Their Endgame

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Chapter 4

“I was starting to think that the moves I put on you weren’t good enough,” Hunter said as he opened the door to his condo. He smirked as Rachel’s face turn red. “Well, don’t just stand there. Come in.”

Rachel had finally decided to answer Hunter’s text message. No matter how hard she tried to deny the attraction between herself and Hunter, she couldn’t stop thinking about her wild night. She walked into his condo and took in the dark grey and black place. It was definitely lacking a feminine touch.

“I’m barely here. So it’s not much. Hell, I practically live at the club.”

Rachel gave him a confused look. Who the hell spends the majority of their time at a club?

Hunter chuckled. “I’m the owner of Club Premier.”

“Wait, your the owner and just an employee?! God, you must think I’m some fast ass woman.” Rachel groaned. “I’m embarrassed.”

Hunter looked at her amusedly. “There’s no need to feel embarrassed, ma. This might be backward, but I want to get to know you. Your dislikes, your likes, what makes you happy, and what ticks you off.”

“So this isn’t a booty call?” Rachel considered herself unfit to be in a relationship. She had a hard time loving herself, so she knew she couldn’t love another.

“I mean it can be but I really do want to spend time with you. I must admit, you’re rather intriguing” Hunter laughed slightly.

There was something about the woman that made him want to know about her. She was a beautiful woman who caught his eye upon first glance.

Rachel sat back and watched as Hunter cooked Carne. He had forbidden her from assisting. “Let a real man show you how it’s done.” He said as he shooed her out of the kitchen. It gave her time to take in his features without shame. With each movement, his muscles would show even more through the thin white t-shirt. He was the perfect height. The shorts he was wearing was fitting his ass just right. Gawd, the man had such an amazing ass that made her envious.

“I feel you looking at my ass,” Hunter said. He never turned around and caught her gawking.

“I’m not. Your conceited self just assumes that I’m looking at you.” Rachel laughed as she diverted his gaze.

“Rrright. I’ll let it slide this once.” He walked closer to her bringing two plates of food in his hands. Once he set them on the dining room table, he went back to get two glass of red wine.

Men in their expensive wine.

“I didn’t think that you were the wine type of guy.” Rachel said.

“Never judge a book by its cover, ma. Besides, I don’t think you can handle Henny-dick just yet.” Hunter said stuffing his mouth.

Rachel choked on her wine as she placed the glass on the table. She was lost for words as she shamelessly smiled. She found herself gazing into his eyes.

“Come on, ma. I haven’t even started and you already choking.”

The comment sent both of them into a laughing fit. She liked the fact that she could be herself around him. Not caring if what she was doing was inappropriate or not, she enjoyed herself.

Hunter thought she was still beautiful with a messy bun, no make-up, and wearing sweatpants. Her attire was so simple, yet Rachel looked ravishing.

“But seriously. I do want to get to know the real you. Tell me about yourself.” He said once the laughter died down.

“What do you want to know?” Rachel questioned.

“Where are you from? Any siblings? We can start with simple things for now. There’s no rush.”

“Well... I’m Jamaican. But I was born in America and only visited home every once and a while. I have two brothers. A laid back younger brother that’s full of jokes and laughter. Then there’s an overprotective older one. He’s the type to defend the people he loves without limitations. What about you?”

“I’m Russian, but was raised in Italy. It wasn’t until after college graduation that I moved to New York. I had dreams that I needed to fulfill. I suppose I was living life without regrets. My parents flipped when they found out I wanted to own a club instead of the dreams they had set for me.” Hunter shrugged. “As far as siblings go I have three. One younger sister and two older brothers.”

“Are you close with your siblings?”

“I Used to be close to the first eldest. Somehow as the years went on, we drifted apart as we chased our dreams. Are you close to yours?”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I practically text my siblings almost every day. For my older brother, I know that he would show up on my doorstep if I ever took too long to reply.”

“Must be nice.” He murmured.

Rachel caught on that the topic of his family was something Hunter didn’t want to talk about. And she was more than willing to change the topic to something that was less heated.

They spent hours at the table laughing and talking about past embarrassing events. It was near eleven at night once Rachel realized that they had drunk the entire bottle of wine. It’s been a while since she could drink liquor until her heart was content in the presence of a man. She felt relaxed.

“You’re welcomed to stay the night. You’re in no condition to drive home.” Hunter smirked. “The shower is down the hall there and I can give you some clothes.”


The bathroom was piping hot from the steamy shower that Rachel took. Her mind was consumed with negative thoughts. Thoughts about her presence, and even her past. She hadn’t realized that she spent over thirty minutes in Hunter’s room.

What if he’s just using me?

Does it really matter? It’s not like I’m in this for the long run.

She sighed heavily and wiped the mirror to stare at her reflection. “You are Rachel fucking Jaeger. Daughter of a legend. Nothing scares you.” She chanted lowly to herself. Tieing her long thick coils in two buns, she opened the bathroom door. Only to find Hunter stretched out on the bed, scrolling through his phone.

