Friendship, Love and Hate

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chapter 3 <Maybe great year>

I was at home in the living room watching TV, but not really watching because I still couldn’t wrap my head around as to what made Liam finally speak to me, and so fast moving forward already asking me out. Maybe it wasn’t fast, maybe it was normal thing to do. Obviously I wouldn’t know because I have never dated. The only thing that came close to being intimate was kiss at truth or dare. And it was with this weird kid Luca one year ago.

Was it possible that Liam had liked me all this time too?

Maybe this is going to be great year after all...

My dad was already home, but he was still working home just sitting by the computer. He was doing really well actually because he was about to get promotion. my dad works really hard. He says he does that to give us live we deserve. I am happy the way it is now and I have said that to him countless times, I really don’t want him to work so much, I would like for him to spent more time with me and Cameron.

With a loud bang I hear Cameron close his bedroom doors and running to dads office which was next to living room. About two minutes pass and he walked out and flops down on the couch next to me.

“So how are doing?” He asks me looking straight at TV. Okay we don’t usually speak about feelings and shit so there is something up with him.

I roll my eyes “what do you want from me? “I ask irritated.

Cameron finally looks at me trying to make a face like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about ” I just want to have a conversation with you.”

“Cameron. we barely ever talk to each other”

“Well I think its about time we start having sister brother bonding time. What do you say?” He explains but still he acts as if he is holding back to tell me something. But I ignore it.

“Fine” I almost spat at him and shifted in my seat to get ready to tell him about my wonderful day, which I know will drive him mad instantly “I am doing good. And you? ”

He thinks for a minute and nods “fine” this is not feeling right.

Then again he speaks casually “how’s school?”

“Its actually...”

" okay okay I need something from you” And there it is I got cut off by Cameron who is now looking at me with pleading eyes. I already know this will be fun.

“Listen. Tonight is that retro restaurants opening party down the street.” He explains

“And I care why?”

He hesitated for a moment but shortly he gave up” there will be this girl that I like”

I laugh “do you need my girl advice? ” I ask still laughing.

He makes disgusted face “ew no. I would never. I mean ever ask you advice about relationship, because you kind of suck” he says in all seriousness. Know he was acting like he usually acts around me.

“Okay I’m done here” I say and stand up starting to walk to my room but he stops right in front of me. Making me cross my arms in front of me.

“I’m sorry. Dad told me that I can go only if you go with me” he says ″I know lame, but for some strange reason he doesn’t want to trust me″ he explained.

″For some strange reason? Do I need to remind you that only last month you were brought home by police car because you were drunk in children’s playground?″ I pointed out.

Cameron rolled his eyes ″Okay fine fair point, but they were actually really cool about it and I didn’t get in much trouble from them. So will you do this?″ he asked.

“Nope. Not happening. I am not going.” I say and try to actually get to my room but he stops me yet again.

“Please Tori. I never ask for favors but I really like this girl. Please” he says and how could I say no to him?

“Ugh fine” I say “I hate you so much”

“Thank you! it starts at eight so you have ten minutes to get ready.” He asks rushing off to his own room.

Yea like I’m going to rush myself. I didn’t need much time to get ready, I just put on my jeans, white hoodie and over it oversized jean jacket, I left my hair in a bun I had before.

Ten minutes after eight we start heading to that damn restaurant, and Cameron is almost dragging me there since apparently I took too long to get ready.

Entering the restaurant its this nice place with table booths, red chair leather and dark wooden tables with slightly dimmed lights and checkered floor and dance floor on one side of the building. It gave away really classy retro vibe, I actually liked it. on the walls there were displayed vinyl plates. This place was really big and servants were roller skating. Wearing red and white checkered shorts knee lenght socks and red tops. This place was more pleasant than I thought it would be.

“Okay I’m heading to my friends. Lets meet here at ten. Okay?” Cameron says to me. “And again. Thank you Tori” he actually smiles at me.

“You’re welcome. Call if anything happens okay?” He nods at me and heads to the dance floor to his group of friends. It made me happy that at least he is socially active.

So I need to be here for the next two hours. I’ll just need to find some empty booth. I walked around looking for empty space because this place was crowded, all kinds of couples sitting, family’s, friend groups. It would feel kind of wrong taking up all booth by myself, and it might look weird also, just some loner sitting by herself.

