One Night Only

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An old flame, a new friendship, and a host of memories come back after ten years apart.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


“Cassie!!” a familiar voice called, I froze, ′could it be?′ I thought as I turned around looking for the source.

I saw him coming towards me, and my heart skipped a beat as I instantly recognised him.

Everything was forgotten as I ran towards him, dodging the people who were in my way, paying them no heed, my heels clicked furiously on the pavement, and it’s a miracle I didn’t break one of them.

All thoughts were abandoned as I pushed my legs to carry me faster, my heart beating so fast as if it were about to burst, I stopped just short of him, not knowing what to do now that I was so close, “Matt?” I asked; not believing my eyes, “the very same!” he said grinning and pulling me into a tight hug.

Suddenly thoughts that I’d almost forgotten came back as if it was only yesterday we’d parted.

It had been ten years. Ten long years since I’d heard from him, never forgetting him always hoping that one day I’d see him again, and here he was, my heart was pounding, my pulse thrumming, and my emotions were all over the place, but I managed to control everything that was going on under the surface, politely taking a small step back to be able to see him clearer.

“You haven’t changed a bit!” he said, standing so close to me, scanning my face, and I felt butterflies stirring deep in the pit of my stomach, I’m flattered!” I managed to say, “Seriously, you don’t look any different,” he insisted.

“Well you’ve changed,” I said mulishly, he just laughed. But it was true, apart from achieving world fame, everyone knowing his name and his voice following me like a soundtrack to my life, he felt different; he seemed taller, his arms felt stronger, but his eyes were the same,... I could drown in his eyes if I let myself. Shaking myself mentally out of my little daydream I tried to ground myself.

“So where were you going?” he asked me, “actually, I was on my lunch break, and now I’m on my way back to work. What about you?”

“Well, other than looking around for long-lost friends...” he grinned, “I’ve got... well, it can wait! Where have you been? I mean I’ve looked everywhere for you, asked all our friends, no one seemed to know anything.”

“It’s a long story!” I said. “I’ve got nothing important to do!” he countered.

“You’re still a terrible liar,” I said with a grin, “What are you really supposed to be doing?”

“You could always see right through me,” he said grinning,

“Yes, well, it isn’t hard...” I laughed, “but I’ve really got to get back to work...” I said reluctant to leave so soon.

It’s not everyday that you meet your long-lost best friend, except that he was much more than a friend, for as long as I can remember he was everything to me, and I lost him through time, and work, and the path his career took him.

“Right... So can we meet up later?”

“A date?” I asked cheekily, he just laughed, “whatever!”

“I dunno,” I said thinking of the huge mountain of work I had waiting for me, “tell you what...” I added seeing the crestfallen look on his face, taking a note book out of my bag and scribbling my number down, tearing the page out and handing it to him, “here’s my cell number, give me a call and we’ll see,” I said, “Sounds good to me,” he said.

I really needed to go but I didn’t know when I’d see him again, “it’s been really great seeing you,” I said shouldering my bag, “you too,” he said. “Well I guess I’d better get a move on,” I said with a shrug, he just grinned, “you really haven’t changed” he said laughing, “off you go, I’ll call you later!” he said, I laughed feeling elated that he could see right through my unwillingness to be parted from him so soon.

I wished for a second that the past ten years hadn’t happened, that we were both still at college.

We parted after he promised to call me, literally pushing me in the direction of the building.

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