With Hands to Hold

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Vincent’s beast was in control, all rational thought had faded to a forgotten whisper. He wanted nothing more than to claw out Damien's eyes, to bring him pain and suffering like he had allowed to be inflicted upon his little mate. If he were a cartoon, steam would be pouring from his nose and ears from the heat of his rage.

Though he never got to the Alpha in question that he was searching for. Instead, he had bumped into Adam who, like the good friend and diplomatic man that he was, calmed down Vincent before calling an emergency meeting. It was obvious to all males that they could no longer be on the same territory lest one attacked the other- Adam was not the type to risk such an open threat of war.

The meeting was one taken under the cover of dark- something that neither mated male really wanted but all saw necessary to keep up the appearance of good faith. It was Adams wish that the meeting remained as calm as possible, which given the circumstances it was a miraculous feat that Vincent was able to follow.

It lasted not much longer than 10 minutes, the entire time Vincent was envisioning in his head the brutal way he would’ve ended Damien if he had gotten the opportunity.

“You’re so lucky Adam was here. After the way you treated my mate I would’ve-” Vincent growled, his voice slowly rising in volume as he once again got worked up.

“Both of you will leave to your own territories tomorrow,” Adam cut him off, simultaneously concluding the meeting. “Damien you will leave at Dawn, Vincent a few hours after. I will not hear of any foul play en-route back to your territories.”

“By the way, the human girl that hangs around with Spiraea will be accompanying me back to my territory along with my mate.” Vincent made clear, a silent threat behind is eyes as if daring Damien to challenge.

The man in question looked as if he wanted to argue, his jaw setting in a nasty scowl as he took in the younger Alpha’s appearance.

“I don’t see why that would be a problem, we are trying to get the humans off your territory to give more space to your wolves. It’ll be one human less to look after.” Adam nodded with a thoughtful nod.

The meeting was ended there. Vincent was more than ready to return to his mate, mostly angry at himself that he had left her in the first place, though it was a productive parting and so that lessened his plight.

He left first, more than eager to return to the girl a part of him felt like he should apologize for getting so angry and leaving so abruptly, but the larger part scoffed at the idea. He was an Alpha, backing down wasn’t really in his nature.

Hopefully he hadn’t frightened her, now that he had a growing suspicion of her maltreatment in Damien's pack, he would have to be careful around her- it’d be like walking on eggshells until she got used to him and their connection.

When he returned to the room, Spiraea was sat on the floor a couple metres from the door on her knees. It was a position of submission, on her knees her chin pressed against the floor, her hands locked in a cross behind her back. She was remarkably bare, only clad in a soft, lavender baby-doll paired with matching tall socks.

Vincent had to force himself not to stare, he had no idea she even had clothes as such. Just looking at her made him want to fuck her senseless but he knew that was the last thing she needed. She was not an object, as much as she seemed to think she was; submission was in her blood but this way beyond any instinct or personality. He cleared her throat, fixing himself as discretely as possible before thinking about how to deal with the situation.

Vincent was at a loss for words, he had no idea how to deal with the situation. He wasn’t sure if he should move her, or even what to say to her- he had never seen anything like it before. He was torn between being surprised at her position on the floor, and controlling his beast that quite liked her playing into his dominance- though after considering exactly how she learnt to be that way, any enjoyment was short lived.

He decided to take a gentle approach, with her- first keeping his distance. His voice was soft, any kind of harsh emotion absent from his voice. “You don’t have to do that,” he murmured before taking a careful step towards her. “Little one, get off the floor.”

He couldn’t help the slight edge to his tone, his frustration broiling within him. The girl barely flinched but he noticed anyway - suddenly his frustration was turned on himself. He wasn’t angry at her, he was angry at the situation, but he couldn’t be sure that the little sprite knew that.

Spiraea didn’t answer, but her skin prickled with goose bumps. She wasn’t sure if this was some kind of trick, that he would hurt her if she actually moved. She had pushed any thought of fear from her mind- though it was retained in her body- the only thing passing through her mind was her only duty. Make sure that he was satisfied.

Even though her body had begun to cramp and ache from being in her position unmoved for hours, she still didn’t dare move a muscle. Not too long after the Alpha had left she had cleaned the room, then cleaned up herself and prepared for his return. She always had to be ready- she had learnt that the hard way- and so spent most of her time waiting.

Her entire body felt stiff, whether that was because of her fear, or her aching limbs she wasn’t entirely sure. She felt a cold shiver creep down her spine as she felt his presence in the room, closing in like a shadow in the night.

She wasn’t just simply terrified, there was a slight sliver of anticipation in her blood- she didn’t understand why. Perhaps it was because he was different, he hadn’t barged in and threw her around like she expected- he had been soft and sweet, assuring her with his actions that she didn’t have to do something that she didn’t want to do.

“Please little one,” he sighed, making sure to soften his voice to keep the little thing as calm as possible.

Vincent took a few more steps towards the small creature on the floor. She could hear as he approached, the ominous footfalls caused her heart to speed up until it banged painfully against her ribcage.

He bent to a squat beside her, his heavy palms careful and light on her arms as he guided her off the floor to sit on the bed.

Spiraea was expecting this, she expected that she knew what would happen next. What she didn’t expect, was the gentleness or care that had been put into his actions- or to be utterly wrong.

