With Hands to Hold

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The celebrations continued. Once Vincent saw how relaxed and happy everyone was he was able to relax too.

A short, pudgy, human male stood, he sat beside a older woman who resembled Leora. Vincent guessed that it was Leoras father. The man clinked his glass catching the attention of all the guests present before proceeding to deliver a speech about the newly married couple.

Spiraea smiled wistfully, it was obvious that Luna Leoras parents loved her very much. A part of her felt saddened, she would never experience anything like that; her mother was dead, and wherever her father was he didn’t want her.

Then were more speeches, first from Leoras mother then Beta Sam and then Vincent! Spiraea gasped when he stood and walked to the front sending her a cheeky wink; he hadn’t told her that he was giving a speech!

Adam had asked Vincent to deliver a speech when he had invited him. Vincent had kept it quiet, since he wasn’t sure what to really say. He still didn’t, but as he stood watching the newly married couple, it came over him like divine intervention.

“Adam you’re my oldest friend, and I’ve seen first hand how much you’ve wanted this day to come. The love you share for Leora is an unbreakable bond. You’re no longer that 14 year old blubbering about finding your soulmate- you found her. And thanks to you, I also found mine.” Vincent paused to look over at Spiraea with such love that it took her breath away.

Leora and Adam smiled knowingly, Leora squeezing her husbands hand leaning her forehead against his. She didn’t have to see to be moved by Vincents own adoration for his mate. There was just so much goodness around, it warmed her heart.

Spiraea watched Vincent in wonder and adoration, she had never seen this side of him before. He was so friendly and laid back, not an Alpha in this moment, just Vincent.

She didn’t hear the words he said, only the sound of his voice as she got lost in him once again. She loved the sound of his voice, she could listen to it all day and never get tired.

“I wish you both the happiest of days, full of love, joy, and of course lots of babies.”

There were chuckles around, Leora blushed whilst Adam shook his head. They said another cheers before music began to play and the couple took their first dance.

The music slowly shifted and more people joined the dance floor, Vincent stood with a cheeky grin. His hand offered to Spiraea in a silent question.

“I don’t know how to dance,” She murmured quietly, a small blush flushing her features.

“That’s alright, as long as you’re in my arms, I don’t care.” Vincent smiled, that soft beautiful smile, the one he saved just for her. “Come on little one, I want to dance with my soulmate.”

Reluctantly, she placed her palm in his. He escorted them to a space and they began to sway gently to the music. One of Vincents hands on the girls waist, the other holding her hand, his lips pressed against her forehead as her head rested on his chest.

“Today was so beautiful,” Spiraea spoke gently. Her gaze travelled over to where Leora was cuddled into Adam’s arms as they also danced together. “They look so happy.”

Vincent hummed in agreement, kissing her forehead. He was enjoying the moment very much, having her wrapped in his arms. He had no idea where his next words came from but they came nonetheless.

“We should get married.”

Spiraea sucked in a sharp breath; whilst the idea was pleasing, there was a lot of things that she wasn’t sure about. For one, she didn’t have living parents like Leora, and she couldn’t wear a white dress. Besides, it wasn’t as if she would suddenly decide that Vincent wasn’t enough for her any more, it just seemed rather redundant.

“I guess it would be nice to profess your love,” Spiraea mused quietly. “But aren’t soulmates for life?”


“So what’s the point?”

Vincent furrowed his brows a little, he though that she would love to get married given her interest in the earlier ceremony.

Now, Vincent wasn’t all that bothered with marriage. There was a traditional ceremony within the pack, but it wasn’t as fanciful as a wedding. The simplicity of it was fine, but he wondered if she would be against hat too. For some reason it bothered him that Spiraea didn’t want to get married.

He shook away the thoughts, choosing instead to focus on the feel of her in his arms. That was a conversation for another day.

After a few more dances, Spiraea began to get tired. They would be travelling home the next day so they said another quick congratulations to the couple before retiring to their room for the evening.

