Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 5 <Perfect for him>

It was already 5 p.m. and I was fricking out on what to wear. In movies when this happens a girl would call her best friends and they would help her pick out the perfect outfit, but I didn’t tell my friends about me and Liam going out, and honestly I didn’t want to because that would lead to too much questions and possible drama.

Why drama? Well just because if any girl in school knew what I’m doing tonight she would not be happy because Liam was loved at school. He was this golden boy. He was good looking and he was smart and funny, he was football team captain, what else do I need to say? He was this dream boy that every girl wanted, well not every but you get what I mean.

I tried to not freak out about this so I just picked out floral skater dress pared with jean jacket and white sneakers. I did my hair in high ponytail and I did my makeup which I usually don’t do. I wanted to look good for him. I wanted for him to like me just as much as I like him. I wanted to be perfect for him. And I will do whatever it takes for him to like me.

My dad didn’t question much on where I was going, he wasn’t very strict parent, especially to me. I was always aloud to do whatever because he trusted me. He is more strict with Cameron though, but its because he often gets into trouble. He’s in his reckless teen phase, and trying to prove that rules don’t apply to him.

It was 6.45 pm and I was ready to go. I just hope this is what I expected it to be. Who would have thought that stupid crush could actually lead to date, I didn’t know if it was date but I didn’t know what else to call it.

I walked in the restaurant and then walked around looking for Liam. And suddenly I saw him, like a dream he was sitting with his elbows on the table, his golden locks looked even more shiny it that was even possible.

I slowly walked to him, and I saw another group of people sitting down. it was Max with his friends. I just hope they don’t ruin anything. So I fastened my pace to faster get to Liam so if they notice me that they see I’m busy.

I stop at Liam’s table “hey” I say quietly and smiling probably like a idiot.

He looked up at me and smiled “hi.” He scratched the back of his neck. “You look great. Please sit down” he gestured to seat opposite him. I looked great so I must be doing something right.

“I didn’t know if you like chocolate but I got you chocolate milkshake. Is that okay?” He asked. Why was is that every little thing he did made him even more perfect that he already was.

“Yea. It’s perfect” I said to him. But I was still so fucking tense, I couldn’t get myself to relax, it felt like I was stiff, geez I just hope he doesn’t notice it. Or point it out.

We weren’t really talking. Maybe he was just as nervous as I was. But I either didn’t know what to talk about.
“I like this place” I say finally stopping the never ending silence.

“Yea its nice” he said without emotions, but something seemed off with him. He was usually more talkative, at least with his other friends. Did I do something? Maybe he just realized that he didn’t like me? Just fuck my life already.

Then Finally Liam spoke. “You know. I don’t really have much time tonight, but I just really wanted to be alone with you” he said but hesitated to look into my eyes. “I like you Victoria” he said and I think that my brain stopped working for a second. He said what now.?.

“Maybe even more than just like you. I wanted to tell you this for a long time now. I spend my whole summer thinking about it” he actually liked me.

“Liam I like you too” I finally spoke not being able to hold it in.

He looked at me but not with the expression I hoped, he’s eyes seemed empty with no specific emotion. I wanted him to be happy that we liked each other, but he didn’t seem to like it. Was my brain just messing with me?

“Cool” he replied. He said cool. That weird reaction isn’t it? I just guess he’s nervous.

He cleared his throat . “So maybe tomorrow we can meet at my place? I will have much more time.” He was asking me to his place. I have never been into relationship but wasn’t this moving too fast. Like I get that we would just talk at his place but still its his private place and we only been alone this once. And obviously he didn’t look as excited as I hoped he would look. But them again. Did I really expect to run in to his arms right away?

But I really didn’t want to ruin it “yea sure.”

“Well okay then but I need to go now. I really liked meeting you” he said and rushed out. Without waiting for my goodbye. We were here for like ten minutes. Why did he ask me here if he had somewhere else to be at. And how do I know tomorrow he won’t kick me out of his house after 5 minutes.. he wasn’t like himself. Or maybe this is exactly who he is... maybe this talkative, funny person is just an act for him. Everyone’s got an act. The deference is how big of an act you wanna play.

