With Hands to Hold

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With much comfort from Vincent, Spiraea recovered from her tearful moment. After which dinner was a quiet affair, neither really feeling the need to fill the silence. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence considering both Vincent and Spiraea were far too caught up in their own thoughts to think about the atmosphere.

A few words were spoke here and there, most Vincent to compliment the sprite on her cooking, or trying to encourage her to eat some more. She could barely manage more than a few forkfuls before feeling rather full.

Once it became clear that she could no longer eat anymore, Vincent cleared up. He had no doubt the girl was utterly exhausted from the long day of travelling which had taken its toll on both of them. The whole new experience had been both physically, mentally and emotionally draining on them both, albeit more so the girl than the Alpha.

They headed for bed after everything was clear. Spiraea could hardly bring herself to walk up the stairs with how knackered she felt. The poor thing was practically dead on her feet. She leaned on Vincent in her tired stupor as he guided her up the steps gently. The man in question was just trying to soak in her touch, her presence, her scent, everything that he could before he had to leave her.

Vincent walked her to her room, saying goodnight as respectfully as he could muster before departing to his own room. A large part of him was still very much upset by the fact they would be in separate rooms- he wanted her in his arms. Part of him, the beastly part of him, wanted nothing more than to kick down her door and snuggle in bed with her. It was like pure torture knowing that she was just in the other room and he still couldn’t have her.

Neither of them slept well that night.

Vincent lay tossing and turning, wanting her with him. His beast was pacing in his mind, all his sense awake and on live wires as he tried to attune to his mate. Was she okay? Did she need him? Was she too cold? Could she sleep? Did she need him? Did she have enough pillows? Was she comfortable? Did she need him?

Spiraea was so worn out that as soon as her head hit her pillow, she was out like a light. However the serenity didn’t last long. It had just gone 2 in the morning when she was awoken by the pain in her stomach.

For a moment she had thought it was the Alpha, inflicting some horrid pain on her whilst she slept. Through the pained haze, sadness filled her being at the notion- for some reason just the thought alone was enough to hurt her more than the physical pain she was in. However, she quickly realised that this pain was not one that had been inflicted on her by another.

She knew she had to move, the nauseous feeling in her throat growing by the second- if she didn’t move, she would ruin the bed. With strength and speed she didn’t know was possible in her pained position, she somehow found herself pushing her way into the bathroom and emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

Vincent hearing the entire commotion, was up and by her side in seconds. He held back her hair and rubbed her back gently as her body purged the meal she had consumed not too long ago. Even after she had finished, she didn’t have the strength to move, so she sat there as he comforted her.

Eventually, Vincent took her into his arms and decided to take her downstairs and make her a warm mug of hot chocolate. He was extremely worried for her after her being sick, he never really had to deal such a problem before and didn’t really know what to do.

He contemplated calling someone- his mother, or the pack doctor perhaps, but decided for both Spiraea’s and the recipient of the call that it should wait until the morning. Spiraea needed rest, and having a stranger see her now would probably spook her and make her feel worse. The last thing she needed was to add nerves to her upset stomach.

He pulled the coffee table close to the blue patchwork sofa where he had laid the girls small frame, before placing down the steaming mug. He also made sure to bring a wastepaper basket close by, just in case she felt sick again.

As he was about to leave to get another blanket for his mate, she reached out grabbing the naked skin of his wrist. The sparks that ignited there was like Spiraea’s own personal morphine, numbing the pain making the desire she felt to be held by her mate increase tenfold. She couldn’t think, she was acting on instinct and it was telling her that she needed Vincent.

Vincent raised her body with too much ease; she was tiny and feather like, a fact which was only made more apparent by his brutish size. He set her down on his lap, and she snuggled into his warmth. One of his hands rested comfortably around her waist, rubbing soft soothing circles on her nightie clad stomach whilst his other hand found its way to her hair, combing through the dark curly strands tenderly.

The rhythmic comforting motions were as powerful as any lullaby. The girl quickly slipped back into a much needed sleep, abandoning the half full mug of cocoa on the table to get cold. Vincent listened as the girls heartbeat steadied out, its thrum his lullaby- the sound sending him into the peaceful abyss of sleep, not too long after the girl.

When Vincents eyes fluttered open the next morning, he felt thoroughly rested. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept so well. His arms tightened with the sole intention of pulling his beautiful mate closer (not that it was really possible), except she was gone.

His first instinct was to panic, he looked around the room for the little thing but found no trace of her. The coffee table was back in its original place, any sign of last nights occurrences had completely vanished.

Had he dreamt the whole thing? Had he even found his mate? Of course he had, the way that his veins sung and his mind was so filled with her, how could he have not?!

The smell of coffee from the kitchen caught his attention, along with light movement as someone moved about the space. He followed it, scratching an itch under his t-shirt clad torso as he walked. It was in the doorway to the kitchen that he paused to admire the little thing flitting about the kitchen, a small smile stretching at his features.

He couldn’t help but think that he could get used to the sight of this, though it was only fleeting as he remembered the events of the previous night and his worry resurfaced. He cleared his throat lightly, alerting the girl to his presence.

Spiraea was startled by his sudden appearance, a fiery blush colouring her features as she took him in before quickly looking away. She felt a great deal of shame and embarrassment for last night, and decided upon waking up early that she would make up for it. She didn't want him to think that she was more trouble than she was worth.

