With Hands to Hold

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After both girls were all cried out, they sat together on the bed as the girls caught each other up on all that had occurred.

They told each other everything from the moment they had been separated until they had been reunited, sparing no details. Spiraea told her all about staying with Vincent, about her room, and (with a blush) even about the night they slept cuddled together on the sofa.

Marianne hadn’t seen her friend so animated before. It was obvious she felt some kind of confliction when it came to Alpha Vincent, but Marianne had no doubt that she would eventually figure it out. Regardless of how strange she felt, Marianne was just glad that her friend seemed so full of life- it was a blessing to see the younger girl in such a way, especially after the hard life she had been subjected to.

After Spiraea had spoken, Marianne began her story. Spiraea was more than surprised to find out that Marianne had also found a mate; the man who she arrived with. His name was Jaxon and he had been mate less for nine years- one year less than Vincent.

Of course, the men were sitting in the room and could hear every word of the conversation shared between their mates, despite the girls’ best efforts to talk in hushed whispers. At the mention of Jaxon, Vincent decided that it would be an opportune moment for Spiraea to be introduced to him as well as his Beta.

“Spiraea, would you like to meet Marianne's mate?” Vincent interrupted gently, trying not to make it obvious that they were listening in on the conversation.

The girl in question looked between her friend and her mate; she trusted that they wouldn’t put her in a position that would make her unsafe. Even though she was nervous, she still gave her friend a shy smile and a small nod.

“Dude, you’re introducing him first?” The other man whined childishly with a pout.

He was a few inches shorter than the other man, and Vincent too, but only by a couple inches or so. He also stood out with light blue eyes and even lighter hair- if he wasn’t a beast, the girl might’ve thought he was an angel.

Vincent rolled his eyes, thought the action only made the man complain even more. “Oh come on! I’m your beta!!”

“Just wait two minutes.” Vincent rolled his eyes playfully, “She’ll meet you both.”

Vincent turned back to Spiraea and gave her a small smile, taking her hand gently in his. She looked at their joined hands where his fingers brushed against hers but she didn’t pull away.

The other man, who had been silent- shorter than both Vincent and the other whiner- had brown hair and brown hooded eyes. He had quite pale skin, and a softness to his features but somehow it didn’t take away from how intimidating he was. He also stepped forward. He put a comforting hand on Marianne's shoulder; the girl in question leaning into his embrace.

“Rae, this is Jaxon.” Marianne smiled, resting her hand on top of his that sat on her shoulder. “He’s my mate.”

“And my Gamma,” Vincent added gently as he continued his gentle strokes against her fingers.

Spiraea furrowed her brows; she didn’t exactly know the role of the Gamma but she did know they were often violent. She wondered how her friend could feel so comfortable with such a horrible man.

Perhaps he was like the Alpha Vincent- nice behind closed doors, and not like the ones they had met before.

She didn’t really know, and she was scared but nonetheless she would stick by her friend. With a small, brave smile, she looked over to the man in question acknowledging him with a nod.

“Nice to meet you.” Her voice was quiet, and her fear was discernible, but she did her best to keep a strong face and tone.

The men about her were incredibly proud of her display, thought frightened she found courage- it was a quality of a good Luna. Even Marianne found it admiral, she had no doubt that being with Vincent and his pack would only make her friend stronger

Vincent was most proud of his little flower. He saw great potential in her to bloom, not only as a Luna but simply in her everyday life. She was a lot stronger than she had been led to believe and he would take much pleasure in showing her that.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Jaxon bowed reverently. A small smile tugged at his lips, though Spiraea could sense nothing malicious from it it was just a genuine joy for him to meet her. She didn’t really understand why but she figured it would have to do with her being Vincents mate.

The other man, who was growing increasingly impatient, stepped forward. He lightly pushed past Vincent and Jaxon, the action irked Spiraea slightly though she didn’t understand why. Any annoyance however quickly left her once Vincent let out a quiet growl.

The man in question ignored it, though it was seemed a little odd so see him defiant to his Alpha, especially considering he was a whole 4 inches shorter than Vincent. He stuck his hand out to his small Luna, a bright smile transforming his entire face.

“I’m Fletcher, the Beta.” His tome was chirpy, and Spiraea couldn’t help but smile. Vincent couldn’t help but be a tad bit jealous. He wanted to make her smile, to be the reason for her happiness. He was right in assuming that her smile was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen- goddess he was so lucky. “See I made her smile! If Alpha here ever gives you any trouble, you come find me and I’ll sort him right out.”

