The Devil's Sweetheaert

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A near-death experience made her fall into pits of despair and received a fatal blow when it was revealed she may not walk again. But none could deter her spirits in raising against the odds. She sought for alternatives after alternatives and turned her pain into a smile. Five years, stardom followed Leena Hayes, she grew up to a renowned model, an entrepreneur, capsized her own company from scratch. She has achieved eminence in five years. Instead of choosing her revenge on the people who caused her dire state, she chose the path of redemption. Wang Devin, his name itself would turn the world into a frenzy, a rare mystique. A model turned business tycoon, his wealth knew no abundance, his power knew no boundaries. Handsome, sharp-tongued. His razor-sharp tongue-tied with the encounter of dazzling Leena and fell for her topsy-turvy. Will he able to ignite the sparks in her heart? Their Passion "I love how your breath pauses when I put my __" She blushed and hit his shoulder even before he could proceed further. Despite she loved his dirty side, she would never admit it to this shameless man. "Where did you throw your gentleman image, Mr.Adonis." Pulling him by his shirt, she nibbled his jaw. "Trust me, sweetheart, I am still a gentleman with the real dirty mind, only for you."His raspy seductive whispers were enough to run jitters around her spine

Romance / Humor
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The world made her fall but she rose even more bea

Lightning flashed across the sky.

Thunder cracked with a loud rumble against the chilly winds terrifying the whole city. Animals trembled under the ferocious storm masking for shelter beneath the trees. The clouds wailed shedding tears of rainy beads while the gentle pitter-patter rain droplets turned into heavy thuds as if thrashing a hail of bullets into the mother earth.

Amidst the chaos, a young girl tumbled and slipped from a high-end cliff, the trees and branches thrashing her along the way perpetually. The happy-looking face once filled with warmth muddled with fear. The trees gave away halfway down the cliff and before she knew it, she hurled over the rocks. Her body ached in pain with each hit and when she thought it would be over, she was thrashed by another. She felt powerless and wailed in agony with the continuous hitting of rocks and trees. She wished this torture would end once for all until the cliff turned steeper again. Her loud cries reverberated into the sky when she was hit by another massive stone. She was grasping the weak thread of life and death, she strived to wake up but the monster inside her forced controlled her weak struggles. Finally, she let herself carried away for she has nothing to lose when she is about to knock on the graveyard doors.

"Make sure she would end up in the hospital. Killing her gives me no sense of satisfaction. I want her crippled for a lifetime". The shrill voice of the person drummed into her ears while she slid from the cliff. She shuddered with fear but she was in no state to worry about it when she was holding the rope of life and death.

'Did they hate me to the point of cutting my wings'?

'Is this the end of my life?' Her voice tremored in fear with each word she muttered.

If there is a rebirth she wanted to start where she was before and change the ending so as not to meet that person. Unfortunately, there is no such bizarre thing, life has to move on.

Gods have listened to her plea finally and the girl collapsed and passed out.

Leena jerked from her nightmare sweating all over her body. The nightmare felt so real, she could sense tears rolling down her cheeks. She clutched her chest in desperation to calm down her heart.

"It's ok. It happened long ago", Leena tried to control the thought but her breath hitched and she gasped for air taking deep breaths to calm down her raging heart. She could still sense dizziness after she woke up from that dreadful nightmare and felt like she went on a roller coaster ride down the hill. The dream felt so real, she struggled to distinguish the reality from her nightmare.

It's been five years. Still, she couldn't forget that terrifying night. She wished it was a nightmare and wake up to see the happy girl whose only worry on the day was to either eat an apple or a banana, but reality hit her hard. She wished she could forget her painful memories and the person who caused it but she couldn't. Things end, but memories last forever.

5 years back, Leena Hayes fell down from a 70 feet cliff. The fatal accident made her survived from injuries but she could not feel her right leg and arm. The near-death experience had the doctors tell she may not walk again.

The loss of something important to her on that dreadful night made her grieve in pain. To further add spice to her wounds, the doctors revealed she may not walk again. Leena felt like someone has ripped her heart taking her soul away when she heard those words.

What is the use of her being alive when she has to depend on others for a lifetime? Where did it go wrong? Loving him was the sin she committed?

She cried countless nights. Her anger and emotions all flared up at once, Leena lost the urge to live but she held back. There is something in her belief not to give up. She wanted to walk again and move from the darkness and show the world of her loss.

And she did it.

She wiped her own tears, tend to her wounds, guarded her broken heart. At the difficult times, she found her comfort through yoga to divert from her pain and fight her inner demons. She dived herself deep into practice for years. Bit by bit, she put herself together, walked again, and gave herself a second chance. There was a point in time she wished to get revenge on the one who pushed her into this state. But she questioned herself, Does my revenge can bring back the years of agony and the pain I suffered?


Instead, she chooses the path of redemption.

Just like that Leena flew. She climbed the ladders of success and grew up to a successful top model, a renowned fitness trainer. At the young age of 25, She modeled for countless brands, trained celebrities for fitness like a piece of cake, and established her own company. She achieved a remarkable position in a span of 5 years. Every celebrity in New York City has to reach Leena Hayes for her outstanding training capabilities. She did not achieve stardom overnight. The strong woman she is now was once a broken girl and there is no turning back now.

Leena Hayes is the brand.

Leena Hayes has created her own story.

The world made her fall but she rose even more beautiful.
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