With Hands to Hold

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“Alpha Adam’s attempt to placate the situation hasn’t done much. Damien is persisting to encroach on our territory— just this morning we had to fight of a group at our boundary line.”

Jaxon explained to Vincent. Damien wasn’t bold to take the land, but he was petty. This dispute had been going on for months despite Vincent’s best efforts to end it. Seeing Adam was a complete last ditch effort, though it would seem that Damien had no real desire to find a solution.

“That man is giving more reasons to kill him.” Vincent growled under his breath. Just the neglect that Spiraea had faced at his hands was enough for him to want to rip his fucking heart out.

“As much as we would all enjoy that, if you kill him you become Alpha of his pack too. There is no way we could handle so many in one pack.” Fletcher cautioned Vincent; he was a good Beta, always steadying his Alpha when he got too hot headed.

“You’re right. I don’t want to risk any lives in a war either,” Vincent sighed. His mind drifting to Spiraea. He was concerned for her, especially how distressed she was after Damien’s name read its ugly head. He wondered where she had gotten off to and if she was okay. “If either of you have any ideas, I’m all ears.”

Fletcher and Jaxon looked to each other for a moment. They really had nothing to give, but they wanted to be able to help Vincent.

“Well we can bulk up security,” Jaxon mused. “It won’t take care of the problem, but if another situation arises we’ll be ready for it.”

“Alright. I want warriors on patrol 24 hours of the goddamn day. Give them two hour shifts with overlapping change overs.” Vincent spoke, scratching his chin in thought and frustration. He wanted to do more, but Fletcher and Jaxon was right.

“I’ll do some research into our problem,” Vincent continued, the obvious problem being Damien. “I’ll have to get in touch with Adam to let him know what's going on. I don’t really want to bother him too much, he’s preparing for his wedding.”

“Well whilst you do that I can handle pack affairs.” Fletcher offered, it was his duty as Beta anyway. Vincent had only been handling some of it because he wanted to be involved in his pack and because he wanted Fletcher to have time to find his mate if he wanted to.

“Of course, I’m sorry that it might take away from the search for your mate.” Vincent spoke sincerely— besides Adam, Jaxon and Fletcher was the closest thing he had to friends and he wanted them both to be happy.

“Tsk, don’t worry Alpha Vince, I know that when the moon is ready she will send her to me.” Fletcher waved off the concern. His heart twanged, he wanted his soul mate and I hurt to see everyone around him happy, but he knew that he was right. There was no point chasing something if he didn’t know where it was. “Besides, handling pack affairs will be a piece of cake. You are diligent so there’s not much left for me to do... Gives me more time for that piece of cake.”

Vincent rolled his eyes not willing to respond. Fletcher was always a comedian. He knew Fletcher well enough to know that he was trying to be funny to distract them from his pain.

They weren’t stupid, but they also weren’t nosy either.

“Right, Well Adam is getting married in a few weeks. Spiraea and I will be going as a show of friendship and solidarity from our pack.” The Alpha mentally made a note to get a suit and a dress for Spiraea for the event. “The both of you will be in charge whilst we’re away. It will only be a couple days.”

“That's fine, I’ll make a note to have security on extra alert.” Jaxon nodded, a light pink tinge coating his cheeks as he thought through his next sentence. “Also if the Luna needs help finding a dress, I would be more than happy to help. Well, that is Marianne would.”

“I want to talk to Spiraea about it first, but I let you know. Thanks man.” Vincent was a little bit relieved at the offer, he knew nothing about dresses. He thought that Spiraea would look fantastic in a bin bag, so having Marianne might be useful.

“Whilst we’re addressing you and your mate,” Fletcher interrupted the mans thoughts of the woman in question.

It was probably for the best too, Vincents thoughts had started to stray into more dangerous territory; it was becoming clear to him that with their growing intimacy, he wanted more from her.

She probably still had doubts about how he felt for her, but he wanted her to know without a doubt that she was his.

“I think it’s about time you formally introduced her as your mate.” Fletcher raised his brow as he spoke, he had heard first hand some of the rumours that had been circulating about the human girl. “She is physically a lot healthier, and she has been integrating well with others. Come on dude it’s long overdue, the pack is going to start thinking you’re keeping a human concubine.”

Vincent growled at the statement, thought it was only a joke it still angered him. He knew that Spiraea had doubts about her own worth, he had felt her disgust for herself, so the joke hit him too hard.

“I’ll kill anyone who breathes such a thing.” His wolf was threatening to come out. But one thought of her flowery scent, her small smiles and sift lips was enough to reign him back in.

“I will speak to Spiraea about it. Set the date for the beginning of next week.” Vincent pinched his nose trying to figure out how he was going to persuade the girl to do this. Nothing sprung to mind.

“You do realise that’s in 3 days.” Fletcher backtracked a little, “Are you sure you can convince her in 3 days?”

“Well, let’s hope so,” Vincent sighed. A harder edge crept into his voice as he continued. “But Goddess knows that I will not let anyone call my woman a whore and get away with it.”

They moved on to talk about other pack affairs, though it didn’t last long because Vincent felt a stinging pain in his heart.

