With Hands to Hold

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Two weeks had gone by, and Vincent was particularly on edge. It was the day before the summit that he had arranged with the other alpha’s.

The couple had taken Max home a few more nights after the last time. It had been enough times to convince Vincent to start converting Spiraea’s old room into a nursery. All they had done for now was put in a small crib for him, using the dresser that was already in there for his things when he stayed.

Vincent wanted to take some time to completely refurbish the room, and had talked to his father about the project. Sean seemed more than happy to help, though they both agreed that it would have to wait a small while.

Spiraea had wanted to bring him home that night but she knew that both she and Vincent would need as much rest as possible for the summit. She had agreed to welcome the arriving Alpha’s the next day, they would all share a meal together as was custom, however she politely declined to being apart of the meeting itself.

She knew nothing of being an Alpha, or the logistics of the topics they would be discussing. Besides hearing about Damien would only be upsetting for her— Vincent and Alpha Adam already had any relevant information she could offer. She much preferred spending the day either in the nursery or catching up with Marianne.

Vincent sighed, pulling her naked body closer to him. Her hand splayed on his chest, lightly rubbing her palm over his steady heart beat in the dark.

On the nights when Max wasn’t around, or the nights when he wasn’t as temperamental, the couple would rekindle their intimacy. It was always new, always different but every time Vincent took her, Spiraea felt a little more whole. It sounded stupid, but to the girl it was a huge step to finally be able to enjoy their bodies tangling with each other.

“What’s wrong?” She asked him quietly. Even though she was never publicly a part of the packs business, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t try to help privately. If he was bothered, it bothered her too.

“I’m just worried, I don’t want to have a war on my hands but I don’t see any other way of this ending.”

“Forget this for now. When tomorrow reaches, you can talk to the other Alphas.” Spiraea raised up to lean on her elbow looking down at him. “Besides you aren’t alone in this. Things will work out as they must.”

“I can’t help it! I want to kill that son of a bitch. He has too much to answer for.” He spat harshly, his voice cutting through the silence like a meat cleaver. “I keep wondering how many good wolves will die because of that bastard—”

“We will not talk of that man in our bed.”

Spiraea leaned down to claim his mouth harshly, swinging one of her legs over to straddle him gently. She pulled away, her breathing a little erratic as she brushed her lips against his.

“And I do not want his blood on your hands. Not these hands that comfort and pleasure me.”

Vincents heart softened— he would always want retribution for the man that hurt his mate, but he would also grant her wish. He would not taint his hands with the touch of that evil, for the sake of his woman, his soulmate.

He looked up to her, drinking in each detail of her flesh greedily– her plump lips, her pretty neck, the curve of her breasts down to her little pudgy stomach. Absolutely breath taking, every inch.

He felt himself harden below her, his tip nudging her wet nether lips. He could get used to this; he already had. The way she let him take her, the way she mewled for him. Goddess she drove him crazy.

Vincent groaned, his hand gripping her ass, kneading the flesh there gently. “I’m sorry. You’re right, especially when you’re sitting on top of me naked.”

His eyes glinted with a playful, wolfish gleam. His hand guided her neck back down, trapping her in a tasteful, senseless kiss. His hand palmed her ass again before, he smacked her gently.

Spiraea let out a half gasp half moan at the contact. They had learnt that Spiraea was very much happy to relinquish her control to Vincent, and though he was always soft with her, he was happy to take it.

“Will you on your hands and knees for me baby?” He ordered her softly. Never demanding, always encouraging, even when he took charge.

"Yes, Alpha." She followed his instructions eagerly, biting her lip as his fist wrapped around her curls gently. She relaxed into him, letting herself loose herself with him for the fourth time that night.

He teased her gently, his cock nudging her between her wet folds before he pushed into her. Soft moans, little pants shattered the quietness of the dark room as he filled her with him.

She gave him all she had, taking all he had to give her. Hopefully it was enough to take his mind off his worries for just a little while longer too.

Alpha Killian was the first to arrive. His territory was a safe distance away, bordering the town of Willesden Brooke. Adam came next, he had decided to leave his pregnant wife at home for the short trip.

Alpha Renee came next, her territory was the furthest away and she was somewhat worn out by the travelling— not that she let anyone see. Sebastian wasn’t too far behind much to everyone’s delight.

Vincent and Spiraea stood together, greeting each Alpha with warm smiles and polite handshakes. Fletcher and Jaxon also stood nearby, greeting their guests with firm nods of appreciation.

The girl blushed shyly when Adam in particular noted how different she was to when they first met, he mentioned that Leora would be very happy that she had blossomed into such a strong individual.

Spiraea was grateful, and again thanked Adam, and though she wasn’t there, Leora for all of their help. Without it she would never have found Vincent.

Vincents hand never left her waist, not once. He announced that they would dine together before the summit and led them all to the pack hall to eat.

They sat down together, Vincent beside his Spiraea with the other Alphas dotted around them. He made sure to keep a hand to her thigh in a comforting manner. Fletcher and Jaxon excused themselves to set up for the meeting and to send for Sean.

Spiraea ate well, her appetite healthy. She mostly listened to the chatter around her rather than join in. She was a lot more reserved around the strangers, but Vincent was proud of her regardless.

The Alphas caught up with each other on all the things that had happened thus far. Adam spoke about his mate’s pregnancy being a roller-coaster for them both, they had recently received a 3D ultrasound and Leora had finally got to ‘see’ their baby.

Renee mentioned that she too had met her mate, but she wasn’t sure yet how things would play out. She had met him at Adam and Leora’s wedding but things were far more complicated than she would have liked to imagine.

Spiraea from by Vincents side spoke quietly: “Don’t worry, things will get better in the end. It starts difficult but when you find your footing it gets better.”

