With Hands to Hold

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“Mark me?” Her brows furrowed in confusion. “What does that mean?”

Vincent pulled the girl on his lap closer, his nose lightly nuzzling the skin on her neck. Exactly where his mark would go, he could feel his cock harden and his gums itch with the anticipation.

“It means that I have to bite you. ” He spoke against her collar bone before kissing it lightly. He kissed his way up the collar of her neck before stopping at the junction between her neck and shoulder. “Right here.”

He could feel her rising anxiety, so he continued to talk hoping to relax her with a better explanation than just ‘I’m going to bite you’. In retrospect, that probably wasn’t the first thing he should have said.

“It warns off other males that you are bonded, and it gives us a deeper connection as mates. I want you to know that you are all I want Spiraea, you are mine to love and cherish just as I am yours.”

He could practically hear her heart banging away in her chest. Spiraea couldn’t deny her fright, she was terrified of being hurt by Vincent. Especially since she trusted him.

“Will it hurt?” She whispered, her voice quivering in her unease.

“A little bit at first, but it doesn’t last more than a few seconds.” Vincent pulled away, to look at her once again. “You can say say no. You trust me yes?”

Spiraea nodded her reply. She did trust him of course she did, he had never given her any reason not to trust him. “Do it.”

“If you want to stop, just say.”

That was all it took before Vincent flipped them both so that she was underneath him. His mouth claimed hers dominant and strong. He kisses her cheeks, chin and jaw as his mouth continued it’s heated path along her neck.

His hands trailed her sides, down her ribs to her hips. Hands gripping, kneading the skin there in a strangely gratifying manner.

Spiraea gasped, an alien moan escaping her as his mouth sucked at her flesh. Her arousal was strange to her— her entire body felt alive under his touch. Her nipples strained through the thin material of her shirt and warmth pooled between her thighs as Vincent continued his ministrations.

The man allowed his canines forward, scraping them lightly against her skin causing her to arch her back. Another moan ripped through her as her pebbled nipples grazed the front of his bare chest.

The girl buried her hands in Vincent’s hair as a euphoric cloud descended on her. Vincent could smell her arousal, at it only drove him crazier, he wanted to have her writhing in pleasure beneath him.

His thumb pressed against her clit over the soft cotton of her underwear, circling the small bud lightly. His canines broke her skin, burying themselves into her neck just as he sped up his thumb at the apex of her thighs.

Spiraea registered the short pro k of pain, but it was nothing compared to the sheer rapture that followed. Her back arched, nails clawing at Vincents neck and back. The moan in her throat died, coming out as a silent scream as she found herself falling over the edge.

Vincent pulled away from her neck, licking it gently to clear away the blood. He watched her face as she revelled in the pure euphoria of her release. Her eyes closed as they rolled back, chest heaved, lips parted as she panted breathlessly.

“You look so gorgeous when you cum, baby.” He chuckled, loving the look on her face. He decided it was his new favourite look, something about her all messed up hair and sweet smelling scent added to her appeal. His mind couldn’t help but wonder what she would look like when he really gave her an orgasm.

“Now you’re mine, for life. All mine.” He laid his head against her chest, listening her heartbeat as its erratic pulse slowed back to its regular pace. His hands on her thighs slid up to her sides, squeezing them gently.

“Yours.” Spiraea sighed, still buzzing from the hit that she had just received. She had always known Vincent could make her feel good before, but she never knew that he could make her feel this good.

She wanted to get up, but after all of the excitement, she was worn out. She let out a small yawn, making Vincent chuckle once again.

“Go back to sleep little one.”

Spiraea didn’t have the energy to argue, so instead she obeyed. Her eyelids fluttered to a close and she fell right back into sleep.

Two days passed by quickly. It was the day that Vincent would be introducing Spiraea to the pack.

The female in question was nervous. She was starting to feel like perhaps it was a mistake? No, she didn’t regret being Vincents mate at all so that wasn’t right. She just was afraid that other people would question their bond. Vincent wasn’t just any wolf, he was an Alpha, that made her a Luna— if Spiraea herself had trouble with her position, then who’s to say someone else in the pack wouldn’t?

Spiraea sat on the floor in front of the wardrobe she she shared with her mate. They had not too long finished lunch, and whilst Vincent was making arrangements for the gathering, Spiraea was supposed to be getting ready.

The trouble was she had no idea what to wear. She wanted to make a good impression, then she began to worry about clothes and thus began her downward spiral that quickly turned into a pity party.

Roughly five minutes before they were supposed to leave, Vincent came to find his mate. He had felt her nervousness of the day, and though he was now privy to her thoughts he wanted to give her privacy in her own mind, as a result he was completely surprised to find her stressed and not ready.

She looked over to him when she heard the door open, her eyes wide with alarm.

“I can’t do this.”

He moved over to her without hesitation picking her up in his arms. “Yes you can.”

He kisses her forehead before placing her on their bed. He easily picked out a long sleeved white top and a long flowing blue skirt for the girl to wear.

