Late At The Gate

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Sophie and Mick have been in a relationship for a long time... things take turns in their relationship and for what it's worth... they try their best to make it work.

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Chapter 1

Sophie sighs, looking at the watch hundreds of times. Tonight was their special night, and once again, her boyfriend, Mick is late…

Her small phone vibrates on the table, she sighs once again, flipping the phone open, “Sorry, I am late, sweetie, can we reschedule?”

She does not even bother with the reply, this has been going on for a long time since he started working at the control room, things have been going hectic for them.

First started with the day shifts, which she completely understands because it’s his duty, but then joined the night shifts, which left her alone…

Working three days… four nights and four days off is something she never wants for her boyfriend, but he always tells her it’s for them he is doing this…

“Yeah, right,” She puffs, she slides the phone on the table, and stroll toward the kitchen, “Guess I am eating alone, again, tonight,” She feels guilty for feeling like this and blames herself that he must work like this.

Frankly, any form of security work has never been her friend, but to Mick, it is something he must do to keep her happy.

She twists the knob on the microwave and watches the plate turn… her life is slowly passing them by. She always thinks like this when he is late…

Arriving at what time of night, apologizing endlessly and then repeating the cycle once again, when he is home, he sleeps it over, to her this is not normal, what is the use of being in a relationship, when this kind of work brings one down?

When this kind of work leaves one alone? But then again, Sophie is a writer, and her work keeps her well busy too, but she always makes time for him, even when she has bundles of work.

She sits down at the table, looking at the small flame bouncing around on the candles. She hopes deep in her heart that he makes this up to her. This is the third time that their special time is late.

She listens to his car rumbling in the driveway as she sits neatly tugged under the blanket, watching some random show on the television; she wonders what his excuse this time will be? If he will remember, what day it is?

The door cracks open, and his black messy hair appears first, peeking inside, and then after his normal shaped body enters, “Sophie, sweetie, you are awake, I did not wake you, did I?” She switches the channel, “No,”

She watches his eyes wandering around the room, and then frosts on the candles, “Crap, I did it again, didn’t I?” She nods and returns her focus on the television once again…

“Forgive me, darling,” Within seconds, the door closes, and he stands before her, he kneels to her height, “Please, forgive me, I-I…” “You forgot? Didn’t you?”

He bows, “Yes, but please understand my work…” She rests her head against the couch pillow annoyed with his excuses, “Yes Mick, I know…”

He sighs and takes his stand, “Okay, well, I will heat the food then, we can still do this if you want too?” She shakes in silence, “No, I have a meeting tomorrow,” “Right on, Sophie,”

Morning came faster than Sophie thought it would, her sleeping at night, feels as though it passes in five minutes…

She grabs her car keys and handbag and exits the regular apartment, toward her compact car…

Mick stands from the bed in total silence, he knows if Sophie has a meeting; she does not waste any time getting to it. Sometimes he feels as if Sophie uses the meetings as excuses to get away from him or the apartment.

He slopes down the stairs uneasily, the candles, and neatly dressed table still stands before him, tugging on him, pulling his guilty strings, perhaps he should do something about this, even if it is late… he can still make this up to her.

Sophie sighs, exiting her car, she wobbles to the door silently, “Probably sleeping,” She mumbles, she rattles her key in the door and peek slowly inside, “Mick?”

He must sleep. She rumbles in her thoughts… she enters and closes the door behind her, “Sophie, is that you?” Her face frowns in shock. Usually he is sleeping or drowning in his basement den with his art.

“Yes, honey, I’m back,” He slides around the corner and pulls her into an instant hug… this is new… she scrambles in her head.

“You look happy today? Did something happen at work?” He chuckles whilst pecking on her forehead, “Yes…” His eyes stretch at her, “I no longer work there. They promoted me to a salesman,” Her face drops, “What? A salesman? How in the world…”

He laughs at her, “I’m just kidding, but I got a promotion though,” She chuckles lowly, “Oh, gosh, so what kind of promotion?”

“From now on, I’m working on the road, I will be home weekends, but work flex hours through the day,” Her heart flutters, this is amazing news, finally, she will have him back… he will be with her once again…

She pulls him into a hug,

Bubbles pop slowly from her eyes… “I’m so glad Mick, thank goodness those awful hours are over, right?”

He nods into her neck, “Yes. please forgive me for never being there Sophie, I know it’s not what you wanted when we agreed to move in here, but everything will be better now…”

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