Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 17 <Always the quiet ones>

After school Harry invited us to his house since his parents are on a vacation. To be honest I wasn’t very excited to go... just because Aaron will be there. I’m just so angry with him. With his bipolar behavior. It’s not like I was in love with him. He just was so nice to me and I really thought that he liked me and that made me think I like him back. Right now I am staring to doubt love. How can one people tell that he is in love? How do you know its love?

People in life get lonely and then they chose a random person to spend their life with... kind of ironic I think. People actually believe that there is a soul mate to everyone. People think they are loved when all they are getting is a simple care for them.

So right now Riley was trying to talk me into going. She literally came to my house. “Riley. I am not going” I say sitting on my living room couch.

“You know that I will talk you into going right?” She smirked.

Grandma walked over to us and sat opposite. “Victoria. I think that you should go. It would be rude to let your friend down like that.” She gestured at Riley “look at her. She needs you there” and of course Riley needed to make puppy dog eyes.

It was weird that grandma was here so often. I was used to being with just Cam and dad. My dad never actually is interested in my social life, not like he needs to, but I am so used to being on my own I don’t know how to act when grandma is so interested.

“I am not holding her back. She can go without me.”

“There will be four more boys. I will be only girl there. And how will that look?” She pouted

“Since when do you care about what others think about how it looks?” Riley shrugs her shoulders.

“You don’t want to go only because Aaron is going to be there”

“Who? Victoria’s boyfriend?” Grandma questioned.

I screamed in frustration “he isn’t my boyfriend.”

Grandma eyed me “he told us this morning, no need to hide it” I decide to not answer to that.

Riley seemed defeated “Tori please. We don’t have much time” she said sincerely. Which made me raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

She shook her head like shaking thoughts out “were seniors and after we will go to college. Who knows where road will take us.”

“But we can still be friends after high school.” I reasoned.

“Please. For me. “She pleaded. And how could I say no.

The next thing I know we were taking bus to Harrys place. It wasn’t far which I am thankful for.

We drove to a place with nice two story houses.

Walking by we saw that in one house front yard were police car parked. And police officer stood at the door. And he was talking to... Mr. White? I didn’t know he lived here.

I nodded Riley’s shoulder to make her look. Mr. White looked angry, I have never seen him angry, and he’s always this down to earth person keeping everything easy.

Probably some misunderstanding. The only crime Mr. White could do is accidentally killing a fly, that’s how good he is. I would be mad too if police was questioning me about something I didn’t do.

We reached Harrys house, and Riley knocked on the door. After a while Harry came in the view. “Hey girls. Come in”

We walked further in the house following voices that were talking and laughing.

Of course Max was the first to react. “My favorite weirdoes are here” he exclaimed raising his bear.

“Weirdo’s? That’s rich coming from a geek” I say and point to his T-shirt which had dinosaur on it.

Max made mocking laugh “ha ha I know you want me” he said and sipped his bear. All I did was smirk at his response. Looked like Aaron watched my every move. Weird...

I took seat on the couch next to Jack while Riley questioned Harry “you never told Mr. White is your neighbor” she exclaimed.

“Uh yea... it didn’t seem important”

“It’s really not just. Isn’t it weird that there is police car at his door?” She asked.

“Again?” He questioned and went over to window to look.

“What do you mean again?” Riley scrunched her eyebrows.

“It’s been coming there quit a lot recently. Don’t know why dough.”

From beside me Jack spoke “hey you never know who can be secret murderer.”

“You really think he is a murderer?” I question amused and refusing to believe his statement.

“Or a drug dealer.” He continued.

I bit my lip in thinking. “He doesn’t strike me as the criminal type. And also why would he work as a teacher then”

“It’s always the quiet ones” Max added. “We are quiet. Do we look criminal?”

Riley answer for me “Well first of all you are not quiet, especially you. And second of all you all look like criminals”

Harry came next to Riley. “Hey lighten up. We may look bad. But we are good” he said and handed Riley a bear. She took it and then he offered me. “No thanks.” I refuse. Drinking has never been my thing, just because I saw what that did to mom.

Harry eyed me “so we have two nondrinkers. Tori and Aaron.” He eyed us both “you’ll go well together.”

I mocked him “really?” And this time Aaron kept his eyes focused on me...

“Yea. You both should try it out.” He plopped down next to Aaron

“Oh no thanks. I’m quite good” I say in a polite manner adding a smile there.

“Why not?” I look to the speaker and it was Aaron.

I raised an eyebrow at him “really? You are asking why?”

