Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 6 <Busy tonight>

I woke up not knowing what to expect from today. I angered Aaron and I don’t know what he is capable of. Could he actually hurt me.? He was scary, and he is a jerk. But he couldn’t harm me in any way right? I mean he did apologized for hurting my wrist and besides there was no sign that he did something. Oh my god. Why was I thinking about him so much. Today I am going to have kind of second date with Liam and that’s all that should matter.

Like always arriving at school go straight to the maple tree. Today here was only Layla and Nora because guys were at some kind of sports practice. I don’t really know what, but its kind of doesn’t matter to me also. I greet them ” hey”.

“Hey yourself” Layla spats at me angrily. Not even looking up from her phone. Oh god what again...

I eyed Nora questioning Layla’s tone.

Nora rolled her eyes at Layla ” what Layla means is. Some kid from school saw you hanging out with Liam” she explains. Of course! So much for wanting to do this whole thing with Liam without any drama and here is already small one.

“And... that’s bad? Why?” I ask worried on what I might hear.

Nora laughs it off “don’t be dumb its not bad. I’m happy for you. ” she says and hugs me tightly “finally dating”
" but Layla is mad because you didn’t tell us. ” Nora explained. Why do friends always need to know everything?

Layla looks at me and I mouth sorry to her. She just nods.

“So anyways... when are you too meeting again?” Layla asks.

“Tonight. actually” I say.

“And also how did it all start?” Layla questions. But without any emotion. I had a feeling that Layla didn’t really care she just was snooping for information.

“Um. He just texted me” I say.

Nora gets excited ” okay tell me everything”

“Am I would but... I need to go to teacher and ask her a few questions ” I make up an excuse and leave. I didn’t want to talk about it not until I know it will work. I don’t want them to bug me all time asking about him.

I go straight to class and I knew that I had it with Riley, I was excited to meet her, she seemed... nice... weird for the way she dresses but still nice.

I enter class and there was only five people here and Riley was one of them sitting there and reading a book. Riley was new to this school and I noticed that not lot of people talked to her. It was quit surprising because she was really pretty girl.

Getting all my courage I walk to her and take a seat next to her. I hope she didn’t change her mind on us being friends. She didn’t notice me probably because of her earphones. Hesitantly I poke her shoulder with my finger and she looks at me and smiles instantly taking out her earphones an closing her book.

“Hey” I greet her.

“Good morning Tori” she says to me. “What have you’ve been up to?” She asks.

Did I want to tell her? Why was is that when I’m around her I trust her and want to tell her things. I trust her... even more than my ...friends... I must be a horrible person if I tell a stranger about Liam rather than my friends. So I just forget about it.

“Nothing much. You?” I ask.

“Um... I entered this competition. Its drawing competition” she says to me and pulls out from her pocket a small paper where is written information about competition.

“You are good at drawing?” I ask her.

“Well I try and enjoy doing it. And if I get into top three it would mean the world to me” She said with her eyes full of excitement.

“That’s so cool” I say and truly believe her. If someone talks about hobby with such passion she does, I believe she is pretty darn talented at it.

“Anyways. I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to live in now and see where it takes me. And that competition is after five months, I am not sure if I will even want to participate after that long. I was just excited, I guess I needed to tell someone about it” She explains. “I.I was wondering if maybe, possibly, you would want to hang out with me tonight?” She asks me stuttering a little.

“I have other plans tonight.” I say and it looked like it disappointed her. I always seem to do that when I say no to hanging out to anyone. Maybe just maybe if it was different day I would say yes...

She tried to not look effected. “Okay. Am... well you have my number and if you change your mind. Call me.” She flashes me a smile after that we carried on with our lesson.

At lunch break I went to my locker to put away some books. And thanks to my bad luck. There was Aaron with his friends. I pass them and they seem to notice me. I was almost prepared for Max to call out my name, but he didn’t... And also Aaron didn’t say anything. That was a good sign right? I was not ready to face Aaron, he makes me too nervous.