Only it wasn’t his pain.

It was hers.

“I’m so sorry, ” Spiraea whispered to the woman. The baby she had been soothing had fast fallen asleep in her arms and she didn’t want to startle the small thing awake. She knew herself how much that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. “He was crying.”

The woman looked on in surprise at the sight of the human woman holding the small pup. So many questions filled her mind, how did a human manage to get into the pack territory, far less the pack house? And how was she able to soothe one of the fussiest babies in the nursery with ease?

“You’ve not answered any of my questions.” The woman spoke, though any threat in her voice had eased. She felt a connection with Spiraea for some reason, as though she wanted to protect her.

She watched in awe as the girl took her time to place the child down tenderly, covering him with the little animal print baby blanket.

“I am Spiraea, Vincent brought me here but he’s working so I was just wandering around.” Spiraea spoke truthfully, she didn’t really know what else to say. She knew that she probably startled the woman half to death, if she had found a stranger around her baby then—

Her thoughts halted to a stop. But she would never have a baby.

The woman, oblivious to the intense pain that shot through the girls heart, eyed her carefully. Her eyes immediately shooting to the girls bare neck.

“You are close with Alpha Vincent?” She asked in suspicion, surely this was not hit mate. She would have been marked if she was.

“Yes, he is my, um... ” She trailed off not knowing the correct word in English. Usually she had Vincent around to help her if she didn’t know how to explain things but this time she couldn’t.

She linked her fingers together in a desperate attempt to explain what’s he meant. Even to her it seemed futile. “Mi alma gemela.”

“Your mate?” The woman asked with wide eyes. She had only heard of a few cases of human mates, though with the news of Alpha Adam being mating to that blind human girl, perhaps they were becoming more common.

It wasn’t entirely uncommon that Alphas were mated with weaker wolves and well humans. They were strong, everything about them was strong, so balance was needed to level their packs.

Spiraea nodded and opened her mouth to reply, only she didn’t have an opportunity to. Vincent came rushing around the corner with a worried frown on his face, flanked by Fletcher and Jaxon's own concerned expressions.

“Are you alright?” Vincent inspected her from head to toe, looking for any sign of damage or hurt. “I felt your pain.”

Spiraea's eyes widened a fraction, she had no idea that he could do that. She gave him a sad smile and turning to look at the small sleeping baby.

“I’m sorry,” Spiraea looked back at him though she didn’t feel any guilt, just sadness.

Vincent followed her gaze to the crib, and his own heart splintered for a moment. He didn’t hesitate as he wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

The woman who had found Spiraea, stood in awe and happiness for her Alpha and Luna. How we she also felt the gravity shifting beneath her feet, she knew the loss that her Luna was feeling.

“You’re infertile aren’t you?” She whispered quietly.

Spiraea's eyes shut, the pain from the barely healing wound welling up within her as she affirmed the woman’s suspicions with a nod.

Fletcher and Jaxon was struck with surprise at the revelation too. They tried to mask their reactions knowing how much this must have hurt for Vincent, and now their Luna too.

“If it’s alright with Alpha Vincent, would you like to help me here in the nursery?”

Spiraea’s eyes shot open, wide with disbelief. Why would this woman do that? Judging from her kind eyes and warm tone, she was in no means being mocking or cruel. She really wanted this for her.

“Can I?” Hope, excitement and comfort filled her entire being. It was seeping out of her pores in a light, clean smell. Her eyes looked between Vincent and the woman with nothing but the softest awe.

“Of course, if this is what you want.” Vincent smiled, a genuine, beautiful smile. It would probably hurt her for a while to be around the babies, but he felt in his heart this is what she needed.

“But... Why?” Spiraea murmured. She didn’t want to be pitied, she didn’t want to be looked down upon.

“I know the hurt that you feel, better than any other. And in this pack we look out for each other, Luna.” The woman smiled sadly. “Besides I could use the help, trying to handle 15 babies is a lot of work! You’re a natural too, none of us can ever soothe Max.”

Spiraea smiled, turning back to the sleeping Max. She adjusted the blanket that he had half kicked off and stored his cheek gently. His tiny fist clutched her finger in his fist, refusing to let go.

Vincent now happy that his mate was neither in danger or upset decided to go back to work. He had to finish up the last of his meeting with his Beta and Gamma. He kissed her forehead tenderly and promised he would be back in a couple hours to pick her up.

Spiraea nodded in agreement, stealing a couple quick kisses from his lips before he groaned, pulled away and left. If he could, he would kiss her, touch her, ravage her whole day.

Once he left Spiraea was shown around but the woman, whose name was Kate. Kate taught her how to change diapers, how to make bottles, and where everything was.

Spiraea learnt a lot, not just about babies in general but about the babies they looked after. Most of them were only in pack care whilst their parents were at work, there were a few that were orphans too.

Kate said that the Pack mother’s, as they were commonly called, looked after the orphans full time and sometimes ended up adopting them as their own.

The girl felt guilty for the hope that bloomed in her chest at the notion. However she couldn’t maintain the negative feeling as it was replaced by a much larger feeling.

A feeling that she was somehow exactly where she needed to be. As if more of her life was coming together.

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