Friendship, Love and Hate

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Chapter 9 <Hate towards each other>

I had texted Riley to ask Aarons address. And with condition that we hang out after she gave it to me. Although she did question me but its not like its a secret so I did tell her why I needed it. But of course Riley got a little too excited. Because well apparently me and Aaron have ‘a spark’ as she says. Well if by spark she means flaming hate towards each other than yes. We have a spark.

It took me half an hour by walking and about dozen suspicious dudes to get there, because if wanted to get there faster I needed to make some shortcuts, and this shortcut was sketchy. With bunch of stray cats, catcalls, smell of junk.

This place was opposite to where I lived from school, so it will be hell of a long way home.

Getting to my destination there is a fancy house. It wasn’t like in the rich side of the town it was somehow better it felt cozy in a way. The house was smaller, still big but just a little smaller. but it looked more modern than those other ones. Why everyone had such nice houses!...

I didn’t step into the front yard just yet. I didn’t want to do this. Really. Shit! what am I doing. I can just tell Riley to bring it to him that would make much more sense. Besides I don’t really know if he wants to see me... maybe he isn’t that mad? I walked few steps into the front yard past the gates which were open by the way. I still need to say ‘thank you’. Right? I can’t just act like nothing happened. But on the other hand..

Nope. I can’t do this. I turned around and almost walked into a wall just few inches apart. Wait where did this wall come from. Oh did I think wall. No fucking shit... it was Aaron fricking Jones. still wearing all black. Does he own any other colors?. Okay that besides the point.

I quickly step back from him because this made me too uncomfortable.

My heart was beating like crazy. Out of surprise I just blurt out very stupid question “what are you doing here?” I say quickly and soon after I realize what I said.

“Looking for intruders” He answers crossing his arms “And you?”

“What me?” I was confused but then it hit me. Why do I have to be so dumb. “Oh yea. Amm I. Just.” I stuttered, after noticing the stutter I stop myself and take a deep breath and get my sense back. ” Teacher asked me to give you these paper works so you can study. You know since you are suspended. Because of me. And I’m so sorry.” I say as fast as possible and avoiding eye contact. I give him the folder and walk past him. To get out of this, But I stopped and clenched my eyes shut taking a deep breath out of defeat.

I turned around and he was already staring at me. This time with my eyes focused on his “thank you.” I manage to say and not sound like a total dumbass.

He just nods. “Try not to get into those kind of situations.” He explainned shifting folder in his hands. ” At least when I’m not there. ” he said back... I nodded and turned away to leave but once again I stopped.

“Are you mad at me? Yea I know that you don’t like me but are you mad at me for suspension?” Wow Victoria where did all that confidence come from? Actually asking a decent question. Wow. Shocker...

He looked in the distance like thinking for a moment. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” I felt like he wanted to say more but didn’t, just the way he said it, like the sentence needed to continue.

“But you are now suspended” I tried to reason “and if I wouldn’t have talked back to him. None of this would be happening.” Recalling what Nora said. I say but some kind of thought got into my mind.” But also you know you shouldn’t have gotten in that situation.” I face palm myself. What kind of thank you was that Victoria. Geez. I shook my head “what I mean is. You could have just not get involved. Its not like you had to do that. But Thank you. I appreciate what you did.”

Aaron took few steps closer. “You did nothing wrong Victoria. You defended your friend and you stood up for what you believe in. And you should never feel like its better to stay quiet than to speak up. Nobody should feel like that. And if I can prevent you from getting hit why wouldn’t I do that?” He said but before I had the time to answer he turned to his house direction.

“You know. You don’t actually need to be my body guard.” At this he returned to me. “If I would have gotten the hit. Its not like it would be such a big deal, he was just going to slap me it would only maybe leave a red mark and nothing more” I mean if Nora went through the hits, why would it be such a big deal. Its not like one slap would kill me. Maybe that would teach me to think before I speak or do anything, in that matter.

Aaron lets out a mocking smirk before landing his eyes on mine “its not about how bad the damage would have been . Its about the fact that he would actually hit a women. Do you think its okay?” he questioned.

“I mean but he was angry and i..i” Aaron cut me off before I could finish my statement.

