Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 17 - Lumen's Demand

Waking up after your Lycan wolf takes over your body does more damage than I thought possible. My head ached and every muscle in my body was sore. The light shining through the window blurred my vision and intensified my splitting headache.

“You’re up.” A voice called from the corner of the room.

“Stop shouting.” I groaned and shoved the pillow over my head.

“I’m not shouting.” The voice continued. I groaned but that didn’t deter the voice. “What happened to you last night? You shifted without actually shifting.”

“Jameson, that makes no sense.” Another voice reprimanded him. It was Liam and Jameson in the room with me.

“Whatever.” I felt the bed dip as Jameson’s voice came closer. “Little Om…, Olivia. Can I get you anything?”

“Leave me alone,” I continued to groan, wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me whole.

“We will after you answer our question. How did your wolf take control over you like you weren’t even there? I tried mind linking you but you were completely gone.” Liam questioned.

I threw the pillow to the side and sat up so fast that it felt like my brain wracked around my brain like a pinball. “Shit…” I grabbed my head and tried to block out the light. “It’s a Lycan thing, to protect me.”

The twins stayed silent for a moment before I felt them leave and shut the door behind them. I was left alone for a few hours and felt lonelier than I had in years without Leo’s mind in the back of mine. The mate bond was gone, I felt empty. By the time I heard a knock on my door, my headache was gone but my body felt the same.

I opened the door to find Jameson with a tray of food. He smiled coyly and looked me in the eyes. “I thought you might be hungry.”

“I’m not.” I started shutting the door but Jameson’s foot blocked it.

“Let me leave it on the desk and you can eat if you feel like it.” Jameson pleaded. I nodded and opened the door enough for him to come in and place the tray on my side table. He left with a final glance and I slammed the door shut behind him.

My old room was littered with Leo’s things. My sadness turned to anger and I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore so I opened the window and threw it all out, starting with his clothes and ending with his phone which I cracked in half before it went flying towards the grass. Sadly, it didn’t make me feel any better so I thought a bath might do the trick.

I sunk myself into the filled bath with every bath bomb, Epsom salt, and oil I could find left in there. It was hard to relax since I wasn’t tired anymore but at least my head wasn’t pounding. There was nothing to distract me from my feelings. I stared at a crack in a tile right over the faucet when a lone tear fell from my eye. It was followed by a flood of salty tears that I couldn’t stop from flowing.

The light of the moon shone through the window and it seemed that I had spent all day in bed, wallowing in self-pity and in a pit of despair. Once again I was almost worth it, almost good enough, almost the one. “Why can I never get it right?”

“You did get it right, they didn’t,” Lumen quietly assured me from the back of my mind.

“That’s funny because from where I’m standing It’s all me. My poor judgment and poor…”

“Fuck em’.” Lumen snarked.

“How? I have nowhere left to go and even if I did, I don’t have the strength to run.”

Lumen growled. “Simple, Fuck em’. Show them your strength, intelligence, and beauty. Show them what they left behind and make them regret it. FUCK THEM!”

I sobbed one final time before I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. I slipped a short dress on and fixed my hair and makeup. The Winter Ball was over but the festival had just started, tonight was the Yule Bash, a much less formal affair.

With determination, I strode over to the event building and listened to the music flowing before I took the final step inside. I squared my shoulder and took a deep breath right before I pulled the door open.

The room decor was changed into a more modern winter theme with snowflakes reflecting the strobe lights, icicles hanging from the ceiling, and fake ice covering the corners, used as seats and tables.

The twins were in their usual spot, looking at the dancers with boredom plastered on their faces. I paid them little mind and I surveyed the room for a good time. I spotted a tall, muscular man with a drink in his hand talking to a small brunette. He didn’t look too interested in their conversation since he kept looking around over her short stature.

“He’s perfect.” Lumen exclaimed and I agreed. I walked up to the man and his eyes quickly found me. He watched my every step, every swaying hip movement, and eventually landed on my lips.

I stood barely a foot away and licked my lips seductively. “Hey, stranger.”

The corners of his mouth slowly turned up into a gleeful smile and his eyes glistened. “Hello.” His husky voice greeted me, his eyes already turning dark in lust. He completely ignored the small brunette as he angled his body towards me.

“Dance with me,” I demanded as I pulled him out on the dance floor, leaving a frustrated brunette behind. She glared at me with crossed arms but I didn’t care. The stranger grabbed my hips and forcefully shoved me close with a thud. I rested my hands on his defined chest and looked up through my lashes.

We started swaying to the music and I laced my hands around his neck, bringing our mouths closer. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” He asked as he took a firm hold of my ass, pressing his manhood against my belly.

“You can call me whatever you want,” I whispered in his ear and nibbled on his ear lobe. He groaned and I felt his manhood twitch under the thin dress pants he was wearing. Our lips met in a demanding kiss and his tongue begged for entrance, I let him in after a bit of teasing and I forgot about my troubles for the first time since I woke up this morning.

“Want to get out of here?” I asked but didn’t get a reply. Instead, he pulled me towards the exit with long strides almost too fast for me to keep up. He noticed my struggled and picked me up over his shoulder before he brought me outside.

My hands continued to explore his body as he quickly strode across the grass towards the guest house he was staying in. He was an Alpha because only Alphas were granted their own house while visiting. “The thing’s I’m gonna do with you once I get you in my bed.” The Alpha promised.

“Olivia?” Jason stood before us with a confused look. His confusion turned into anger as he demanded the Alpha to put me down.

“Not likely, Alpha Jason. This one is mine.” The Alpha warned.

“She’s mated with my brother so unless you want to break our treaty I suggest you do as I say, Alpha Mason.” Jason spat.

I rolled my eyes and jumped out of Alpha Mason’s arms, earning a scowl from them both. “Alpha Jason, have you not spoken with your brother today?” I sweetly asked Jason but remained at a distance.

“No, but he’s on his way here now.” He stepped towards me but I raised my hand to stop him. Jason had mind linked Leo and it was a matter of minutes before this would all turn into a shit storm.

I turned to Alpha Mason. “I’m sorry you got caught in the middle of this misunderstanding, maybe we should pick this up some other time.” I tried to user Alpha Mason away from the upcoming scene.

“Sure, sweetheart. What pack do you belong to?”

“I don’t have a pack.” It was true, I didn’t belong anywhere.

Leo came running up with Amelia trailing behind him. “Alpha Mason, I think it’s time for you to go back to the party.” Jason’s voice demanded. Alpha Mason kissed my hand before he disappeared into the darkness.

“Thank goddess you’re home.” Leo embraced me and held me tight. I forcefully shoved him off me with a loud growl.

Who did he think he was? Touching me, speaking to me like he didn’t betray me in the worst possible way like he didn’t break his promise. I felt Lumen coming to the surface and my eyes turning dark in anger but somehow I managed to suppress her from taking over completely.

“Fucking hit him, hit him where it hurts!” Her voice echoed in my head. “Right in the crown jewels!”

Leo looked hurt from my shove and grabbed his hair and pulled. “Olivia, I’m sorry.”

I laughed menacingly. “Did it hurt?” He didn’t reply. “Did it hurt?” I shoved him again and he stumbled backward.

Jason stabilized him and glanced towards Amelia. They were having a conversation the rest of us weren’t privy to. It seemed that I had lost Jason too, but what did I expect? They always leave.

“Did it hurt when you felt my pain? When the mate mark burned off? When my heart was stabbed from your betrayal? Did it hurt when you broke the mate bond and then my heart?”... Was it worth it?”

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