“I don’t know. You have problems with hearing?” He asked me coldly. We are back to insulting each other. That’s just great.

This guy was really getting on my nerves. I saw that Riley made this ‘not again face’ but I know that she was enjoying this just as much as the next guy.

“Is it like your whole purpose of life?” I say pausing a bit to confuse him “you know to annoy me.”

He looked up closing his eyes “every time that I don’t annoy you I have this...this” he fake stuttered “this empty feeling in myself.” He snapped out of his drama acting and looked back at me. “So yes it is my purpose. Now answer my question.

I let out a fast breath out of anger “maybe because you are a total jerk who acts like the biggest douche in the whole wide world. Or maybe that you don’t have any sense of reality when all you do is act like a cold, scary bad boy who in reality just needs to get his head out of his ass. Because guess what! Your delinquent act is not working so much on me. ”

He clenched his jaw. “So that’s what you think of me?”

I nodded “it’s not like it’s forbidden to say what I think of you.” I reasoned. “Go ahead, try it yourself.” I challenged him.

He shook his head and tilted it back “you’ll get mad”

Yea like he cared? He didn’t care if I was mad when he said yesterday was mistake.

“I promise I won’t”

“No. I’m not going to do that.”

“I never... break my promises” that made him rethink his said words.

He fixed his gaze on me. And leaned in a bit.

Max shook me out of my trance and made me realize that we are not alone. “This will be interesting” he said too excited for my liking.

Aaron took his time to gather up all the right words “I think you are extremely naive and oblivious to everything. You trust everyone and forgive too fast. You make nothing about yourself which slowly drains you out. And I think that you are so stupid for not realizing what you have right now, because you are so caught up living in the past and thinking how much your life sucks when in reality if you looked around for once you could see that your life is better than that messed up imagination of yours...”

No one said a word. Not even the slightest noise was passed around.

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat “glad that that’s out. Right?” I asked.

“Told you that you’ll get mad” he said.

“I’m not mad.” I said. And I wasn’t I was just stunned by the fact that everything he said was truth.

Jack broke the silence “why do you guys always argue?” He asked.

None of us answer, and Harry came in the rescue. “So... what are your college plans? I am going to community college in this town. “He asked us.

“I’m taking year of” Max spoke and I wouldn’t expect anything more.

“Yale” Jack said. And no wonder he was really smart.

“I’m moving to France, so ill probably go to whatever I can get.” Aaron said.

“You speak French?” I ask out curiosity as if we didn’t just have a heated argument.

“Yea. I go there every summer. My aunt has got connections there, ’that’s what she says...” he explained.

“I’ll go to the nearest college from here.” I explained. “Something that focuses on customer services.” I always thought that was such plain choice but I need to make living somehow right?

“What about you Riley’s?” Harry asked.

“Oh... I don’t know yet” she said so careless. She was smart, she was one of the best students here. I would think it’s just appropriate to know by now. what’s weird is that I noticed her exchanging looks with Aaron... did he know something that I didn’t know about Riley? I guess they were friends but I didn’t think I wouldn’t know something Aaron knew. she tells me everything...

We continued to hang out until 9.p.m and I was now in Aaron’s car driving home. Why? Well Aaron was the only none drinker who was driving so he offered to drive us all home even dough I insisted on walking he still made me get in.

I was the last one left. I had a feeling he did that on purposes because even without a car I know that he could have dropped me right after Jack but he decided to not do it.

We didn’t talk the whole ride. Only when I was in front of my house he spoke when I was about to exit... “Wait.” He let out a huge breath “I like you” I got so mad at him. I was so done with him being hot and cold all the time. I still got out of the car but he followed.

“What?” I screamed making a fast turn toward him.

I looked straight at me “I like you” I rolled my eyes at him “a lot more than I should.”

“Are you actually making fun of me right now? Why are you telling me this?”

“I have a feeling that you like me too” he said.

Did I? When he said it like that. I started to question myself. Did I like him?

“And I want this to work” he said

“But...” I questioned.

“But we are soon to finish high school and then we are going to college. What’s the point if we are just going to end things by summer” he explained.

To be honest I totally agreed with him. He is going to France and I don’t believe in long distance relationship. Yea some people make it work. But being in totally different continents is accepting the fact that there will be meetings only every five months.

I nodded “okay. That’s all I wanted to hear. A simple reason why. Thank you. Friends?” I asked him reaching to shake his hand but instead he pulled me in a hug.

“Friends” he said speaking in my hair.

Maybe I didn’t want to be just friends with him...

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