Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 14 <Lucky charm>

I was sitting in my room when Cameron came in my room and made me flinch a little “what did I say about knocking?” I asked him irritated.

“Some hot girl is waiting for you downstairs” the hot girl is probably Riley.

I got up and head downstairs.

“Hey you are early” I exclaim standing on top of my staircase “come to my room, I still need to get dressed.”

She follows me to my room and as I am changing in to black skinny yeans and white t-shirt, Riley walks around taking in my room. “I like your room. “Riley said. No one besides my family has been to my room, because if any of my ... previous friends were here it would lead to too many questions about my family and I wouldn’t want to answer. But somehow I felt like I would be okay if Riley asked me something.

And I know she would because she was nearing my wall where was pictures, and she would she those few pictures.

She stopped walking and looked at one particular picture of me and Veronica. She eyed me. “Who’s that?” She asked.

“My twin sister, Veronica” I explain.

She smiled to herself. “You have a twin? That’s so cool” but then her amusement changed, she must have realized Veronica doesn’t live here, nor have I ever mentioned her.

“I had a twin sister” I explain and it wasn’t a total lie. I just wasn’t telling whole the story.

“What about your mom?” She asked and I loved that she was so casually asking me. It wasn’t like weird or anything. Because most of the time when people hear someone is dead they feel the need to say sorry. And I never get that, why would anyone want pity me for a dead person. Well my sister wasn’t dead, but Riley now thought she was.

“I don’t have mother anymore” again it wasn’t a total lie...

Riley walked up to me. “You’ll need some jacket it will be cold” she says and she just barged in my closet. She was really feeling like home. “And by the way. That kid downstairs...”

“Cameron “I finish her sentence.

“I think he harassed me” she says.

I let out a laugh “what?”

Riley gets out of my closet black leather jacket which I haven’t worn ever before I just bought it because I thought it was pretty but I don’t have the boldness of wearing leather.

“He was looking at my cleavage the whole time” she exclaimed and that made me laugh.

Gee my hormonal teenage brother. And to be fair Riley was wearing a tight black v neck sweater.

I put on the jacket and riley grabs some jeweler, she got two silver necklaces and put them on my neck and gave me silver stud earrings.

Riley insisted to do my hair and makeup. Riley said that I needed to show everyone what Liam missed.

“There are going to be just us and the boys. You don’t need to doll me up that much.” I tried to argue.

My hair was now put in a high messy ponytail and few strands of hair were pulled out in the front.

“Four hot boys” she corrected me.

“I am not trying to get them to like me” I reason.

“Of course not” she smirked.

“What’s that about” I slightly hit her on the shoulder.

“You don’t need to do that. I think Aaron has already fallen for you.”

“Riley don’t be dumb.” I almost scream.

“I know Aaron a bit and he is quit protective of you.” She said “and now I am just doing something so he finally makes his move” she said and I assume was done with makeup.

“So you are doing all this for Aaron” I question her angrily. But she just smirks at me.

Soon after Riley got a text message. “Jacks here lets go”

Jack had a really nice black car. We both got in and I let Riley call the shotgun.

“Hello beautiful.” He said to us.

“You look good Tori. I’m sure Aaron will appreciate it” I blush a little. What’s up with them matchmaking me with Aaron.

“Why does everyone keep saying that?” I ask frustrated.

“Aaron doesn’t show interest in girls, but somehow you caught his attention. And to be fair he did beat up two guys for you.” He says while driving a little over speed limit.

’What do you mean two?” I ask.

“Oh you don’t know? He made Liam pretty much regret what he did. Turns out it was all a dare he was part of. Just to get some girls photo” he explained “and now Liam is walking around with bruised face.”

I was part of a dare. So I guess none of any conversations was real with Liam. And now I believe that he is the worst person on whole universe.

On the other hand Aaron didn’t need to beat him up. Yes I hated Liam with all my heart but still. Why did he beat him up for me? It’s not like he actually cares...

We were driving for twenty minutes when finally we stop at the gas station. And I already saw Aaron’s car. Aaron, Max and Harry were all leaning against the car.

I slowly got out and as soon as I do I hear Max whistle. “Hey mamassita. Who’s that hot chickita” max said to me in a mocking Mexican accent which made me roll my eyes.

We all walk up to them. “No seriously. No offense Riley you always look good but, Tori for who did you doll up for?” Harry asked. I saw Riley smirking in the corner of my eye.

“No one” I say as coldly I can and can almost feel Aaron tense up.

Now Jack spoke “okay our destination is only a half a mile away we will walk there since there is no place where to park.” he said and got something from his bag, they were flashlights. He gives one to Aaron, Harry and one keeps to himself. “Okay I have only three flashlights so we will need to go in pairs.” He explains.

“Can’t we just use our phones?” I ask. To which he raises an eyebrow to me.

“What’s the fun in that? Everyone I need to see six phones in my bag. And they will stay here at my car.” He said and we all did as told. I felt like it was risky to go without any phone. Even if abandoned it still was a private property.

Then Riley speak up “isn’t it just smart to at least have one phone on us at least, you know if anything happens” she tried to reason but failed.

But Max got involved “don’t wory. us. Men! Will protect you two” he said and walked in the middle of us and put his arms around our shoulders.

I quickly shook his hand off.

“Dream on. Lover boy” Riley said and picked up his arm with two fingers like it was contagious.

