Hopelessly Devoted

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Dan was in detention which was probably a good idea, because I saw my chance to visit Dianne. It was the first time we were going to be alone together since we made love. Though I liked him a lot, I couldn’t help but admire his girlfriend. She was the cutest baby ever, and her beauty seemed to increase each passing day. As I pulled my Uber in their driveway, I fidgeted. Her mom had decorated their front yard in fall theme, and I just wanted to die watching the beauty.

I peeped through the keyhole to spy on their living room. Time to play James Bond. Coast clear! The temperature outside had fallen to something around 30 degrees so, I was glad she had a fire going. But, where was she? There was a bar of dark milk chocolate she must have been eating on the couch. Natalie was furled in a ball beside it, nibbling at the sides. ‘Hey, Nat’, I ruffled her hair a bit. She purred, rubbing herself against my palm. That was when I heard the singing upstairs.

There she was! If I was prepared for anything, crashing on Dianne in a bubble bath was not one of them. She had taken extra luxury to fill the tub with rose petals and shower oils. The whole place smelled of citrus and vanilla, then I was crazy just to take off my clothes and crawl in the bath with her.

She opened her eyes for a moment. Trickles of water rippled down her face. Seeing her blond hair plastered wet, and her soft pink lips sent my hormones raging. I leaned against the door, watching her through half-closed eyelids.

‘You’ve finally gotten around to singing’, I murmured.

Alarmed, she splashed soap suds around the tub. ‘Get the hell out!’, she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

‘I wouldn’t scream if I were you’.

‘Can’t you see I’m nude?’

‘No, I can’t. Want to show me?’

With each step I took closer to the tub, she darted her eyes wildly at her towel draped over a rod at the far corner. Bubbles of soap splashed as she dashed for the toilet plunger, slipped then I had to catch her in my arms. It was too bad that she was naked and supple. Every fiber in my body tensed at the touch of her skin. I moved my hand up her back slowly, avoiding her breasts but unable to take my eyes off them. I wanted to break down and cry when I saw her golden necklace. It was the most expensive gift Dan had ever bought anyone for Valentine. So, she wore it everyday?

I took the necklace in my fingers, wanting to tarnish every memory of Dan in her life.

‘You should be ashamed of yourself’, she scoffed.

But I didn’t really hear what she said next. I was too busy devouring her maturing body. My head and heart were pounding. I could think of nothing else except her pussy and how wonderful it would be to make love to her; her sober self, not the drunk one on Thanksgiving night. I placed the towel far out of her reach so, she had no option but to get past me to get it. I closed up the space between us. Each second without her was excruciating. She made me go nuts as she crossed her arms over her breasts. Why the hell was she torturing me this way? I didn’t deserve how she looked into my eyes shyly and her nipples skimmed my shirt, now wet from the suds. She moved her thumb over my lower lip. The ripple in her throat made me realize that she wanted me too, urging me to hold the sides of her neck as gently as I could. She wasn’t just any girl. She was my virgin, though she did not know that, and she was worth care. With all my heart, I wanted to communicate this but I couldn’t think when I my lips were slightly parted, ready to receive.

‘Dianne, I’d love a kiss before I leave’, I moaned. When she jerked her head up in response, she found my lips. I could never remember a moment as beautiful as when she snaked her hands around my waist, pressing her lips on mine softly. It was pure joy to move my hand over her bare back, tilting her body towards mine. Her shower oils sent me reeling from need. She was clearly loving it as well. I rested for a second on her forehead; she was trembling. Fuck. I was hard but I had to keep it slow. I didn’t want to hurt her in any way.

When she broke the kiss, we were just inches apart but I was missing her already. I stared at her lips in longing, not daring to go over the rest of her torso.

‘Wait, what was that?’, she asked, covering her pussy with both hands like a little girl. I handed her her panties. ‘You’ll need these if you really want to cover up. But don’t worry; it’ll bear our baby one day’.

She snatched it. I had to admit that watching her dress up was sexy.

‘You’re an asshole. Anybody ever tell you that?’

‘Lots of people’.

Dianne shooed me out of the door.

I grinned. ‘Might want to consider locking the door next time. But, I loved it.’

The fire that sparked in her eyes had returned. Shit, I loved that fire.

What I didn’t love was Dan just outside her house in his tank top for baseball practice.

‘Seems to me that someone was having baseball practice without baseball’, he sneered.


‘You lied to me, Rob. Piece of shit you are!’

I snarled, ‘I had to check on her. What else did you expect? That I watch you get in trouble while your girlfriend pines away at home?’

Dan had this look in his eyes that spelt danger. All the courage I had summoned up melted away when he muttered, ‘You’re damn right. I’m never there when she needs me’. Chills went through my spine.


Any other day, I would have rushed into Dan’s arms, feeling nothing but pure joy. Today was different. I had made out with his best friend just seconds ago, and here he was, holding a bunch of red lilies out to me. He was sheathed with innocence, and I did not want to shatter him.

‘Hi’, I said nervously. My nerve twitched and palms were slick with sweat. And, when he pulled me into a hug, I wanted to kill myself. How could I have been so brutal? To the one guy in this world that I knew had my back?

‘Wow. I was so worried when I didn’t see you at school today and…’

He was looking deep in the my eyes while tucking my hair behind my ear. I lifted a finger to caress his face, struggling to hide my fear. Did he know?

‘My bad, I thought you were really sick or something’.

There he was again. He pitied me, the worst criminal in Tennessee.

‘Dan, it’s ok’, I sniffled, resting my head on his shoulder. I did not want him to see the tears welling up in my eyes, lest he be broken. Hands on heart, he was a great boyfriend. Was I out of my mind? Damn, he couldn’t keep his hands off me for a second.

‘You’re smoking hot’, he praised, admiring my saffron cropped top. His gaze rested on the deep that showcased my cleavage, and I could tell he was dying inside.

‘Thanks. You’re pretty hot too’, I whispered when he caressed my lip, lingering there.

‘Shit. Whatever you’re doing to me, you had better stop. I won’t survive’.

‘Jesus, I lost count of how many times you finished me on Thanksgiving night…’

His arm around my waist stiffened.

‘Dianne? I wasn’t with you on Thanksgiving night. I mean… I wished I could but… I’m sorry’. Then, he perked his brow. ‘Is that a way of telling me that… that you want me?’

‘Fuck’, I murmured. So, it wasn’t him that made me wet? I had had two dreams about him since then. He did things to me that he had never done before, and the mere memory of it made me smile like an idiot.

‘Um, yeah’, I smiled shyly.

‘Hey, we’re in twelfth grade. No need to start behaving like kids if we’re above sixteen. You know what? I’m taking you out’.

With that, he scooped me up to his car.

‘What the hell are you doing? Put me down!’, I yelled. He merely laughed. His hands about me were firm, and I knew it was hopeless to struggle any longer.

‘Do you mind telling me where we’re going? At least?’, I whined when he finally had me settled in my seat, buckling my seatbelt.

‘Fuck you, Snow. I’m doing everything in my power not to grab you and kiss you senseless’.

My jaw dropped in shock.

‘Did you have a fight?’

He set his jaw hard, looking onwards. I knew he was avoiding my gaze on purpose. Dad had once said that I had this look that made people pee in their pants, unable to lie to me. I got the message: he wasn’t ready to talk about it yet.

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