Finally when spotted free space I walk over there but someone speaks to me as I’m walking “hey I know you” I turn to whoever was speaking and I see four boys sitting. There was Jack, Max, Aaron, and the one who spoke was Harry I had classes whit all of them before, but we never actually talked.

“It’s veronica right?” Harry asks, god I hated when people messed up my name with Veronica, it happened more frequently then you’d thought.

“Its actually Victoria” I say to him.

“Oh yea sorry bout that. Are you here with friends or..” he asks me.

“No. I’m here with my brother” I answer trying to make normal conversation ” he’s actually with his friends now. I’m just here to babysit him in a way.” I answer.

″so you are alone?″ Jack speaks.

That sounded kind of sad maybe not sad but pathetic, but it was true I didn’t really answer just nodded at him with heavy sigh.

“You can sit with us.” Jack says smirking at me. This wasn’t good idea. These guys weren’t friendliest group out of school and it made sense why Aaron was part of this group. How is it possible that by just one sort of conversation I already kind of despite him?

“Uhh. I don’t know about that..” I try to make some kind of excuse.

“Come on we don’t bite.” Says Max.

I didn’t really have a choice did I? These were the type of guys that no one in school messed with usually. I don’t know about Aaron but he still looks scary and he definitely fit in with these guys. Of course I could run away.. but how would that look?

With no other choice I just sat down to one place that was empty next to Harry. Here was some people from our school that I knew and they were already looking at me. Would you imagine schools loser siting with these guys. Well I wasn’t a looser but like. I wasn’t anything special. A lot of people knew me. But a lot also didn’t.

Max must have noticed me looking at the people staring “don’t mind them. Let them look,” he says and I nod. “You wanna loosen up a bit?” He says and pulls out a flask from his jacket.

“No. I’m good” I simply answer. I had always been scarred to drink. Because I ’m too afraid I won’t have self control, and lose myself like mom did. I still drank sometimes, but I never got completely wasted.

" as you wish ” he says and puts it away.

“So Victoria, you are quiet at school, but I have noticed that you have your friend group. What’s up with you?” Max asks.

Not understanding his question “sorry what?” I ask.

Jack laughs “he means what do you call yourself, popular kid, weirdo, nerd, a thot. It’s not meant in a mean way. It’s just everyone has name for themselves. We for the example are schools delinquents ” he explains. ″I’m not saying we are that but I’m not saying we are not. People gave us that brand name, might as well own it″

So that’s what they thought about people in general? That they need to be labeled.

“I don’t know. ” I say. ” isn’t its better to tell from your perspective? What am I?” I ask but did I really wanted to hear the answer?

″good girl″ Max says.

″No, she’s the nerd″ Jack said ″Or maybe princess I’m not sure″

For the first time Aaron spoke “a wallflower” he said not even looking at me.

So basically he called me socially awkward. Was that a straight insult or...

“I don’t mean it in a bad way” Aaron explained.

“Of course you didn’t” I say sounding a bit too angry than I should be. Okay I am introvert but I feel like its rude for him to assume that, he didn’t know me at all.

Aaron looked at me like trying to get the right words out. “So what now you are angry?” He asks curious, almost offended.

“Why would I be mad?” I ask but he doesn’t ask me any further. He just stays smirking and looking down

“What’s so funny?” I finally ask this time really irritated.

“Its quite funny. That right now you can have quite normal conversation with us and even be mad at me, but in class you can barely talk to that guy you like. ” he said in front of everyone here. He is such an asshole.

“Why would you think I like him?” I ask confused. how did he know? I always try to hide when I like someone. Because if no one knows it will save me so much drama and questioning.

“Its quite obvious really. But he is not worth it. Believe me? ” he said looking straight into my eyes

“You don’t know him like I do. You just started this school. ” I state to him.

He clenched his jaw. “He’s my cousin” he dropped on me that kind of statement. Who would have though? How could they be related. What the fuck is happening. “And he is a horrible person. That’s all you need to know.”

“okay you are related. I have a brother and I think he is a bad person but its just because he is my brother. So its the same with you and him. You just have this relative hate. That’s all. ”
I tried to reason.

