Hopelessly Devoted

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‘That’s why you brought me here?’

He shook his head. ‘Tell me what it is. I swear, I won’t be mad at you’. Right. How the hell did he even guess that? I wouldn’t tell him about Rob and me even if I was seconds away from death.

I was stunned speechless. His words were fire shooting straight at my conscience, and I stifled the tears threatening to fall.

‘No matter what you do, I can never stop loving you. I’ll love you for all that you are, all that you’ve been and all that you’ll be. And I wish I weren’t this insane about your lips’.

‘How insane are you?’, I asked with a show of bravery. But, I was jittery inside, was overwhelmed by fear. That I had betrayed someone. That I was no better than a traitor. ‘This insane’, he murmured, and closed up the space between us. His finger was hanging loosely around my neck, and he stroked my erogenous zone until I was damn weak. ‘Tell me, Snow. Tell me and I’ll stop tormenting you’, he cooed again, stealing small kisses at my lips. I knew he was pushing me to the wall till I was stuck. Either back against the hard bricks or crash in his arms.

I froze. I couldn’t breathe on the air on the sea, or hear the waves rippling on the shore anymore. Time stopped. Nothing clicked in me. Dan was guiding my fingers, running them through his dark hair gently, ignoring the fact that they were trembling.

‘Why are you scared to touch me tonight? Do you realize how beautiful you are that it makes me feel insecure? You’re shaking and your thoughts are wandering in different directions because…’ He paused, letting the night air wash between us. ‘Because you don’t even know what to feel’. In the faint light, I could see his jaw stretch into a smile. I pitied him. At that time, I pitied myself. Then his lips were crashing down on mine again and he wasn’t teasing. Heck. His kiss meant business. He pulled me onto him and our backs were pressed against the wooden deck, kissing our hearts away.

A rush of heat flooded my pussy. He opened his eyes. They were dreamy as he kissed along my cleavage while holding me so close as if his life depended on it. Somehow, if I was true to myself, I kissed him back shyly at first. He gazed at my cropped top lustfully before slipping his hands through the thin, gauzy material.

I was grateful for the fact that we weren’t standing. My knees might have caved in. He didn’t need to ask my permission. I gave it to him willingly, kissing his shoulders, all the way to his collarbone. He wasn’t the only one craving satisfaction now. His touches had sparked a fuse I didn’t even know I had. I wasn’t aware that he had shifted my top over my breasts and I had shrugged out of them to give him room, till his eyes bore into them in a way that shot pickets of desire through me.

Knowing that he wanted me for whom I was. That he wasn’t just using me to quench his thirst. Slowly, he dared to touch one of them. I didn’t how it would be. No guy had ever fondled me so closely before. When, after much hesitation that I might pull away, he closed his hand over one of them, I crumbled in his arms. He kissed each nipple reverently, worshipping them with kisses. This was the first time he was seeing me without a bra on, and he was crazy as hell.

I clenched my teeth, digging my fingernails in his shoulders as he ran kisses all my naked torso, muttering, ‘I love you’. I tugged at his shirt hungrily.

‘Let me help you’.

He slipped it off him, putting away the last barrier between us.

‘Dianne, I…’

I silenced him with a kiss. ‘You don’t have to explain. I know what I’m doing, Dan. I’m not drunk’.

He glanced at my zipper. Swallowed. The noise of his undoing it was drowned out by my moans that consumed the air.


Having Dianne just above me, all bare was one thing I fantasized about often. I undid her zipper. Summoning enough courage to slide further down her waist until I was touring somewhere soft and wonderful and wet. I was pretty glad she was the first girl I’d feel this way. My crotch was as hard as a rock, aching from lust. We were both clumsy. I guessed she had never had sex before, too. She fumbled with my jeans before tugging them down.

’Is…is this where we start?’, she gasped. I didn’t know. I didn’t fucking care.

My crotch bulged considerably. I was slightly embarrassed, but she stared at it for a pretty long time, then took my stuff in her hand. She teased my tip a couple of times, kissing around my pubic area, before moving between my thighs. The game was on her. I was so hard that I couldn’t believe it.

‘I want you to give me that rough night you promised’, she moaned.

‘Fair is fair’, I agreed, planting a string of kisses down her breasts, shuddering as my lips found the cups. I kneaded them carefully, all the time never breaking our kiss, relishing how soft and tender they were. For me. I was falling in love with her all over again. As I splayed my fingers over her bare back slowly, I couldn’t help but dread what it would be like to lose her. She was warm and tempting. Looked more beautiful than ever under the night sky. The stars were reflected in her eyes and the way she held on to me for support, her nipples getting harder as the world faded away.

I was stunned when I fumbled with the her undies. Shit. She was wearing a G-string. I dug my fingers under it, grateful for the soft pussy. She was wet. Fucking wet. I fondled her skin, wanting to know what was going on in that wetness. When I ran my lips over her pussy, she cried, motioning me to slide further down, tasting her juices that flowed like a current.

‘You’re fucking delicious’, I murmured, caressing her entrance. She spread her legs apart involuntarily and I was wild with lust. My cock teased her inner thighs, and I felt I would explode any moment from then. She was ready to give me all of her. And I was throbbing, with a tension in my cock that wouldn’t cease but swelled greater as my chest meshed against her breasts and she held on to my lower waist, squeezing my butt.


I loved it when Dan took control, guiding my body through the night, teasing my pussy. Finally, I was ready. Ready to give in to the love of my life, and act out those sex scenes for real. No matter what happened after this, I wasn’t going to regret it. I was so sure. Then, we heard a scream that gashed the silence, and broke the spell of the water murmuring below our ship, shielding us from the world.

‘Hold on, June! We’re almost there! I see a ship!’ Rob was doing the breaststroke as fast as he could, hauling June through the water. His elbow was around her throat, and her cute little face was pale and almost blue. She seemed so tiny and helpless from the distance. A knot formed in my throat. Once again, I didn’t know what to feel. My little sister was probably on the verge of drowning while I was making out with my boyfriend.

What the fuck had happened? Guilt and shame and fear washed over me, and I forgot that I was naked, and that Dan would have thrust his cock into me just seconds ago. Fuck, we were almost gone. I missed the feel of his hard tip teasing my clit. He pulled himself off me with so much effort.

‘I’m sorry, Snow. I thought… should have handled this better…’

I fought to still my tears. The bitterness of the night air became real as his body was no longer there to warm mine. I wanted to just roll overboard. Sink in the water. End it all where no one would see me. Rob finally made it our ship, struggling to hold June close. He was sputtering and coughing. His eyes breathed anger and hurt. I took June out of his arms, laying her on the deck. Somehow, we hoisted him on the ship, and his lips found mine immediately. He kissed me with desperation, like someone clinging to the last thread of life. His tongue raked the roof of my mouth, submerging me in his kiss completely. It wasn’t I felt his hard cock grazing my bare thighs, and he squeezed my butt, that I realized I was still nude.

Something was wrong with him. Heck, he was losing his fucking mind. Whatever case it was, I wished I could heal the pain brewing in his heart. I didn’t give a damn about my clothes anymore. We bent over June. I placed a hand on her chest. Feeling her pulse. Good. Because I couldn’t feel mine. I couldn’t breathe. Grief flooded my lungs.

‘What the fuck happened?’, I asked aloud, stroking her brunette hair that hung in wisps about her shoulders.

‘They found your Mom’.

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