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To make my mate love me.

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Trinity who's just about to turn 18 (the age you find your mate) goes to school like every other normal girl although she's far from normal... When she finds out her mate is young alpha Elijah who has had a girlfriend for over a year now what will happen? Will she be able to deal with him choosing his sweet beloved girlfriend Luara even when sending her mixed signals or will she cave and give her second chance mate a go?

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Rude awakenings

13 more days until my birthday! I didn't plan anything big like most people for their 18th but I intended on spending it with my two best friends Danielle and Evan after school that is of course. I'd just woke up and needed to get sorted for school I take a 'quick' shower brush my teeth and grab my clothes that I chose out the night before. I like to be prepared.

I pulled on some grey high waste gym leggings and a plain white t shirt which I tucked in. I towel dried my waist length chestnut brown hair and raked my brush through to leave to dry naturally, and put a thick coat of mascara on my long black lashes to make me look more awake then grabbed my large framed glasses and placed them on over my deep brown almond eyes, looking at the time on my phone now that I could see clearly I had 2 minutes before I needed to be ready.

I quickly grab my book bag and my gym bag with my cheer costume in and walk down my stairs and to my from door I put on my grey and white vans and throw on a black crop denim jacket and step out side to wait for Evan to pick me up as usual. Once me and Evan were at school we slowly made our way to our lockers which is where Danielle usually waits for us.

"hey trinity, did you not have time to dry your hair today" Danielle asks me laughing.

I look at my still slightly damp hair and laugh back "more like couldn't be bothered but yeah"

After I shove my gym bag and books I don't need in my locker we slowly head towards our first class English we all have this one together thankfully.

"what we doing for your birthday then Trin dog" Evan asks me knowing I hate the stupid nickname he calls me.

I glare at him and he smirks back knowing exactly what my glare is for " I'm not sure, maybe a movie night? We could stay in my basement for the night and snack out" I suggest.

" Trin that's literally what we do every weekend, we need to actually do something for your birthday for a change unless of course you find your mate and need some alone time that is" she says holding back a giggle while wiggling her eyebrows.

I smack her arm but don't reply to her ask we enter our classroom. The teacher isn't here yet but it seems we are the last students to arrive we take out seats together in the middle and continue our birthday planning.

"what about your cabin" Evan asks eagerly he's always loved my family cabin especially when it's just the 3 of us who go.

"I can ask, what do you think dandelion?" I ask Danielle. As usual she smiles at her nickname as if she hasn't heard it a million times already.

"Um huh"

she nods clearly not paying attention to us as she stares at Ryan our beta. She's had the biggest crush on him forever and loves the fact that in school she can stare at him as much as she liked. Our school had plenty of humans in too including most of the teachers so we treat each other pretty normally while here rather than bowing to the alpha constantly we could simply look them in the eye as if we were the same.

Before I can respond Mr. Willet comes in apologising for being slightly late something about a flat tire and no show taxi but I'd honestly already zoned out to much to listen to the details. I was and always had been an A* student I didn't matter if I paid attention in class or not as I already knew most the thing being taught.

Once it reaches lunchtime the 3 of us head for our table where we usually sit we all take in our own food rather then eat the slop from the canteen, as usual the cheerleading squad ask if I want to sit with them but I walkways say not today and stick with my 2 idiot friends.

Evan and Danielle dig into their packed lunches while I merely pick at mine feeling slightly unwell all of a sudden so I decide to eat slowly to save myself from throwing up.

"what's wrong? Why you not eating?"

Evan asks taking a bite of his own food

"you okay?" Danielle asks now realising I'd barely eaten a thing.

"Um huh, just not that hungry" I say back to them nodding.

After lunch bell rings, Evan goes to French while Danielle goes to German and I go to the gym for cheer practice.

Once I've grabbed my stuff from my locker I head to the changing room quickly getting into my cheer outfit with the rest of the girls.

"I saw her crying earlier, do you really think it's not her?" poppy a blonde sweetheart asked Megan with shock clear in her voice.

I'd clearly walked in to the middle of the conversation.

"crazy, everyone assumed they'd me true mates" Megan replied.

"Oh hey Trinity, your hair looks good" poppy says to me realising I'd entered the changing room. I look down at my now naturally dried wavy hair and smile to myself.

"thanks pops just left it to do its own thing today" I reply smiling.

"Oh right yeah and everyone totally thought they were gonna be!" poppy said going back to the previous conversation.

"what's going on?" I ask confused I'm always late on gossip compared to the other cheer girls as I tend to stick with Danielle and even most the time even though I do love these girls.

"Laura, I don't think she's alpha Elijah true mate" Megan whispers over to me as if everyone hadn't already overheard their conversation.

"yep, it's alphas birthday today, you would of thought they'd be over the moon but Laura was crying this morning and nobody's seen alpha Elijah yet." poppy says also whisper yelling to me.

My mind takes a second to process what she's said then my face drops, alpha Elijah and Laura have been together for a year or so now and everyone thought they had to be destined mates they were so loved up! So who's our Luna goo g to be I think to myself before asking the girls.

" wait so who's his mate, who's the Luna?" I ask mind wobbled.

"did you not listen nobody's seen him, we don't know.. Nobody does" Megan tells me.

"right come on laddies Hurry up in the gym hall please" Mr. Smith shouts to us all

We all rush out into the gym hall and get into our positions, we get the music ready and practice out routine as always I'm the flyer which means I'm the one who end up at the top of the pyramid and gets thrown about everywhere simply because I'm light, easy to move and due to my gymnastics experience I'm flexible enough to boss all the moves and steady enough to land them successfully.

