Their Endgame

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Chapter 6

Rachel, Skylar, and Ryan were enjoying their high school dance until the school’s staff members decided that the electric slide was the in thing. A few of the teachers had the nerve to add the stanky leg into the mix. That alone was the cue to leave the building. They had their fill anyway. Besides, it’s not like it was prom. Not wanting to end the night, the group decided to do something spontaneous.

“I can not believe you talked me into getting this,” Ryan exclaimed. He was sitting beside Rachel, the last one to get her tattoo done.

“Oh come on. You were the one that said that tonight will be a night to remember, right? Now every time you look at this tattoo, we will come to your mind.” Skylar said.

“I guess. But couldn’t you have picked something, I don’t know, better?” Ryan asked. “How do I explain this to the guys?”

“We would always watch The Lion King together back in the day. And the man person that could recite the lines were you. It’s fine, right?” Rachel turned to smile at Ryan. A smile that could make anyone melt at the sight.

Sighing, he said, “It’s already done anyway.”

“Hey, Destiny just invited us to the after-party, wanna go?” Skylar walked up to the two after she received a phone call.

“Nah, there’s something Rachel and I had planned tonight, but call us if you need anything,” Ryan answered Skylar.

Rachel eyed him, completely confused about what they had planned. Nonetheless, she stayed quiet to avoid spoiling their evening. As far as she knew they never had plans for after the dance. But nonetheless, she stayed quiet and played along.

“Oooooooh Okay. Well then, Ray, call me tomorrow or whenever you decide to wake up.” She smiled and waved.

“Wait, where are you going? How are you getting there?” Rachel yelled after her. “Don’t stay out too late!”

“Jesus mom. My date drove to come to get me. I’ll let you know when I leave the party.”

“Alright, have fun darling, and don’t do anything reckless.” Rachel said in her mom’s voice. “You hear, baby?”

Skylar looked at her tattoo then at Rachel and laughed. “Bye, sis!” She yelled back.

Ryan wrapped his arm around Rachel’s shoulder as they walked out of the tattoo shop. He was happier than usual, unable to hide the massive grin on his face.

“So what do you have planned, Mr. Player?” She asked.

“Well... You’ll see.”

The lyrics to Selena Gomez, Beenie Man, and Cardi B filled the car as they drove to their next designation. Ryan couldn’t help but join in on Rachel’s karaoke session. He admired her carefree spirit. Every now and then he would glance at her smile.

Arriving at his mother’s cabin outside of town, Ryan parked the vehicle. Turning off the engine, he turned towards Rachel. Fear is what he felt as his eyes met her warm hazel’s.

“I really had an amazing night and I was hoping it wouldn’t end there.” He rubbed the back of his neck, Something he often does whenever he was nervous. “There’s a collection of movies and snacks in there... Maybe we could spend the night together.” He chuckled nervously. He didn’t want to out and say what he wanted.

“Why are you so nervous, Ryan?” Rachel laughed. “It is not the first time we spent a night together. And more importantly, it’s me. The same Rachel you knew for years, and the same Rachel that saw you dive into the pool and come back up with nothing on.” She chuckled.

Ryan’s cheeks turned a crimson red. Although Rachel was the only one to see him in that state, she did help him out before anyone could notice.

“You’re never going to let me live that one down, are you?”

“Noooope.” She smirked and opened the car door.

“Jesus. I don’t know why I even put up with you.” Ryan said jokingly.

“Isn’t it obvious? You love me.”

“You have no idea,” He mumbled.

The cabin was just the same as they left it at the beginning of the summer. His parents were the owners before they split. His mother often let him use it for small parties or when he wanted to spend game night with a few friends. She was always fond of Rachel, so tonight was another exception. Of course, Ryan told a few white lies, saying that a few friends wanted to have an after-party before returning home.

After changing into nothing but a sports bra and basketball shorts, Rachel and Ryan grabbed snacks before deciding on a movie to watch.

