With Hands to Hold

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They had arrived back at their pack around lunch time. After arriving home, Spiraea made a couple sandwiches before they both set out again.

Vincent headed to his office in the pack house, and Spiraea to the pack nursery. Since the previous night, things had been strange between the two- not awkward, but it was as if the tension that had come between then had grown tenfold.

It was suffocating.

Spiraea also hadn’t missed how her thoughts would jump to the man whenever she let them wonder. She was used to thinking about him, because she loved him. But what shocked her the most was the depravity of the thoughts!

She could still feel the way he had teased her, how he had brought her to the edge of sanity itself. She thought about him doing more, she wanted to feel his scruffy beard against the inside of her thigh.

Quickly shaking her head, she tried to focus on her work. As she stepped through the doors to the nursery she smiled at the scent of baby powder and Johnsons baby shampoo.

Spiraea had missed the nursery, though she had only been away for a day she had grown incredibly attached in the days she had spent there.

Kate greeted her with a bright smile and a warm hug. After Kate gushed at Spiraea’s retelling of the wedding, and Spiraea gushed at Kate telling her about what she had missed with the babies both women got to work.

She had a lot of fun, getting to know some of the other babies, though she still had her favourite, Max. It would seem that Spiraea was Max’s favourite too, only calming down whenever she held him. She would rock him, talk to him, and hold him whenever she could.

Kate even warned her about holding him too much lest he get too attached, she worried that if he woke in the night whilst the Luna wasn’t around that he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. Upon hearing the woman’s worry, Spiraea joked that she would just have to take him home with her.

She wanted very much to adopt the pup, but she knew that she would have to talk to Vincent about it first. It would be a big decision on both their parts, and though they had discussed wanting pups they hadn’t about the timing of it.

She supposed now, whilst he was dealing with Damien probably wasn’t the best time, but if there was anything her turbulent life had taught her was that there was never a right time. She decided that she would at least bring up the idea with him, it wasn’t as if they had to decide right away and she was a pack mother so she would keep looking after Max whilst they did, and even after they did.

She thought about Vincent, wondering what he would say, what he was doing, about what they did the night before. Her cheeks flushed, though it wasn’t entirely visible under her tan skin. That man was driving her insane in a way that she loved- if insanity was the price of him, then let the world be her mad house.

Max kicked in her arms slightly, drawing her attention back to him. She adjusted him on her arms, cradling him closer to her and nuzzling his smaller nose with her own.

“I want to be your mama, and Vincent would be your papa.” She spoke in a soft voice, “Would you like that Maximillian?”

The baby in her arms, his little pink gums and tiny tongue on display. Spiraea had to fight the urge to swoon with an audible ‘aww’, he was so adorable, it squeezed her heart. Max’s fingers grasping at her breast, cooing and vocalising little sounds. She couldn’t help smiling, cooing back at him gently.

It would seem that he was in agreement.

His sudden crying would have startled her if she wasn’t used to the constant expression from these tiny creatures. The pungent scent of poop wafted through the air, causing her to hold him away from her nose scrunched in disgust.

“Aren’t you a smelly baby,” she cooed her expression stuck with the horrendous smell. Werewolf babies poop was the fiercest smelling thing she had ever experienced- were human babies this smelly?

Max’s red face took in hers, a loud giggle bursting from his lips cheekily. His tear stained face turning pink with his laughter.

“Okay mister man,” Spiraea giggled, finding the laughter adorably contagious. “Let’s clean you up.”

The first thing that Vincent did when Fletcher, Jaxon and Sean met him in his office was shoot a deathly glare at Fletcher.

He still had not forgiven his poorly timed intrusion that had disrupted his time with Spiraea. He hadn’t planned to complete their bond in that moment but he was glad that their relationship was naturally progressing towards that point— he was especially glad that his little one felt comfortable to be so intimate and to want it too. Until they were disturbed that is.

Vincent wanted to rationalise that it was fine. He had told himself numerous times that it was probably for the best— he had told it to himself as he fell asleep, tortured by the scent of her Orgasm. He had told it to himself the next morning when the lingering scent left him with a painful case of blue balls. He even told it to himself on the drive back to the pack when all the visible love bites and hickeys that he had left on her skin teased him at their missed opportunity.

All he could think about, all he wanted, was to claim her as his. It was all he could think about. After all those sexy little moans, that dripping wet pussy and the scent of her arousal all he could focus on was the way it would feel to have her legs wrapped around his waist, or how she would taste when he buried his face between her legs.

He felt like he was going insane.

Just thinking of her then had his cock springing to life. He was grateful for the large dark wood desk that separated him from his visitors. Though the thought didn’t last very long, immediately focusing back on the girl... He wondered how beautiful she would look bent over his desk and begging for him.

Fucking hell. He felt like a pup going through puberty all over again. He could barely even control himself.

“I’ve already started making arrangements for the summit like you ordered.” Fletcher spoke, either ignoring or unaware of his Alphas frustrations. “I’ve set the date for two weeks away. I know its urgent but I think Alpha Adam and his wife deserve time for a honeymoon.”