“Vincent, I’m weak. I don’t belong in a pack of wolves.” She argued, though anything she said was futile.

“If that were true, you would not have been fated to me.” Vincent brushed her cheek gently. He could see the lingering doubt both in her mind and on her face. “Hey, everything about you shows how strong you are. The past you faced, the challenges you still face now, and your willingness to keep moving forward. Not only are you strong, but you were made to be by my side.”

His words were a comfort, and the sparks of his touch did plenty to make Spiraea forget her doubts. She had found that since he had marked her, she wanted to be around him more. It was more than that, she craved him, she craved a deeper intimacy with him.

She could feel and see his mind too, she saw exactly what he had meant when he told her it would make them closer as mates. The only way for them to get any closer was for Vincent to be inside her.

“Why do you deal with me?” She asked suddenly, it was something she had started to wonder often. She had been nothing but trouble, yet he had done nothing but care for her.

“Because you’re my soulmate.”

Spiraea shut her mind to him. She suddenly felt sick, she had assumed that he acted the way he did because of his affection towards her, not just because fate told him that he had to.

Suddenly she no longer wanted to stand in from of his pack at this gathering. She just wanted to curl into a ball under their duvet.

It annoyed her that even in her upset and annoyance, she still wanted him. She still wanted to be close to him, she still wanted to love him. It annoyed her even more that it took her getting mad at him for her to realise that she was in love with him. But since he loved her out of duty, she no longer felt like she could tell him the way she felt.

Her chest stung with hurt and betrayal, though she hid is well. She turned away from him to get dressed, refusing to let her emotions show.

Vincent was completely oblivious to his mistake or his mates inner turmoil. He took her detachment as still nervousness, he figured she wanted to think through everything and he would gladly let her.

Once she was dressed they left the small cabin and began the short walk to the packs town centre. Vincent was slightly irked when Spiraea refused to hold his hand, but once again he brushed it off as nervousness.

When the small shops and the crowd of people became visible through the trees, Spiraea let out a small huff. Nothing she could think was helping to calm her nerves.

“Don’t worry little one, I’ll be right beside you the whole time.” Vincent placed a hand on the small of her back as he comforted her tenderly. It soothed her, as much as she didn’t want it to.

The pack was not small, well not by Spiraea’s books. If this was a small pack she hated to see a big one.

In the clearing stood nearly 60 to 80 people, there was a wooden platform that had been put in the centre to allow everyone a view. Fletcher came up to them both with a wide grin, greeting them both cheerfully.

Vincent nodded to him and guided the girl right up to the platform, he stood beside her before a dressing the pack.

“Today I have a very important announcement.” The man’s voice echoed through the space as he spoke. He barely needed to project as everyone was silent, awaiting his every word. “I have found my mate.”

A few hushed whispers went through he crowd, they eyes the tiny human girl with interest and surprise.

“As you all know, I visited Alpha Adam’s pack a while ago. And there I found Spiraea. She is your Luna now, you will treat her with as much respect as you do me— those of you that have already met her will know that it is well deserved.”

Spiraea smiled, though part of her was surprised by Vincents remark. He truly believed all that he said to her and about her. I warmed her heart to know how fondly he thought of her, though she dismissed it reminding herself that it was only because she was his mate.

Vincent continued to address the pack, informing them of the change in security and even implementing a curfew hour.

It particularly caught Spiraea’s interest when he talked about speaking to a few other Alphas in the area considering he had never brought it up with her before.

He ended his announcement with a brief warm wish of a good evening before coming off the platform.

“Nice announcement Alpha Vince, short and snappy as always.” Fletcher made a mock salute as he approached the couple. “Hey Luna Ray, hope you don’t get too overwhelmed. You’ve done well so far!”

Spiraea smiled, she found Fletchers upbeat demeanour quite contagious. Besides she was glad for the positive vibes, she didn’t enjoy being mad at Vincent very much.

“Thank you.”

A few pack members came to introduce themselves to their new Luna and make small talk, after a few minutes they left and were replaced by a few more.

When they left, Spiraea turned back to Fletcher. She didn’t want to make it obvious that she was mad at Vincent, but she had been completely blindsided by the fact that he hadn’t told her about speaking to the other Alphas. Especially when he made it sound as if he would be leaving his territory.

“So what’s this about consulting other Alphas?” She asked Fletcher not unkindly.

“Alpha Vince hasn’t told you?” Fletcher raised a slight brow, though once his gaze fell down to her neck he let out a chuckle and conspiratorial wink. “I suppose you’ve both been a tad bit occupied to talk huh.”

Vincent tinged in slight agitation, whether because Spiraea had asked Fletcher her question or because of Fletcher’s jab he wasn’t entirely sure. Since marking Spiraea he had felt so much more in control. His beast was placated knowing she was his, but he had also grown more protective and even a little bit possessive of her.

“Adam and Leora are getting married.” Vincent interjected, answering the girls question. “All the Alphas in the region will be at the wedding, and so will we.”

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