Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 15 <I hate PDA>

I had a new group of friends. We were hanging around for a week now. Of course at school we got a lot of stares for it but after two days it mostly stopped.

I saw Liam few times. We weren’t desk mates at social studies anymore, now Aaron sat next to me and to be honest he wasn’t so bad after all. And I have come to realization that Aaron is very closed off person. I don’t know anything about his personal life. And he is unwillingly speaking even about little things about himself like what’s his favorite color and food.

I told my friends about my family because they asked. Well I told them the same I told Riley that they are dead. But what difference does it make. As Aaron said no one is one hundred percent honest about himself.

And also we took over that maple tree. No one else was using it so I didn’t find one reason why not to do it.

It was the end of the school and I was sitting there waiting for Riley. I needed to wait because she had detention for skipping class, but she should be here any minute.

I saw that shadow appeared in my view. I looked behind and saw Jasper.

“Hey Victoria” he greeted me and stood in front of me.

“Hey” if I said this was a weird visit it would be understatement of the year.

“Sup” he asked in his playboy way. Really sup. I raised my eyebrow at him. “Okay I’ll get straight to business then” he said and I nodded. I was tempted to find out about his visit.

“Do you want to come to date with me?” He asked me. Wtf. Where did that come from? We haven’t spoken in long time and this is what he has to say.

Someone else came in the view and it was Aaron who was now standing next to Jasper. “Oh. Hey man” he looked over his shoulder and then back at me “what do you say?” Was he actually thinking that I would say yes?

“No” I answered half confused as to where that come from.

“What do you mean no?” He asked and made me even more confused. Was I supposed to say yes? I know that every girl in this school would say yes to that but I am not every girl.

I saw that Jasper was now mad at me for rejecting his offer. “So what you can get it off with Liam and not me?” He questioned and now I finally understood it. I was now considerate the schools slut now. Great.

Of course Liam wasn’t ‘bullied’ about that because he is a boy. And when boy sleeps with a lot of girls he is some kind of god to everyone and I didn’t even sleep with anyone, they just think that because my tits have seen every senior and probably more.

Now Aaron got involved. “Didn’t you hear lady said no.?“He questioned Jasper. Lady? Wow, just wow. I sometimes had a feeling like he is from a different time, always so polite and being a gentlemen.

Jasper was about to argue with Aaron but Aaron is much bigger and stronger than Jasper. And already gossip was going around school that anyone who comes near me will be punished by Aaron. Jasper took one last glance at me and walked away.

Aaron now sat opposite me “you didn’t even gave me the chance to speak up for myself. I can defend myself” I reasoned with him.

He sighted and looked down “I know you can. I just can’t stand that?”

“Can’t stand what?” I asked curious.

Aaron shook his head “never mind” what are you still doing here?”

“I’m waiting for Riley who is in detention. Apparently she is now teen rebel” I joked.

“What are you doing tonight?” Aaron asked out of nowhere. Why did he care? Aaron wasn’t usually small talk guy.

“Probably watching Netflix till I lose my consciousness” I answer.

“Wrong” Aaron said half smirking. And I raised my eyebrow and was about to ask but he was first. “You are going with me to see the fireworks.” He stated. Aaron never made plans for us. And it wasn’t like he was firework guy more like race or boxing guy. Today was towns hundred birthday and in honor of that fireworks were being shot at midnight.

Without much thinking about it I agree. “Yea okay. I’ll tell Riley and probably Jack will pick us up as usual.” I made plan but somehow Aaron seemed to not like it. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

He tapped his index finger on the table. “I was meaning just you and me” he now looked a lot less confident that asking the first time. But still

Without trained eye you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

“Oh” I manage to blurt out. Was he asking me out? Had nothing to lose so who would it hurt to go for a friendly firework trip. Before my silence was too long I answer him “yea. Of course. Why not” I said nervous.

It seemed like his eyes lit up now. “Okay then. I’ll pick you up at ten” he said and just like that he walked away.

So was it a date???

“Hey what were you two talking about?” Riley now said and sat beside me. She must have saw that I turned a little pale because this was too much to handle. “What happened?” She asked.

“I think Aaron asked me on a date”

I was getting ready for my ‘date’ I still didn’t know if it was a date. Riley was freaking out now more than me.

“Ohmygod. This is exciting. I totally knew you two would go well together.” She squealed in excitement.

“Stop. He didn’t mention if it’s a date.”

“Yea okay. He is just trying to be friends. “She mocked me.

Something was off with Riley. She suddenly sat down and held her head in her hands.

“You okay?” I question worried and walked up to her.

“Oh yea my heads spinning a little” she said.

“You need some aspirin or water” I got up to go to kitchen for water but Riley stopped me.

“No don’t. I’m just... I’m just on my period.” She explained.

“Oh okay then.” I say and she nods smiling, but something was still off.

“So anyways. How is getting ready for your drawing competition going?” I ask as I am putting my hair in a high messy Ponytail with few strands hanging lose.

She didn’t answer right away. “I’m not competing.” She said and that made me turn to her instantly.

“What? Why not?”

“I changed my mind.” She said and looked at her feet.

