With Hands to Hold

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Vincent was frustrated. The Alpha male felt trapped between a rock and a hard place- ever since he had come to his friends pack- Alpha Adam Wayne- he had felt as if he had been challenged more than usual. First he had to come to terms with the fact that his mate might be one of his best friends newly found mate, the human woman Leora, and now Adam couldn’t even give him solid confirmation on whether he would be able to help his pack!

It was almost too much to cope with, a part of him was determined but he also felt that it was his duty as an Alpha and a friend to tell both Adam and Leora of his suspicions when it concerned her as his mate too. It was something he wanted to avoid as much as he could, not wanting to ruin his friendship with Adam, but he didn’t know what else to do.

It had never been heard before- of two males having to share a mate. It went against most of what wolves were taught. There was even a tragic tale of such an occasion that explained why it was never to happen!

He could only suppose that if it were truly the case that he had incurred the wrath of the Goddess somehow... But the problem was that he couldn’t think what he had done to anger the Goddess so as to cause such punishment.

He was a good Alpha, cared for his pack and did what he deemed just and fair. Sure, he had one hell of a temper, but he was getting better at controlling it and his Beta was always there to remind him of the most rational course of action.

“Can’t you convince her?” His voice came out a tad more gruff and desperate that he had intended.

“I can’t coerce her. I’m too close to the decision to give her advice, it wouldn’t be fair.” Adam told him both calmly and with steel resolve.

It was rather frustrating, but Vincent knew that Adam was right. He always admired how honest and ethical he was, always thinking with his head before his heart- or like Vincent, his fists. It would be dishonest on his part to try to sway his decision, and as a man who prided himself on his integrity Vincent had no intention of trying to swindle his friend. He let out a small sigh, a newfound tiredness setting over his features.

Perhaps there was another way that they could deal with the situation facing them. He was about to speak once again but the door opened to reveal none other than Leora and the scent that had been plaguing him close by her.

He was alarmed when he notice two more human girls trailing behind her, and instantly cursed at his folly when his attention was instantly caught by one of the girls who entered the room. The first girl was tall and visibly older than the second, she was a pale thing with dark blonde hair, brown eyes, and a fuller figure.

But the real angel that caught his attention was the one who seemed to be hiding behind her friend. She was much shorter, and contrasted with her friend in practically every way. Vincent couldn’t help but take her in inch by inch in absolute wonder- she was stunning. Her wide hips and thick thighs were a sight, he could only imagine how it would feel around his waist as he buried himself in her. However what was most surprising, and caught his attention, was that flowery perfume that clung to her skin. He couldn’t believe that he had mistaken Leora for his mate.

He barely noticed anything else beside the small girl who fidgeted nervously under his intense gaze. All he could do was stare at the girl in a mix of wonder and disbelief, he wanted to kick himself for ever doubting the Moon Goddess.

A surge of dominance surged through his veins, pushing him forwards as his beast tried to break out of his mental restraints. Like a half possessed man he stood, pushing his chair back so roughly that it fell. His voice cut through the silence: “Mine.”

The small female- his mate- jumped, cowering behind her friend for protection against the terrifying Alpha that was looking at her like she was a little mouse he wanted to gobble up for dinner.

Even though her friend was obviously shaking in terror, she still stood her ground in front of her friend. Vincent thought it both admirable and annoying of her. Both girls looked towards Leora for some kind of help but she simply looked on with a worried frown, Adam having told her to simply be patient.

For a second the girl had thought that the Luna had lied to them, and had delivered her into the hands of yet another cruel Alpha male but one look at the man in front of her and she forgot to breathe- frankly it scared her even more.

Annoyance filled Vincent, and he had to control the urge that he had to throw the blonde aside. They were humans, and extremely delicate not to mention they had been stuck in Damian’s pack. Goddess alone knows what they had suffered at his hands- simply thinking about it was enough to make him growl.