After that I went to lunch today to eat with my friend group. At lunch there was Nora, Layla and Simon.

In the middle of lunch I get a text from Liam naming his address and saying to meet him there right after school. It wasn’t that far away. So if school ends at 3.p.m ill be there at 3.15.p.m. I thought but Simon yells me out of my trance.

“What?” I ask him.

“I was asking if you want to go for a walk with us tonight just around the town?” He asks. Oh god not with this again. .. I hate always saying no to them I would hate more if I actually go with them. When I’m with them time suddenly feels like it stops and stops moving, not in a good way. I always feel like the time is suffocating me. I’m just too fucking messed up, I know.

“Sorry. I’m busy tonight.” I answer and thankfully they don’t question me further.

I did tell girls in the morning that I’m meeting with Liam tonight. Did they already forgot??

We were carrying on with our conversation when Alex approached us. Well actually Nora and he looked furious. “What the fuck Nora?” He asks her through gritted teeth. Trying to not draw attention from other tables.

Nora looked really confused and so was rest of us. “What?” She asks and raises her eyebrows.

“Why were you at Jaspers house last night?” Alex asked and Nora started to cry.

“Alex, baby I can explain” she pleaded to him, and now people started to notice. Nora grabbed Alex arm but he shook it off instantly.

“Don’t touch me. You fucking whore.” He now screamed at her and Nora flinched.

I may be quiet but I will not let anyone talk that way to my friends. “What did you just call her?” I ask him now standing up. Nora tried to whisper to me ‘don’t’ because she knew that Alex actually was a sick bastard. They fought a lot like this, it was the first time this year though and in front of whole cafeteria.

It wasn’t the first time Nora cheated but she only did that because Alex first started to cheat on her. And last time he got so angry at Nora for being jealous that he actually hit her and she had to walk around with black eye because even concealer couldn’t cover up the blue color of bruise. And still after all their fights they still stayed together never taking a break. They knew that their love was toxic but they still couldn’t break up with each other completely.

Now Alex turned his gaze on me “don’t even start here you dirty skank. Don’t even try to defend that cheating whore” he referred to Nora who was now tearing up like crazy.

I now walked up to him now fully facing him. “You don’t have any rights to talk to her like that after everything you did to her.” I explain getting more angry with him and so did he because he was clenching his jaw tightly. Behind him I saw that Nora ran away, without him noticing, I was a little disappointed that she left me when I am defending her.

I knew that Nora was to blame too since she too cheated but Alex is the one who abuses her.

“What do you know about what happened? Huh?” He said boring his eyes into me. His veins on his forehead were now poking out. ” you don’t know anything.” He exclaimed and turned away but I managed to say the last sentence I would regret.

“I know that you are sick bastard” I spat at him but now in full speed he turned to face me and swung his arm to slap me. I close my eyes, instantly waiting for an impact. But it never came.

I opened my eyes slowly and his hand was being held by Aaron. Aaron slowly turned his face to look at me and as soon as we made an eye contact Simon and Layla pulled me out of the lunch room. In the distance I heard someone getting punched, probably Alex but I couldn’t see I was already out.

In the middle of geography which was the next lesson after the incident I got pulled out of lesson to go talk to principal.

I walked to principal’s office and outside was his assistant, probably waiting for me. And Aaron was sitting outside the office too.

“Alex is in there. You’ll need to wait” assistant explained but stayed there. I nodded and took a seat opposite Aaron. I tried to not Look at Aaron but his bloody knuckles caught my attention. But I assume he noticed me looking because he put his hands in his pockets but still I avoided looking at him. He defended me. I should probably say thank you but I can’t right now.

After a moment Alex came out with black eye, bloody nose. And scratched cheek. He looked really bad and I was surprised Aaron wasn’t damaged in any way but just his knuckles from hitting Alex.

