Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 13 - Lycan

Years passed and my training at the Lycan Academy was finished as I passed all my training. I felt more confident and loved than I ever had in my life since no one saw me as an Omega here. To them I was just like them, a Lycan to be.

Leo and I had only grown closer through the years and our love was stronger. It hadn’t been all roses and rainbows but we always came through for each other. I still thought of the twins often and the pup I had come to love but would never have. Even with Leo as my mate and his unconditional love, I couldn’t take my necklace off and it was just a part of me now. It served as a daily reminder of my past.

Greyson visited every month to see Clara, their relationship started out strong and they mated the night they met but after a few months they started arguing to the point where I was worried they wouldn’t make it. I spent many nights listening to both of them complain about the other. They loved each other and I hoped that was enough to save their mate bond. After tonight, Clara would join the White Oak pack and I wouldn’t see her that much anymore.

The night of my Lycan ceremony arrived and the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t settle down. I had heard many stories over the past years but the only consistent part in the stories was the magic brought on by the full moonlight turning my wolf into a Lycan.

My senses would heighten, my muscles would become stronger and more defined, my wolf features would subtly change and even an Alpha wolf would struggle to take me on. Couple that with my training both physically and mentally, I would be a true Lycan, a fighter, and a warrior.

Leo walked me through the ceremony and promised to be by my side and he would help me shift into my Lycan form. The transformation is painful much like my first shift was but some say it’s even worse.

I was both excited and nervous as I stood in the bathroom, applying the finishing touches on my makeup. Leo had bought me a beautiful baby blue gown with a slit on the side for my leg, a bare back, and modest cleavage. I pinned the hair on the side of my head back and let it loose in the back, smoky eyes, light pink lips, and bare feet since I had to walk through the woods to get to the clearing where the ceremony was held.

“You’re gorgeous, but what else is new?” Leo leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and smiled. He walked to me and held my hips, nuzzled his head in my neck, and looked in the mirror. “I got you something.”

He pulled a box out of a drawer and handed it to me. I opened it and found a diamond bracelet, it glistened from the light and it was beautiful. “Thank you, Leo.”

“Do you like it, baby?” Leo kissed my neck, sending a wave of pleasure down to my core.

“I love it but I can’t wear it tonight, it will break during the shift.” I turned around and kissed him on the lips. “Mmm, I could do this all night but…”

“We have to go, I know.” He slapped my ass cheek and walked to the door. “You ready, baby?”

“Yes and No. I’m ready to get it over with but not ready to do it,” I admitted a little embarrassed.

“It’s ok, I felt the same way when I went through it. Let me tell you a secret. When it over and you have all the Lycan senses, sex is a hundred times better. You’re more sensitive, you smell, hear, and feel everything including your partner’s heart rate, pulse, and every little sexy moan.” Leo promised with one last kiss.

It sounded amazing and I was a little jealous that he had felt all that during our intimate moment and I had only felt a fraction of it. Tonight I would make up for lost time.

The ceremony was held on a full moon in a clearing south of the packhouse. Candlelight lit up the corners where the moonlight didn’t reach and Jason stood in the middle by a large rock with an old book and several chalices full of the herbal concoction meant to but us in some sort of trance during the worst part of the transformation.

Clara stood to my left in a beautiful white gown with Greyson a few feet behind her. Micheal was on my right and Leo stood behind me, ready to help.

Jason’s voice echoed in the clearing as he started the ceremony. “Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to serve your pack and protect those who can’t. Not everyone who started this program with you is here today and that is a testament to your skill and knowledge.”

He picked up the old book and started reading from it. “A Lucan serves others with strength, skill, and grace. A Lycan works to better themselves, their loved ones, and their pack. A Lycan uses their knowledge and training to protect and never for personal gain.”

Leo brought me one of the chalices full of an herbal concoction. “Please drink your tea.” Jason urged. I drunk it all in one gulp, not wanting the taste to linger more than it had to. It was horrendous but I didn’t have time to focus on wanting to cut my tongue out to get rid of the flavor because my mind grew hazy and I fell to my knees.

I was aware of Leo’s gentle touch but my vision was impaired and suddenly I was no longer in the small clearing with the others. I was standing by the edge of a large body of water, feeling a breeze through my hair and the cold wind nipping at my skin.

A large female silver wolf approached from the water and nudged my hand. I kneeled and scratched her behind its ear. “You’re beautiful, I’ve never seen a wolf like you before.”

The wolf looked me in the eyes and it felt familiar, almost as if I knew it. “Who are you?” I asked her and was surprised when she replied through a mind link.

“I’m Lumen, your wolf.”

“Wow, why have I never seen you before?” I continued running my hand through her soft fur.

“I’ve always been with you even through the hard parts but regular wolves lost the ability to communicate with their wolf a long time ago and most don’t even know it’s possible. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to comfort you when you needed me but from now on I can, I will always be in the back of your mind, ready to protect you when I can.” Lumen promised me.

“Is this a Lycan thing?”

“Yes, and I know what you’re thinking. Yes, Leo can talk to his wolf too. His name is Pax, it means peace. He never told you because he was afraid you would be scared of his wolf before you could do the same.”

“Can you speak to Pax?”

“Yes, we have mated just like you and Leo but only emotionally. Once we transform and I can take over we will mate and give each other the mate mark.” The excitement in Lumen’s voice was clear and she couldn’t wait to finally get to be with her mate.

Suddenly I felt a pain in my gut and my bones felt like they were breaking. I had felt this before, the first time I shifted but it was more intense and lasted longer. It burned from the inside out and every touch from Leo stung. I could hear his voice as if he was far away, whispering comforting words.

I clenched my teeth, fisted my hands, and waited for the entire ordeal to be over. It felt like it lasted hours but then the pain subsided and the burning sensation turned cold. I was exhausted but managed to bear through a little longer.

“You’re almost there Olivia,” Lumen assured and then slowly faded away into the water. The scenery changed and I was back in the clearing with Leo, Jason, and my friends. I was still in human form and it seemed that my transformation was mental and not physical, yet.

“Hi.” Leo hovered over me, running his hand through my hair. “You made it, baby.”

“You never told me you can talk to your wolf, Pax.”

“I know, baby. I didn’t want to run you off but now that you know and you’ve met Lumen, aren’t you excited?” Leo asked and then helped me up.

“That’s true but I think we need to table this discussion and give them a chance to meet in person.” I took a few steps back and started to undress. Leo quickly pulled his shirt off and moved on to the rest of his clothes.

Everyone else in the clearing was doing the same since none of us could wait to unleash our Lycans on a run. I shifted into my new, bigger wolf and immediately felt the difference from my old wolf.

“Olivia.” Leo mind linked me. “You’re a silver wolf! Do you know how rare that is? I’ve only just read about them in old books. You’re beautiful, baby.”

I took off running, letting Lumen take charge and I moved to the back of our mind. I saw everything, felt everything more intense than ever. Pax caught up with us and wasted no time in claiming his female.

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