Hopelessly Devoted

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Not knowing what else to do, I pulled into the parking lot of a nearby bar. Zara Larsson’s ‘Wow’ was blaring from the speakers. I stood still before the sliding doors to peek inside. I’d never been to a bar before, never taken a sip of alcohol. But, these guys I saw in there were gulping glasses of what must be champagne. Neon lights of red, green and blue were flashing, and bartenders were passing with trays of burrito and fruit. I held my chin up.

‘A shot of vodka and cranberry, please.’, I said it like I saw in the movies.

‘Hey, love’, a badass guy boomed, taking the stool opposite mine.

‘Umm, hi’, I whispered.

‘Need a drink? ’

‘Already ordered one.’

The barman brought my vodka. I took a slug. Hell, it tasted of spice, cream and pepper. It was wonderful. The guy persuaded me to let him buy me a drink.

‘Sure’, I slurred.

I needed this release. I’d waited for it for days now, and I longed to get high. When I was on my third drink, the guy had me seated in his laps. They felt good. ‘Here, love’. He fed me a chunk of grilled chicken. I giggled, snuggling closer to him. He had shooed away two strippers earlier, and they glared at me from a distance but screw them. In his arms, I felt protected. Safe.

‘You’re hot’, he moaned, feeling the cup of my breasts. He kissed the nape of my neck sucking there till I shivered.

‘Fucking hot bitch’. He slipped his hands under my tank top, up my stomach. Didn’t hesitate to dip his them inside my bra so he pinched my nipples. I laughed. Then I screamed. Rob lunged at us from behind, missing my head by an inch. He punched the guy’s nose so hard that it broke and bled.

‘Shit! ’, he cursed, pushing me off his laps. I crashed to the floor.

‘Who the hell are you! ’, he shouted. Rob threw another punch at his cock. He groaned and crumpled to the floor like soggy spaghetti.


The moment Dianne smashed her dish on the tiles, I knew she was going to do something dangerous. Dan cried, ‘Dianne! Hold on! ’

He dashed out after her but returned in ten seconds.

‘Where is she, dude? ’, I asked.

‘She’s gone! We’ve got to find her! ’

‘Sure! ’ I grabbed my coat and we raced out the door. He didn’t make it past the porch for he tripped over a pumpkin, spraining his ankle. Damn those pumpkins.

‘I’ll find her, bro’, I assured him. He gave me a strained smile, nursing his bleeding ankle. Shunning her dad’s calls, I hit West. I had to find Dianne. If she didn’t mean much to me, I certainly had to do it for my best friend. Through my crash helmet, I spied a night club a few blocks away. Clubs were not her thing but, who could tell? I had been there a couple of times with Dan. We’d take shot after shot of rum till we were dead drunk enough to live in hell. He never took her there. Claimed she was too delicate; too precious.

‘Hey baby. Want to chill with me tonight? ’, my best stripper, Mia, cooed. I could almost see the pink of her nipples through her bikini. Mia was great, both on the dance floor and in bed. She caught me checking out her body.

:You look sexy. I wish I could have you right here’s, I said.

‘Who says you can’t?’

She was damn right. I could use a fuck, couldn’t I? Wrong. Somehow, I recognized Dianne on a guy’s laps near the bar. I felt sick. Really? What happened to all those moments with Dan? Before I knew what I was doing, I had crashed through the sea of bodies, shoving guys aside. The music playing made me crazy. I threw a punch that hit his nose. To my satisfaction, I heard a crack, then it bled.

‘Who the hell are you? ’, he screamed.

Idiot. I slugged his cock harder, he crumpled on the floor, groaning. No one messed with Dianne and went scot-free.

‘Rob! ’, she cried, spilling her tears on my shirt.

‘Shit! You’ve been drinking. Vodka?’

She swayed, almost falling over their table. I leaped to catch her in my arms. Damnit, she was soft and warm.

‘What’s wrong, sexy?’ Her lips came crashing down on mine with desire.

‘Dan’, she murmured. ‘Make love to me’.

That statement was sufficient for me to fall in the backseat with her.

She rested the weight of her body on mine, kissing and sucking my ear. Heck, it felt great to be fucked by my best friend’s girl. I nibbled at her earlobes. The way she shuddered made me never want to stop. After these months, I finally got to enjoy Dan’s snack. Her kisses turned me on like Mia’s had never done before. She was slow, intimate, erotic, taking my lips in her teeth and pulling back again.

I was needy and desperate, planting a line of kisses down her collarbone.

‘Your top would look great on the floor of the car’, I moaned, sneaking my hand beneath it. I kissed her belly button, yanking her top off. In the process, I brushed my hand against her full breasts. Her lacy red bra was so thin that I could see her pink nipples through the material. Hell, I’d never seen any that looked so good. Excited, I kissed her breasts, one then another. I peeled off her lacy red bra, and sucked her pink nipples. She groaned, ’You make me feel so good, Dan’.

She yanked off my shirt’s buttons one after the other, slowly kissing her way over my bare chest, shuddering and moaning in sheer pleasure. I sought the warm, rigid tip of her nipple with equal pleasure. All sounds from the night club faded away into a distant echo, all I saw were Dianne’s gorgeous upper body waiting for me. Mine to touch. To hold. To kiss. She dug her fingers into my pants, slowly sliding them over my butt till she reached the area between.

‘Wait’, I whispered into her ear. ‘Let me unbuckle my belt’. I gasped when her fingers found my crotch. She stroked the with light touches till I was fully aroused, groaning, ‘Jeez, Dianne’. As I drew small circles around her nipples, she slid her fingers through my hair, releasing a hollow moan.

’Fuck me, Dan.

Sighing, I knelt in front of her crotch, breathing in the scent of roses and sifting my fingers through her soft pubic hair, relishing the wet and dampness. I kissed her folds before burying my head deeper, dragging my tongue over her walls, tasting her sweetness. I felt her shake and tug me deeper inside, shaking with pleasure as the buzz worked it’s way upwards.

‘I’m going to fucking come’, she cried. Then, she had her orgasm, letting her cries fill the car. ’You’re hot tonight, Dan.

Inwardly, I groaned. She was still too drunk to know that it was not Dan, her boyfriend. It was Rob.

‘Thanks but, I want you inside of me’.

‘You’ll murder me’.

‘As long as my cock is the weapon’, I moaned, straddling her hips. Her breasts teased the hairs on my chest, and fire sparked in my bones. ‘Take me. Fuck me’, escaped her lips. Her walls were wet and waiting, eager to receive. Unable to hold back anymore, I thrust my cock into her, inside her, whatever. Fuck the fact that she was my best friend’s babe. Fuck morals, fuck reason, fuck everything else except the fact that I was eight inches deep inside her, gliding in and out, enjoying how she dug her nails into my shoulders, wanting more. I clenched my teeth as I couldn’t keep away from her breasts, kneading them, feeling their softness. My first orgasm hit me and I cried so hard because it felt so awesome. I plunged deeper into her till she cried when something warm splashed against my cock. I gasped. She. Was. Bleeding.

‘Please come again, baby’, she cried. Her blood washed my cock red. I relaxed. I was spent watching her bleeding that was not profuse. A symbol of love. A sign of bonded hearts. She was mine, finally. Mine to keep. She placed her arm about my shoulder, directing my mouth to her breast to suckle.

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