Instead of throwing her around, or using her, Vincent walked away. Spiraea was cautiously optimistic as he moved over to the now sparse closet before returning half a moment later with a large t-shirt. She noticed how he tried not to look anywhere below her face, and the times that he had let his gaze slip, he forced his gaze away almost immediately. He slipped the shirt over her head, the attire swamping her tiny frame completely.

Spiraea didn’t think he could surprise her any further, but she was wrong- especially when he knelt in front of her. It was as if he was handing over all his control, just so that she would feel safe in his presence.

His actions were surprising to himself too. Vincent wasn’t usually the type to back down, not for anyone, coupled with his short fuse and Alpha title most people were terrified of him. However it physically hurt his heart to think of his mate as one of those people so he would do anything within his power if it meant that she felt safe.

It was beyond strange for her, because he was the first person to act as if he wasn’t entitled to her body. It only made her feel even more out of her depth, her back going rigid- a different kind of fear and powerlessness filling her veins.

It was different for her to feel somewhat in control, even if it was just of herself. Maybe it was another trick? If she moved or tried to speak, would he laugh? Punish her? Use his words to make her feel smaller that she already was?

Vincent had gone out of his way to make her seem like she was in control- so that she didn’t have to act in submission, especially if she didn’t want to.

The girl shifted, somewhat uncomfortably, the silence stretching like a vast desert between them. She expected him to say something, anything, only he didn’t- he simply sat in silent submission. It made her antsy-she didn’t know what she was supposed to do. She didn’t like that. At least when they punished her, or berated her, she knew that she was the problem.

“Why?” Her voice broke the silence, accented words decorating the room, though it was barely audible. With the small space between them, she didn’t need to speak much louder anyway.

“I don’t want you to ever feel like you are below me, little one.” Vincent told her as softly as his usually gruff voice would allow him.

His hand itched to touch her, but he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries. This was the first time that she had seemed somewhat calm in his presence and he didn’t want to upset that.

Spiraea avoided his gaze both uncomfortable and lost at his suggestion. At had spent so long buried in dirt, that to think of herself as anything more than that was nothing short of terrifying.

He could practically read the terror on her face- he didn’t need to read her mind to know exactly how she felt. He was the same in a paradoxical way- just like her he couldn’t imagine being in a position other than his own, his dominance was ingrained in him as an Alpha.

“There is power in submission, just not like that.” The Alpha spoke, almost as if it was a reassurance to her. His index finger, with a cautious tenderness, tipped her chin up to expose her large doe eyes.

Spiraea wanted to look away but the magnetic pull between them, coupled with the gentle pressure of Vincents finger prevented her from doing so.

His thumb brushed gently against one of her sallow cheeks, those strange sparks igniting where their flesh touched. It spread an involuntary comfort between them both, and Spiraea wasn’t sure if she liked it or not.

“Just you wait little one, just you wait.” He had a hint of a soft smile on his face as if he knew something she didn’t. His words were foreboding, but as to what Spiraea hadn’t a clue. His words were scary but his expression wasn’t, in fact he hadn’t laid a hand on her in any way that she had expected- she was confused.

“We have a long day tomorrow, so you need your rest.” He pulled back the comforter for her to lay back. The girl hesitated, any semblance of calm she once felt flying right back out the window as her heart began to race once more. Her fear clouding her judgement as she tried to back away from him.

Startled, Vincent froze. He only just realised the girls the girls possible thought process- it was the last thing he would ever think to do, to any female- especially her. It physically hurt his heart to know she thought that way.

He took a few feet back distancing himself from the scared looking girl on the bed. Instead he went about his nightly routine, showering, brushing his teeth and putting on pyjamas. Usually he would wear little more than a pair of boxers but he decided to make a special effort to wear clothes, so as to not frighten Spiraea any more than he already had.

Once he returned from the bathroom, his mate was still sat wordlessly in the same position as before. Her eyes trained on his t-shirt clad front when he came through the door.

For a glimpse of a second, Spiraea had almost thought he looked like an angel emerging from the cloudy condensation but she pushed away the thought as quickly as it came. She would not let herself believe for a second that he could be different, no matter how much her body wanted to let its guard down in front of him.

With a small frown, he wordlessly took one of the pillows off the bed before placing it on the sofa a feet away. There wasn’t any extra blankets so he would have to go without- it didn’t bother him too much considering that his body temperature ran higher than most. A perk of being a werewolf.

“Go to sleep little one.” He spoke, as he laid down on the sofa. Spiraea watched him quietly, and decided that she would obey his request- the last thing she wanted was to annoy him and make him come over to her. So she crawled up and under the large comforter, it was warm and smelled like lavender- so soothing that she instantly fell asleep.

Vincent heard her breathing even out, the little sighs shattering the fragile silence that filled the space between them. He sighed a breath of his own, though he didn’t know why- perhaps it was relief that she had finally settled down. There was no doubt that the two of them had a long, hard road ahead of them. Somehow knowing that, only made him want to face it even more; he was going to love her so much that she forgot all the time that she had gone without.

The leather creaked below him as he shifted a couple times, trying to get comfortable on the small thing. His legs hung over the edge slightly and his neck was at a strange angle that would most definitely hurt the next day but it was a small price to pay so that his mate was comfortable.

A small smile graced his features as another gentler sigh passed through his lips. “Tomorrow we go home.”

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