With Hands to Hold

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A few days had passed, and Spiraea was slowly feeling a bit better. She had only been able to stomach small, bland meals like toast otherwise she would feel ill again.

Vincents worry only grew, however every time he suggested that she should go see the pack doctor, Spiraea would refuse. Her refusal was simply frustrating him further.

The two had resorted back to sleeping in separate rooms mostly due to Spiraea’s embarrassment. She had not known intimacy before, and as much as Vincent had tried to assure her that she had nothing to be ashamed of she still retreated into herself.

Such circumstances meant that neither of them could sleep at all when the night came, especially now that she knew what it felt like to have the other. Even through the discomfort and frustration of sleepless nights, Spiraea still wouldn’t give in to the comfort of Vincent’s intimacy.

It was only after a full week of Spiraea barely eating and not sleeping that Vincent had reached his breaking point. It hadn’t escaped his notice how tired she looked and felt all the time, or that she couldn’t do normal activities for very long. So when she practically fainted whilst making lunch, Vincent had enough.

Within minutes he had the barely conscious girl wrapped in a blanket in his arms as he started down the path. He was used walk around the pack; it was better for the environment, and the pack wasn’t overly large that walking was a chore. The added benefit of being faster than most meant that, though on foot, he could reach the packs medical centre in a few short minutes.

As soon as he burst through the door, all eyes were on him and the girl in his arms. He had wanted to keep the news of him finding his mate private until she had settled with him.

A woman walked over, clad in a pair of smart slacks, a blouse and a white long coat. Her gaze fell to the rather small, rather human, girl in her Alphas arms. “What is the problem, Alpha?”

“She just fainted. She’s been sick for a few days so she’s only been eating bland foods.” He spoke, his voice a brilliant mask of seriousness, though his furrowed brows gave away his great distress.

“It sounds like a mix of dehydration and malnutrition. I’ll have to do a full examination on her but for now we’ll have to put her on a drip.” The woman spoke, silently thanking the Goddess that she had decided to rebel and study human medicine at Cambridge University. “She’ll have to stay here for a few days, I want to keep her in observation. Am I right in assuming that this is the Luna?”

The woman snapped her fingers, a nearby wolf scurrying away before returning with a bed for the girl. Vincent placed her down as carefully as he could- the doctor, and all those that could see were quite surprised by the gentle display.

His eyes never once left hers, even as he continued to speak. Instead he watched his fingers gingerly stroking the little sprites face.

“Yes. Just do what you must. I want nobody but you to look after her Analise.”

The doctor- Analise- nodded in acknowledgement of her Alphas command. She had expected such a reaction, especially since his previous phone call a few days earlier.

“As you wish Alpha.” The woman nodded before turning to the wolf who had brought the bed. “Please take her to room number 1 and prepare an IV drip of sodium chloride.”

The wolf nodded, wheeling the girl away. A surge filled the Alphas veins with the need to follow her, protect her at all costs- be by her side and never leave her. However, he knew at that moment that the best thing that he could do for was to let Dr Analise do her work.

“When can I see her?” He asks, his tone far more gruff now that she wasn’t around. He couldn’t seem to help it, it was like the girl was an elixir and when she was gone so we’re her calming effects.

“Later, once she wakes up. I also want to do a full examination on her.” The she-wolf spoke, not at all bothered by her Alphas tone. “She will have to stay a few days, I want to keep her under observation.”

Vincent nodded in understanding, allowing the woman to go do her work. The man paced uneasily for a few moments, he would have to have his work brought to him because there was no way in hell he was leaving his mates side.

It only took Spiraea another half an hour to wake up; she was mostly panicked at waking up in a strange place with needles poking into her. She wished more that ever to see Marianne... she was a good friend who looked after her and calmed her down. She had not seen her since coming to Vincents pack. Her desire to see her friend added to her panic, only making her more out of control.

After several failed attempts by Analise to try and calm the girl, they had rushed to get Vincent in order to take control. As soon as he had heard, he had abandoned the conversation that he had been engaged in to go immediately to his mates side.

His beta, who had personally arrived to deliver his Alphas work for the day, had tried to sneak a peek at his new Luna. He was eager to help in any way possible, but with the girls growing hysteria he didn’t see any way that he could make the situation better. Though after a hasty order from his Alpha was once more jetting off to complete his Alphas request.

