With Hands to Hold

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She could hardly keep up with his large steps as he trudged on. The girl had no idea where he was going- her room was in the other direction- and she was scared to find out what would happen when he finally managed to get her alone.

She had suffered before, but somehow it never got easier to handle. Perhaps it was the tingles on her skin, or the way her stomach did strange flips at the sound of his voice- whatever was happening to her she didn’t quite understand, but she had a feeling that if this man ever hurt her, it would be far more devastating than anything else.

Of course that was ridiculous because there was nothing different about this man... was there?

Vincent was eager, he had finally gotten his mate and he wanted nothing more than to stay locked up in a room with her somewhere. He had the uncontrollable urge to touch her in the most innocent of ways, which was why he had found some kind of way to keep her skin against his.

He was more than ready to love her the way she was always supposed to have been, to erase all the years of neglect that she had suffered. However, as much as he wanted all of that he knew that it would take time. Even now he could tell that she was still terrified of him and it broke his heart, he wondered how much longer it would take to convince her that she could take down her walls.

She didn’t have time to process her thoughts, or think through her conflict when he dragged her into a lush room. It was massive, filled with furniture designed t be both stylish and comfortable- it was simply, fit for an Alpha.

There was a large double bed in the centre of the room that demanded the girls attention as soon as she stepped into the room, the familiar feeling of dread and foreboding creeping over her skin as she looked at it. Its frame, a simple, decorative wooden fitting which made it both rustic and beautiful. The bed was fitted with pristine white sheets, and a thick duvet though it was still messy as though it had not been made that morning. Though the girl didn’t dare move, remaining rooted to her place where she stood as still as a statue, her fingers itched with the instinct to tidy it up.

On either sides were two nightstands in a matching wood furnish that made the whole display both neat and appeasing. Opposite was a large chest of drawers accompanied by a mounted mirror, as well as a large wardrobe. All in all it was spacious, and the small girl felt the intimidated and exposed in the open space.

She kept her eyes trained on the Alpha in front of her who seemed to be in a flurry of emotions as he paced. Her heart raced fiercely when he began to undress, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal bare skin, her eyes burned with unshed tears but she willed herself not to cry instead training her gaze to the floor and mentally preparing herself for what was to come like so many times before.

She felt a finger under her chin tipping her head up, though she kept her eyes tightly shut. Something within her wanted her to open her eyes, to look at the man in front of her but she fought with everything she had to keep them closed.

Vincent was both intrigued and annoyed by her silent protest- he wanted to look into her eyes, and to feel the bond between them. He wanted to hold her and protect her, to promise her that whatever she had faced before whilst at Damien's pack she would never have to face again.

“Look at me.” The Alphas deep baritone filled the space between them, making the little thing jump slightly.

She shook her head wildly, a few stray tears betraying her and sliding down her cheeks as her head spun. All she could think about was what he was going to do with her- would he use her? Hit her? Throw her around like all the other men in her life had?

She had learnt the hard way that men were cruel beings, meant to dominate women. The chaos that seemed to follow her wouldn’t let her forget it. It was for her own good that she had learnt to submit- if she hadn’t, perhaps she would’ve ended up dead.

“Please little one, just look at me.” The mans voice softened, something that the girl had thought impossible for an Alpha. If she would let herself believe it, she would’ve sworn there was a hint of desperation or a kind of twisted fondness weaved into his words.

Her eyes fluttered open, locking with his in a intense battle- brown to green. The small girl felt a tug, as if his gaze was pulling her- trapping her- under his stare; it startled her greatly. For a minute she almost wished that he would hurt her, because at least then she knew what it meant.

It was peculiar that she had someone looking at her with something other than hatred, disgust or one of those sick, creepy grins. It made her stomach turn, but she had no idea if it was good or not, the entire thing was like being on one of those demon rollercoasters and quite frankly made her sick to her stomach.

He had thankfully put on a different shirt, though this one was a lot less formal than his previous one. Perhaps she had initially misjudged him? But she didn’t really doubt herself at all, in fact she had no idea where this notion that he could be different even came from. He would hurt her, it was simply a matter of time.

“There you are,” he murmured quietly as his thumb stroked her cheek lightly. She really wanted was to pull away from his touch, to tell him not to come near her. She wasn’t sure if that was because she was afraid that he would hurt her, or because she was more afraid of feeling those strange, dangerous sparks again.

“Tell me then little one, what’s your name?” Vincent asked, making an active effort to keep his voice in that soft tone so as to not frighten her.

The little thing trembled, a small lump forming in her throat as she realised she would have to answer this man. This Alpha. It was another thing she found peculiar, usually the men didn’t want her to speak, or scream at all it would only result in them hurting her more. Could it be a trick?

Above all else, the girl was far more frightened by what would happen if she didn’t obey him so even if it was a trick she felt compelled to submit to his will. Her lips parted and her reply came out so quietly that if Vincent had not been a supernatural creature with enhanced hearing, he may not have heard.

“S-Spiraea, Alpha.”

Vincent tried to ignore how pleasing it was to hear his title on from her mouth, though it was short lived when he figured that it was probably a habit instilled in her from her time spent in Damien's pack. His fist clenched unconsciously by his side as his beast began to pace in the confines of his mind- if he continued to think of such things, he would rip something apart. Instead, he focused on the little sprite like human being in front of him.