Spiraea felt exhausted, all she wanted was to go right to bed. Vincent helped her to unhook her jewellery, and to take off her shoes.

Vincent had only turned around to take off his blazer and his shoes, so he was very much surprised to see Spiraea’s dress in a heap on the floor when he turned back around.

In her eagerness to get into bed, the girl had forgone any need for privacy. There was a part of her that had completely overcome her shyness with him, she knew it was inevitable at some point. She turned her back to him as she slipped off her dress, reaching for one of his shirts to wear to bed.

Vincent couldn’t stop himself, his dick hardening painfully from just looking at her. Like a beast he prowled over to her, stopping her from slipping the shirt over her head. His back pressed against her back lightly as he took the material from her completely.

Spiraea sucked in a sharp breath, any boldness suddenly disappearing as Vincents hand curled around her body. She gulped turning around to face him, her eyes wide with a mix of alarm and anticipation.

His eyes were molten, she was melting under his fiery gaze. For a moment she almost forgot how to breathe, but if she had she would’ve died happy because she had never felt more wanted, or more beautiful, than when he looked at her. Especially like that.

His lips reached down to capture hers, his hands roaming her sides, her hips, the half exposed flesh of her ass. He smiled against her lips when she gasped, giving him access to deepen the kiss.

His lips didn’t stay on hers, they migrated lower, to her chin, jaw neck. When he kissed the mark on her neck, fireworks exploded beneath her skin and eyelids send jolts of desire through her, right to her core.

He continued to lick and suck at her sensitive flesh, lips exploring her skin gingerly. They found her collar bones, nipping and biting, leaving marks of his desire as he went, until he decided to go lower, showing no evidence of stopping.

All Spiraea could to was gasp and moan as he performed his sweet torture. It was when he flicked down her bra straps, and his mouth grew dangerously close to her bra cup that her hands gripped his hair.

Her intention was to make him stop, torn somewhere between guilt, shame and pure desire and love. His hot, wet mouth on her skin was tempting her to sin.

Her head fell back, eyes closing in bliss when she felt the grazing of his extended canines over the top of her small mound sent another shock wave of desire pulsing through her. She could feel her wetness between her legs growing as her pussy throbbed.

“Vincent.” She rasped, pulling at the strands of his dark hair. Her fingers scratched at his scalp gently as she held his face to her. She could hardly take what was happening to her. “O-Oh my.”

He could smell her, everywhere around him. The scent of her arousal was thick in the air, and it took everything with him to not just take her right at that moment. His beast was on a rampage within him, wanting to claim her, to take her in all the ways possible. Just thinking about being buried deep inside her, with that hazy blissed expression on her face was almost enough to send him over the edge.

He pushed her back, until the backs of her knees hit the bed and without breaking contact from her skin her lifted her by her thighs and put her down on the bed.

Spiraea moaned beneath him, her thighs instinctively accommodating him between her legs. She could feel him pressed against her stomach, so close to her core. She bucked and writhed below him, craving friction in the place she needed it most.

She wanted to feel him. She wanted him closer, he wasn’t close enough.

“More, please.” She could hear the desperate, needy gasp echo in the silent room, only half aware the sound was coming from her.

He kissed down the valley of her breasts, pausing to lick its path. She shivered beneath him.

His hands reached round to her back to unclip her bra. He fumbled for a few moments until he got it unhooked.

“Wait.” Spiraea stopped suddenly unsure, holding her loose bra to keep herself covered. Vincent stopped immediately, pulling back to look down at his mate.

In her mind all she could think about was the way those men had hurt her, the way there looked at her with disgust and taught her to be ashamed of her body.

Tears filled her eyes as the emotions. She didn’t want to see Vincent look at her that way, she didn’t want to see pity either.

Calloused palms framed her face gently, thumbs brushing away her tears. Vincent looked at her with nothing but love and respect, comforting her gently.

“We don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, we stop when you say.”

“I'm afraid.”