Vincent let out an involuntary snort, the thought alone preposterous and a source of entertainment. The main reason being, he would never do anything to hurt Spiraea; though the though of Fletcher trying to take him on was a close second in amusement.

“Nice to meet you,” Spiraea nodded and after a moments hesitation she placed her palm in Fletchers open one for a quick handshake.

“You’ve got a strong handshake,” Fletcher mused, though really it felt like he was holding a flower in his grasp. Nonetheless there was something about her that he could sense a strength within her. “For a human anyway... You’ll make a good Luna.”

The girl blushed lightly, pulling away from the beta and hiding behind her hair. Her cheeks heated as she grew more and more uncomfortable under all the eyes in the room.

“Okay, I think that’s enough excitement for one day.” Vincent drew away the attention from his mate sensing her growing discomfort. He made a quick gesture to his Beta and Gamma with a pointed finger.

“I need to talk to those two,” He turned to Spiraea with a soft expression. “Why don’t you get some more rest, I’m sure Marianne would be happy to keep you company.”

Spiraea nodded and slid back into bed Marianne moved over to the seat beside her, the two chatting animatedly.

The three men left the room, stopping to discuss quietly in the empty hallway. Vincents face, since leaving the space with his mate, had adopted a harsh look. Brows heavy set, jaw terse with a gaze that could send any man up in flames with a single look.

“What’s the situation, Alpha?” Fletcher asked, eyes alert. Any of the playfulness that he had before had completely vanished as his beast took on its role as a Beta.

“Talks are beginning to break down, it was gallant of Adam to try to smooth things out peacefully but it’s obvious that Damien wants a war.” Vincent spoke, his tone hardened with a calculated thoughtfulness.

It was beyond frustrating for him, he did not want to deal with a volatile situation as such- he wanted to focus on his mate. They had so much to work through together, a relationship yet to build, the last thing he needs was for any sort of war to come between them.

“Already? I thought the effort would’ve lasted longer.” Jaxon muttered. “At least long enough to plan and execute effective measures against him.”

“Your tactical thinking is flawless, I trust in your capabilities.” Vincent assured his Gamma sincerely, his hand clasping the other man’s shoulder in a macho display of comfort. “Our pack is trained and we have allies that will stand beside us if need be. I would hope that things do not turn to war, but we must be prepared.”

“What do you need us to do Alpha?”

“Fletcher, I want you to start reaching out to other packs. If a war does emerge then we must have our allies close by.” Vincent knew that his allies were plentiful, if Damien knew the forces he stood against then surely he would not risk his pack.

“Jaxon I want you to start planning tactics, let’s pray to the Goddess that we won’t need them but it never hurts to be prepared.”

The three men stood a moment in silence, the threat of the unknown hanging above them. But there was also something more.

“Alpha, if our pack is to unite as a solid force, then we will need our Luna.” Fletcher interjected softly.

He knew how delicate the woman was and how much the human could affect his Alpha. Nonetheless it had to be said, and he might’ve been the only one brave enough to say- it was exactly why he was the Beta.

“I know,” was all that Vincent could reply. He had so many worries and doubts when it came to his mate, but he would not dare let any of them show.

It was a Luna’s job to provide emotional support and unity within the pack, but as things stood Vincent worried that Spiraea would struggle under the weight of such a role. She would be in charge of being his council, but if she couldn’t trust him or their bond there was no way that she would ever be able to support him.

To give her all that pressure with the added stress of a brewing conflict, she could completely shatter. If that was the case, then they might never be the mates they ought to be.

He knew eventually he would have to tell her what her role would be, and he would also have to introduce her to the pack.

There would be no rushing. Her health came first, and once she was well enough she would meet his family then his pack. His parents would love her.

Forming tight knit bonds would help her through the struggle of becoming Luna, it had helped him as an Alpha. He knew she had it in her, otherwise she would not have been made to be his.

Everything would work itself out, he had that much faith. They had found each other by a stroke of fate, perhaps then fate was on their side. Regardless of which Vincent knew he would fight all the demons in the darkest pits of hell if it meant he would keep her by his side.

He had known it the moment he saw her. It was in that moment that suddenly it wasn’t gravity holding him to the earth it was her. He had felt the world in motion around him, and it was revolving around her.

He had found in her peace and gentleness, but what he was most looking forward to, was seeing her find her wild.

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