I was now left alone. Why was this so confusing? Why can’t it be easy. Finally why can’t something in my life be easy. That’s all I want.

I didn’t want to go home yet so I just got out my earphones I listened to some music. Again Victoria is hiding her real emotions in her music. Isn’t that just ‘fun’. Three songs passed and I could feel that someone stopped at my table. I looked up and it was Aaron fricking Jones. Still wearing his black coat. And his hair turned to the side. He didn’t have long hair, it was longer on the top and shorter on the sides, but it was long enough to stay at one side.
I got out my earphones. Waiting for him to speak. But did I want to hear what he has to say? Every time he speaks he manages to find some way to insult me.

“So you two had a date? ” he asked sitting down to where Liam sat. He looked straight at me. It made me uncomfortable.

“Why does it matter?” I asked him trying to sound as bold as possible. But it was hard hiding my disappointment of expectations of this date.

“Answer” he demanded. O hell no he will not tell me what to do.

“It doesn’t bother you. And you can’t just come to me and ...” I spat at him before I got cut off. Whit him leaning in closer to whisper something to me. “I told you that he is bad news. And he will only hurt you. stay away from him” Liam said in a husky voice. Chills, literal chills ran down my spine. How can someone do that with just voice, and what did it mean? That he terrified me?

“You have no right to to tell me what to do!” I spat again. he didn’t know Liam. He was just trying to ruin everything, he was just a mean bully. That’s all. I tell myself, but everyone has reason to being a bully, I wonder what’s his...

Aaron and Liam may be cousins but they were nothing alike in any way.
Liam was actually caring and good friend. Aaron was self centered asshole, who didn’t care about anyone but himself. Liam actually looked like a good guy. But Aaron always dressed black. And with his raven black hair. He looked scary as hell.

I saw that he was getting irritated “Just listen to me. And stop seeing him. He doesn’t deserve to fucking have you by his side, because he is a egotistical psychopath. Who will ruin everything in his way. ” that was it. That made me fucking lose it. Because it sounded like he was talking more about himself than Liam. Liam was nothing like that.

I got up and almost ran, but Aaron went after me. He grabbed me by my hand and spun me around, an without thinking I raised my hand and swung it to slap him, but he caught it and it made him pull me closer to him. We were inches apart, our noses were almost touching. What was I thinking when I almost slapped him.

I was breathing heavily, I was about to slap him, I don’t know what he would do to me if I actually did it.

He looked deadly in my eyes “you wanna try that again?” He whispered clenching his jaw after. Still holding my hand.

I swallowed my breath “I’m sorry” I almost pleaded. Why would I even do such a stupid thing?

He looked down smirking and then back at me “you don’t say sorry after slapping someone”

“B..but I didn’t” I reasoned.

“You wanted to! Do you still want to?”

“” I stuttered because he was still so close to me and he was intimidating.

After a moment which felt too long Aaron broke the gaze and looked around just to see almost everyone at restaurant looking at us, he dropped my hand and I instantly got out of that place holding my wrist because it ached a bit from Aarons hold.

I almost ran out, and when I was outside once again Aaron spun me around. He came after me he must be mad.

“I’m sorry I tried to slap you” I said scared. Now we were alone here and I am not sure what he is capable of when no one is around.

He didn’t say anything. He took my hand in his that was now aching from his previous hold.

He looked at my wrist and it was red with few fingerprints but I know that by morning it would be gone. His hold was tight but not so tight to leave a permanent mark.

“I’m sorry” he said to me still looking at my hand. It made my lips part in shock. My heart was beating a little too fast for my liking. He let go of my hand and walked back inside. I felt cold now, not being in his hold.

I stooped mid way home and my hear was still beating like crazy. Maybe he actually did care...

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