“I’m here for you, whatever you want.” Vincent kissed her forehead gently. A pause, nothing but the sound of their breathing filled the air, until she finally spoke.

“I know you won’t hurt me.”

“I won’t,” He promised. “I’ll make you feel good.”

She removed her arms, her gaze not leaving his as she slowly slipped her bra off. His eyes staying on her face, kissing her cheeks then her lips then back down it’s path to her chest.

His mouth caressed her breast, kissing, biting and sucking the underside of each breast. He made sure to me careful, slow, precise— pausing between each kiss to give her time to change her mind. But she didn’t.

Her nipples were painfully stiff as his fingers pinched and pulled at one and his mouth closed over the other. His tongue teased her gently, encouraging the sweet sounds of pleasure that blossomed from her throat. He was careful to show each breast the same amount of attention, the girl clutching at his hair desperately.

She watched, somewhat mesmerised as he began to kiss down her belly. Each with each kiss, nip and stroke of his tongue sending her higher.

When he reached the waistline of her panties he looked up at her. Eyes flashing with the brighter colour of his wolf, a silent question of permission.

She paused for a moment once again breathing heavily, but she was less hesitant to grant him permission. She nodded gently, her heavy panting the only sound in the room. His teeth hooked onto the elastic and was about to pull down the material...

Then his phone rang.

They stared at each other, a fierce battle. Green to brown. Waiting for the ringing to stop, waiting for either of them to make the next move.

After a few more rings, Vincent let out a deep growl before rising to answer the call.

“What.” He growled into the receiver.

“You told me to call with an update at the end of the day?” Fletcher replied, his voice holding equal amounts of confusion and amusement. “Oh, did I disturb something? Don’t worry you and the Luna can get back to your sexy time in a few moment.”

Vincent growled once again, moving to sit in one of the green chairs at the end of the bed. Spiraea suddenly feeling both cold and self conscious, retrieved Vincents t-shirt and slipped it over her head.

She berated herself, feeling completely embarrassed at her earlier behaviour. It was strange, she was completely torn between feeling guilty for wanting Vincent to touch her, and wanting Vincent to touch her.

Vincent eyed her as she got into the double bed, pursing his lips and silently cussing out Fletcher in his mind. They spoke quietly on the phone for a few moments, all the while his eyes drinking in Spiraea’s small form.

Once the call was over, her pulled off his trousers, socks and shirt leaving himself in his boxers before climbing into bed behind the girl.

“I wasn’t finished with you yet baby,” he pulled her into him kissing the back of her neck. His hand rubbing her thigh gently before climbing higher. “I didn’t say that you could put on any clothes yet.”

“Vincent,” Spiraea gasped whether from his fingers grazing the front of her underwear or his dick pressed against her ass she wasn’t sure which.

His finger dipped lower feeling her soaked panties. He let out a soft groan, leaning his forehead against her shoulder. “Cazzo imbevuto.”

He couldn’t help but think how her soaked pussy would feel wrapped around his cock, as he fucked her. His dick twitched at the thought.

He rubbed her through her underwear, the girl grinding against his fingers. Sparks zinged through her as he pushed aside the flimsy material to stroke her. Her head fell back against his chest with a startled cry, her hand clutching his wrists as her hips moved against him.

“That’s right baby, fuck my fingers with that pretty little pussy.” He spoke into her ear, his fingers soaked in her juices. A small whimper leaving he girls lips as his fingers ran up and down her slit.

How was he able to make her feel this good? Why had she been afraid? Why did she feel guilty for wanting this?

Her hips rocked against him faster, and he sped up the little circles again her clit, his mouth claiming her mark.

Spiraea moaned, caught up in the pleasure blanketing her. Between Vincents skilful fingers, teasing mouth, or sexy words she felt herself climbing higher and higher until she felt like she were about to fall off a tightrope.

“Go on baby,” he whispered against her mark, his teeth grazing her skin teasingly. “Cum for me.”

And then she fell.

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