Their Endgame

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Chapter 5

Rachel slowly removed her shirt, revealing her plump breast and nipples that already hardened. Pushing the pillows out of the way, she did as she was told. She felt kind of embarrassed under his gaze as he eyed her naked body. She went to cover her chest but was stopped.

Hunter stood from the bed and removed his shorts before returning to the bed. He was already erect and the thought of him entering her again made more aroused. She closed her legs and averted her gaze to anywhere but the Greek-like God in front of her.

Hunter chuckled. He gently pried her legs open and wrapped them around his waist to prevent her from closing them again.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked.

“I am.”

Her eyes met his briefly before she looked away. Hunter smiled at the sight of her cheeks turning red. It was too easy for her to become embarrassed and it made him want to tease her more.

Rachel’s neck was completely exposed to him. He used the opportunity to lick the crook of her neck before sucking the area.

Rachel could feel the head of his manhood rubbing against her clit, causing her to groan in pleasure. Her core was aching to be filled. She raised her hips to meet him but frowned when Hunter pushed her hips down. He bit her neck before meeting her eyes.

“Be patient, ma. I’ll be having you screaming for me to stop in no time.” He looked deeply into her eyes and smirked. His eyes seemed to see into her soul.

Gawd, the man was was another level of sexy.

“You’re so beautiful.” He unintentionally whispered. Leaning in, he captured her soft lips with his. It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t forced. He was gentle. Nothing compared to their first encounter.

She felt completely safe with this man she was just getting to know. It scared her but at the same time, she was ready to explore this man’s body. As they passionately kissed his hand slowly traveled up her outer thigh, leaving goosebumps. His hand finally made it’s way to her inner thigh and over to her wet core.

His finger parted her lips that were hiding the very thing he wanted to devour. Hunter found her clitoris and began to move in slow taunting circular motions. Rachel pulled away from the kiss to catch her breath and moan as he began to pick up the pace.

Hunter’s eyes never left Rachel’s. He hovered over her and watched as he made her moan and cling to his body. He demanded her full attention. Leaning down, he kissed along her jaw until he reached her ear. He ran his tongue along the rim of her ear before kissing it.

“You wanna come for me, don’t you?” He whispered.

“Fuck! Yes.” She moaned.

Hunter removed his finger before she could cum. He laughed as she groaned in annoyance.

“You’re not allowed to cum unless I tell you to.”

Hunter moved to her erect nipple. He swirled his tongue around it before sucked on it. His finger slowly inserted inside her. She craved more. She wanted him fully inside her.

Instead, he was slowly thrusting his finger inside her tight wet core. As she moaned he inserted another finger, causing her to gasp. When he felt her walls began to tighten around his fingers he removed them.

“Hunter.” She pleaded. “Please stop teasing me.”

Hunter smirked and licked his fingers. The way she panted and begged for more amazed him. To bad for her, he was just getting started.

He stood to his feet and walked to his dresser to retrieve a set of handcuffs. Rachel’s eyes widened in a mixture of fear and anticipation.

“Remember, I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.” He looked at her. Once she nodded, he handcuffed her wrist to the headboard. He retrieved a black blindfold from the nightstand and placed it over her eyes.

Hunter trailed kisses from her lips to her jaw to the middle of her breast. He then moved to the nipple he left unattended and sucked it as his finger returned to her core. He thrust it inside her at a faster pace than before and added a second finger without warning. The way she moaned under him sent chills throughout his body.

He curved his finger and thrust faster. The only sounds that could be heard were the sound of him thrusting inside her juicy core, her moaning, and the sound of her struggling against the handcuffs. Right before she could cum, he pulled out and the contact of his body disappeared.

“Hun-” Before she could finish saying his name, his tongue landed on her clitoris. “Oh my God.” She moaned. She could feel him smirk against her.

His tongue worked like magic and it had her crossing her eyes. If it weren’t for the handcuffs she would have pushed him on the bed while she rode him until her heart was content.

“Hunter, please.” She pleased.

“Tell me what you want, ma.”

“I want to cum.”

“Then do it.” Hunter removed his tongue from her clitoris and inserted it into her core and began massaging her clitoris with his thumb.

It didn’t take long for her to cum hard on his face. Even that didn’t stop him from slurping everything up. Getting up, he hovered back over Rachel.

“Taste.” He leaned towards her and kissed her lips. His tongue danced with hers and she moaned again. She had never been so erotic with a man before.

Her moans were music to his ears. His finger inserted in her again and fucked her until she creamed on his fingers.

“I can’t take it anymore. Please fuck me.”

“As you wish.” Hunter roughly turned her over and pulled her butt in the air. He smiled at the thought of not having to tell her to arch that pretty little back.

“Rember when we first met? I was holding back.” He said.

“Huh?” She wanted to ask what he was referring to but her question was answered as he slammed into her. “Fuck!”

With the position she was in, not so little Hunter was balls deep inside her, hitting her spot with each thrust.

“What’s wrong, ma?” Hunter slowly pulled out before slamming into her once more, hitting her cervix with each thrust. “You want more of daddy dick?” He groaned as her walls tightened around his shaft. That name did something to her. “Don’t do that, ma.” He grunted.