“Alright I’ll make the calls,” Vincent nodded. He refused to let his eyes drift down to the table, lest he imagine something lascivious about his mate again.

He wondered how she was doing in the nursery, he wondered if she was having the same trouble focusing as he was.

“You said to have a contingency plan so I’ve already started training our warriors for war, if that is the direction that this situation might take.” Jaxon then relayed his own information, earning him a nod from his Alpha.


He was proud that his wolves were loyal, clever and well disciplined. It gave him much confidence to know that he had very capable men in his charge.

His father watched proudly at the men before him. Vincent always had him around when it came to important situations like this, it was comforting to have the advice of someone far more experienced. However, it was beyond evident to Sean that Vincent didn’t need his advice. His son was a good Alpha and he was proud.

Vincent dismissed them, and they left though his father stayed. He could sense there was something his son wanted, or perhaps need to vent. There was an air of frustration surrounding him, Sean had a feeling he knew what it was too.

“You look like you’re in pain, Son.”

“Cazzo, cazzo.” Vincent complained. He had thought that he managed to mask it but apparently not. “I am in pain. Worst case of blue balls ever thanks to Fletcher.”

“And I’m guessing now you can’t stop thinking about her right?” Sean smirked knowingly.

“She’s on my mind 25/7, all I can think about is mating her.” He groaned, not even having the care or capability to be embarrassed.

“I’m surprised it’s taken so long! The bond is trying to complete itself, it’s been quite a while since you’ve been together already.” Sean spoke, remembering his own experience with Emilia. She had been so stubborn at first, wanting to have their ceremony before mating, it was like sweet relief when they finally completed their bond. “It only intensifies the longer you go without mating after marking her. On top of it all you’re an Alpha, you’ll be feeling it worse than any other wolf.”

Vincent rubbed his head in slight frustration. If his father was right and this got worse, he really would go insane. But he knew that even if that was the case, he would never push Spiraea for more than she would give. He figured that sexual intimacy wasn’t something that she was used to, and it would be something for them to figure out together.

“Since you were halfway there, it sounds like the bond isn’t happy at all.”

“Neither am I, ” Vincent snorted with humour.

He wondered how well it would go over with Spiraea if when they got home that evening the first thing he did was rip all her clothes off. After a moment of thought, he supposed it was a bad idea, the last thing he wanted to do was make her feel rushed. Besides, thinking about taking all her clothes off was not helping his situation. He would just have to wait for her to take the lead.

But for now, he would have to cope with long runs in the forest, cold showers, and his right hand.

When Vincent met Spiraea that evening at the front of the pack house, she could tell that he was on edge. There was something far more animalistic about him that usual. She wondered if it had something to do with what was currently happening in the pack or, if like her, he was distracted.

It didn’t frighten her, not in the least like she had expected it to. Perhaps because she too felt the tension within her like a rubber band pulled too tight. Quite frankly, her own needs frightened her more. After the extent of the violation she had faced, she had never imagined that she would ever feel the need to have a man so close ever again. Yet here she was yearning for him.

The walk back to the cabin was quiet, Spiraea was lost in thought and Vincent was focusing on anything other than how gorgeous she looked. Especially in those jeans. It didn’t take very long, Vincent’s pace was brisk though Spiraea hardly noticed.

Before long they had reached back home. Home, the thought made the girl smile.

They stepped through the door, Spiraea first then Vincent. She could feel his heat behind her, practically teasing her with his mere presence. It was almost as if she had suddenly become hyper aware of him.

The front door closed with a small click, the silence around them deafening. Spiraea could feel it in her veins, the want she had for him. She wanted to feel guilty, but the feeling didn’t surface this time. That was all she needed. She turned to him, the look in his eyes striking her to the very core of her, sending a tingling between her thighs.

Vincents nostrils flared as he smelled her, her flowery scent becoming sweeter with the added scent of the nectar of her arousal. He watched her with almost bated breath as she took a step closer, running her hands over his arms then his broad shoulders before joining behind his neck.

She gulped, the small action had Vincent focusing on her neck. Her pretty little neck that was covered with love bites and his mark. Fuck she didn’t know how beautiful she was looking up at him like that.

She pulled him down to her gently, standing on her toes to meet him halfway, taking his lips in a slow gentle caress. It was a dance, their mouth moving perfectly in sync, her teeth grazing his lips ever so slightly.

Vincent groaned, his breath catching at her torturous caress, letting the girl pull away. She panted lightly, biting her lip as she blushed shyly. The sight was driving him insane- he had to leave before things got out of hand.

“I need to go for a run.” He grunted, his voice hoarse and slightly pained. He turned to leave, but Spiraea caught his hand with hers.


She took a step towards the stairs, his hands still in hers. She couldn’t move him, the man was a boulder in comparison to her, but he let her lead the way. She walked with slow, purposeful steps- the sounds of their footsteps and breathing the only sound disrupting the space between them.

Vincent followed behind her as she walked, his heart beating erratically as he traced her steps. Up the steps and down the hall to the familiar door to their bedroom.

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