After that me and Aaron went after one another to explain what happened. I explained everything like it was except I didn’t mention him that he had hurt Nora before. I didn’t feel like it was right for me to tell it. Nora once made me promise to not tell a single soul. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. Later principal let me go and I didn’t even hear what punishments they got.

After classes were over. I started walking to Liam’s house, and all road there I was freaking out. I would be completely alone with him. I don’t know if his parents would be there but I would assume that we would be in his room. To stop myself from thinking so much I speed up my walking to finally see what’s coming and stop stressing so fucking much.

In few minutes i was at the address. It was nice two story house. It was a lot nicer than my house. It was white with wooden elements, it was very elegant.

I go the door and ring the door bell.
After few seconds I see Liam standing there in whole his glory. “Hey. Come in” he says and gets out of the door frame to let me in. “Lets go to my room yea. ” he was acting strange, like hurrying something,. Maybe he’s just nervous. He also didn’t really look at me.

We go to his room and first thing I notice is guitar hanging on his wall “do you play?” I ask him. Dropping my bad on to a small couch opposite his bed.

“Yea. Why do you think it up there” he says. Almost a little irritated.

I walk around a little more. ” I really like your room.” And I actually did. It had three teal colored walls and one black wall. Everything was really elegant looking like it was really aesthetically pleasing, like something from pinterst post or something.

“Thanks” he says scratching his head. “I got you a present” he says to me handing me a small box.

I give him a questionable look. “Open it” I do as I’m told and it was a beautiful rose necklace. I take it out and hold it. It was rose gold and absolutely stunning.

Liam takes necklace in his hands and walks around me, assuming to put necklace on me.

“Liam. Its beautiful.” I say to him.

“I’m glad you like it. But nothing is more beautiful than the girl standing in front of me.” He really knew how to talk to girls.

He spun me around and he slowly leaned in. I didn’t know if I was ready but I had nothing to lose right? So finally our lips met. It was okay... I guess. I mean it was nothing like I’ve read in books. But it was nice. Liam slowly backed me to his bed still kissing me. After moment kissing started to feel more and more comfortable and enjoyable.

He leaded me to lay in his bed. And were both laying there and kissing. But then his fingers started to unbutton my shirt, and it suddenly made me get back to reality. “Liam” I speak almost if I was warning him.

Liam looked at me “do you trust me?” He asked me and I just nodded. I wanted him to also trust me so need to give trust back. And I believed that he wouldn’t hurt me. After that he continued to kiss me and unbuttoning my shirt and talking it off.
He was now trailing kisses down my neck. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted this. But he wanted that’s why I decided. That if I want this relationship to work I need to be girl he would like.

His hand slowly went to my back and he unclasped my bra, he ripped it off in a fast pace. And started kissing me more hungry and now with my chest completely bare. We were kissing like that for a moment but then I hear camera click. I looked at that direction and It was Liam’s hand holding a phone now with picture with him and me with my naked breasts.

“What are you doing?” I asked shocked and push him away, taking my shirt and putting it on.

“Victoria, its just for me. I want to remember this.” He answered blankly. But I wasn’t so convinced.

“I don’t like that” I exclaim. Why would he take picture like that.

“Okay ill delete it. ” he said. And after a moment he showed me that there was no picture. “Don’t be mad” he said to me.

“Its okay” I sigh. Was it really okay? It made me feel awful “just don’t do it again”

Somebody kept texting him. “Whose that?” I asked now looking at him finally dressed.

“Oh um its my mom. Her car broke down. I need to pick her up now.” He said.

I just got my bag from the couch. And we went downstairs. We exit the house and without looking at him I start walking away. “Victoria” he calls out my name and of course I turn to him. “I am so sorry” he said with guilt in his eyes. He looked ... he looked like his eyes were watery. Maybe its just my imagination. After that he drove of in his car.

Its was just a picture. Right. He deleted it so why was he so sorry and guilty looking.

I didn’t know what to do now, and for the first time I wasn’t feeling like going home.

I called one person I wanted to talk to “hey. Riley”


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