When it's time to form the pyramid Mr. Smith shouts my name "Trinity!" he says in a annoyed tone of voice and I know exactly what he wants without him saying another word. I pull my glasses from my face and throw them to him rolling my eyes and throwing my head back with a sigh. Mr. Smith always made me remove my glasses he said I looked better without them and more grown up like a real cheerleader. Creep.

Once the pyramid is formed and I'm successfully at the top I quickly go in to an scorpion balancing at the top of the pyramid of 15 with one of my feet on two of the hands of the girls underneath me.

I hold my position standing still and smiling like we have too, and that's when I smell it, a mix of chocolate heaven and vanilla goodness.

I almost loose my balance as I loose my focus luckily I snap out of my silly thoughts before I actually lost my balance, what ever that heavenly smell was is not my mate I'm not yet 18 so the mouth watering smell must simply be in the breeze.

Once we are all done everyone heads to the changing room to get back into their clothes, I head to Mr. Smith to retrieve my glasses first.

He stares down at me clearly mad and says "you nearly lost it" in a sneer

"sorry Mr. Smith, won't happen again" I say not even pretending to not know what he means.

He place's his hands on my shoulder and stares at my eyes rubbing his thumbs in circles reaching my collarbones. I shudder and try step back from the intrusive touch but fail to shake his grip.

"Mrs. Elizabeth, you should relax you know I can help if you'd like. maybe give you a massage?" Mr Smith says to me in a low sultry voice.

"Uh, n-no thanks" I say shrugging him off me with more force this time and walking a few steps backwards towards the changing room before turning my back to him to walk to it quicker.

"aren't you forgetting something Mrs. Elizabeth?" he says in a cocky voice

I turn my head to see him still holding my glasses, of course! Instead of going back to him I just cup my hands showing him I want him to just throw them to me instead.

Once I successfully catch my glasses and get changed again I walk the now empty hallway following that sweet scent which hasn't left my nose for a second.

As I turn the corner I walk right into someone, not just anyone I realise but it's chocolate and vanilla I can smell him and its divine.

I look up to admire whoever this mouth-watering man is and to apologise for bumping into them too. I look up and instantly shoot my head back down again seeing alpha Elijah’s eyes staring back at me.

"S-sorry, alpha I mean Elijah" I say my head turned down looking at the tiled floor stuttering and forgetting not to call him alpha in school.

My face is red, my heart is hammering and to make matters worse all I can hear is my wolf Tink gleefully singing mate into my head.

I quickly glance back up when I realise he hasn't replied or said a single thing, his face however says plenty he's pissed! His normally golden brown eyes are big dark and angry his jaw clenched shut and disappointment seeps from him onto me.

"I'm sorry.. Again, I'm Trinity. Trinity Elizab-" I try say before being interrupted.

"I know who you are, and your in my way" he says coldly very coldly.

"what, I mean pardon?" I say correcting myself.

"move please" he says just as coldly though he already had started to walk around me.

"wait, no this is but I'm your mate" I say struggling to get my words and my breath out.

"a cruel joke from the moon goddess nothing more" he says flatly before Turing back around and continuing his walk away from me.

This time I don't attempt to stop him I just stare at his retrieving back as my mouth hangs open and my stomach flips.

I stay statue still for a minute or so before I gain my focus again and begin to walk. And I know exactly where it is I need to be right now.

I open the cleaning closet and sit down on my usual spot before texting the group chat with Evan and Danielle in.

Come to the cubby.

I text and wait about 30 seconds until I get two replies within seconds of each other

On my way.

From Danielle

Be there in a sec.

From Evan.

Soon enough they're both here in our hideout safe space where we go to hide from our problems.

I explain it all to them, not missing a detail.

"shit" Evan mutters though I think it's more to himself then me

"how the hell did this happen, you guys have barely spoke ever! I know you fancy the pants of of him but who doesn't!? God this is messed up" Danielle rambles on

"Poor Laura" Danielle says as an afterthought.

"I'm sorry can I not just be selfish right now, poor me!" I all but yell back at her

"my mate who is supposed to love and cherish me naturally, said I was a cruel joke to him! A god dam joke" I say feeling upset all other again.

"I know but Laura and alpha Elijah are obviously supposed to be together I mean look at them" she says astounded.

Tink my wolf growls in my head I inwardly tell her to calm it.

"gee thanks" I mutter.

"it's alright Trin, maybe the bond just needs time your not 18 yet so maybe it's not actually fully there yet" Evan says trying to cool my temper.

I think about his words and hope that they're true, time maybe that's all I need I give him a smile back.

"Does this make you Luna" Danielle asks with genuine curiosity.

"no absolutely not, alpha hates me that much is clear" wait a sec I think to myself " he never actually officially rejected me you know, maybe there's still hope" I say almost praying it's true.

"yeah your right, he could of rejected you as his mate already if he wanted" Danielle says "give it time like Evan said maybe that's all this needs" she's says sounding more confident in her words.

We stay there the rest of the day until the final bell goes off and then we head home, me in Evans car as usual and Danielle by her dad.

Once I'm home I go straight to my room as usual I know I'm home alone as my mum works crazy hours and my dad passed a little over a year ago.

Once I reach my room I throw my bags to the floor and kick my shoes off my feet, throwing my jacket onto my desk chair, the coldness of the room hits me and I see the window is open and so I quickly shut it to stop the sharp cold air on my skin.

Once I've studied and done my projects that needed doing I crawl into bed seem as its already late and I let myself fall into a heavy dream.

And that was the fist night I'd dreamt of my mate, I'd had plenty of dreams of alpha Elijah however everything was different now.

Apologies for any mistakes, was writing late at night half asleep

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