Even Vincent had a hard time calming her down- in her panic induced state, she had managed to rip the IV from her arm. It had caused the girl even more pain, plus the added stress of bleeding from the torn skin which only served to frighten her further.

However, the close proximity of Vincent, who had finally managed to pin her flailing limbs down eventually began to take effect. That along with the fact that there was a lack of any real, long lasting, sustenance in her body which meant that the girl was tired out rather quickly. Her body couldn’t support the heightened sense of panic for long so though it was involuntarily, the girl eventually relaxed.

Vincent wiped her cheeks from where her tears had fallen, his lips pressed to her forehead as he whispered sweet words of comfort to her. He didn’t want her to be distrustful of him because of how she had woken up. The only way that he could think of that might prove his trustworthiness was to continue to comfort and be there for her.

Spiraea snuggled into her mates embrace, so much so that she was practically hanging off the small hospital bed. When she awoke, she felt disoriented and unwell. Her entire body hurt and was unbelievably cold- she didn’t even remember how she had fallen asleep! Suffice to say, she was utterly terrified.

Being surrounded by strange people, machines and the needles sticking her uncomfortably only made the whole thing worse. For a moment she thought that Vincent had allowed her to be taken away, that they were going to hurt her but as soon as he came to her side to comfort her, her entire body knew that her worries were false.

She couldn’t explain the feeling, other than how natural it felt. Like a puzzle piece sliding into place, or the way that she didn’t have to think to breathe. It was strange to her, but it was also right.

His lips grazed her forehead in a soft, sweet kiss before placing her back onto the bed properly. The girl felt the need to cling to him- he was after all taking the edge off the fear she felt, however he pulled away to look at her.

“I know you’re afraid little one but you don’t have to be. You fainted so I had to bring you here. Analise has been looking after you.” He explained as calmly as he could, even now he was trying hard not to frighten her. After her reluctance to come voluntarily to the infirmary he didn’t doubt that she would react with emotion rather thank rationality- he had to make sure she understood the gravity of the situation she was in.

Spiraea was a mix of confused and hurt. A part of her felt betrayed that he had taken her to a place that she didn’t want to go without her consent but she also realised that in doing so he had probably save her life. She didn’t understand how he could treat her like she was worth so much.

“How long-” She tried to speak but her dry throat made it uncomfortable. She winced lightly looking around for some water.

Analise grabbed a clear pitcher and a cup from her bedside, pouring a glass attentively. She held the glass out to the human girl who watched her cautiously, turning to Vincent for approval. It was only once he gave her a small nod that she trusted it was safe to take the cup.

She sipped gingerly from the cup, the cool liquid soothing her aching throat like an oasis in a desert.

“You’ve been out for no more than a half hour or so,” Analise informed the girl. “You are malnourished. No doubt you have been experiencing difficulties with tiredness and eating?”

Spiraea nodded gently. It had been something that she had tried to cover up, especially in Damien's pack. Such a thing would only get her into more trouble.

“Okay. When you don’t eat, your stomach shrinks so it is not able to hold as much which is why you might find it hard to eat. We will have to sort out a meal plan for you to bring you back up to a healthy weight.” Analise spoke, her tone professional as she addressed the girl.

“What about now? Do you still want to keep her under observation?” Vincent interjected.

“Yes Alpha, I want to run some more tests.” Analise began cautiously, she looked hesitant to continue but she knew that it was her duty to speak the truth. “In cases like this, malnutrition can affect other parts of the body. I need to see the extent of the damage caused on her system.”

“Other difficulties?” Vincent spoke, the threat lingering in his voice. Spiraea trembled at his tone, her insides torn as to whether she should move away or move closer to comfort him. She chose the former, trying to subtly shift herself away but the action didn't go unnoticed by either Alpha or doctor.

“Organ failure is a common one. Because the Luna is human, she would not have the healing capabilities that we possess. Extensive suppression of nutrients to the body can sometimes lead to it shutting down.”

Spiraea listened as the doctor, Analise, spoke. Surprisingly she wasn’t at all afraid of the notion, just simply disappointed. She had made peace with the fact that she would probably die younger than most- being raped and abused by supernatural creatures didn’t exactly give her the best outlook on life. The disappointment surprised her though; perhaps because she finally felt like she found somewhere that she could belong.

