With Hands to Hold

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The church was still half empty when they arrived.

Vincent and Spiraea had dropped their things off in the room that Adam had prepared for their arrival as soon as they arrived. Adam had met them briefly, only to chat for a few moments to his friend before heading off elsewhere. Vincent supposed it was to check on how things were fairing with the reception details.

After that they took it in turn to shower and get dressed for the event. Spiraea went first, taking a short hot shower before leaving the steam filled room to Vincent.

She took out the magnificent dress and all its accessories laying it out neatly. She pulled on the dress as Vincent was in the shower— he had also taken his clothes with him to give the girl extra privacy.

The girl half twirled watching the fabric sway. She loved that the gown reached the floor. In fact, Spiraea’s only disappointment was that the beautiful shoes would be hidden beneath the pretty fabric.

She put on the earrings, though struggled with the clasps on the necklace and bracelet. The bathroom door opened behind her, causing her to turn to Vincent to ask for help. Although the look on his face stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked suddenly alarmed. “Did something happen? Is there something on my face?”

“No. You,” He breathed gently, his whole face shining with awe and admiration. “You’re so beautiful. I’m such a lucky man.”

“Oh,” she blushed, looking away. She barely heard his footsteps as he came closer, she had no idea how such a large man could be so stealthy.

His hands went to her chin, to tip her face up to him. “Don’t hide from me little one.”

Her eyes fluttered shut as his face cleaned down to hers and he claimed her lips softly. The necklace and bracelet forgotten for now as they got lost in each other.

He pulled away gently, nuzzling her nose before pulling back completely. The hand he rested on her waist flexed gently as his other hand rested against her neck, his eyes following the bare skin above the deep v-neckline of her dress.

He cleared his throat, forcing him self to think of anything besides the flesh under her dress. About not ripping the material right off of her and laying claim to her body. He tried so desperately not to think about what kind of underwear she was wearing, or how good her figure looked.

He cleared his throat again stepping back completely. “The dress is gorgeous.”

It would look better on the floor.

“The tailor, Mama D’Leau made it! She really is a talented seamstress!” She shone with joy, her smile radiating the whole room with joy. Then her smile turned bashful, holding out the necklace and bracelet to him wordlessly.

He was glad when she turned around, it gave him to to fix the front of his pants. When she looked at him like that, Goddess all he could think about was her.

He had always been attracted to her, but now that he had marked her it was as if things had increased tenfold. He had been too busy to think about things before, then Spiraea had been cold with him, but now— it was the first time that they were finally in a room together, and he had time to think about how he really felt. And fuck he wanted her, and he wanted her bad.

He clasped the necklace around her neck, the girl gasping slightly when the cool beads hit her heated skin. She didn’t know if she was hot from the shower, or because of the sudden tension in the room.

After clearing things up in the car, she couldn’t help but feel things had changed somehow. It wasn’t awkward, but there was a new deepness in their bond that she found startling. She had pretended to fall asleep to avoid the rest of the tension filled car ride for crying out loud!

She turned, watching his hands as he fixed her bracelet, only looking up as he stepped back.

It was the she took the time to really look at him. He wore a pair of smart black shoes, black slacks, and a black button up shirt that he had left the top buttons undone. Over that was a dark green blazer, the colour almost matching the girl dress.

Spiraea bit her lip, she let her eyes drink in his features. She couldn’t help but think how good he looked, the suit fit him well, showing off his thick muscular arms and chest.

Her eyes roamed him greedily, steadily making up to his face. His chin had a scruff to it, it was new and she found herself thinking that she quite liked it. But her favourite thing was his eyes.

He was staring at her with a heated, unashamed look. It was a combination of passion, love and lust. She wanted to know what he was thinking.

Vincent didn’t know how he would survive the whole wedding and reception without doing something. The way she was biting her lip was driving him insane, it almost made him follow through on his desire to rip that pretty little dress to pieces and take her right there.

The silence between them was so thick, so charged, it was almost suffocating. If they didn’t leave that room, they would never make it to the wedding.

So with all the restraint he could manage, Vincent walked wordlessly to the door ushering the girl out with a nod of his head.

Their little moment, had caused them to leave slightly earlier than planned, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that not everyone had arrived at the church yet.

There were plenty wolves, including other Alphas as well as several humans too. Spiraea felt her nerves spike, on edge with all the strange faces around as well as her residual attraction to Vincent.

It frightened her and made her guilty to feel so drawn to him— though whatever the problem she shoved it away instead choosing to focus on the beautiful alter where Adam stood waiting.

It wasn’t long before the ceremony started. The petal girls came first, then Spiraea guessed one of Leoras friends from her pack, then finally the bride herself in a beautiful white gown. She was led down the aisle slowly by a man Spiraea guessed was her father.