“But you were so excited when you told me about it.”

“Yea, but why do something if it doesn’t make me happy” she said and looked at me, her eyes were now full of sadness.

″Riley I know it’s not the reason. tell me″ I spoke to her but she shook her head.

″I really don’t want to talk about it, but I promise it’s nothing important″ she said and smiled at me.

I didn’t push anything else on her. I mean if she doesn’t want to then...

I was waiting for Aaron now to pick me up, Riley left hour ago. I was wearing black skinny jeans, high heel boots and a white blouse with leather jacket over it. Of course Riley picked out the outfit.

My dad was not home yet he said yesterday that he’ll be late at home, said he had to work a lot.

I was starting to pace around now. What will happen? What if it’s too awkward? Why am I so stressed? It’s not like it’s a date. Right?

The doorbell rang. And I waited few seconds so he doesn’t think I was being weird and waited by the door.

“So are you going to open or..?” I hear Cameron from the top of staircase.

I shot him deadly glance and walked to the door. I slowly opening it. And there stood Aaron. With his black coat.

“Hey. You ready. “He asked me.

“Hi. Am yea we can go.” I said

Aaron scratched the back of his neck “you look beautiful”

I thought my heart was going to jump out of my mouth and for a minute I forgot how to breathe “thanks. Am...” I was about to say that he looks handsome as well but Cameron has to come and interrupt.

He said lowering his voice and sounding like a drunk. “So young man. What are your intentions with my baby sister” oh god what was this about...

Aaron just laughed it off “what’s that about?” He asked Cameron my exact thoughts.

Now in a normal voice “I just thought that I needed to fill in my dad’s place.” “But to be sure you need to think about answer to that. Because from our dad there will be a lot more questions if you are going to date her.” What the fuck. I dodged Cams shoulder making him flinch “can you not?” I asked frustrated.

“Ow” he screamed at me. “To be honest I don’t know why you would because obviously she is crazy and abusive.” He said again mocking me.

“Okay. How about we go?” I asked Aaron not saying anything back to Cameron.

Aaron nodded. But Cam still spoke “oh really. No spit back. It’s no fun when you do that.” With that he finally closed the damn door.

Aaron opened the car door for me “let’s go and get the best view”

The ride wasn’t long. When we arrived there were some booths where you could buy foods and some games, little like carnival. There was already a lot of people here. Aaron took me to a place where he said there would be the best view and it was a cliff with amazing view to town. Some people were already here taking pictures and some couples holding hands. We walked up to cliffs railing where there was a wooden bench.

“This is beautiful place” I said in awe.

“Yea.” Was all he said? But he seemed to get a little carried away.

“You okay there? ’I asked and rested my hand on his shoulder.

“Yea” he said almost out of boredom.

“C’mon you can tell me. You have all my attention. Talk to me. ”

He hesitated for a bit “every summer. Me and my parents would come here.” Oh. “I always hated this place, but I always thought that they liked it”

“What’s to hate here?” I ask him steady.

“Bad memories, I guess. Every time we would drive here they would fight. Just because this was the place they first met and it always turned into argument about how they cheated on each other.” He explained.

“Aaron... where is your parents?” I asked him because it has never been clear to me.

“Prison” he said coldly. “For lifetime.”

I could never imagine what he has been through.

“I guess now this is my favorite place. Just because it has memories that I actually had parents.” He explained. And shook his head. “But that is not why we are here. Right?” He smiled at me.

“I don’t mind learning something about you” I say to him to which he just stared at me.

We stayed there for quit a time. We talked about nothing and everything at the same time. It was easy to talk with him. I remember that when I was with Liam I was worried that I would say the wrong thing or act not right but with Aaron I wanted to be myself.

We had now come to the part where fireworks were about to be shot.

Aaron took me by my hand and pulled me to the cliffs railings. Here was now a crowd of people but still less enough so that there was about five feet in the middle of each stranger.

Even when we stopped Aaron didn’t let go of my hand. But out of curiosity I still asked him “Aaron. Why are you holding my hand?” He looked down on our hands and he let go. “Sorry″ he mumbled.”

Did I mess up” I didn’t say to let go” I waited for his reaction. He smirked at me and took my hand in his.

I didn’t know where all this rush came from or this confidence but my mind was a flying mess now. “Aaron... I think I like you.” As soon as I said that he looked at me shocked. Hell. I was shocked.

He was the schools bad boy I was the quiet girl, the classic twist, and clique. I think I am falling.

Aaron didn’t say anything and it made my confidence disappear. What if I just ruined our friendship?

The fireworks started to shoot and it made me look but as soon as I looked I was pulled back to Aaron with strong hands cupping my face and Aarons lips crashed into mine. This was the feeling a kiss supposed to feel like. A simple very PG kiss but it made fireworks shoot in myself.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes and then to everyone around. “I hate PDA.” Aaron said and that made me laugh and Aaron smiled at me and pulled me into a hug and rested his chin on my head. He held me tight. And right now it was everything I needed.

Now I realized that I had a great life. I had a loving family and amazing friends. And with that my life was slowly getting better...

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