“Okay great. Our pairs will be Max and Riley. “Riley opened her mouth to say something but Jack kept talking “Victoria and Aaron.” Oh no he didn’t. He was totally doing this on purpose because I could see his lips curl in a smirk. “And lastly. Sorry buddy we are the two lonely wolfs left to wonder and yet to find our loves.” Jack said to Harry. Which made me and Riley roll our eyes. I didn’t knew how they did it but they made us roll our eyes quit a lot.

We all started to walk in our pares. Jack went First, Max second, and Aaron and I were in the back. Everyone was chatting but us, so I brought up the one subject I wanted to hear him talk about. “Why’d you beat up Liam?” I ask him.

He eyed me, like I was stupid or something “I think it’s self-explanatory”

“What I mean is that. I don’t want you to go around and beat up people because of me and after get in trouble.”

“I didn’t get caught. I learnt from my mistake the first time. “He joked.

We were finally at this abandoned school. But there were fence around it and I am pretty sure the gate will be locked. Jack was still leading us and we were walking to the back.

Finally stopping Jack started to go inside from a hole in the fence. Finally my turn Aaron held up the top of the fence from the sharp edges and offered me the other hand for balance which I gladly took. Even if Aaron was a lot of bad things he was a gentleman.

We were walking in from the back door. The metal doors were rusty all around and once again Aaron held door for me open. But it made me feel like helpless. .. “You don’t need to do that all the time” I say to him.

But now he leaned in a little closer “I actually need to” he said in a husky voice which send shivers down my spine.

We were now inside and Jack and Harry took off to one direction and Riley and Max took a different direction. We were splitting up. If this was a horror movie it would be hella bad decision.

Aaron took me by my hand and I looked at him weirdly. Why did he do that?

“I don’t want you tripping on anything” he explained before I could ask.

Aaron walked like he knew this place so I guess the boys have already been here.

This place was dirty and rusty at places but I loved it all I was hearing was our breathing and our steps. Aaron took me to second floor. Passing a lot of classrooms. Wasn’t this supposed to be exploring everything? Finally at the end of the hall there was a door which Aaron opened letting me in. It was principal’s office. But behind it there was half open book case. A secret room at principal’s office? That was intriguing.

I let go of Aarons hand which I now realized he was holding pretty tight. I go to the room without thinking about anything else.

There was a lot of stuff starting from spider webs, some files, boxes which looked like student confiscated stuff and a lot of old books.

I found a small box. I blew on it to make some of the dust come off. This was old school and the stuff were very vintage.

I opened the box and found some colorful rocks in it. I found one really pretty, it was blue with almost golden sparkly line in the middle. I admired it when Aaron spoke. “You can take it with you” he said to me and walked around me looking through stuff.

I did as told and I put the rock in my jackets pocket.

I was still looking around it had many interesting things here. I looked through some files and there were information about students. From 1986. It wasn’t anything shocking, like some dark secrets it was just interesting.

I walked back to principal’s office and sat down in the armchair. Aaron did the same and sat opposite me.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked Aaron and he nodded fidgeting some toy in his hands which he found.

“Why did you come that evening at my house?” I asked and he stopped fidgeting.

“I...” he started to speak but it looked like he was uncomfortable “similar situation happened with my cousin a while back, but she didn’t take it as well as you did. And if had the slightest chance to prevent you from doing anything stupid I was going to use it.” He explained.

“What did she do?” I could feel my heart now beat faster.

He hesitated for a bit “she killed herself” he stood up and threw the toy in some box.

“Victoria, use this...” he looked for right words “unfortunate even in your advantage. And keep in mind that you don’t know anyone to one hundred percent. And sometimes even that one percent can destroy everything” he said and held his hand for me to hold on and we walked out of the office.

As I was holding on to Aarons hand I felt that he had a ring on “is that ring special or anything” I asked. I have seen him wearing it every day.

“I found it few years ago. And I decided it’s my lucky charm”

I laugh at that “you don’t just decide what your lucky charm is”

“Well that lets say, it spoke to me “he said

We walked around whole school casually hearing a couple things getting knocked over by others. This place looked scary and if Aaron wouldn’t be around me I would start imagining ghosts.

We met Riley and Max in the hallway “Tori. I cannot. Stand this clown anymore” Riley said frustrated as Max walked behind her with skeleton arm.

“Where did you get that?” I asked him.

“Biology classroom” he said casually. “I think I will keep it”.

We all walked together now when flashlight shined on us. But I couldn’t tell who it was because the light was flashing in our eyes.

Then unfamiliar voice spoke “hey kids what you are doing there!” Someone said and we all started running to the exit with me and Riley leading. Shit this was bad.

We kept running but that flashlight kept following us. My heart was beating like crazy. I can get caught like this again. Damn that guard was in a good shape to run that fast.

We finally reached the exit door and all run to where we came in from. Now Aaron and Max were in front of us. And they stopped on the road where lantern shone. Why did they stop?

The laughter coming from behind us made us stop too. Oh my god. Of course. Where was Harry and Jack?

I turned around and Harry talked in his fake voice “you are all in trouble” those bastards, I looked back at Aaron and even he was laughing.

I needed to get my heart rate back to normal. Now I get what they do in these kind of games. They literally scare the living shit out of innocent people.

I had a weird rush in my heart, I was shaking in fear from earlier, but I liked this feeling, I loved it. I loved this feeling of getting caught, of running away. Even if it was just a prank it still made my blood run. I loved adrenalin...

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