“Aren’t you a little too old for Disney movies?” Ryan asked.

“I feel so attacked right now. One can never be too old for Disney movies.” She placed her hand on her hip, daring him to mock her. “These are classics, pure gold!”

“Whatever. You’re the type that will be in her thirties reminiscing on how good old movies were. Winnie the Pooh head ass.”

“Says the one person that memorized half of the lyrics!”

Halfway into the movie, Ryan pulled Rachel to his chest. He couldn’t bear the small distance anymore, sighing in content.

Rachel was confused about her own feelings towards her long term friend. There was no doubt in her mind about loving Ryan. The only problem was that she didn’t know how much she loved him. The close content shouldn’t have bothered her as much, yet she couldn’t ignore The constant beating of her heart.

“Ryan?” Rachel questioned. He answered her with a low hum.

“Why were you ignoring me before you agreed to go to the dance with me?”

Sighing, Ryan gently pulled her off his chest before he muted the smart TV. The sight of her warm hazel eyes had him in a trance. He did a once over of her features and smiled lovingly.

“Rachel, I’m not sure how to tell you this without sounding like a complete fool or stumbling over my words.” He raked his long fingers through his hair. “Since middle school, I’ve been in love with you. Madly in love with you. I’ve kept it hidden for so many years, afraid that you might not feel the same. Afraid that you might reject me and never talk to me again. That thought alone scared me into keeping this secret. I couldn’t bear to lose you. It wasn’t until Rosemary told me that someone had caught your attention that I couldn’t keep this from you any longer. It might sound selfish but I couldn’t stand by and watch you love another and not me.” He paused, letting Rachel process what he just said. “Do you have any idea how important you are to me? To have you by my side is enough but I had to try. I love you, Ray.” He said.

“Ryan.” She whispered out. Her shoulders slumped as her thoughts consumed her. Rachel tried to envision her life without Ryan and her heart ached.

“I mean if you don’t feel the same way, I’ll understand-” He continued.

“I love you too.” She said.

“I won’t be mad. It’s just-”

“Jesus, Leslie! I said I love you too!” She yelled to get his attention. “I just don’t want to lose our friendship. I’m not saying my feelings are not the same but to be honest, I’m just terrified.”

Rachel chose Ryan.

There was no other that could make her feel so special. No other could make her feel loved.

“You do realize, I mean I love you more than a friend right?” He laughed. “I want to make you happy. I want to spend nights like these on a regular basis. Shit, I know it’s too soon to say anything like this but I want a future with you.”

Rachel firmly held his head and pulled it towards hers. Her soft lips then captured his. Rachel pulled away and asked, “How do you know when it’s love?”

“The only thing I know it’s when you crave the other person. Being around them is so calm and never overwhelming. It’s peace. That’s exactly how I feel when I’m around you...I don’t know, but I do know it lasts forever.”


Ryan pulled Rachel onto his lap, pulling her legs on both sides of his legs. Straddling him, she kissed him, slowly and passionately. Her right hand was tangled in his hair, tugging gently while her other was holding his arm. He groaned in pleasure as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Rachel.” He moaned her name into their kiss.

Ryan’s hands were gripping her waist, squeezing lightly every so often. Kissing her once more, he pulled away and admired the heated beauty on his lap. He couldn’t believe that she felt the same way as he did. A part of him believed the night was a mere dream. A dream he never wanted to wake up from. He pecked her lips before kissing her chin.

“You’re finally mine. You’re really my girl. I can finally hold you and kiss you when I want to.” He quietly said.

Moving his face towards her neck, he kissed her lightly before sucking, leaving hickeys behind.

“And you are mine.” She moaned in return.

Ryan flipped her so he was hovering over her, with him in between her legs. The two gazed into each other’s eyes briefly before Ryan leaned in and kissed her. Wrapping her legs around him to bring him closer to her, Rachel hooked her arms around his neck.

