With Hands to Hold

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They had both woken up early, and after laying together and relaxing for a short 20 minutes, Vincent relented that he had to get up.

Spiraea got up with him, they showered, changed and quickly checked in on Max who was still fast asleep in his crib next door.

They crept downstairs quietly, both not wanting to wake anyone and to also spend a little more time together on their own.

Spiraea made them both breakfast— a full English feast as a welcome home, whilst Vincent brewed some coffee and made Spiraea some hot chocolate.

They sat down beside each other at the table in the kitchen, Spiraea crossed her legs so that her feet brushed against his legs, and Vincent kept one hand firmly on the girls thigh.

They chatted quietly, and Spiraea told Vincent all about all the plans she had made with his mother whilst he had been away. Between his satisfied taste buds and the pleasant conversation, Vincent was extremely chipper.

He watched her in content amusement as her excited chatter filled the space. She was telling him about how she, Emilia and Marianne had gone back and forth for hours just trying to choose flowers for the ceremony.

“Emilia suggested red roses, since they were traditional but Marianne insisted on having Spiraea Vanhouettei since well, they were the flowers I was named after.” Spiraea explained around a sip of hot chocolate.

“Which did you pick?” Vincent asked conversationally. Whilst genuinely interested, he didn’t care much of the answer; anything she picked would be perfect, the most important part was that they would be married in the eyes of the pack.

“Well I liked both ideas but, she couldn’t pick one!” Spiraea admitted bashfully. She didn’t want to offend either woman and to made sure she didn’t, she chose neither. “So I made a suggestion of my own... I suggested moon flowers. That clearing you took me too were full of them and era tan pacífico allí que pensé que sería—”

He loved the way the would spiral into Spanish when she felt her emotions greatly enough.

Vincent laughed at his mates pure sweetness, his hand caressing her face gently as he murmured. “I love you.”

He was wrong, he did care about her answer because it proved to him once again why he had fallen irrevocably in love with her.

“I love you too,” She chirped with a smile before suddenly growing coy. “You don’t mind about the flowers right? We’ve got another couple of weeks we still have time to tell you mother to change it to the roses.”

“Relax little one, it’s perfect.” He placed a kiss to her lips, tender and passionate. He had every intention of deepening it, but was stopped when three more people entered the kitchen.

Emilia was dressed in her pyjamas with Max on her hip fussing quietly. Sean was fully dressed in a pair of dark slacks and a light button up shirt, he placed a kiss to his wife’s lips before going over to fix them both a coffee.

At the sight of their son, now awake and fussy, Spiraea went over and took him from Emilia to comfort him. Meanwhile the other woman in question fixed him a bottle and tested it against her forearm. Once it was ready, she handed it over to Spiraea who reclaimed her seat only this time to feed her son.

“We’ve got plenty to get done today, son.” Sean leaned against the counter taking a gulp from his mug of bitter, black coffee.

“Yeah, I want to get Seth and Orion settled in first. Once that’s out the way, I’ll deal with everything else.” Vincent nodded to his father, “thank you for helping me out today, I really appreciate it pops.”

“Alrighty then, you boys should probably head out if you’ve got a busy day, daylights wasting!” Emilia shooed them out the kitchen, pointing to the clock that read quarter to 12. She took a seat at the table beside Spiraea who was quietly nursing the hungry baby.

Vincent scraped his plate before giving it a quick wash, before going over to his mate and son to say goodbye.

Sean placed his mug in the sink, hissing his wife on the way out the door. “I’ll see you later sweetheart.”

“Okay, and don’t forget to take Vincent to— well you know where.” She quickly covered, stopping herself from saying more than she was supposed to.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Sean smiled, his wife’s excitement was both adorable and contagious. He pecked her lips once more before heading to the the door to wait for Vincent.

The man in question was still wrapped up in his family, cooing at the boy in his mates arms. As much as he hated to break up the scene, Sean knew his wife was right, they had a lot to do.

“Vincent, come on let’s go.” He called his son over with a nod towards the door.

Vincent placed a chaste kiss to Spiraea’s waiting lips, a smile blooming there when he pulled away. He also kissed the small tuft of hair on Max’s little head earning a happy gurgle from the baby.

Emilia handed him the paper bag with his lunch that he almost forgot, kissing him on the cheek and shooing him after his father.

“I want you both to be comfortable here. I’ll be honest, it will take some time before we can overthrow Damien and it’s safest that you stay here until then.” Vincent explained as calmly as he could to the antsy couple before him.

The girl, Orion, looked somewhat frightened. She kept her guard up, her eyes darting around the office attentively. The action took Vincent back, to when he met Spiraea and she too was skittish.

The rogue Alpha, Seth, just looked frustrated with not being able have his pack back immediately. Whilst Vincent didn’t understand the feeling completely, he knew what it was like to be away from the pack— especially as an Alpha, it wasn’t a nice feeling. He once again felt nothing but respect for this Alpha before him who had managed to keep his sanity alone with only his mate in the wild.