“And what would that mean?” Vincent’s voice was getting progressively harder, his jaw clenching as the tension coiled within.

“Worse case scenario, the Luna may have to have a transplant. I wont know for sure until I do more tests.” Even Analise was unsure, she had never had to deal with human health much before. She was only qualified as a consultant and would not be able to help, she knew that if such was the case, the girl would need human healthcare. “We will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, the Luna needs her fluids and you should also try to eat something.”

Analise had hoped to get the IV back in, but with the fight that the little thing put up it was obvious nobody was going near her with any such thing. Vincent had tried to calm her down but it only worked her up more, frightening her that perhaps he was betraying her.

He could smell it on her skin, the fear and betrayal. It was then that he told Analise that the IV would have to stay out. Spiraea calmed down fully when Analise left to get her some more water and something to eat, though she was still weary of Vincents large presence beside her bed.

“Little one, look at me.” He was trying to be gentle but there was still a rough edge to his tone. His beast paced in the confines of his mind, both angry and hurt that she would recoil from him, or that she would think that he had betrayed her. He wanted to claim her, ravage her, so that she would know what she meant to him, that he would put his life on the line for her. His skin side however, was far more rational and had to tell the beast that such behaviour would probably only be counter productive.

The beast didn’t back down, especially when she was unresponsive to his words. He didn’t mean to, but when she refused he ordered her again, this time with an Alpha’s tone that none of his wolves could ignore, far less a human. “Look. At. Me.”

Spiraea turned to face him, their eyes clashing as they met. She didn’t know why she had listened, she didn’t really want to- then again it had always been her nature to submit to higher powers.

Vincent let out a sigh, his fingertips barely ghosting over the skin of her cheek as he took her in. “I don’t want you to ever feel like I’m betraying you.”

She gasped at his words. How did he know? Her confusion was tangible, he didn’t need to smell it to know how she felt.

“I can scent your strong emotions. Nothing breaks my heart more that to see you afraid, but know that I always want what is best for you. Just because its scary, doesn’t mean its the wrong thing.” He spoke gently, her scent invading his nostrils with its delicate flowery perfume. He could hardly get enough of her.

In a brazen move, he placed his head on her shoulder inhaling her scent from her neck where it was stronger. Spiraea gasped, not expecting such intimate contact- it was slightly comforting in a strange way to her. She liked feeling his breath tickle against her collarbone, she liked his scent under her senses, she liked the tingles that sparked at his touch. Part of her wanted to move away, but a bigger part of her wanted more. Her hand reached up to push its way through Vincents dark, velvety curls causing them both to sigh in content.

“Oh, the things you do to me little one.” His lips brushed her skin, right over the sensitive part of her neck where her shoulder and neck met. It was hardly even a touch, the girl had to question whether it was even there at all, but the shiver that ricocheted through her body was enough to giver her an answer.

Her head fell back, a light gasp falling from her lips like a prayer. Vincent pulled back to look at her, his eyes darkening as he thought of all the other little sounds she would make when he fucked her. He could practically hear her calling out his name as she came around his cock; fuck just the thought alone was enough to have him painfully stiff in his pants.

The stiff clearing of a throat broke them both out of the revere that they had fallen in to. Both heads snapped to the doorway of the small medical room, startled by the sudden intrusion. The man who stood there was huge! He came in, followed by another man just as large, if not larger. Just the sight alone was enough to have Spiraea quivering in fear.

Her heart lurched as the final person entered, they had been hidden by their enormous companions. It was as if someone had heard her wish, because it was none other than her friend Marianne. Spiraea couldn’t stop herself from racing towards the girl, embracing her tightly as a sob gathered in her throat.

Marianne, not expecting such a force to come barrelling into her, stumbled back a step. She had missed the smaller girl too- it was not often that they were apart. Her arms wrapped around the small thing as she cried, the force of her tears sending her to the floor in a heap.

Spiraea didn’t understand why she was crying, she knew that Vincent was nothing like Damien, yet still she couldn’t stop the overwhelming out pour of relief and joy.

“I know, I know,” Marianne soothed the girl gently, stroking her hair as she wept. She understood more than anyone how the small sprite felt, in fact a part of her had also been worried for her friend. Especially since the Alpha had taken her. “Me too.”

None of the men interrupted the scene, they simply watched as their Luna sobbed and took comfort from her friend.

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