“Spiraea.” Vincent tried the strange name on his tongue, the girl- his mate, Spiraea- felt an odd shiver of pleasure from hearing her name in his baritone. She tried to ignore it- he would probably use her and then throw her away like everyone else, there was no point in getting enraptured by him. Not even for a second of a dalliance.

“I’m Alpha Vincent Russo.” He told her, and surprisingly she found herself wanting to remember it though she pushed any sort of thought away. She had to keep reminding herself that these men were monsters and would hurt her.

Though his next words had her faltering- her previous thoughts dissipating into the air above he blew them all away. It filled her with a sense of unrest, and a new sense of fear sliced into her. It was remarkable how he managed to do so much to her with merely three words.

“You’re mine now.”

Vincent made sure to keep Spiraea close whenever he could. He had insisted that she now sleep in the room Adam and Leora had arranged for him- and Spiraea being the ever obedient thing had done so right away. It wasn’t until her friend Marianne, in a fit of passion, had told him off for his rash orders without asking if the girl was first comfortable with them.

When he did question the girl, she had said that she was fine with staying with him though she really wasn’t sure. The truth was that her body seemed to like being near him, there was a pull that she felt that unconsciously pulled her towards him- like how since she had met him, her thoughts were filled with him, or how whenever she was away from him she felt smaller and more vulnerable than usual. It was small things like that, things she don’t know how to stop as if something in the universe was telling her that she should be with him. Quite frankly, that irked her more than ever.

She was pleasantly surprised that he was much softer when it was just her and him. She had seen him before around Alpha Adams pack and had been frightened by his loud, angry nature. It was obvious that he was very easily angered with a nasty temper, but yet still he was patient and accommodating.

It made her extremely uncomfortable to see him so kind- she had never known any Alpha to be kind. Well except maybe Alpha Adam but that was different- he had to be kind because he was accommodating guests on his territory; something about a territory dispute between Alpha Damien and Alpha Vincent- the one who told her that she belonged to him.

She made sure to be cautious around him, especially when he decided to show unnecessary feats of kindness. Like when he had insisted she sleep in the bed whilst he slept on the floor, or when he had told her to eat for he had touched his food. Each time a part of her told her it was a cruel joke that would somehow end up with her being hurt.

But Spiraea knew that just because he hadn’t hurt her yet doesn’t mean he wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be long until he slipped up.

Alpha Adam held a few more meetings after the first couple. Adam talked more of his plan to move the humans off of Damien's territory in order to give his pack the space that the brute of an Alpha claimed that he needed. He also assured both Alphas that he would be paying each of them a visit to personally monitor the development of their packs.

With that out of the way, Vincent decided it was time to depart back to his pack. He was more than eager to return home, especially now that he had found his mate, his beast was beginning to get more antsy with each day he spent absent from his pack. His Beta, Fletcher, who had taken the trip down with him had gone back days prior at his request.

His little mate sat quietly on the bed, watching him intently as he packed his bag- she looked as if she wanted to speak but was too afraid to. He frowned at the though, a small sigh escaping his lips as he thought deeply of her. He would have to teach her that she didn’t have to be afraid to speak- he worried he would have to teach her lots of simple things like that.

“What is it little one?” He cajoled her lightly as he folded the shirt in his hands and put it in his bag.

Spiraea was reluctant to speak in front of him, the second time she had spoken to him was when he had asked her to bring all her stuff and she told him in reply that she had no personal items or much clothing that belonged to her. He was scary when he was angry, and she didn’t want to make him angry again.

“Um, would you let M-Marianne come too?” She asked quietly, then for good measure she decided to add: “Please Alpha?”

She didn’t want him to think that she was being disrespectful. The last time she had shown such disrespect she ended up with a bruised face and a dislocated shoulder. Never again.

“I don’t know if Damien will allow it, but if it would make you happy then I’ll see what I can do.” Vincent told the girl with a sincerity that struck even him. He never wanted to lie to her, and whilst he didn’t particularly care for the other slave girl he knew that if it would make Spiraea happier and more comfortable with him then he’d do what he had to in order to make sure that she got her way.

The girl nodded in understanding, before going back to her previous position- sat on her knees, hands on her lap with her head bent and gaze to the floor. Vincent didn’t like that though, he preferred when she was looking at him with her expressive green eyes, or when she spoke with that accent as sweet as honey which he recognised, Colombian perhaps.

He walked over to her with heavy purposeful steps, the small girl tensing at his approach. He went to caress her face, to look into those green depths but as soon as he raised his hand she flinched away violently expecting a blow.

Vincent had to hold in a growl. His beast suddenly raging in his confines at the notion that his mate expected him to strike her.

The sheer terror was evident on her face, her entire face draining of its colour- even against her dark skin she had a sickly pallor. He had to leave, because he knew that if he stayed he would get angry and he didn’t want to risk having her think it was her fault.

No, it was Damien's fault.

Vincent felt a dark grin cover his features, as he though of all the pain he wanted to inflict on the disgusting piece of shit- he would repay him tenfold for everything he had done to his little mate.

Damien had better hope that Adam was kind enough to hold back his friend, because there was a charging Alpha headed his way. And Vincent wanted blood.

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