Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 15 - Cornered

“I just need this to be over fast so we can go back home and leave all this behind us. I need guidance, something that leads me in the direction of the rogues.” I was sitting on the dock once again talking to the moon like I had so many nights before. Since Leo and I mated, I hadn’t felt the need any more but every night in this pack gave me the urge to do it. “I wish that just once, you would answer.”

“She won’t answer.” Lumen said in the back of my mind. “The moon goddess is far too busy.”

I sighed and looked over the still water of the lake. “I know, I guess it’s more therapeutic to just be able to say it all out loud.”

“You can always talk to me, I’m here.” Lumen promised.

“I know, thank you.”

“Talking to the moon again?” I spun around to find Liam and Jameson standing on the dock a few feet behind me. I’m a lycan and I let two full-grown Alphas sneak up on me, embarrassing. That just shows that being here distracts me and I’m not on my A-game.

“No, I was…” I almost forgot that they didn’t know Lycans can speak to their wolf and wasn’t sure I wanted them to know. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I guess old habits die hard after all. Some of our old Olivia is still in there,” Jameson rubbed his neck and awkwardly smiled at me.

I scoffed and turned back around to watch the still waters. Both the twins walked closer to me and sat on each side of me, dangling their legs off the dock. It was wintertime and the water level was lower than normal since they drain it for duck hunting in the fall. It was fortunate or all our feet would be soaked.

“We miss you,” Liam admitted in a whisper. “We looked for you every day but no matter where we went we couldn’t find you.”

“And all this time both dad and Greyson knew exactly where you were, they must have had a good laugh watching us drive ourselves crazy from looking,” Jameson added.

“Why?” That was the only word I had for them. The word I had spent so much time wondering but I no longer wondered why they rejected me but instead now I wondered why they were looking for me.

“Because we were wrong.” Jameson reached over to lay his hand on mine but when I flinched, he drew back with sadness in his eyes. I hurt him but at the moment I didn’t really care.

“You were wrong, the number of things you were wrong about could fill a book.” I laughed. “I am not just an Omega, I am not weak, I am not unworthy and I am not someone you just toss to the side when you’re done playing with me.” I felt Lumen try to take over and for a split moment, she did, turning my eyes black.

“It was not like that.” Liam defended their actions.

I had heard enough, stood up, dusted off my pants, and walked back to land. The twins followed me but didn’t speak until we made it off the dock. They were looking at each other and their subtle facial expression indicated that they were mind linking. I kept walking but paused when they called out.

“Olivia, I know we are a little late but please. At least let us explain.” Liam caught up with me.

I crossed my arms over my chest and started thumping my foot on the ground in frustration. “You’ve got 2 minutes.”

“We thought Omegas were genetically inferior to us because, well that’s what we were taught growing up. You were the only exception but you were still an Omega,” Liam started off and was then interrupted by Jameson.

“At first when we realized that you were our mate we could literally feel our heart skip a beat in happiness but then reality set in and we knew we had to reject you and find a Luna strong enough to care for the pack.”

“I’ve heard enough.” I started walking away again but Liam stopped me by grabbing my arm and spun me around to face them.

“Our 2 minutes aren’t up…” I yanked my arm free and Liam’s surprised face was almost too funny not to laugh at. They forgot that I was now a Lycan and stronger than them.

I started walking faster and made it back to the packhouse patio area where many wolves of the pack including Leo, Clara, Greyson, and Alpha Darren was having a gathering, not minding the cold temperature since wolves tend to run hot.

“Olivia, you said you would listen!” Liam exclaimed and yet again grabbed me by the arm.

“What is there to listen to? I was an Omega and not good enough to be your Luna so you both broke my heart and rejected our mate bond!” I was screaming at this point and my tears threatened to spill. “It took me years to heal from it and now when I’ve finally moved on you try to drag me back into it.”

“It wasn’t like th…” Jameson started again but then stopped from the murmur of the quiet crowd listening in.

“They rejected our Luna?”

“Omega’s aren’t good enough?”

“It’s their fault she left.”

“They aren’t fit to lead.”

The murmurs went on and on but I couldn’t listen anymore so I grabbed Leo’s hand and led him inside but before I shut the door I heard Alpha Darren’s voice. “Boys, I think we need to talk.”

I led Leo to my old bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. I straddled him and held him around the neck. “I love you, Leo. Please don’t think I have any feelings left for them.”

“I know you do Olivia, but I also know it’s not enough to ruin us. A part of you will always love them and I’m ok with that because you’re mine.”

“You are amazing.” I rubbed my core against his manhood and felt it grow. He was hard within seconds and ready to play. My hand grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. He did the same to mine and then unlatched my bra, allowing him access to my breasts. He cupped one, massaged it, and sucked the nipple on the other breast causing them to harden. “Leo, Leo.”

I was tired of any barriers between us so I unbuckled his pants and rubbed his hardness under his pants. It didn’t give me enough room so I stepped off of him and pulled his pants and underwear off. My hips shimmied out of my own pants and my panties soon followed while Leo fisted his erection and pumped it.

“Baby.” Leo’s eyes were black with lust as he licked his lips.

“Yes?” I straddled him again and rubbed my clit against his hard dick. It was already building an orgasm. Ever since my Lycan transformation, my orgasms were brought on faster and were more powerful than ever.

“I want a pup,” Leo announced which caused me to pause.

“Yes, please.” Lumen screamed in my head and I had to urge her to calm down. She scoffed at me and made me promise not to reject his offer.

“I… are you sure?” To be honest the thought had crossed my mind but I didn’t think Leo was ready yet. Was I even ready?

Leo chuckled, grabbed my hips, and flipped us. He hovered over me with a huge grin. “Yes, baby. You would make a great mom and there’s no one I would rather raise a pup with.”

“Ok.” Who was I to deny this man?

“Yeah? Well, let’s get started then.” Leo thrust inside me in one fell swoop and I screamed out in pain and pleasure. His size always took me a moment to adjust to. My legs were resting on his shoulders as he continued thrusting in me with both our moans filling the otherwise silent room. “Fuck, baby. I will never get tired of your tight pussy.”

“Ah, ah. I’m already close.” I wrapped my hand around his ass and pushed him closer to me, deepening his touch inside me.

“Touch yourself, baby,” Leo demanded and moved my legs to his side, and changed the angle of his thrusts.

I started massaging my breasts and twirled one nipple between my fingers, increasing the pleasure building in my core. I reached one hand to Leo and massaged his balls which earned me a loud moan.

Leo fisted some of my hair and pulled, causing me to bare my neck. He grazed his canine along my mate mark and bit down, sending shivers down my spine and goosebumps across my skin. We both climax, sending us into a blissful high full of swirling colors and heightened emotions.

“You up for another round? I need to get as much pup making practice in as I can.” Leo winked and kissed me.

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