long coils in a messy bun, she sluggishly got out of bed and walked out of her bedroom. The journey from her bedroom to the stairs then to the kitchen seemed longer than usual. Her body felt weak and she felt like she would vomit at any moment.

When she finally made it to the kitchen, she wasn’t prepared for the erotic scene. Marcus was sitting on the kitchen counter while the handsome man from the night before was nestled in-between his legs. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of slurping as the man sloppily kissed Marcus.

Rachel was taken aback. She was sure that Marcus had eyes for Isabelle. Clearly, she was wrong.

Marcus grabbed the man’s butt and pushed him closer to his body as his legs opened wider. Marcus chuckled against the man’s lips before grunting in pleasure. That right there is what caused Rachel to clear her throat. The unknown man turned around then smirked.

“I would apologize, but t wouldn’t be sincere. I never got a chance to introduce myself last night.” The man pulled away from Marcus and walked up to Rachel. “The name is Cole.”

Rachel couldn’t help but stare down at not so little Cole. It was just there, poking out from his thin sweatpants. She rubbed the back of her neck and cleared her throat.

Cole chuckled and held out his hand.

“Uh, sorry.” Rachel took his hand and shook it. “My name is Rachel.”

“See something you like, cutie? We are more than willing to awaken those hidden desires.” Marcus laughed and hopped down from the countertop.

“W-what desires?”

“Marcus shut the hell up, she is not about that life.” Isabelle walked into the kitchen with nothing but a black silk robe on. “Glad to see that I wasn’t the only one getting dicked down last night. How’s that hangover?”

Rachel was beyond flustered with a hint of embarrassment. Not just from catching two hot guys making out in her kitchen, or the fact that they both had major erections, but the fact that her actions did not go unnoticed.

“Relax. Your grown and you had an itch that needed scratching. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind satisfying those needs in the future. All you have to do is ask.” Marcus walked up to her and handed her a glass that looked like tomato juice. She frowned once she sniffed it. “Don’t ask me what it is. Just drink it. You will thank me in the long run.”

Isabelle slapped him upside his head, causing Cole to snicker. Rachel would have laughed too but Markus’s junior was practically poking out of his boxers. She felt slightly uncomfortable at the way the men felt at ease with her around. She figured it would be best to order take out as opposed to sitting in the kitchen. She downed the glass and slowly walked out of the kitchen to wash up and get dressed. It wasn’t until she was dressed in fitted sweatpants and a sweatshirt when she realized it was almost five in the afternoon.

She was never the one to sleep in. Rachel would always wake up around six to meditate before going for a run. The alone time gave her peace to clear her mind. Hoping in her truck she debated on what she wanted to eat for the night. She was rudely interrupted when her phone began to ring. Henderson Inc.


“Ms. Jaeger. Are you free? Meet me at Verti Cucina in twenty minutes.” Elijah’s voice said.

It was more of a demand than a question. His voice was so deep and cold it caused a shiver to travel up her spine. It was the type of voice that demanded submission.

“Sure. I’ll be there shortly.”

Elijah hung up the phone shortly after her reply.

The man looked like a Greek God. A sex god! But his nasty attitude was a flaw that was driving Rachel crazy. He wanted things to go his way with no objection. It was either that or witness the angry side of him. She felt as though she was walking on eggshells around the man. But the one thing she wouldn’t do is to submit to his nasty attitude all the time.

Twenty minutes later Rachel pulled up to the restaurant and walked inside the building. She walked into the restaurant and was greeted by a waiter that showcased a fake smile of boredom.

“I’m sorry, ma’am but we only serve people with reservations.” The woman said. She openly eyed Rachel’s attire and slowly met her eyes with disapproval.

Rachel looked around to see that the restaurant had tables that were not occupied by customers.

“Do you really think that I would believe something as dumb as that? What is it that bothers you? Is it my skin color? My hair or the way that I am dressed?” She’s done this dance all too many times. People would judge her for her kinky hair, the music she would blast while driving, and the clothes she wore.

“I’m sorry, miss but this is an exquisite-”

“What’s the problem, Sarah?” A familiar voice asked. Elijah stood with his hands in his pocket as he stared down at Sarah with a cold glare.

“Oh, Mr. Henderson.” She blushed and batted her eyelashes. “Nothing at all. I was just handling customer problems before it escalated.”

Elijah seemed unbothered by her shameless flirting.

“Oh please.” Rachel said.

Elijah sent Rachel a glare before looking at Sarah.

“How about you focus on doing your job rather than judging people. You’re so loud I could hear you from my table. Ms. Jaegar, if you may? I don’t have all day.” Elijah turned on his heels to walk back to the table.

Sarah glared at Rachel with hate. It only caused Rachel to snicker as she walked away.

“Was there something I didn’t finish at work, sir?” She asked as she took a seat in front of Elijah.

Elijah had already ordered their food as well as a bottle of wine. He looked her in her eyes and took a swig of his wine before answering her.

“I need another assistant-”

“I thought I was already an assistant.” She interrupted.

Elijah clenched his teeth. “You’re an intern. I need a personal assistant for the days that I am away from the office. I was looking for another, yet the only person suitable for the job is someone that is willing to advance in the fashion industry.”

She needed the money and she could quit her nine to five. She was beyond tired of Carter paying for her personal things that she couldn’t afford.

“I have classes from noon to four. Will that be a problem if I were to take the job?”

“Then you will be at my residence at seven to 11:30 and five to eight. You will be promoted to full-time upon graduation. Do you accept?”

Rachel dug into her pasta and ate a fork full. She savored the taste, silently weighing her options. All while Elijah was watching her intently.

“I accept the job.” Rachel finally said as she followed the contents in her mouth.

Elijah watched her intensely as she ate. “Good girl.” He lowly whispered.

They spent an hour eating and talking about work-related topics. It was easier to talk about a variety of things. Maybe he wasn’t a complete asshole after all.

Rachel had surprised him when she said that she was into Jazz, art, and writing. Although Elijah was at ease, it didn’t stop him from maintaining his cold expression on his face. He got carried away talking about his favorite artist that he didn’t notice that they had stopped by the driver’s side of Rachel’s truck.

“Oh, this is me.” She said.

Elijah leaned in towards her to the point that their faces were inches apart.

Is he going to kiss me?!

Rachel was too stunned to move. But it was for nothing as Elijah opened her truck door for her.

“You should really lock your doors, Ms. Jaeger. Drive safe and I shall see you Monday morning.” With that, he left a dumbfound Rachel standing there.

Who the hell was Rachel kidding? Of course, nobody as fine as Elijah Henderson would even try anything of the sort with her. Not to mention they hardly knew each other.***

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