Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 12 - A Visitor

“It’s going to be fine, one day, a couple at the most, and then he will be gone,” Leo assured me while we stood outside the packhouse with Jason and Beta Jamal waiting on Greyson to arrive.

A black SUV pulled up on the driveway and made its way towards the packhouse. I recognized it as one of the vehicles used by the White Oak pack. A few more seconds and my past would catch up with me. Everyone would now.

The SUV stopped right in front of Jason and Greyson stepped out along with Tia and Xander, two of the pack warriors. “Alpha Jason, thank you for having us.” Greyson greeted Jason and then Beta Jamal. “Beta Jamal, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Beta Greyson, a room had been prepared for you in the packhouse. I’ll have someone show you the way.” Jason greeted him and tried to usher him inside.

“Yes, thank you but first I need to see Olivia.” Greyson requested while eyeing me. He walked over to me and enveloped me in a bear hug. “Olivia, I’ve missed you. Alpha Darren is furious that you didn’t call as you promised.”

“Greyson, nice to see you. How long will you be staying?” I wasn’t trying to be rude but his presence made me anxious. The more he knew, the more likely he was to spill the beans to the twins.

Greyson chuckled and let me go. “Trying to get rid of me already?”

We were interrupted by Leo who looked irritated. “Beta Greyson. I’m Leo, Olivias trainer and group leader. I’ll show you to your room and then we can meet up in Alpha Jason’s office in an hour. Come this way.” Leo led Greyson inside, leaving me on the porch to catch my breath.

I had asked Leo not to tell Greyson about us mating, that was a conversation I was not ready for and he agreed with reluctance. This man is too good for me.

I waited in Jason’s office for the meeting to start and almost on the dot Jason, Leo, and Greyson walked in. Beta Jamal wasn’t part of the meeting because Jason had deemed it unnecessary for him to know my past.

“Please, sit.” Jason motioned for us all to take a seat in the couches sitting to the side of his desk. “Can I offer anyone a drink?”

Jason served the drinks and sat down. “So, Beta Greyson. What exactly is the purpose of your visit. I can assure you that everything is up to par and you won’t find any flaws in the training or facilities.”

“I’m sure I won’t but that’s not really why I’m here anyway. I’m here to check on Olivia, she’s important to a lot of wolfs back home and I want to make sure she is doing well.” Greyson replied.

Leo was sitting beside me and I could feel him shake in anger. Greyson’s words had pissed him off and I knew it was only a matter of time before he spoke.

“Olivia is expected to take a big role in the White Oak pack when she is done with her Lycan training.” Greyson continued without noticing Leo’s anger.

“Is that so? “ Leo spat.

Greyson paused and stared at Leo briefly. “Yes, it is.” He deadpanned.

“That’s funny because last I heard your Alphas didn’t deem her worthy of such a role.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Lycan Leo.” Greyson knew exactly what he was talking about but decided to play dumb. After all, his actions pushed me to reveal my secrets.

Leo stood up fuming, his eyes black and swirling with gold flecks in anger. His wolf was in control but before he had time to say anything else I decided to interject. “Leo, please.” I touched his arm, he looked at me, took a breath, and walked to the window to cool off. “Greyson, they know everything. After you informed Alpha Jason about the twins I had to come clean.”

“I’m sorry, Olivia. I was trying to protect them… and you.” Greyson admitted.

It was my turn to be angry. Protect them? After everything they did? I felt my wolf surface and I struggled to keep control. “Why would you need to protect them? They rejected me, they ran me off from my own home, they caused me to lose…”

“I know, I know but…” Greyson stopped and sighed.


“But, they will change their mind. They have loved you for years, rejecting you was just a temporary loss of sanity.”

“What makes you think that I would take them back?” I continued to fume and my wolf was pushing to break free and tear his head off his shoulders. Leo had returned from the window and was madder than before. He stepped towards Greyson and wrapped his hand around his throat, lifting him up and slammed him against the wall.

“She will not be coming back to your pack other than on Lycan business, She will not be taking your pathetic Alphas back and she most certainly won’t be their Luna.” His grip on Greyson’s throat increased and Greyson started scratching Leo’s hand to get free.

“She’s mine. She bears my mark and I have hers. This is her home, her pack. So why don’t you go home and report that back to your Alphas.” Leo let go of Greyson and he dropped to the floor. He then turned around, grabbed my arm, and pulled me out of the office.

I was pulled into our bedroom and Leo nuzzled his head in my neck, kissing the mate mark. Slowly his breathing evened out, indicating that he was back in control over his wolf.

“Leo, I’m yours. I’ll always be yours.” I kissed him passionately and let my tongue explore his mouth. “Seeing you jealous like that was hot, I’m so wet right now.” It was true, I was soaked from watching Leo defend me and claim me in front of my childhood friend.

“I can smell it on you baby.” Leo spun me around and pulled my dress up high enough to reveal my ass. He quickly tore my panties off and smacked my ass cheek. One of his fingers found their way to my soaked folds and he plunged it in without warning. “You really are soaked.”

I heard his buckle followed by his zipper and then felt his hard cock pressed against me. “I won’t be gentle, baby,” Leo announced right before he plunged inside my tight hole. He thrust inside me and rubbed my clit, building my orgasm in no time.

He expertly worked me with his hard and fast charge and within minutes we both orgasmed. His cock swelled inside me, spilling his seed deep inside my pulsing vagina.

We then showered and went to bed in each other’s arms. “Leo, I’m sorry.”

“For?” He sounded irritated and I couldn’t blame him.

“For putting you through all this but once Greyson leaves, I promise I will be a perfect mate.” I snuggled closer and drifted off to sleep.

The next day my group was training on the obstacle course when Greyson walked up. I tried to focus on the lesson Leo was teaching but my eyes kept veering to Greyson. He waved at me and motioned for me to come to him.

Leo nodded his head, giving me the go-ahead to leave the lesson. Greyson greeted me with a smile when I approached and an apologetic look in his eyes. “Hey, Olivia. Thanks for seeing me after yesterday.”

“What do you want Greyson?”

“To apologize, I shouldn’t have told the Alpha about the twins or assumed that you would want to take them back when they come to their senses. I’m an ass.” Greyson admitted and stretched his hand out for me to shake.

“You’re right, you are.” I slapped his hand away and hugged him tightly. “To be honest, it forced me to come clean and allowed let Leo and me to become closer.”

“I spoke with Jason after you left yesterday and he assured me that you are thriving. I did what I set out to do so I’ll be heading home in a few hours, I was hoping you would spend them with me.”

“Sure, let me shower, and then I’ll show you around.” I headed to the showers and then met Greyson outside the packhouse. I showed him the pack land, the pool, forest, training grounds, and even cabin 6.

“This is Cabin 6, where I stayed until Leo and I mated.” I opened the door to the cabin and led Greyson inside. Clara was laying on her bed reading and put the book down when we came in. She sniffed the air and Greyson did the same. “Greyson, this is Clara. She’s my best friend.”

“Mate!” Greyson and Clara said at the same time and locked lips so quickly that I didn’t have time to process what had just happened.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just go then,” I said to no one in particular since both Greyson and Clara were too engrossed in each other to notice I was leaving. I was happy for them, they were both great wolves and would make each other happy.

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