Their Endgame

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Chapter 8

Rachel stood timidly on the front porch of her now Boss’s house. She wanted to quit and run for the hills. However, she forced herself to face her fears, and what she feared most was disappointing Elijah again. She needed this job to work out.

Yesterday was a disaster. The documents she typed up was either not to Elijah’s liking or full of misspelled words. The material she had chosen Elijah turned them all down with a grunt of disapproval. “Are you sure you want to pursue a career in fashion design?” Elijah would rudely ask her whenever she offered her suggestions. It wasn’t until her fourth try that he took her suggestions seriously. Whatever he had her do was more of a command and never once waited for her feedback on any matter. The man had her running all over the building for him and by the time she got home, she collapsed in the hallway.

The door was ajar and Rachel was unsure about whether she should enter the house or ring the doorbell. She hesitantly raised her hand to ring the doorbell but stopped once a short woman walked out of the house.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She huffed and continued to walk past her.

Rachel checked the time on her phone to see it was only six forty-five in the morning. She gave up on contemplating waiting outside and just walked in. The sound of shredding could be heard in the distance along with multiple steps of others. She followed the sound that shredder was making and found a tall Hispanic woman.

“Um... Where is Elijah?” Rachel asked a little above a whisper.

“Knowing that grumpy old man,” The Hispanic woman scoffed. “He’s probably still in bed. What are you, his new toy, new assistant?” She eyed Rachel up and down.


The woman rolled her eyes before grabbing her purse and coat. “Good luck. You’re going to need it.” She began to walk off, leaving a confused Rachel looking at her retreating figure.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Rachel asked but the woman continued to walk away.

“Bueno para nada Hijo de puta” Were the only words that could be heard before the front door slammed shut.

Whatever that meant. The only word Rachel understood was puta and that was because her ex-best friend taught her the majority of the bad words back in high school. Ignoring the scene she just witnessed, she went to Elijah’s kitchen in search of finding the things she needed to make coffee.

While the coffee was brewing she decided to search for her boss to give her details on her new job. But not before she took in the spacious house. The floors were freshly waxed, the paintings were aligned perfectly, and the air smelled of warm vanilla. The house was decorated with Black and grey with white walls. She took her time and climbed the stairs.

The first room she came across was a home office with multiple bookshelves, the second was a large bathroom, and the third and fourth rooms were rooms that looked like it needed to be dusted. At the very end of the hall was the only room that had a door that was closed.

She knocked a few times but no one answered. Slowly opening the door her mouth fell agape. There laying in the middle of the bed of a California king-sized bed was Elijah Henderson. His tall figure was laying on top of the comforter. She gasped slightly when her eyes trailed his naked figure. The man must have been dreaming of something satisfying because he was hard as a rock. His manhood stood in the air begging for attention. Long, thick, and veiny.

Rachel went to cover her eyes and called out to her boss once more. She peeked between her fingers and gazed at his perfectly shaped abs to his biceps. Biting her lip, she turned around to knock on the wood. To her dismay, Elijah never acknowledged her presence.

Embarrassed that she was gawking at her boss instead of waking him up. She sighed and rushed to his bed and deliberately tried to ignore his manhood that was pointed towards the ceiling. Her head cocked back in a silently plead to the man upstairs, but stopped in her tracks when she noticed his ceiling was indeed a mirror. She groaned and tapped his shoulder.

“Elijah?” She said softly. “Sir!”

He didn’t move. Instead, he continued to breathe slowly. So, she poked his arm and said, “Sir!”


“Elijah, don’t you have work today if you do not get up-”

Her words were cut short as he grabbed onto her arm and yanked her over to the other side of the bed. She fell onto the soft bed as Elijah turned his back to her.

“Why must you be so noisy early in the morning?” His ruffly said.

“Sir, it’s seven-ten.” Rachel smelled the stench of hard liquor.

“With all due respect Miss Jaeger, shut up.” It didn’t take long for him to fall into a deep slumber once again.

Rachel became frozen as she thought about what to do next. She didn’t want to anger her new boss, yet she desperately wanted to leave the room. She waited until Elijah drifted off to sleep before she crept out of the bed. She quietly left the room, closing the door behind her. She figured she would let him sleep while she found something useful to do.

It was around eight-fifteen when Elijah finally opened his eyes. He rubbed his temples and groaned at the massive headache he had. The day before was the anniversary of his breakup with her. Another miserable year without the woman he was going to marry. Another loveless year. After taking care of his hygiene, he walked to the kitchen to find Rachel sleeping at his countertop island.

For the first time since Elijah met Rachel, he gazed at her features. Thick luscious curls in a tight bun, unblemished caramel skin, and plump lips. For a woman that often got on his nerves, she wasn’t bad on the eyes. His eyes trailed to the containers that were on the countertop. He heated the remaining contents of the food and fixed himself a cup of coffee before taking a seat away from his employee. He picked up the stack of paper that Rachel was working on before observing the writing. It was an essay assignment for one of her classes. It needed work but he was slightly impressed.

Elijah cleared his throat and slammed his second cup of coffee on the countertop. The impact was loud enough to scare her. “How long do you intend on sleeping, Miss. Jaeger?”

Rachel jumped up from the countertop, confused about why she was sleeping in a house that looked nothing like hers. The realization hit her and she looked at Elijah with widened eyes.

“Shit! I mean shoot. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep! I wanted to give you some more time to sleep before I try waking you again. I’m sorry.”

Elijah appeared unfazed at her clumsiness. “In the future please refrain from using such language. I am your boss, not one of your friends. Read over these documents before signing them. If you do not agree to anything then I’ll find another replacement.“Elijah stood to his feet. He fixed his tie and left the kitchen.

He could have at least asked her. Rachel proofread the documents. It was only an agreement stating that she was not to discuss any events that happened to his home and his business. Whether its to friends, other co-workers, and even the media, she wasn’t allowed to discuss anything with them. She was never the one to gossip so it wouldn’t be a problem in signing it immediately.

She went to go find her boss to give him the documents. Moments later she found him in his office, typing away on his computer. He pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“So I take it that you agree to my terms?” He said while never looking at her.

“Yes, sir.”

Elijah quirked a curious eyebrow up and looked at her.

“I-I’m sorry again for falling asleep.”

“Did I say there was a problem?”

“No, but still...”

“You should get to school. I’ll see you at five. Then we could go over an upcoming meeting.” Elijah looked up to a confused Rachel. A silent question as to why she was still in his home office.

Rachel scampered away before returning. She walked up to the desk and placed the documents down. Awkwardly nodding, she rushed to exit the house.

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