Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 10 <Elegance and grace>

I was now rushing home and I even took a bus which I usually don’t do. If Cameron said to come home it must be important because Cameron loves it when I’m not home even though we both stay in our separate rooms I still somehow manage to get on his nerves by just being under the same roof.

It took me about twenty minutes to get home, I walked from the bus stop half running. What if somethings wrong with dad? No it can’t be. I’m sure if there was something wrong with dad Cam would call me.

I get to our houses driveway and there is unfamiliar car that seemed too familiar for my liking.. I don’t really understand cars, how they work, and I can’t tell what car is passing me. but this one looked expensive. It was white and very vintage looking. By the look of the car I can imagine why Cameron texted me. Only one person who could be here would drive a car like that.

Now it not so fast pace go inside slowly opening the door almost unwantedly.

I slowly go to the living room and there she stood.

an elderly women. With beautiful grey hair, totally rocking the grey hairs. It was styled very elegantly. Fancy green scarf around her slim neck, wearing white pantsuit. I always wonder how can you wear white and not get a single stain. But she. she was the kind of person who didn’t get dirty ever.
She could be the icon of elegance and grace just by the way she walked, gliding across the floor, her steps never seemed to heavy or too sloppy, she always walked so light, even in heals, the clanking of the heals felt soothing and relaxing. Everytime she entered the room everything else seemed always so less.

She slowly turned to me. Revealing those prominent cheekbones “Victoria,” she cheered and came closer to me and hugged me tightly, but I didn’t quit return it.

She broke the hug off and looked at me tucking a lose strand of my hair behind my ear. With her finger tips grazing my cheek slightly “You’ve grown up to be a beautiful woman” she exclaimed and I won’t lie and say that those words from her didn’t made me actually feel like it. A compliment from a women like her, telling that I am beautiful. She must really think that because she never sugarcoats anything. Maybe she is just delusion and sees me as her granddaughter. And I would just assume that to grandmother her grandkids are all very good looking.

“Hi grandma” I finally give in to the word grandma. I lost my respect for her as a grandma when few years back she was fighting my dad. And said that she would try to take me and Cameron in her family because she could give us the life we deserved. Dad got very angry and after that he stopped talking to her. I assume that dad doesn’t know she’s here. He would at least warned us.

I saw that Cameron was sitting by a laptop. Not his laptop. Grandma must have bought it for him. Trying to buy our love with expensive gifts. Of course Cameron loved it, getting new stuff. So it must work with Cameron.

Grandma Lauren was very rich women, she was the head of new york’s best selling magazine, the magazine had everything starting from fashion to advice for young mothers, to top 10 places for meetings. Grandma Lauren really knew how to balance everything in her magazine it was never too girly or too manly it was for everyone, teens, women, men, elderly.

She was the kind of boss that everyone feared from. When she walked in her work place everyone went quiet, and all eyes were on her. Grandma didn’t trust many but she was good at making people trust her. she had the ability to turn nothing into a diamond. And the odds seemed to always be in her favor.

Grandma looked me up and down before letting me go and turning back to Cameron, but he was too busy with his new laptop “where is Daniel?” Grandma finally asked me. So I was right Dad didn’t know she’s here.

“Dads at work. Hell be here maybe at 8.p.m ” I answer her. “he doesn’t know you are here. Does he?” I question her but her expression says it all.

“Your father can’t keep you away from me.” She stated.

“But you tried to keep us away from him.” I spat at her which made her drop her stare to the ground. But soon after she took something from her bag. It was another laptop the same as Cameron’s. “Don’t be prideful and take this.” She states, but I just walk past her angry trying to get to my room. She can’t buy my love.

I was at the stare case when she called out “and this is a brilliant example to show you that we are more alike than you think” that made me turn to her.

“I am not like you and never will be” I say in a strong voice I didn’t know I had. I was waiting for a different emotion from her but she smiled at me proudly.

“You don’t know it yet, Victoria, but you have a fire in you. And once you let it out. Great things will happen to you.” She said but I just walked away. She didn’t know me at all. She doesn’t see how I am with other people, shutting myself inside a huge bubble. I am not like her, I can’t keep my face without emotions like she can. And do to people what she does.

Cameron doesn’t get my hate towards Grandma, and I am happy he thinks she is some kind of hero, I just pray to god she doesn’t ruin him. And maybe, just maybe grandma is changed for the better but that doesn’t change what she tried to do.

I have stayed in my room for about two hours, occasionally I heard some loud laughter from Cameron and Grandma.

But then I heard dads car stopping at driveway. That’s why I walk downstairs as fast as possible.