His little mate shook at the sound, and he regretted it instantly, but before he could say anything or even try to comfort his mate, Leora cut in.

“Enough.” She spoke, “You’re going to frighten them. These girls have valuable information about Damien’s pack, and I also have made up my mind. This meeting is still in session.”

That was enough to snap Vincent out of his animalistic haze, snapping him away from any of the thoughts his beast was trying to push on him about marking and mating her right there and then. Instead, he turned back to the table with a very professional look on his face, but not before walking over to the girl taking her hand and leading her to the seat beside his. He actually wanted her on his lap, but judging by her current state, he didn’t see that happening.

“Sit with me,” He grunted as he pulled out the chair for her. The poor girl, shaking in her fright, and no way to oppose him sat down. She kept her eyes down, not wanting to feel the strange way she had before when she looked at him- she already felt enraptured by the sound of his voice. Even though t was gruff and dark, it was a pleasant sound. One that she admittedly wouldn’t mind hearing more of.

She was instantly alarmed by the strange tingle that erupted on her thigh when the Alpha placed a firm palm there. She sucked in a breath, secretly wanting to push his hand away but deciding against it- she didn’t want to be punished, so she kept quiet.

The little girls mind was whirring- she didn’t understand everything that was going on and it was freaking her out. However nobody else seemed to notice the blight of her mind, Marianne did give her a small look to make sure she was okay which she gave a tiny nod to.

The meeting went on but the girl was hardly paying attention, it was none of her business anyway. She could hear the voices of the kind Alpha and Luna that had been looking after her conversing around her. Looking up with a blush when both she and Marianne were addressed lightly.

“Leora said that you ladies had information that we might find important?” Alpha Adam asked gently.

She looked to Marianne for a look of encouragement as her heart pounded in her chest, attempting nerves in a small gulp. The sound was small but still audible to both Alphas, and Leora, who waited patiently for the small sprite to speak.

She opened her mouth, the words floating out feebly: “The entire pack is in unrest. Both wolves and humans have been trying to plan a way to get him out of power for ages but Damien rules with an... how do you call it, ‘iron fist’.”

Though quiet, her accent coated words were still audible in the silent anticipation of the room. Vincent was hooked on the sound, he found it remarkably sexy. He wanted to hear her speak more, though noting her shy disposition he had a feeling that he’d have to tease it out of her. That was a struggle for another time, he needed to focus.

The Alphas went back to discussing, the girl once more zoning out from the conversation. She briefly listened to the Alpha beside her as he spoke- not absorbing his words but listening to the way he sounded. It was a magical sound, and it almost as if the mere sound was putting her in a trance.

She only really listened when her friend Marianne decided to speak up. “It’s true. The Alpha believe humans are below him so he gets female wolves to warm his bed. Us humans were left for the pleasure and entertainment of the unmated males.”

Spiraea shifted uncomfortably, her head turned away in what looked to be shame. Her head spinning as she thought of all the times she had been used or abused by the wolves of that evil place. She had the sudden urge to throw up, or cry, or both.

Vincent’s palm tightened on her thigh, his anger slowly growing. It was obvious that his mate had a gruesome history and he wasn't sure how to deal with that. What he did know was that he would rip Alpha Damien to shreds the first opportunity he got. There was much they needed to discuss.

It didn’t go on for much longer than that. The Alpha beside her stood up an announcement on his lips that made the little thing’s heart race. “Excuse me, I think I’d like to retire with my mate now.”

She stiffened looking to her friend with a frightened look. The poor girl couldn’t take much comfort from her friend because she looked just as shell shocked. The little thing had no choice but to follow Vincent as he left, his hand gripping her tightly, pulling her along. The tingles that she had felt before crawling up her arm from his warm touch.

She wanted to cry, but forbid herself to let a single tear drop. She was petrified, and she had a feeling that this man was going to change her life completely.

What she couldn’t tell was if it would be for the better, or much much worse.

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