Spiraea watched entranced at the whole service, she liked the strange but beautiful Greek traditions that had been incorporated. But most of all, she watched how Leora and Adam just emanated pure joy and love. She could feel it in the air.

The whole thing was like a fairy-tale right before her eyes. A part of her wondered if she would ever have the same.

Vincent watched his woman carefully, he could feel her wonder and longing for the joy that was evident in his friend and his new wife. He made a note of it for later, forcing himself to focus on his best friend who had just been made a husband.

He was really happy for Adam, he was a good man who deserved happiness, especially with someone as wholesome as Leora.

Vincent let out a whistle, chuckling as Adam made a theatrical display, dipping Leora back to plant a passionate kiss to her lips before scooping her up and carrying her out of the church.

On the way back to Adams territory for the reception, Vincent received a disturbing call from Fletcher warning that Damien had heard about the wedding.

It pissed him right off. How dare that bastard try to ruin Adams day.

Spiraea tried to calm him down with kisses and touches, though it could’ve also been for her sake too. Hearing about the whole situation had made her frightened, she felt something akin to anger too that Damien would try to ruin the wedding.

Regardless of the effort, it hadn’t done much so comfort either Vincent nor Spiraea. Once they sat down to the banquet dinner at the reception, they had pretty much lost their appetite.

Instead he pulled Adam’s Beta Sam aside and explained the situation. The man in question raged for a solid minute before deciding a course of action. Both he and Vincent agreed it was probably best to fill in Adam in the situation right away.

Vincent pulled the other Alphas to convene too, thinking it best for all them to hear the news. Alpha Renee was slightly hesitant, she had felt a pull to the human boy she was talking to and didn’t want to leave him. Though after noting Vincent’s urgency she thought better of it.

When they all gathered Vincent made quick work explaining that Damien had sent wolves to terrorise guards at the border. With security low for the wedding, it was a good thing that a few wolves from Vincents pack had chased them all the way there before helping to deal with the situation.

“I’ll kill that fucker myself. My wedding?!” Adam paced angrily, his nostril flaring with disgust at the blatant lack of respect. “My wife does not find out about this. I won’t ruin this day for her.”

“Adam, its fine it was dealt with.” Vincent placed a comforting hand on Adam’s shoulder.

“For now, the real issue is Damien. Who knows what he will try next... Next time we might not be so lucky.” Alpha Killian pointed out. He did not mean to be a damper to the joyous occasion, but he had never been one to ignore facts.

“Killian’s right. We need to get rid of him... He’s been causing trouble for far too long.” Killian’s cousin, Alpha Sebastian nodded in thought. “There are whispers of a rogue. A rogue who is the rightful Alpha.”

Adam shook his head, stopping them all from talking with a heavy sigh. He took another deep breath to calm himself before speaking his thoughts aloud.

“I am not dealing with this right now. This is my wedding day for Goddesses sake.” Adam huffed, his temper slowly rising once again. He didn’t want Leora to sense his agitation so he took another calming breath.

“I agree with Adam.” Renee agreed quietly, looking over her shoulder at the unsuspecting guests milling around. “Damien must be dealt with, but this is not the time.”

“I’ll hold a summit.” Vincent placated the situation. He truly felt awful for Adam having to be worried about that wretched son of a bitch on his wedding day. It had already angered him that it had frightened Spiraea, but now his friend too. “It will be arranged for a few weeks time, be ready. I am growing impatient of this pest and it will be taken care of.”

The Alphas gave nods in agreement, a sombre moment passing between them all. No doubt they were all thinking of the course of action that needed to be taken.

Vincent watched as Adam searched for his mate in the crowd, and moments later he found himself doing the same thing.

Spiraea was sat right where he had left her, though now she was talking to one of the petal girls from the ceremony. As if feeling his eyes on her, she turned to look at him offering him a small smile.

Adam brought his attention back to the small circle when he spoke. “If you will excuse me, this is my wedding day and I would like to be with my mate. Please enjoy the rest of the celebrations.”

He smiled, though it was half-hearted. Each Alpha offered their congratulations, and they all dispersed after another bit of casual chatter.

Vincent hung back a moment, pulling out his cell phone to call Fletcher. The Beta in question picked up on the first ring.

“Thanks for the warning, the threat has been dealt with.”

“No problemo Alpha Vince,” Fletcher spoke cheerily. Vincent could practically imagine the salute he had probably just accompanied his words with.

“Start arranging a summit with the other Alphas. It’s time to get rid of that bastard.” Vincents tone took a darker edge as he spoke. He wanted to be the one to kill the coward himself, but he also knew that it would take serious planning and collaboration. “His time is done.”

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