“I-I’m sorry Alpha, I mean, Vincent,” She spoke quietly. If it wasn't for the mans advanced hearing he probably wouldn’t have hear her, she was both timid and soft spoken which made most of her words barely audible to most human ears. “I haven't finished with making breakfast yet.”

“Little one, you don’t have to do that. You should be resting.” He admonished her as gently as he could, his voice still coming out a tad harsher than he would’ve liked. She didn’t seem as afraid as yesterday which was a small step forward.

After last nights events, the bond had grown greatly. In fact it was quite probable to Vincent that the girl no longer felt afraid in his presence, especially after all the comfort he had provided her with before. He was somewhat right.

Spiraea had woken before the sun had risen, but nonetheless she still felt rested and rejuvenated. She was slightly embarrassed at her closeness to the man but after how tender and attentive he had been during such a moment of vulnerability for her, she couldn't bring herself to fear him like she did before. Of course, that meant nothing other than the fact that he no longer terrified her.

“I feel fine, Alpha, I mean-” She stopped herself from talking. Her blush intensifying as she stumbled over her words- she knew Vincent didn't want her to address him as ‘Alpha’, but it was a habit and she couldn't help it. “I feel fine.”

“You’re not fine. You were sick last night, you barely ate and you look like you’re going to keel over any minute.” Vincent asserted himself leaving no room for argument, he didn't want to sound harsh or controlling to her but his words were truth. He simply wanted her to be healthy, and that wouldn't happen if she overworked herself.

“Sorry Alpha.” Spiraea bowed, submitting to his dominance. She still wasn't sure if he would hurt her- something in her said that he wouldn’t- but she didn't want to upset him. She also didn’t know if she had it within her to go against his word, after all she had been trained with countless beatings never to talk back.

Vincent sighed heavily, walking over to the girl with slow purposeful steps. He stopped right in front of her, not even an inch between them. His finger found the bottom of her chin, gently tipping her face back up to his.

“I’m not telling you off little one, you don’t have to submit to me. I’m glad that you stood up for yourself there but baby you need to rest.” His voice was hardly above a murmur, the soft vibration of his gravelly tone resonating pleasantly in the girls stomach. “I want for you to be healthy, so you cant overwork yourself. Please rest, I’ll make breakfast.”

Spiraea sat herself back down on the sofa, listening to the noises of Vincent bustling about the kitchen. It was strange for her to do nothing, she couldn't remember the last time that she didn’t have something to be done. It was with those thoughts that she fell back to sleep.

Vincent found the girls’ sleeping for not too long after, he was going to ask whether she would prefer tea, coffee or hot chocolate, but after seeing her resting peacefully he supposed that she probably needed a few hours of extra sleep. He covered her with the warm blanket that they had used the night before, then sat down in the armchair adjacent with a steaming mug of coffee.

Whilst she was resting he decided to get a few things out of the way- namely a few important calls. His first call was to the pack doctor, whom after explaining the full situation thoroughly insisted that she needed to see her Luna in person to be able to help to the best of her ability. Vincent made sure she knew that getting Spiraea to agree would be difficult, but he would try his hardest.

His next call was to his father. Even though it was barely close to 9 in the morning, he knew that his father would pick up. He was a man of strict regiment, he had been waking up at the crack of dawn since he was in his youth and nothing would ever change that. They caught up for a while, talking of pack business, how the summit at Adams pack had gone and eventually, Vincent breached the topic of finding his mate.

Since he had met her, he had not batted an eyelid to the fact that she was a human. In fact her delicate nature only made him want her her even more, she was everything he could see for himself in a mate. Every time he thought about it, he felt sillier and sillier for thinking that Leora could’ve ever been his.

His father was incredibly happy for his son, he had finally found the person that he would share his life with. Of course she would have to meet the family as soon as possible, his father was insistent upon it. His mother would be so excited, she would make such a fuss!

Vincent looked over at his sleeping woman, the corners of his lips threatening to break into a smile at the sound of his fathers obvious excitement. “Look Pa, I’ll try to bring her over soon but I cant promise anything okay?”

“You better! I’m curious as to who the unlucky soul was that Selene paired with you.” His father snorted playfully. Stepping down from his role as Alpha had been a kindness, he had become softer in many ways and was a much better father. “Your mother and I aren't getting any younger over here!”

Vincent shook his head at his fathers teasing. “I know but there are very... delicate things to consider involving my mate. She is my first priority.”

His father sighed heavily, and for a moment Vincent considered hanging up. No doubt he was about to give one of his lectures about leading the pack; as much as Vincent appreciated his fathers advice, he also knew his own mind. He was almost 30 and had been running the pack for more than 8 years, he wasn’t a child that needed to be lectured. He knew it came from a place of love and consideration, and was probably only a worry because of the brewing tensions with Alpha Damien but he still felt as if it was unnecessary.

He watched as his mate squirmed on the sofa, a frown marring his features. It was about time she got up, they needed to have breakfast.

“Pa, I gotta go. I’ll see you soon. Tell mum I love her, bye.” He ended the call, padding back into the kitchen to make himself another cup of coffee as well as something for Spiraea too.

He quickly fixed her a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of toast, adding a banana and yogurt cup for good measure. She probably wouldn’t be able to eat it all but he wanted to make sure she got something substantial in her stomach.

He made himself another coffee, along with some toast of his own- a whopping 8 slices- before taking everything into the living room and placing it on the coffee table. He gently woke the sleeping beauty, who rose without much prodding, before encouraging her to sit and eat.

Now he just had to get her to agree to an appointment with the pack doctor, and possibly meeting his parents...

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