Friendship, Love and Hate

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chapter 4 <who was he? Dora the explorer>

The next day we were all having breakfast together and still I didn’t talk to Cameron, I just didn’t think he would tell anyone our secret, because when that happened I made him promise to not tell anyone. Okay its not like it was a secret on which life depended but still I trusted him.

Today dad insisted to driving us to school and actually I didn’t want to walk or go by bus because it was raining badly out. Its not like I hated rain I just didn’t love the idea of being at school like a wet rat. And second being in a bus full of wet people, um no thanks. Besides our schools are along way to dads todays job, he had some kind of meeting.

First thing in the morning is meeting up with my friends under the maple tree. It wasn’t everyday thing. Like sometimes someone wasn’t there sometimes we were all there, but three people at least were there everyday. When someone wasn’t there we didn’t ask why because we always knew there is a reason, it was never because someone just didn’t want to be there.

Sitting down next to Simon and jokingly punching him. I greet everyone “Hey” I say and right after I say it Simon punches me back on the arm. Its not like abusive friendship, its just our thang. Besides it was a playful punch.

“So Tori you going with us to hang out today?” Nora asks me. Already knowing the answer. I still wonder why they still bother even asking me. Because I almost never go.

I look down on my arm, I tend to do that when I’m nervous. “Am... I’m not really feeling it” I say to them, its not like I don’t want to have fun, I know that I would like to go with them, but I don’t want to be burden to them and it isn’t so rare that when I’m actually going with them I get left out.

You know that feeling when on sidewalk there is only space for two people to walk but there’s three and you are always the one left in the back?

Yea... that’s how I feel when I go out with them.

I see Layla rolling her eyes and mutter under her breath “of course”. I knew that she didn’t mean for everyone to hear but they did. And of course Nora the best friend she is changed the subject and started talking about school stuff.

I had good relationship with Layla, it was just the fact that she was always straight forward and outgoing and I am everything opposite that.

After the bell rang we all went to our classes, I had biology with Alex but it’s not like we were that close of a friends to sit next to each other. We were only friends because he was Nora’s boyfriend and if he wasn’t we would never even be friends. If friends is what you can call us.

Why? Alex comes from very wealthy family. And I don’t.
Alex is popular. And I am not.
Alex has lot of friends. And I don’t.
Alex knows how to socialize. And I don’t. And lastly I hate how he treats Nora. I have tried to talk with Nora about it, but no matter what happens between them she will always come back to him.

So you see our worlds don’t blend well together.

After few classes it was lunch time, but I didn’t feel like going to cafeteria. So I went to the nearest market it was right across the street.

I walk in the store and go straight to sweets. Just to get myself a mars chocolate bar and gummy peach rings. And there was Riley standing from my social studies. She was wearing neon green cargo pants and black top. She looked at me and smiled. “Hey” she said to me. Surprising me.

“Hi” I simply answer. Getting mars bar.

“Ah I see you have great taste in sweets as well” she says waving mars bar in her hands.

“Uh yea I think mars is quite underrated” I say letting out a little laugh. And turn around to get peach rings.

“Okay. Stop. You and me are literally made for each other” Riley says cheering and I look at her with confused face. What I am confusion. This girl is weird. She just seems too happy. Its not bad its just weird.

She continued “I fricking love peach rings” she says and grabs a pack herself.

I laugh and head for the cash register. And she speaks with me again “so are you lunching alone or...” Riley asks me. Lunching?? Is that even a word. This girl is something.

“Am... actually I am” I say

“Do you want to maybe grab a seat with me somewhere.?” She asked. Did she really wanted to be in my company? Like she didn’t even know me. But now she is so eager to spending time with me.

I try to not let this get to my head too much “yea sure. ” I say to her.

A big smile flashes to her face. “Cool. I’m Riley by the way”

“Yea I remember. You were in my social studies.” I answer. And after maybe too long pause I shake my head “I’m Victoria by the way.”

“Cool. I’ve always wanted a friend named Victoria. ” she jokes.

So we are now friends? Who thought making friends is so easy. Well I obviously could never start a conversation like that with a stranger. but like the though of it. You just go to any stranger and start talking. What are the odds that that stranger will answer you?

So after, we sat down at an empty bench in front of market. And we talked about all kinds of stuff. Just basic get to know each other stuff.

I learned that Riley is really into astrology and she really believes in horoscopes and card readings and stuff like that. She loved stars. She didn’t tell me that but When you looked at her they were everywhere. Her bag was black with embroidery stars. She had beautiful silver star neckless and she had a small star tattoo on her right wrist and under her left ear.

