Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 7 <I think he likes you>

Me and Riley decided to meet up at her house. I took a bus to get to the place Riley texted me. It was only seven minute drive, but as I was walking from the bus stop to Riley’s house I noticed that I have never been in this side of town. I assume it’s because it’s the rich neighborhood and none of my friends were actually rich.

I was walking and one after another I passed beautiful houses until I stopped at my destination and it was big white house with red roof but right next to gate there was two huge trees almost as if hiding the house.

walking further I noticed that This house wasn’t like all the others. It was very beautiful, but it wasn’t as elegant and expensive looking. The white paint was slowly faded and places it looked more gray. But still somehow this house seemed more beautiful to me than all the others. Like something from a fairy tail, or scary story at the same time. This house looked like some old and rich widow lived in there alone who still after five years of husbands death wore black and hated every one of her neighbors.

I slowly reached my hand to knocked on the big wooden door. And not long after a man in a stripped, orange and green cardigan opened door. He had beard and his hair was put up in a bun. His cardigan almost reached his ankles and he also had two ring piercings in his eyebrow. Riley’s dad didn’t look anything like I expected, I thought he would be more serious looking.

“Um... hello. You must be Mr. Hastings. I’m Victoria and I’m here to meet Riley. ” I explain, and he eyed me up and down like trying to figure out something.

“Hm ... please call me Edward. And come in. Any Riley’s friend is welcome here.” He said and finally he didn’t look so cold rather more welcoming. ” Riley is in the living room. Follow me” he said and started walking with me following.

This was very strange home. There was a lot of colorful paintings on the walls, some with naked people. And there were weird art pieces everywhere and a lot of plants all around, on the walls, on the tables and shelfs.

Every home has a different smell, you just never know what your house smells like. Riley’s house smelled like nature and wood. Probably because of all those plants.

We entered the living room which was only few steps away from front door and there was Riley watering some plants. Riley wasn’t in her normal school clothes. She was wearing white oversized tshirt and black shorts with knee lenght socks. And her hair was put in a messy ponytail.

“Riley. Victoria is here” Edward warned Riley and her eyes shoot right at me.

“Hey. Did you had any trouble finding this house?” She asks me, setting down her water can.

“No. Not at all” I say.

Edward lets out a huge sigh. “Victoria please feel like home. There is food in the kitchen don’t be shy and take whatever, and feel free to explore the house.” He says and I just nod at him with smile on my face.

“Oh and Riley. Don’t scare this one away” he says smiling and leaves.

I take a seat on the couch next to Riley. ” what did he mean by that?” I question that.

“Its not a secret I don’t have many friends and have rarely visitors at house.” She explains. “But lets get straight to the point” she says and turns towards me. “Why are you here?” That took me by surprise.

“Um didn’t you want to hang out? I just thought that maybe since you asked me earlier that that offer was still up and then I called you and you said it was fine so I thought I would come over. But if you don’t have time right now. ” Riley cuts me off with a chuckle.

“You are rambling. Don’t be dumb I want you here. It’s the question if you want to be here. Because I am pretty sure you were acting very distant with me and I don’t want push this friendship if you don’t want it.” She explained calmly.

I looked down on my hands. “Yea. Sorry about that weird acting.” It wasn’t my weird acting I always was like that...

“No don’t be. I get that it takes time for you to warm up to people. I am not rushing anything.” She explained with warm smile. She actually understood. “Hey I don’t know your story, but my theory is that you have been let down before for trusting easily.” She says raising her hands in surrender. “Its just a theory.”

I don’t why I was so difficult. Maybe it was because my mom gave up on me, on us. And maybe its because I lost Veronica, my closest person in whole universe.

“So tell me what’s up?” She asked me and took my hand in her. This felt safe. I don’t know why but she made me want to talk to her.

“Its just. I had a date with this guy. And it didn’t turn out like I was expecting.” I didn’t want to elaborate more on that situation or say his name. What if I’m just overreacting.

From the corner of the room a women spoke, she had mesmerizing blue eyes. And raven black hair. I’m assuming it was Riley’s mom. “Let me teach you something” she said and leaned on the door frame. “Never settle down for a guy who crushes all your expectations and makes you feel like you need to except what you have, just because its right in front of you.” “You are young, but you better find one guy who makes you feel like you deserve the world rather than a boy who doesn’t appreciate what he has.” She said and just before a tear could escape my eye a door bell rang. And Riley’s mom went to open the door.

“Your mom is pretty great.” I say and mean it. I just wish I had a mother like that.

“Bold of you to assume she’s my mom” she says in all seriousness.

“Oh..I’m sorry I just thought...” I was about to explain myself but Riley couldn’t hold her laugh in and it made me roll my eyes as she got up from the couch and went to the door.

She stood in the door frame and looked at outside door. I assume at whoever is at the door.

“You usually don’t visit. So on what do we owe this great gesture” she says and jokingly bows down looking at the door, but I didn’t see the other person.

“I’m not visiting. Juliet wanted me to to bring you that plant you asked for.” The person said and I knew that voice, that raspy, husky voice.

Riley got excited, almost jumping. Didn’t she like already have every plant in this town. and I heard the persons footsteps getting closer.

Riley got out of the door frame. And Aaron entered living room. His eyes fixated on me while he handed Riley small box.

“She’s my friend. Be nice.” Riley exclaimed. “Victoria. Aaron’s family is our family’s close friends. ” Riley explained to me.” something about our parents high school friendship.” Well that was quite unexpected. So did that mean Riley and Aaron are friends?

“Since you two are friends. Maybe you can put some sense in Victoria’s mind” Aaron said and even Riley furrowed her eyebrows not understanding Aaron.

I have not said anything to him. Yet he still acts like a total asshole. Like seriously. This made me furious.

I stood up and took a few steps closer “why do you hate me so much?” I ask him boldly. For some strange reason when Riley was around Aaron it made me feel more confident. If Aaron and Riley are friends or at least know each other, he will not do anything to me in front of Riley. Right?

Riley spoke “uhhhh this is going to be interesting.” She says amused and takes a seat on a chair few steps back.

Aaron clenches his jaw. God I hated that he did that. It was a sign that he is angry. “I don’t particularly hate you. I just think your taste in guys is extremely awful and that you should do something about it.” He will never drop this subject will he.

“My taste in guys does not bother you.” I say to him through gritted teeth.

And again Riley spoke. “Okay I need popcorn. This is quit interesting.” she mocked us and I rolled my eyes at her and instantly she whipped her smirk away, but still was fighting it.

“It doesn’t but I just can’t help to feel so irritated of oblivious people” he said to me almost boring holes in my face with his gaze.

Riley was so enjoying this. Right now. As she was getting more comfortable in her chair, and still with that stupid smirk of hers..

“So you think I’m oblivious?” I ask him.

“Not only oblivious but also naive and stupid” he says to me. And it triggered me.

“You know what. Fuck you. And fuck what you think. Your opinion is irrelevant to me.” I lashed out on him. Which made him smirk. OHH GOD. I hated that. Nothing I said affected him so why should I listen to his opinions.

He took a step closer and half whispered now in all seriousness. ” I warned you. Just remember my words when he shows his true colors.” He said and turned to leave.

“What evidence on him do you have?” I ask him which made him stop in his tracks and look at me.

“I have none.” He said.

“Then what are you trying to do?” I ask him

“You were questioning if I have evidence. That’s a start” he smirked and left.

Riley was looking in the distance and thought something in her head.

“What?” I spat at her.

“I think he likes you”...

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