Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 10 - Chosen Mate

Fucking Greyson, why did he have to open his stupid mouth? I wanted to start fresh and now they all knew. I’m the girl who got rejected not once but twice, the one that lost everything that very night. Did he tell them about the baby?

“She wouldn’t lie about that,” Leo assured himself more than his brother.

“Did you ask her? Directly?” Jason calmly laid a hand on Leo’s shoulder, trying to bring him back to his senses. His wolf was still in control and I was amazed that even he was had a level head.

“No, of course not. How does one go about asking that?” Leo had calmed down and wasn’t angry anymore, instead, a sadness enveloped him. A few seconds passed and suddenly he slapped Jason’s hand off his shoulder and looked angry again. “You’re only saying this because you want her for yourself.”

“Yeah, so I showed an interest in her. She’s beautiful, smart, and talented as hell. I haven’t felt anything for a woman since… since I lost Veronica.” Jason paused and looked at the ground. “But as soon as I found out that you had too, I decided to back off.”

“Fuck!” Leo ran his hands through his hair and down his face. He started pacing around the small clearing and when he got close to a tree he hit it with his closed fist. He hit it another two times and then looked at his bloodied knuckles as they started to healed due to his Lycan genes. “What do I do now? I’m already too far into this to just walk away.”

“I’m not sure, but either way you can’t take what doesn’t belong to you especially if it belongs to two Alphas.” Jason hugged Leo in a quick embrace. “Just talk to her, maybe there was something he didn’t say.”

“I love her, I can’t lose her.” Leo silently sobbed into his brother’s shoulder.

“I know little brother, I know.”

They started walking back to the packhouse and I waited until they had left before I emerged from my hiding spot. I wasn’t sure what to do now, I didn’t want anyone to know. Up until now the twins, Greyson and I were the only ones that did unless the twins blabbed but not even they knew about the baby.

I followed their trail in an attempt to get back to the cabin and get ready for the day’s training session and was almost back at the cabin when I walked right into a hard wall. I stumbled back but the wall caught my arm and stabilized me.

I looked up to find Jason towering over me with a scowl on his face. “We need to talk.”

“No, we don’t.” I had really gotten sassy with Alphas lately and apparently now wasn’t any exception.

“I know you heard us and I need you to explain what you’re doing.” Jason calmly explained while still holding onto my arm. “Why are you sleeping with my brother when you have two mates waiting for you at home?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you.” My eyes started to tear up and I looked away.

Jason’s grip on my arm increased and it started to hurt. I tried to wriggle free but of course, an Alpha Lycan would be much stronger than me. “If you want to stay here and complete your training, then you will.”

I couldn’t believe him, he was willing to send me home over something he had no business dipping his nose in. I had passed every test and every challenge they had thrown my way, I was at the top of my class. Yet, he would send me home because of his brother. He wasn’t as nice of a man as he would have everyone think.

My tears were flowing freely now and I started to sob. He eased up on his grip and I saw the opportunity to get out of it. I yanked my body down fast, freeing myself, and took a few steps back.

“I don’t have any mates. I’m all alone.” I expressed in between sobs.

“That’s not what your Beta said,” Jason warned.

“Did Greyson not tell you how I dated them for three years after growing up with them being my best friends? Did he not tell you how they rejected me because I’m an Omega? On my birthday, the night before I came here? Did he not tell you that I miscarried their pup that night and lost a piece of myself?” I spat. I was becoming almost hysterical and had a hard time breathing. I took a few deep breaths to try to calm down but it did very little to help.

Jason walked towards me with a sullen look. I backed away and turned around to run off but as I did I saw Leo standing behind me with unshed tears in his eyes. He heard everything, he knew the secret I had kept to myself this whole time.

I couldn’t face him too so I took off to my cabin and started packing my bag. Luckily, the rest of the cabin was having dinner at the packhouse so I was all alone. I didn’t know where to go all I knew was that I couldn’t be here anymore and I couldn’t be at the White Oak pack either.

Running was becoming my go-to move and I didn’t see any other way out. Maybe I’ll just go rogue and stick to the cities. Sure my wolf would suffer but at this point, I wasn’t sure if it would even make a difference anymore.

Leo stalked in behind me and grabbed my bag and chucked it over the bed out of my reach. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Why? You know the truth now, why would you want me to stay?” I spat at him.

“I don’t judge your past Olivia but I do ask that you tell me about it.” Leo pleaded.

I walked past him and headed out the door, Leo followed me until I stopped in a clearing in the forest illuminated by the full moon. “Do you know the saddest word in the English language?

Leo took a few moments before he spoke. “Melancholy?”

“Almost.” Leo looked at me quizzically and arched his brow. “I was almost good enough, they were almost in love with me, they almost choose me, I almost had a pup. But almost is never enough.” I finished.

Leo didn’t speak he just held my hand and squeezed it, supporting me as I continued. “Liam and Jameson were my best friends, I loved them so much and I thought they loved me too. They turned out to be my mates. I was overjoyed but they rejected me because I’m an Omega and not good enough to be their Luna. Later on that night I miscarried a pup I didn’t even know I was carrying... They broke me.”

Leo embraced me and held me tight. “You’re enough for me. They didn’t deserve you because telling a person that you love them and making them feel loved are two different things. I plan on doing both.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I love you, Olivia, I don’t care about your past and I want to spend my life with you and have pups with you. I want you as my chosen mate. Will you accept me?” Leo pleaded as he held me even tighter.

“What happens when you meet your mate?”

Leo cupped my cheek with his large hand. “As far as I’m concerned, you are my mate. Even by chance that I would meet her, I would reject her in a heartbeat. You’re it, you’re the one… So I ask you again, will you accept me as your chosen mate?”

Was I ready to move on, to leave the twins in my rearview mirror? I looked at the moon and then made of my mind. The corners of my mouth tugged up and I smiled at him. “Always.”

Leo dove towards my lips and kissed me with such passion that I thought I would be swept off my feet. He wasted no time in tearing my clothes off and started sucking on my nipple. He bit down, causing the pleasure from the pain to travel down to my clit.

“Baby, let me taste you.” Leo backed me up against a tree, lifted my left leg up to rest on his shoulder as he kneeled before me. “The smell of your arousal is the best scent ever.” He licked between my folds and flicked my clit with his tongue. “But your flavor is by far the best.”

Leo sucked on my clit, eliciting a moan from me. “Goddess, Leo. Ah, ah.” My vagina started pulsing and my orgasm was already on the edge of spilling over. “I’m cuming.” A mindblowing orgasm spread through me and Leo kept lapping and sucking to prolong it.

“Lay down, baby.” I laid down in the grass, my body illuminated by the moon, and Leo hovered over me, still standing and dressed. “You’re gorgeous, so beautiful.”

He undressed carefully, giving me a show, and wiggled his butt while pulling his pants off. I laughed and he winked at me as he finally stripped himself of the last article. His manhood stood erect and he wrapped his hand around it, caressing it as he watched my body. “Touch yourself.”

My fingers trailed down to my folds and found wetness pooling up. I rubbed my clit and then plunged a finger inside. My orgasm was building and Leo was rubbing himself faster than before. Precum was glistening on his head, reflecting the moonlight.

“Are you ready for this, ready to be mine?” Leo asked before he lowered himself over me.


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