“Can’t even lie, I want you so bad.″ He said. He pushed his erect member to her core.

She bit her bottom lip, heated from the foreign feeling.

“I’m a-”

“Only if you want to.” Ryan halted his action, Silently asking for permission.

“Then why don’t you take me?”

“I want you to know that sex is not important to me. I want all of you.” He pushed down against her core once more, grinding and groaning against her. He rested his head near her neck, defeated. “I can wait, Ray.” He whispered.

She lifted her hips up and pushed against his member. “It doesn’t seem that way.” She teased.

“Mmm. Don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?” She asked innocently. She kissed his neck, the spot he was always ticklish at. Sucking the skin, leaving a mark on his tan skin.

“You know what you doing.” He groaned. “Rach-” He gasped as she took a handful of him, slowly groping him. “Playing with fire.” He rasped out.

Slowly pumping him through his shorts, Rachel smiled in satisfaction. His grunts and moans filled her ears which turned her on even more.

“I love you.” He whispered out.

“I love you too.” She unintentionally removed her hand right before he could climax. “You’re right, we should wait. You know, take things slow for a while.” She smiled and pulled herself from up under him. “Hungry?” She got up and started to walk towards the kitchen.

However, her steps halted when Ryan yanked her back to the couch. He had her laying face down while he straddled her lower half.

“So you think you could run after teasing me like that?” Wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled her backside towards him.

“What did I do?” She giggled. “I did no such thing.”

“You know exactly what you did.” He left a large hickey on the back of her neck. Slipping his hand into her shorts to find her clit.

“All mine.″ He claimed, caressing her soft bundle of nerves.

“Ryan.” She moaned.

“I love it when you call my name. More, call my name even more.”

Sitting down, he pulled her onto his lap with her back against his chest. He entered her shorts once more, slowly sliding down her throbbing clit. He entered her wet core and began to thrust his finger inside her.

“Fuck.” She said as her head rested on his shoulder.

Adding another finger, he curved his fingers to add to her pleasure.

“Stop, I need to pee.”

Ryan kissed the spot under her ear that made her weak. “You need to come, baby.” He whispered, pumping faster.

Moments later, she came on his fingers., all while moaning his name.

Rachel sat on his lap as she tried to catch her breath. He wrapped his arm around her waist, showering her shoulder with kisses.

“’What about you?” She asked.

“I told you, I can wait. As long as your happy, I’m happy.”

She wanted him, all of him... To be one.

“Let’s go swimming,” Ryan requested. The truth was, he was hoping the cool water would help tame the massive erection he had. That and it was a perfect night to layout and stargaze.

“But I don’t have a swimsuit here.”

“It’s just us.” He smirked against her skin. “I can give you a pair of my boxers.”

The night was especially beautiful that night. The stars shine just a little brighter than usual and the moon was in the position that reflected in the pool water. The air was just right, warm with a little breeze every once in a while.

“I love your hair like this.” Ryan played with her long wet hair as it curled to its natural state.

He always admired her hair. She was different in every way and he cherished everything about her.

For once, she decided to flat iron her hair for the dance. She wanted to do something different. Ryan would always compliment her natural hair so she assumed it was her best feature. He loved the way she would smell of tropical fruit whenever she was near him.


“I love everything about you. From your curly hair all the way you snore.” Ryan smiled.

“Oh my God! I do not snore!” She turned her head in embarrassment.

Ryan only laughed.

“Yeah, okay. And my name is not Ryan Leslie Johnson.”

She splashed him, giggling like a young child. She truly was enjoying the time of their life. Slipping underwater, Ryan swan to her backside and pulled her underwater with him.

Pulling her up with him, he kissed her lips. Something he now enjoyed doing.

“Don’t ever hurt me. I’m giving you my heart, my everything.” She said once they caught their breath.

“I would never hurt you.”

“Promise?” She asked.

He pulled her in for a hug. “My sun, my moon, and stars...” he whispered. “I promise I will never hurt you.”

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