He now was furious with me and screamed the next part “it doesn’t matter Victoria. He was going to hurt you because he was angry and that is not normal. That’s an abuse.” It made me flinch and say words I wouldn’t want to say.

“And you screaming at me isn’t?” I question but of course I didn’t think that.

Aaron looked like he regretted screaming at me.

I felt guilty now “I’m sorry”

And it was now my time to leave. Why can’t we for once have a normal conversation. You know where we actually don’t scream at each other.

So now I know that Aaron wasn’t angry at me for the suspension. for other things maybe but not for suspension. That means one problem less. But next one right in the place, Aaron is probably now pissed at me because I couldn’t even say a proper thank you.

But Now the biggest one yet. Liam. I tried to text him two more times today but I didn’t want to bother him and he blocked me. Maybe it has something to do with his mom? He did leave me yesterday to go get his mom. Maybe something bad happened. But still why block me?

I still had to meet up with Riley now. But she suggested we go shopping together because Riley needs a dress for uncles wedding. Normally I wouldn’t want to go shopping but with Riley I felt different, like better.

Me and Riley met at the malls entrance. She was wearing a burgundy red pants, heal boots, white tshirt her embroidery star backpack and black cardigan. What with this family and cardigans..

“Hi” Riley says beside me and we start walking. “How did it go at Aarons? I was expecting your text later.” She says and dodged my shoulder winking which made me roll my eyes.

I sighted” it was like usual, he can never have a decent conversation with me.”

“You know. He isn’t as bad as he makes himself to be. His life has just been...” Riley looked for the right words.” complicated as a child” she explains.

He had a complicated childhood “complicated how.?” I ask.

We entered some store and she hesitated to answer “I don’t want to tell you because I don’t think he would appreciate if I told you. Or anyone. Lets just say his family is a little messed up. His real family, he now lives with his uncle Benjamin and his wife. That’s all I can say”

I didn’t want to question her further because secret is a secret. And I hold a special place in my heart for secrets and promises.

“But just trust me when I say he is a good guy” Riley said but it did seem kind of strange, I mean him being a good guy...

It didn’t took us long time before Riley found a dress, it was a skater girl type of dress, it was light blue and it looks amazing with he her neon end blue hair.

After that we sat down at food court. Riley got herself cappuccino but I got tea. I never liked coffee, I don’t like any coffee drinks, but I love the smell of coffee, is that weird? I don’t know.

“So what’s new in the love life of yours?” Riley asked me.

I looked at my cup in my hands “am the boy I was seeing.. he isn’t answering me on phone, he actually blocked me. And he wasn’t at school today. So that sucks.” I say making small chuckle at the end. But still not making eye contact.

“He ghosted you.” Riley stated. “Oh but I am sure he has some good explanation”. She said and I hope he does. I really do. I sipped my berry tea when my name got called from behind. “Tori” I looked back and it was Layla with expression I couldn’t quit read, something between hurt and furious, and there was also Nora and Simon.

“Hey” I say to them.

“You didn’t want to hang out with us, but now you are here? ” Layla questioned me. And I saw that Nora tried to calm her down by taking her hand and whispering something to her.

“No I will not drop this Nora. Victoria ditched us to hang out with...” Layla said and eyed Riley up and down. I didn’t like how she looked at Riley, she was judging her. “With her” she spat the last part.

Now finally Simon joined in “its not that big of a deal. She doesn’t need to hang out with us all the time. She hangs out with us at school.” Simon defended me which made Layla back away. “Whatever” she said and walked away.

And then Nora “I’m sorry” she said and somehow I knew she wasn’t talking about Layla’s behavior. Rather our talk earlier, I flash her a warm smile to let her know I understood that sorry and she does the same before leaving.

Simon was still left “our movie starts in five, so” he showed us peace sing “duses”

I looked at Riley “sorry bout that” I apologize.

“They don’t like me huh?” She asked.

" I don’t know about Simon and Nora but Layla kind of hates everyone” I explain. But soon after I got a text from Cameron.

Cameron: don’t ask. Its better if you come home now. Trust me.

I’m serious.


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