After words we swapped with numbers and went our separate ways.

Going past lockers I saw Group of people I didn’t want to see. It was Max, Aaron, jack, and Harry standing there and unfortunately they noticed me and Max called out loudly for me. “Victoria. Come here” So thanks to him everyone was now looking at me. You see the thing is that that group of friends don’t socialize with other people so that made everyone look at me. Because I am curious as to why they want to talk to since last night. Maybe they think that I am secretly like them? Maybe they think I am a rebel undercover.

Without hesitation I walk to them. I wanted to run away, but how would that look... “How’s it going?” Harry asks. Tightening his man bun.

“Good” I answer. “Can I ask why did you call me here?” I ask looking at Max.

“Uh well I think you are cool. And hearing what your brother told us ” he said pointing to Aaron and laughing out the last part “I think you are hella fun” he said but still wasn’t answering my question.

“You don’t really have to be here if you don’t wan to. ” Now Aaron spoke with completely blank expression. What’s that suppose to mean? What’s always up with him? Making these kind of remarks.

“Hey don’t listen to him” Harry got involved. “Your brother told us some pretty great things about you too. And besides I’ve had classes with you since middle school. So I think its just appropriate for us to finally get to know you. ” that was total lie. If they wanted they could have talked to me a lot earlier.

So Cameron also said something good about me... and I got so mad at him about some silly secret. Oh well secrets a secrets now matter how important, or small it is.

“Now seriously. Why now?” I ask.

Jack smirked at me “tonight we have some plans we would like to take you with us?” Oh dear goddess of all my bad luck that didn’t sound good.

“What kind of plans?” I ask him trying to sound bold, but of course I fail and sound more like toddler talking to stranger.

“We were thinking you would like to go exploring with us” he explained. Who was he Dora the explorer?

“Exploring? Like what? Nearest forest? Because that basically only place I haven’t been to.” I explain now crossing my arms in front of me.

“Of course not. That would be scary and weird for us to take you there. ” Jack explained. “You know that old abandoned school right on the border of town?” He asked me. Oh hell no. That place was scary as hell. And second it was private property.

Of course now they think I’m some kind of criminal just trespassing everywhere I go.

“I am not going to private property. ” I get angry at him.

“It’ll be fun.” Max tried to reason. And almost pleaded.

" you can take any other girl you want. I am not going.” I say irritated. And they could because a lot of girls would be down to be alone with four hot teenage boys. Yea I admitted that they are hot but I have eyes and they all had great body’s.

“You’ll love it. We do that often and once you get that adrenaline rush you will know what I am talking about” Max said. And I understood what he was talking about. I loved that feeling but I am not going to turn into delinquent like them. And besides all this suddenly talking to me sounded a bit too fishy.

“Give me the real reason why are you all suddenly talking with me. And then I’ll think about it.” I wasn’t going to think about it I was just genuinely curious as to why group of bad would want to speak with me.

Max hesitated for a bit “ugh fine. Jack has a crush on you ” he said and jack slapped his head. Making him put his hand on his head in pain and grunting a bit.

“Okay fine. ” Max said and rolled his eyes on at Jack. “The reason we spoke to you is because. We have this stupid game where we take some strangers with us to get them out of their comfort zone. So basically we get someone we don’t know. And we take that person to hang out with us. And then after we just carry on whit our lives. And yesterday when I saw you I decided its you this time.” He decided its me. Well fuck them I am not going to be their next victim. So what? They get some person, pretend to be nice, and them abandon them. ″we don’t normally tell them about this game but you are different and you could actually have fun with us″ he continued.

It took some time to process. They were actually weirdos and how do I know they won’t kill me? This was fucking too much for me.

After what felt like hour of silence Aaron spoke “just drop it Max. She isn’t down for it” he said and that is what triggered me. How can he be so sure about my decisions.

“Okay fine Victoria. If you change your mind. Find us” Max said and they all turned and walked away.

What the hell just happened. Was that evidence to possible murder group. Or fucking group of psychos who like to mentally torture people.

I get out of my trance as my phone beeps in my pocket. It was message from Liam.

Liam: hey yoo. Are down to meet me tonight at that new retro restaurant?

Me: yea sound cool.

Liam: okay then lets meet there at seven.

Me: okay.

Was it weird that he was so straight forward? Maybe its better to go faster we have known each other for a long time. Its finally time I get my head in dating game. Right? Geez I didn’t know if I’m ready. Why was it that I’m now getting scared of what might happen? I was again overthinking.
But one was for sure instead of going to hang out with those psychos. I will be hanging out with Liam.

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