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This book is an inspiration from a real life incident that happened to me when i was on my summer vacation destination. I've always read romance novels but this was the first time when it came to reality and I could feel the power of love at first sight . It was just unexplainable . Although I could not go up to the person and pour my heart out and tell him how I felt , but I wanted to compose a full fledged book on how it could have gone , if i would have just said a word. It might not be a really big deal to most of you , but it was something magical for me . So in a nutshell , this is a fiction . You are free to add many more scenes to your imaginations as it has no boundaries and that is the power of human mind . ITS LIMITLESS !!!!! Hope you have a great time reading this . xoxo

Romance / Fantasy
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(Hey reader! Greetings !This is my first ever story and is a true incident but narrated in a fictional manner .Many incidents have been added by me ,hence it is fictional.I hope you all love it .Kindly like and comment!!❤)

As the family reached the resort after a long tiring day of travelling ,they were welcomed warmly by the hotel staff.They were guided towards the reception.

As the two daughters and their mother waited in the hallway ,the younger daughter saw a boy but didn’t feel much attracted to him .He was the son of the manager and was a part of the live music band in the dinning hall.

As the two daughters entered the dinning hall before their parents ,they rushed to find a table.
Debbie ,the younger one had an eye contact with a boy who seemed to be almost her age while searching for the table. But she didn’t pay much attention towards him.

The girls got their dinner and enjoyed the live music .Soon the parents too joined them.
“How beautifully sung songs”,said their mother,kathie .
The sisters debbie and natalie snapchatted the entire scene .

Dinner was almost finished, when debbie saw the same guy she had had an eye contact with while entering .He stood at the entrance of the dinning hall talking to his mother. And as natalie saw him,he seemed just perfect to her.
“Get yourself a boy like him. He is super cute. You two would look perfect together.”said natalie to debbie ,in a possessive way .
A bonfire had been set up after dinner for the people staying there , on the extended land owned by the resort ,under the star-lit sky.

The family sat near the bonfire with the other families .Debbie was just casually sitting and was bored .She suddenly spotted the same boy and his family walking towards the bonfire. Her eyes found him even in the dark .Debbie was drooling when he came closer .She adjusted herself thinking that he would come and sit next to her but it didn’t happen .

She already had the whole thing planned in her head . She had the entire conversation going on internally as she was lost in her own world , how she would initiate the talk and get to know him slowly and steadily . Debbie was totally in love with that face which was glowing in the dark and which she could recognize in the snap of a finger because of his sharp and aesthetically beautiful features.

Debbie was caught off guard by his engaging features. She was brought back to reality by Natalie who was shaking her . When Debbie realised her surroundings, she could see the whole crowd looking at her including ’The Man.” She turned red with embarrassment adding onto the redness caused by the cold weather .

It was a chilly,windy and a pretty cold night .So kathie advised the children to go and relax in their tent as the next day was supposed to be an early start.So debbie very reluctantly entered the tent .But her mind was somewhere else .She had those pangs of adrenaline rush through each and every vein of her body .She was all cold but sat outside the tent to wait for her first true love and to make sure where he was accommodated. Natalie saw this and was completely annoyed .They had travelled a lot that day and everyone was tired .“You better get in ,get freshened up,get changed and sleep” , said natalie .Again very unwillingly debbie dragged herself inside .Soon they warmed themselves up under the thick layers of various blankets but still debbie couldn’t forget him.Finally ,somehow she diverted her mind and slept.The next morning despite of sleeping late at night ,debbie was the first one to get up .She went outside the tent and sat there , soaking in the morning sun listening to her favourite music.She couldn’t wait to see him again that morning before leaving the resort because they were leaving quite early .She threw up on a pair of denims and a sweatshirt, made her hair and went for the breakfast buffet with natalie.He was nowhere till they got finished with their breakfast .Then they went out to the open ground where the bonfire took place the previous night .Natalie and debbie played football .There cab was a bit late.Debbie was more than happy as she got more time to wait for him to come.