Rachel smirked and intentionally did it once more. She yelped as Hunter smacked her backside but moaned uncontrollably as he fucked her as if he hated her. Even when she came on his dick, he still thrust deep in her. She was a squirming, screaming mess by the time he was finished.

He removed the handcuffs and watched as she collapsed face down on the bed. He laughed as she tried to catch her breath. His fingers crept between her legs as he cupped her core. Her body constantly jerked as he palmed her core.

“S-stop.” She said.

He palmed harder and she moaned in return.

“Do you really want daddy to stop?” He teased.

Although it felt good, she was beyond sore and tired. Hunter uncuffed her, cradled her backside, and entered her from behind. His strokes were slow and he still managed to find the spot that made her scream.

“Fuck daddy.” She groaned in the pillow. “So deep.”

A couple more strokes and he was releasing his seed deep in her.

After Rachel’s last orgasm the poor woman was worn out. Too sore to move or even get up to wash. By the time Hunter entered his room from the bathroom, she was already fast asleep while laying in the same position he left her in. She was lightly snoring and looked peaceful. He couldn’t bear to wake her.

Hunter chuckled and wondered how drained she would feel if she were to enter his world one hundred percent. Only time would tell.

It was around four when Rachel had awoken from the reoccurring dream she would always get. Wiping the sweat from her face, she realized that there was no more sleeping for her. Looking over to Hunter, he was still sleeping heavily.

She needed some fresh air. Quietly slipping out of the king-sized bed, Rachel put on the shorts Hunter was wearing the night before along with her sports bra. Moments later she was slipping out of the house to go for a run.

Thoughts of her dreams flooded her mind. From being held captive to being forced to kill someone. She never told anyone that detail. Too afraid of others judging her. The thoughts caused her to pick up her speed.

The cool air hit her sweaty skin as she continued to run. She could change her appearance and she could change her last name but no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t forget. The only thing she yearned for was to forget where she came from. To forget who she was.

The sun had already risen by the time she slipped back into Hunter’s condo. Rachel crept back to the bedroom to find Hunter still asleep. A part of her wished he wouldn’t give up on her too soon. Last night was an experience she never had before. An experience that she enjoyed.

But nothing lasts. Just like Davis got tired of her, Hunter will get tired of her. Shoot, he might find some skinny blonde that he liked fucking better.


Rachel left the door frame and went to cook breakfast for the two of them. Homemade Pancakes, Turkey sausages, eggs, and Turkey bacon. Hunter was still asleep so she ate without him, leaving his food on the counter.

Turning on Pandora she began her daily workout routine. Soon after she was mediating while her food digest.

Hunter rolled over and notice that Rachel was no longer in bed. He searched to see if her belongings were still in the same place. He sighed in relief, to his surprise. Her keys were still on the dresser and her now dried clothes were still hanging close by. Slowly getting out of bed to stretch, he noticed the pants he originally was wearing was gone.

From the living room, he could hear grunts. Following the noises he found Rachel doing push-ups with her eyes closed. He admired a woman that took care of herself instead of taking the easy way out.

The smell of bacon hit his nostrils and he made his way to the kitchen.

Lawd. This woman looks like a goddess, has pussy that he can drown in, and cooks without asking... Picking up the food he walked over to Rachel who still hadn’t noticed him yet. He ate quietly as he watched her small muscles flex as she worked out.

“Good morning,” Rachel said never opening her eyes.

“That’s not weird at all,” Hunter grumbled with food in his mouth.

“I heard you the moment you stepped foot off the bed.” She finally opened her eyes and sat crisscrossed in front of Hunter.

Her eyes slightly widened when the first thing she noticed was his manhood starring her in the face. The man wasn’t even hard but it still was a pretty decent size.

Hunter followed her gaze and smirked at her. “Someone took my shorts.”

“Sorry. I went for a run.”

“How long have you been up?”

“A while...”

“You have bags under those pretty eyes. You need some rest.”

“I’m fine.” She closed her eyes and began to meditate. Her favorite song without me began to play and she let her mind wander.

“Ma, go rest for a while. The last thing you need is to be tired while working.”

“I’m fine.” She repeated.

Usually, she would be at a gym letting her frustrations out on some poor soul in a battle of boxing. But since she had to change her schedule she had to find an alternative.

Rachel was beyond stubborn and it intrigued him even more. Walking to the laundry room, he grabbed a tie and quickly returned behind Rachel. Grabbing both her arms he tied them behind her back.

“When daddy tells you to do something you do it. No questions asked.” Hunter wrapped his hands around her waist and helped her up to her feet.

“I’m sorry.” She said playfully. Something within her loved provoking him.

“Are you still sore?” He asked.


“Good.” He leaned her body over the counter and caresses her ass. “Are you going to listen to me and go lay down?”

“No.” She scoffed.

Hunter’s hand stopped rubbing her and smack her. She gasped at the sudden pain but it was gone as quickly as it came. He rubbed her before hitting her again.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” She whimper.

“So you’ll listen now?”

She nodded. Which earned her another smack.

“Words, ma.”


“Good girl.”

Where the hell did that come from? This man was turning her into a little vixen.

He was a perfect stranger that helped her escape reality.

A sexy stranger.

“Now how can I deny you a treat?”

Pain mixed with pleasure. She wanted it. She needed it.

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