“You are the only female I know that takes an hour-long shower,” Hunter said without sparing her a glance.

The man’s voice itself made her feel like putty, weak to the knees.

“I’m sorry. I guess I just got lost in my thoughts.” Rachel murmured but was still heard by Hunter.

“Relax, ma. I’m just-” Hunter locked his phone and turned his head. The rest of his sentence was caught in his throat as he stared at the brown skin beauty.

There she stood in his plain white t-shirt that stopped at her mid-thighs. He had a perfect view of her perfectly shaped breast and her nipples were clear as day. Hunter’s eyes traveled around the part of her thighs that were showing, unintentionally licking his lips. They were thick but looked fit. He could tell that she worked out daily and it made her even more attractive.

Rachel shifted her weight from one foot to the other, watching Hunter’s heated gaze. She could feel her cheeks warm from embarrassment.

Hunter’s eyes traveled back to her plump lips. Her kissable lips he was so obsessed with. The woman didn’t even have to try hard to be a beauty. With simple pigtails in her hair with a bare face, she was a goddess to Hunter. It would be the first that he was interested in a woman like Rachel. His type was usually brunettes that models for a living. The type that was slightly independent but also clingy. But Rachel... God, that woman was everything he wasn’t used to. Addicting. His own brand of an addicting drug. He was going to do everything in his power to make her his brown sugar vixen.

His to love.

His to cherish and spoil.

“You’re beautiful, ma,” Hunter finally tore his gaze away from her body and met her Hazel eyes.

“You’re just saying that.” Rachel turned her head, placing her hand on the opposite arm. “There’s nothing special about me.”

How can such a beautiful woman feel as though he was spouting nonsense?

“Come here,” Hunter demanded in a stern voice. The simple demand held so much authority she couldn’t ignore it.

She found herself walking towards him without considering his demands. Drawn to his deep voice that sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

Rachel timidly stood in front of Hunter, waiting to see what he wanted. She gasped slightly as Hunter yanked her and pulled her onto his lap, forcing him to internally groan. The vixen had nothing on up under the shirt. Hunter grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

“I’m only going to tell you this once so listen. If I tell you something believe every word. I have no reason to feed you bullshit lies. Do you hear me?”

“I’m sorry,”

“Stop apologizing before I bend you over my knee.”

“Find something for us to watch.” He continued before she could question him. Hunter could feel himself harden in his basketball shorts, resting angrily against his thigh. If she didn’t move then he would gladly let her know just how excited her presence made him feel.

Rachel smiled and slid off his lap. She might be blind and even a little naive but she could tell what her body did to him. Well, she could feel it anyway.

She smiled and eagerly searched his firestick for something to watch. After searching she finally settled on a movie. They laughed and joked as they watched random TV shows and movies. Hunter loved the way he could be himself around Rachel. For once he could enjoy the company of a woman that wanted nothing from him.

“Really? Fifty Shades Darker?” Hunter cocked his eyebrow up.

“Look, don’t hate on Christen Grey now. Plus I’ve been dying to see this movie.” She playfully slapped his chest before he could stand to his feet.

“Trust me, that man has nothing on me.” Hunter murmured. He left out the room to place the empty ice cream bowls in the sink. He inhaled deeply as his phone began to ring. He debated whether he should answer his brother’s call or not.

“Wassup, brother,” Hunter said.

“When are you going to let this rebellion go and apologize to father?” His brother’s voice echoed through the phone.

“Look, father said that I wasn’t good enough to be a Henderson. You guys don’t need me...”

“Cut the shit. Just because they treat you differently, doesn’t mean I feel the same. Regardless, you are my brother. Don’t shut me out, you hear me?”

“Yes, old man. I do hear you,”

His brother chuckled.

His brother was more than just a sibling many years ago. He was a mentor. A best friend. He was Hunter’s favorite sibling and the others knew it. Growing up, it was as if the two were joined at the hip. It wasn’t until his brother started his business when they began drifting apart.

Hunter missed that bond.

“I have someone over now, but we should catch up soon.”

“Company? Are you still entertaining these fast women?”

Hunter chuckled. “Not even, brother. I think this one is different.”

“You said that about the other chick in college. Where is she now?”

After a few more minutes of talking, Hunter hung up to join Rachel in the bedroom. She was practically drooling in front of the TV. It caused Hunter to shake his head before climbing in the bed next to Rachel.

Hunter kissed her shoulder and slowly trailed kisses along her neck.

“You’re distracting me from Mr. Grey.” Rachels breathing became uneasy.

“I can take you places Mr. Grey cant.”

“R-Really?” She asked lowly.

Hunter pecked her shoulder. “I’m not going to tell you to trust me but I will tell you that I will not hurt you. I could never. Come up with a safe word.” Hunter sat beside Rachel on the bed.

Her eyebrows knitted in confusion before she realized what Hunter meant.

“Honey.” She said.

“Good girl. Take off the shirt and lay back.” Hunter demanded.

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