Soon there cab arrived and they had to leave. Debbie was not ready to leave that place .She looked everywhere but he was nowhere in sight.With a heavy heart she left the resort.They left for the airport but debbie had her mind stuck at him.She just wanted to find him.When they got back home ,something kept troubling debbie always .They were the intense feelings.
I am sure you get those feelings .Everyone has faced them during their teenage years ,and I am sure later or sooner evryone will.That adrenaline rush ,pangs of hunger or sometimes over-eating,the butterflies in your stomach .That’s what debbie was going through whenever she remembered every single moment spent that night .And it gave her goosebumps and made her want to go back .She told it to her sister ,then her best friends at school .All of them prayed that one day she would surely meet him.She had fantasies about him and imagined them everyday in her mind .She didn’t sleep at night ,just imagining him to be lying next to her ,caressing her cheek slightly.

Debbie couldn’t study , she couldn’t concentrate. Her only wish was to go back .
Everyday she told her friend her wildest fantasies, her thoughts , her feelings. She couldn’t control them.
One of her fantasies was really Intense.She was so affected because it was her first crush and she was very young to understand the difference between infatuation and true love.
One of her fantasies didn’t let her sleep all night.She couldn’t even close her eyes .


Author’s pov:

“Hey !where are you from ?” Said daniel.

“I am originally from Paris, but I was born and brought up in the U.K. What about you?”

“What a coincidence!I was born and brought up in London. “He says in a totally excited tone.

“So what do you do?” Both of them say at the same time .

“You first!!!” Debbie says.

“Alright.I am in the final year of my high school and off I go to university in the next 6 months.“He explains.

“Oh I see! By the way I am in 11th grade.Still 2 years to reach up there.” Debbie says .

As they initiate their talk further during the bonfire ,both of their families see them and leave the bonfire telling them to enjoy the night and appreciating for making new friends (their parents are totally normal with it in debbie’s fantasy which is not true in reality.)

Soon the whole place gets empty and both of them are left chatting there under the beautiful starlit sky.
There is a pause in their conversation.And both of them are awestruck on seeing the beautiful sky and the surroundings.They kept staring at the sky and suddenly they had a moment .Both of them felt a strong force of attraction and closeness and they came closer.
“May I ?” asked Daniel before kissing debbie.
She didn’t say anything but pushed herself onto Daniel kissing him with calmness and patience .
That was Debbie’s first ever kiss (bammmmm)

*Debbie was happy that she was no more a kiss virgin at least *

Daniel gently placed his hands on her waists.

Debbie was wearing a crop top and a jacket over it.Her soft hair were left open reaching down halfway through her spine.
So Daniel opened up the buttons of her jacket and then placed his hand on the bare skin of her waist .

He her close to his body. She came closer and effortlessly locked her legs behind his back ,sitting on his lap,not breaking the kiss .Both of then were so engrossed into each other that they had no idea when the hotel staff came and cleaned the bonfire place getting it ready for the next day.
Soon both of them halted and smiled at each other and Daniel kissed debbie on the skin beneath her ear.She breathed heavily in his hair, grabbing them gently and moving her hands through them.

She then held him by his neck and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead,followed by his nose and finally lips.
They hugged each other tightly as if they would never let each other go.
Daniel whispered into debbie’s ear, ” where have you been all this while sweetheart?”
“Been waiting since a long time for you precious.”
Then debbie gets up fron his lap and sits on in between his legs and stretches her legs out.
He holds her tightly from behind kissing her all the Time.As they get up from near the bonfire ,both of their hearts are pounding .Debbie is almost dizzy and holding onto herself with real difficulty !!

As she got off his lap ,he got up and held her hand tight .Both of them unknowingly started walking in the same direction .Finally they reached debbie’s tent .Both of them stopped but couldn’t get their eyes off each other .

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