My dad walked in looking furious “what are you doing here?” He asked, not so calm.

“I am visiting” she answers casually like visiting us was a thing she often did.

Dad walks past her dropping his bag on the kitchen counter, and started to get food from fridge. He was very angry.
He tends to start doing something that takes a little brain to do just to get his mind of things in this case it was cooking. He got carrots and started cutting them with force. “You are not staying here” my dad exclaimed.

“I am not planning to, I have accommodation reserved” she answers a lot more calm.

“Daniel.” Grandma started talking slowly nearing him “I understand that last time I was wrong. But at the time I felt it was right” she explained and my dad laughed mocking her.

“You thought it was right to try to take my children away. “He questioned.

“You were in depth because of Sylvia, and you didn’t take money from me. I was thinking about children. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to fix it.”

“But I got through it. Didn’t I ?. And what did you wanted me to say. That you were right all along on what you said when I first met Sylvia? That she would be horrible wife and even worse mother? “my dad was now red out of anger.

I don’t understand, Sylvia was my mother and she was a bad person, but how can Lauren say that about her child. Maybe that’s why mom turned out like that? An alcoholic. Because she didn’t get enough love from her mother. Moms dad died early in his age, mom was only eleven at the time and all she was left with was Lauren.

“Is that what you still want? Yes. Okay. Yes she is everything you said and even more. ” my dad screamed and looking defeated left the kitchen and leaving Grandma all alone. I only now realized that Cameron was already gone.

I didn’t know what else to do so I just walked back to my room, my dad didn’t like when people were comforting him. So I didn’t even bother.

Few hours passed and knock on door made me come back to reality. Grandma entered my room. “Dinner is ready. Your father and Cameron is already downstairs” she said calmly and left leaving doors open. Did she cook? I always thought she didn’t know how to just because she was so rich she could just afford to go to fancy restaurants every night.

I enter the kitchen and really pleasant smell hit my nose. I didn’t want to admit it but the food smelled amazing and looked even better.

Cameron and my dad was already seated at our round table.

’I hope you enjoy” grandma says to us and sits down and puts a cloth in her lap like a true lady.

Cameron dug in first “grandma this is amazing” he exclaimed with full mouth

“Thank you Cameron. Now sit straight and don’t speak with full mouth. You need to be a proper gentlemen when you grow up.” She said.

“You don’t need to teach my children” dad said defensive.

“Children need a women figure in their life” grandma said. And thankfully dad doesn’t argue any further. Did he think like that too? I have never felt the need for women in my life. If I ever need some women advice I just google it, that’s what everyone does.

The food was very tasty but she had already too big head so I didn’t say anything about food. After finishing “thank you” I say and take my plate and place it in the dishwasher and dad and Cameron did the same.

There was nothing else to do here so I was ready to go to my room once again. But grandma stopped me “Victoria, I want to be part of your life” she explained “you and Cameron and Daniel”

“We are perfectly fine with dad. We don’t need you” I say trying to sound calm.

“Do you hate me because I tried to help you when Sylvia left, or you hate me because I raised her the way she is?” She asked.

And it was both. My mom used complain all the time how bad grandma treated her. I didn’t know what to answer. “You may not believe me Victoria, but I am positive that I tried everything to raise a good and kindhearted women, and she was the one that turned her back on me” she said but I don’t know what to answer. Who to believe...

“Why now? Why come here now.” I question “if you knew what kind of women she was why didn’t you come here earlier. I first knew you existed when mom left. Mom told us you didn’t want us” I explained, with a crack in my voice before crying.

She was quiet for some time. “Me and Sylvia left things bad between our relationship. And I only learned about you two, two years before she left. ” she stopped for a moment “and then I didn’t know how to speak with you. Because I knew that she would tell you all kind of stories about me. I knew she hated me back then” She was the one now on the edge of crying

“She hated you back then? What makes you think she doesn’t hate you now?” I ask as if I am mocking her.

“She visited me a little while back in New York. Veronica too”

“What? Why? Did she need money?”

Lauren thought for a moment “she came to apologize, and she encouraged me to visit you”

She asked grandma to visit but not herself...

“I only wanted to take you with us, so I can fix what Sylvia did, but then I fought with Daniel and lost all hope for grandchildren who love me.” She explains and stops her few tears who were about to escape.

“And I don’t expect you to take me in your family, I just hope I could have done more. And I am more than ready to do whatever it takes for you to except me” she explained.

“If only you would come to us when you first learned about us.” I said with tears now rolling down my face.

If only she was earlier with us. Maybe, just maybe everything would be different...

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