“It’s not that but I get that You just don’t want to hear what I’m saying. He is a bad person and he doesn’t deserve anyone not you not any other girl.” How can he be so mean. Unbelievable.

“And not once in this conversation you tried to say that you actually don’t like him. You must be really blind and oblivious.” He spat at me the last sentence.

fuck this. He will not speak that way about me...

“Okay you know what I will not... ” I was angry but Jack cut me off.

“Okay, everyone is angry now, and no one wants to say things they will later regret. I think we all need to chill. Right now” He said, but the angry person now was only me. Aaron kept his expressionless face like before, does he have any kind of emotion?

“I think its better if I go.” I stand up making my way out. And Max calls out.

“It was fun.” He smirks. Making me roll my eyes. Of course cat fight is fun for him.

I walked outside to get some fresh air. I couldn’t believe. How can someone be so insensitive about others. He just thinks that he is the king of the world. What is he to tell what people deserve.

I still had to wait for an hour so I found an empty bench and sat down listening to music in my earphones.

When finally hour is done. I take out my earphones and wait for Cameron to come to exit, but he doesn’t. Must be caught up with friends. So ten more minutes pass and still nothing. Its not like our dad told us time when to be back. Its the fact that we decided to meet but he’s not here.

I just headed back to the place where I last saw him and tried to look from there.

I go through the dance floor and as I get some sight to other side of the room I finally spot him.

And he was talking no not just talking, laughing with Aaron and Max. What could have possibly be that funny. And why was my little brother with someone like them doing.

Forgetting everything that happened I walk to them to maybe rescue Cameron. He shouldn’t need to even talk to people like that. They were bad news and I didn’t want him to lose himself and turn out like them.

I approach them and suddenly their laughter is gone both Max and Aaron looking at me. They clearly didn’t know I’m Cameron’s sister.

Cameron was turned with his back towards me as the laughter died he turned around “Oh speak of the devil” he says rolling his eyes almost to what looks like back of the head.

“Wait..” Max looks extremely surprised at me. “No” he says putting his hand to cover his hanging mouth. And Aaron just stood there now full on smiling at me.

“Is Victoria that sister” Max says and bursts out laughing. That sister? What’s that suppose to mean “well shit Victoria I didn’t know you had it in you.”

And that’s when I caught on that Cameron must have told something about me. I clenched my jaw speaking with him “Cameron. What. Did. You. Say?” I ask his as he slowly turns to look at me. He usually knew not to mess with me.

“Hey hey. I...I didn’t know you knew them” he says raising his hands in surrender. ” I didn’t even say your name.”

" what did you say?” I ask yet again raising my voice.

“I’m sorry” he said. And Aaron cuts him off.

“he just said something about you breaking into private property” Aaron says hiding smirk and clearly trying to irritate me.

So once this summer. I went with Cameron to visit our aunt because dad made us do it. And there was this huge house which looked abandoned. So me and Cameron kind of broke in. We just took a look around and making fun I just span around on a pole it was outside and it wasn’t a stripping pool or anything. But I’m sure on camera footage it looked weird as hell. And few days later my dad found out about it. And the rest was a long conversation about me being reckless and putting me and Cameron in danger.

I really didn’t want to talk about it. Especially with them. Everyone at school saw me as the good girl, and I didn’t want anyone to think that I was bad, or reckless, or irresponsible.

I ignored what Aaron said “Cameron lets go” I say to him and he listens to me without hesitation.

I hear Cameron say his goodbyes but I just turn around and start heading out, before Max calls out “Hey Victoria. Really didn’t expect this from you. ” I could hear his stupid smile through those words.

All through out the road home I didn’t speak with Cameron. He apologized couple of times but when I didn’t answer he just dropped it and we walked in silence.

It wasn’t the fact that they knew now. It was the fact that I did something with Cameron and this little secret made me think that it was something special. It was our time living out teenage years together with our little stupid secrets which we can remember later in life. But I just guess that that is not happening. Brothers and sisters are suppose to hate each other most of the time.

These good king of things when me and Cameron were getting into trouble made me remember when me and Veronica actually were close. We were nothing without each other, we did everything together.

But I guess nothing lasts forever...

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