A blush took over her features as the female Alpha turned to her with a smile, thanking her for the pleasant advice. Vincent’s hand on her thigh gave her an endearing squeeze; he couldn’t help thinking how good she was at making people feel at ease. She was a beautifully compassionate person, and a good Luna. She was perfect to be by his side and she barely had to try, and worse yet, she didn’t even see it.

Killian and Sebastian didn’t have much in particular to discuss, neither had found their mates, and didn’t seem to be in a rush either. Killian spoke about considering a business venture in the newly developed town of Willesden Brooke. Adam, considering he was in charge of overseeing the development agreed to a talk with the Alpha in question to sort something out.

Sebastian was more than content to listen to the achievements that his fellow Alpha’s had made- life was perfectly fine for him. Mate or not, he was very much happy with the way his pack, and life were working out.

The meal only lasted for another hour or so, it was soon clear that they could no longer stall the reason they had all come together. The summit truly was needed, and now they were all together, hunger sated, and merry, they no longer had any reason to procrastinate. The Alpha’s stood from the table, Spiraea too following.

They followed Vincent down the halls to his office where he opened the large wooden doors and ushered them all in. Vincent hovered outside the door for a moment with Spiraea, shutting the door gently so as to give them some privacy.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for the meeting?” He asked softly, caressing her cheek lightly.

He knew it was selfish to ask, he only really wanted her there for his sake; but he also knew that she would never agree and that was okay with him. He was glad that she had finally learnt that it was okay to do what she wanted, and often times he wanted to ask her things just to get her to practice saying no.

A part of her did want to sit in on the meeting, she had not really seen Vincent’s office. However, the though of just hearing that man’s name made her want to shrivel away- he had hurt her enough, she would not voluntarily put herself in a position that would remind her of that trauma. Besides, she wasn’t really needed. She had already shared any valuable information she had with Vincent and Adam a long time ago.

Perhaps another day she would stay, and watch Vincent do what he did best. But on a day when Damien was not part of the discussion, and when there would not be so many eyes on her.

“Um, no thank you. I would like to catch up with Marianne.” Spiraea declined politely. She still found it strange that Vincent didn’t mind her saying no, it was something that she had slowly come to realise was normal.

“Alright, have fun with your friend.” Vincent nodded with a smile, he kissed her cheek gently. “I’ll see you later, little one.”

Then he pushed the door and went inside, leaving Spiraea in the hallway. She sighed, a small smile playing on her lips gently; she couldn’t help thinking how lucky she was, how good things were. She couldn’t wait to talk to Marianne, there was so much she wanted to share!

Spiraea and Marianne met up in the café they had before; the waiter smiled kindly at his Alpha and Gamma females. It didn’t take very long before Spiraea and Marianne were both nursing mugs- hot chocolate and peppermint tea, respectively. The had also decided to share a huge piece of chocolate cake between them.

“Jaxon told me about the meeting today, I was so glad when you said you wanted to hang out.” Marianne admitted, groaning in delight at the rich chocolate cake. “How have things been?”

“Well, they’ve been good.” Spiraea blushed, she couldn’t help thinking about all the recent developments she had made with Vincent.

“You had sex!” Marianne gasped loudly. The other wolves in the café obviously hearing every word, but they were all courteous to pretend otherwise. Spiraea covered her heated face in her hands, at her best friends brazen behaviour; though she shouldn’t have been surprised, Marianne was always outrageous in some way. “And judging from that blush, and those bruises more than once too... So... How was it?”

“Yes,” She finally responded to Marianne’s accusation. “It was actually really nice...”

“Oh, I’m sure Vincent was more than just ‘nice’. If he’s packing anything like what Jaxon’s got, damn girl.” Marianne winked playfully, laughing at Spiraea’s blush.

Both girls couldn’t help but feel an extra sort of delight- this is what normal human girls do, talk about. She was glad that they could finally just be friends together, she was glad that they finally found a semblance of peace and normality, even if it wasn’t completely normal.

Spiraea’s tanned cheeks felt unbelievably hot, but nonetheless she took away to remove her hands to face Marianne head on. “We agreed to get married. Well not married, he said the pack calls it a Luna Ceremony.”

“That’s wonderful! I'm happy you've finally found someone that makes you this happy Raya.” Marianne gripped her hands tightly over the top of the table with a bright smile, a few tears pricking the corners of her eyes. She was so happy for her friend, she was positively glowing.

“It's funny you bring this up..." Marianne bit her thumb looking at her friend with unadulterated excitement. "Jaxon and I also talked about, y'know getting married. We said we want to wait a few months before officially getting married.”

“Really? Why?” Spiraea asked, she had never known Marianne to be patient. And judging by how upbeat she was, it was obvious that she would head over heels in love with her mate. The girl understood completely, she felt the same way about Vincent.

“Well it was actually my idea,” Marianne admitted, tucking a strand of her fiery red hair behind her ear distractedly. “I wanted to wait until after the baby was born...”

Spiraea’s eyes widened in joyful surprise, her breath catching in her throat as she waited for Marianne to say the two words that she was waiting for in confirmation.

“I’m pregnant!”

Spiraea could barely even speak, she was completely speechless. She stood up, moving around the table to envelope her friend in a warm, tight hug. “I’m so happy for you, congratulations!”

The two spent a while longer with each other before going their separate ways. After an hour, Spiraea supposed the meeting would not be over so soon so she quickly stopped into the nursery to see how Max was doing. The baby was asleep, and Kate assured the Luna that she had everything under control before shooing her away.

With nothing left to do, she walked the familiar steps up into the pack house, through the corridors to Vincent’s office to wait for her mate.

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