“You’ve also both been living as Rogues for Goddess knows how long. You’ll both need time to readjust to pack life,” Fletcher pointed out from his place beside Vincent.

“And its probably a good idea to give you a refresher on being an Alpha.” Sean added quietly, eyeing the rogue carefully. There was a distinct wildness to him, a fury in his eyes; if he didn’t relearn what it meant to be a good Alpha, Sean feared he would end up just like Damien.

“My father is right. If you don’t mind, I’d like to mentor you in being an Alpha.”

“It’s been such a long time,” Seth mused, the anger leaving him as he looked over to Orion. “All I’ve had to worry about was looking after her for the last 17 years. I understand the situation well enough now and I’m grateful for your help.”

“It’s smart business to make friends not enemies,” Fletcher spouted in his usual cheerful tone.

“What my Beta means to say, is that you have an ally in us. Once you’re ready to lead, we’ll find a way to take down Damien together.”

Seth was more than ready to start this mentoring. However with all the chatter of the Alpha’s Luna Ceremony going on, he supposed it would have to wait a while.

For now, he was content with the plan to move ahead. Waiting was something he had learned to get good at; he trusted Vincent, he was the one who offered him his pack back. With his help, Damien wouldn’t know what hit him.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Once the official meeting was done, Vincent took the time to formally invite Seth to his Luna Ceremony which would be taking place in just under a week. Seth was happy to receive the invitation and accepted on his and his mates behalf.

Both Seth and Orion left soon after escorted by Fletcher, leaving Vincent alone with his father. Vincent took some time to personally phone the remaining four Alpha’s to personally invite them all to his ceremony. He and Spiraea agreed earlier that they should all be there, Spiraea in particular wanting to see Leora to thank her for her part in how things had turned out.

He spent almost 10 minutes per call, considering the conversation turned to congratulations then furthering itself to questions of future plans and so on. Vincent hardly expected the phone calls to take so long; he had been on the phone for almost an hour!

“Thank you, we look forward to seeing you there!” Vincent ended his final conversation with Alpha Killian.

He knew that his father had somewhere to take him afterwards- he had heard his parents whispering about it earlier that morning- and he still had to find Spiraea a ring.

The ceremony was a week away and he still hadn’t found the time to find one. He wanted it to be perfect, but with all the things going on he hadn’t even stopped to question what that meant. All in all, he was pretty stressed out about the whole thing.

That being said, he knew there was nothing else in the world that he wanted. He loved Spiraea with everything within him, and he was excited to get to share this experience with her, to officially start a new chapter in their lives together. He had never been more sure about anything else that he’d wanted. Stressed or not, he was right where he was supposed to be; where he wanted to be.

He placed the phone back onto the receiver with a small sigh, getting up with a large stretch. Sean watched in amusement, holding back a chuckle, he couldn’t help but think to himself how happy he was for his son but if he was tired now, then being married and having a child full time whilst balancing the pack was going to be one hell of a shock to his system.

Vincent followed his father as he walked seemingly back to the family home. He was certain that his father was supposed to be taking him somewhere special so why were they just going back home?

Only when Sean turned onto a hidden path in the forest did Vincent’s confusion really take over. There was no real path, only overgrown greenery on either side of a barely there dirt track. Vincent had never seen this place before, and his family home was just down the road!

“What’s this place that you need to take me to?” He asked curiously, trying to pry the answer from his father. Vincent truly was an impatient man, not even Spiraea could rid him of that.

“We’re almost there,” Sean replied over his shoulder. Just as promised, Sean pushed away a small branch to reveal a small clearing, in which stood a small wooden shack. Vincent realised that they weren’t too far from home, in fact he used to play with his brother in a treehouse not too far from this clearing when he was a child.

The two men stepped into the small space. Vincent looked around curiously at all the equipment; it was some sort of wood workshop.

“What are we doing here?”

“Well, we have a tradition in our family... When we meet our mates and have our ceremony, we give a gift to our bride. Every pair creates something different, I gave your mother a brooch.” Sean smiled fondly at the memory; it had taken him a few hours to perfect the thing and he had even started over quite a few times too.

Vincent could often times remembered his mother wearing a silver crescent moon brooch that had been set with a opal stone and flower detailing. He remembered her never wanting to take it off; she would wear it every day even on days when she was just around the house. He had always thought that she had bought it somewhere, but now that his father had made it he realised why she cherished it so much.

“I brought your brother here when he was preparing for his ceremony with Tallulah, and one day, you’ll bring Max here when he’s getting ready for his.” Sean spoke gently, the soft breeze blowing through the open work space and carrying his voice through. “But for now, it’s your turn. And if I’m correct, you haven’t found Spiraea a ring yet have you?”

For the next couple of days, Vincent spent time with his father making his ring for his mate; it was a new and tricky experience and they even needed the extra support of Papa Bois. After no more than five days, it was finished.

All that was left was to wait for the big day to finally arrive.

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