Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 20 <It's fine>

It was Monday now and I was hanging out with Aaron in my living room. My dad was still kind of hating Aaron but just because he was a boy, who was close to me. When dad was all protective of me Meredith usually stopped him. She was here a lot, and dad seemed happier now.

I hadn’t seen mom or Veronica since last time, I know they are still in town because dad saw them.

Also grandma was here almost every day and even right now.

She walked over to us with a cup of tea and sat in an arm chair. Near us.

“How are you two doing?” She asked. She mean our relationship.

“Good” I say. what else can I say to her?

“Good.” She sipped her tea. “Aaron what does your parents do?” She asked.

“Serving their time in prison” he said like it was nothing but it sure made grandma intrigued.

“What for?” She really didn’t have any filter.

“Grandma” I tried to shut her up but Aaron stopped me. “It’s okay. I am sure you are curious too, you just think that it would be hard for me to talk about it, but it’s not” I was curious.

“They were the master minds in mass murder. Drug dealers and everything” he said jokingly.

“Who has custody of you?” Grandma asked.

“My uncle Benjamin and his wife Juliet.”

She didn’t say anything much. She just continued to sip her tea. But then I realized what time it was. “Aaron I think it’s best if you go. Because Dad wants to have family dinner and he made himself clear that only family can be here” Aaron smirked at me. My dad didn’t like him but Aaron said that one day he would break him.

I walked him to the door and he turned towards me smiling “what?” I questioned.

He bit his lip and then before I could think any more he kissed me. His hand was in my hair and he backed me in the hallway wall. We kissed but I could feel him smirking.

I broke the kiss to get my breath back. “My grandma is in the next room” I whispered to him, still hot from the kiss.

“Bummer huh.” He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “See you tomorrow.” He kissed my forehead. And walked out the door.

Soon after he left and I had great opportunity to speak with grandma. “Grandma” I spoke up...


“Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind that you are here but don’t you have work? You’ve just been here for long time” I was curious.

“I retired”

I was confused “but... how. That magazine is so important to you...” used to that was all she talked about.

“And still is but don’t worry. A good friend of mine is now the head of it until I put someone in my place. “She explained.

“You will give someone away your magazine?” I asked.

“When time comes. Yes.”


She sighted “this conversation needed to be held earlier but... when time comes I want you to have it”


“Honey I am not forcing anything on you. When you finish your studies and if by then you wouldn’t want it I would give it to someone else, I have few candidates but I happy to keep it in the family. ”

“Why me?” This was the last thing I expected from her.

She came closer to me. “I see myself in you. I see fire in you.”

“Grandma I am not the right fit for it” I explained. “I don’t know anything about fashion, and I could never be like you, so classy and elegant” I complimented her not even realizing it.

She laughed it off. “Victoria. I built my empire from nothing, I was nothing before then, if you would ask me sixty years ago. I would never guest that I will own fashion magazine.”

“Grandma I won’t be able to do what you do. I would mess everything up.”

“Good” I had questionable look on my face “mess up everything, mess up not once but twice, three times, as much as you like, because that is when you start over, from a blank page you try things differently with new perspective and new vision. When you mess up my creation you get up and make your own but you never! I say never think it’s over. It’s only over when you will lay six feet under.” She always had such way with words. I just hope I would know her like this a long time before.

I didn’t think much and I hugged her giggling of the fact that I have hugged people more this year than in my whole life.

“Please promise that you will never leave without explanation.” I asked my head resting on her chest.

She patted my hair. “I promise”

The dinner with dad went good. Dad was finally happy and that was all that mattered. I could tell that Meredith will be good for the long run. I had a feeling that he didn’t love Meredith like he loved my mother. He still loved Meredith, I had a feeling that Meredith loved him more than he loved Meredith.

I guess true love truly is bling but some things are just unforgivable no matter how much you love.

I was cleaning up the dishes when Meredith approached me “thank you so much for helping me Victoria.”

I smiled as a response. I was almost done so I don’t know why she is here. We never chit chatted.

“So I heard Sylvia came by the other day” oh now I see why she came here.

“Yup” I kept my answer short.

“How did it go?” She asked.


“Him” she cleaned the already clean table just to look like she is here for a reason.

“What was she like?” She asked me and I was done with dishes. I turned towards her drying my hand on a cloth.

“Dad loves you. You have nothing to worry about” she sighed defeated by the fact that I know what she is talking about. We usually didn’t chit chat just because I was always so cold to her.

I like her, but I don’t want stepmother for me.

“Do you think he loves Sylvia?” She asked.

“No. I don’t think so” sometimes it’s better to lie a little.

She nodded and I started walking before hearing “goodnight Victoria”

I was listening to music when my phone rang “oh hey Riles” she said to turn on my TV she sounded a bit in a rush.

I ran downstairs to not miss anything.

I turned on the news “former high school teacher Shane White arrested for exploiting child pornography and raping five children.”

What the fuck...

It showed a footage of him handcuffed. “I regret nothing!” He screamed looking into camera.

He is the nicest teacher in school he liked helping teens with their problems.... so many times I was alone with him in a classroom.

That’s why he didn’t have any family...

How can someone so trustworthy turn out to be horrible human being?

I trusted him with all my problems, he knew everything about me...

The next day Aaron picked me up prom school “so you beard about Mr. White?” I asked him.

“Yea...” it seemed like it didn’t faze him at all. He seemed of today. He always acted the same it wasn’t like he ever had bad days or amazing days.

And for sure he wasn’t off because of Mr. White.

“Are you okay?” I asked him and that made him glance at me. He forced a smile at me. “Yea. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You seem... off” I pointed out.

“It’s nothing... oh and Riley said that she’s out of town to meet her m... grandma.” he said that and right after cleared his throat.

“Okay... why didn’t she tell me?” I asked but he shook his shoulders.

I knew that something was going on with him...

We arrived at school and Max greeted me “hey Victor Ella” he

“that’ not my name. And please don’t call me that″

“Let him. He’s just acting out because you’re the only girl who comes near him. And still you are with Aaron” Jack was the one who said that and then Aaron came next to me grabbing my waist... wow. Possessive much. He still didn’t look at me. Something was bothering him. And even Harry noticed. “Hey man what’s up with you?”

Aaron clenched his jaw “its fine” he didn’t like talking about problems.

My first lesson was Social studies with Aaron. We walked in the classroom and already I felt like it was too awkward for everyone here. All year we all just sat here thinking that Mr. White is the most amazing person known, he cared for his students and he actually thought us what he believed. He taught with so much passion...

The bell rang and principal entered the class with some middle aged women. Her style was outdated, her hair was in a messy bun, and she had red lipstick on which was slightly smeared on her teeth.

“Hello class!” Principal greeted clearing his throat. How hard it must be to tell whole class ‘hey your teacher was child molester.’

“I think by now you all have heard what happened so I won’t get into that. This is your substitute teacher. Mrs. Martin.” He said and left.

I hated this class. This was the longest period ever. She hated teenagers. She was teaching us everything from the book. I just wish she would speak with more heart into it. Everyone in this class was bored no one cared about a thing she said.

Mr. White knew how to make us care for learning but it’s true that no one is who they seem.

You can look like the whitest angel ever, but in heart you are tainted fallen one...

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